Enzo's Trade List

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  • The more detailed & up-to-date Microsoft Excel version of this list is available HERE
  • This is a work in progress, nowhere near complete, and probably never will be
  • Date format is "yyyy-mm-dd", with "x" representing an unknown part of a date
  • Not all information is complete or accurate.  I have tried to indicate with "?"'s wherever doubt has triumphed over research.
  • Additional information - setlists, lineage, sound quality, etc. - available upon request

list updated 1 March 2014

7 SECONDSlive 1981-07-04Belmont Ballroom, Fresno, CA, USACD-R15:31 
7 SECONDSlive 1986-11-14TampaDVD40:17 
7 SECONDSlive 2000-09-30Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL, USACD-R46:43 
1349live 2006-09-19Le Medley, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R40:55 
1349live 2010-04-30Milwaukeewav33:36 
ABSUlive 1997-03-22Arlington, TX, USADVD+R49:04 
AC/DCradio 1976-06-03Maida Vale Studios, Maida Vale, London, England, UKCD-R9:17 
AC/DClive 1976-06-12Leith Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKCD-R48:05AUD-1of5
AC/DClive 1977-01-30'Shoot! Shoot! Don't Talk' Bootleg CD - Haymarket, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaCD-R60:55SBD-4of5
AC/DClive 1977-04-21Olympen, Lund, Sverigewav36:58 
AC/DClive 1977-04-22Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav38:40 
AC/DClive 1977-08-05West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL, USAwav42:33 
AC/DClive 1977-08-22Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R50:25radio-5of5
AC/DClive 1977-09-03'Bon Scott Forever 7' Bootleg CD - Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USAwav59:50 
AC/DClive 1977-09-03San Franciscowav53:26 
AC/DClive 1978-04-30'Whole Lot Apollo' Bootleg CD-R - The Apollo, GlasgowCD-R36:34B+
AC/DClive 1978-07-15Fresnowav48:40 
AC/DClive 1978-08-05'Summer Jam', Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL, USACD-R45:41AUD-3of5
AC/DClive 1978-08-08Exit/In, Nashville, TN, USACD-R34:07 
AC/DClive 1978-08-21Bostonwav62:18 
AC/DClive 1978-08-21Bostonwav61:55 
AC/DClive 1978-09-10Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH, USAwav64:01 
AC/DClive 1977-04-17 & 1978-10-23'Going Dutch' Bootleg CDwav73:41 
AC/DClive 1979-06-07Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA, USAwav42:04 
AC/DClive 1979-07-28Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, OH, USADVD-R45:14 
AC/DClive 1979-08-23 to 1979-09-08+'Route 666' Bootleg CDwav76:54 
AC/DClive 1979-09-01Nürnbergwav44:48 
AC/DClive 1979-10-16Towson University, Towson, MD, USACD-R70:48SBD-5of5
AC/DClive 1979-11-12Amsterdamwav53:04 
AC/DClive 1979-12-09Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France2CD-R87:08SBD-5of5
AC/DClive 1980-01-25 & 1980-02-20'Nearing The End Of The Highway' Bootleg 2CDwav79:51 
AC/DCTV 1980-02-25'Countdown' TV, Australiawav1:26 
AC/DClive 1976-08-24 to 1980-0x-xx'On Stage At Marquee' Bootleg LPwav53:51 
AC/DClive 1981-02-01Expo Hall, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japanwav73:48 
AC/DClive 1981-02-05'Back In Black Tour '80-'81' Bootleg CD - Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, JapanCD-R71:30AUD-3of5
AC/DClive 1981-02-05Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, JapanDVD-R57:28PRO
AC/DClive 1981-02-27Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav87:03 
AC/DClive 1981-12-21Capital Centre, Landover, MD, USA2DVD-R136:26 
AC/DClive 1982-01-24Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL, USACD-R73:26 
AC/DCrehearsal 1983-10-05tour rehearsals, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav36:10 
AC/DClive 1983-12-16MontréalDVD+R101:25 
AC/DClive 1984-09-01Monsters Of Rock, Wildparkstadion, Karlsruhe, Westdeutschlandwav94:13AUD-VG/EX-
AC/DClive 1985-01-19Rock In Rio, Rockdrome, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil2DVD+R90:01PRO
AC/DClive 1985-10-11'Fly On Tour' Bootleg 2CD - The Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA2CD-R96:27 
AC/DClive 1988-02-08Melbournewav77:49 
AC/DClive 1996-10-19Buenos Aireswav112:11 
AC/DClive 2008-11-05The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USAwav99:57 
AC/DClive 2008-11-09TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA, USADVD+R102:58 
AC/DClive 2008-11-12Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav101:18 
AC/DClive 2008-12-06The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav104:09 
AC/DClive 2008-12-16Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA, USAwav106:49 
AC/DClive 2008-12-18Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC, USAwav [24/96]105:17 
AC/DClive 2008-12-18Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC, USAwav [16/44.1]105:17 
AC/DClive 2008-12-20BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise, FL, USAwav104:52 
AC/DClive 2008-12-21St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL, USAwav106:24 
AC/DClive 2009-01-11U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH, USAwav104:33 
AC/DClive 2009-01-19St. Paulwav104:57 
AC/DClive 2009-01-23American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USAwav105:32 
AC/DClive ~ 2009-01-31radio ad for 090131 concertwav1:02 
AC/DClive 2009-01-31Sommet Center, Nashville, TN, USAwav108:29 
AC/DClive 2009-04-04Bilbao2DVD123:26 
AC/DClive 2009-10-21Philadelphiawav121:19 
AC/DClive 2009-10-23Atlantawav120:41 
AC/DClive 2009-10-25Greensborowav120:56 
AC/DClive 2009-11-27Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo, BrasilDVD+R [PAL]125:34 
AC/DClive 2010-02-18 2DVD+R121:42 
AC/DClive 2010-06-11Download Festival, Donington, Leicestershire, England, UKDVD+R118:15 
AC/DClive 2010-06-13Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart, Deutschlandwav120:24AUD
ACCEPTlive 1980-10-25Dorpshuis Ruinerworld, Amsterdam, Nederland2CD-R85:43 
ACCEPTlive 1981-04-20Amsterdamwav69:24 
ACCEPTlive 1981-09-05West Berlinwav82:35 
ACCEPTlive 1981-11-13Birminghamwav32:21 
ACCEPTlive 1981-11-21Londonwav39:40 
ACCEPTlive 1981-12-05Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, SwitzerlandDVD+R56:54AUD-B-
ACCEPTlive 1981-12-xxSolingen, WestdeutschlandDVD+R81:40AUD-C+
ACCEPTlive 1982-08-11Heldenwav60:04 
ACCEPTlive 1983-02-07Hamburgwav84:08 
ACCEPTlive 1983-05-18Lundwav83:02 
ACCEPTlive 1983-06-25Brabantenhal, Den Bosch, Nederland2CD-R81:04 
ACCEPTlive 1983-10-28Stockholmwav92:01 
ACCEPTlive 1984-01-29Londonwav96:16 
ACCEPTlive 1984-02-28Civic Center, Baltimore, MD, USACD-R44:25 
ACCEPTlive 1984-03-12Colisée de Québec, Québec City, QC, CanadaCD-R43:15 
ACCEPTlive 1984-03-18Chicagowav74:57 
ACCEPTlive 1984-03-25Cincinnatiwav78:13 
ACCEPTlive 1984-03-27Clevelandwav63:52 
ACCEPTlive 1984-03-27Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R61:13FM-A+
ACCEPTlive 1984-04-30Montréalwav87:53 
ACCEPTlive 1984-08-18Monsters Of Rock, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UKCD-R54:40FM-A+
ACCEPTlive 1984-08-18Leicestershirewav36:04 
ACCEPTlive 1984-09-01Monsters Of Rock, Wildparkstadion, Karlsruhe, Westdeutschlandwav48:14 
ACCEPTlive 1985-03-01 DVD+R  
ACCEPTlive 1985-03-02Göteborgwav98:08 
ACCEPTlive 1985-03-11Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschland2CD-R85:28 
ACCEPTlive 1985-03-13Le Zénith de Paris, Paris, FranceCD-R49:02 
ACCEPTlive 1985-03-15Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav87:12 
ACCEPTlive 1985-07-26Greenfieldwav83:05 
ACCEPTlive 1986-03-17Le Zénith de Paris, Paris, France2CD-R84:54 
ACCEPTlive 1986-03-27Milanowav83:56 
ACCEPTlive 1986-04-05Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKCD-R79:17 
ACCEPTlive 1986-04-05Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav  
ACCEPTlive 1986-04-05Londonwav83:03 
ACCEPTlive 1986-04-11Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKCD-R76:11 
ACCEPTlive 1986-05-02Scandinavium, Göteborg, SverigeCD-R79:32 
ACCEPTlive 1986-05-03Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sverigewav  
ACCEPTlive 1986-05-04Karlskogawav80:16 
ACCEPTlive 1986-06-22Grandstand, Canadian National Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canadawav44:26 
ACCEPTlive 1986-07-03La Crossewav42:45 
ACCEPTlive 1989-06-18Ryan's Corner, St. Paul, MN, USACD-R76:07 
ACCEPTlive 1993-05-03 DVD+R  
ACCEPTlive 1993-05-04Lundwav126:01 
ACCEPTlive 1993-05-10The Grand Sports Arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Moscow, Russia2CD-R102:41 
ACCEPTlive 1993-05-18Milanowav127:02 
ACCEPTlive 1993-05-30L'Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France2CD-R116:49 
ACCEPTlive 1993-xx-xx'This One's For You' Bootleg CD - Unterfrankenhalle, Aschaffenburg, DeutschlandCD80:03 
ACCEPTlive 1993-09-11Burbankwav45:38 
ACCEPTlive 1993-09-25Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Deutschland2CD-R118:06 
ACCEPTlive 1993-10-15L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY, USADVD+R67:23 
ACCEPTlive 1994-11-26HelsinkiDVD94:37 
ACCEPTlive 1994-12-01Göteborgwav96:48 
ACCEPTlive 1994-12-11Rodon Club, Athens, Greece2CD-R99:28 
ACCEPTlive 1996-02-08Strand Theatre, Providence, RI, USACD-R62:23 
ACCEPTlive 1996-02-14Louisvillewav60:02 
ACCEPTlive 1996-02-17Annie’s Riverside Saloon, Cincinnati, OH, USACD-R54:26 
ACCEPTlive 1996-05-02 DVD+R  
ACCEPTlive 1996-05-02 DVD+R  
ACCEPTlive 1996-05-26Solingenwav112:44 
ACCEPTlive 1996-06-14IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan2CD-R100:54 
ACCEPTlive 1996-06-15Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan2CD-R86:33 
ACCEPTlive 2005-04-27Luzhniki Sports Arena, Moscow, RussiaDVD-R92:59 
ACCEPTlive 2005-04-27Luzhniki Sports Arena, Moscow, Russiawav102:48AUD
ACCEPTlive 2005-06-04'Waldrock Festival', unknown venue, Bergum, Nederlandwav59:21 
ACCEPTlive 2005-07-08 DVD+R  
ACCEPTlive 2005-07-30Shibuya Ax, Tokyo, Japan2CD-R109:41 
ACCEPTlive 2010-05-14Moscowwav136:12 
ACCEPTlive 2010-07-25Kavarnawav106:14 
ACCEPTlive 2010-09-29Foxboroughwav101:12 
ACCEPTlive 2011-01-18Pariswav120:00 
ACCEPTlive 2011-01-18Pariswav119:22 
ACCEPTlive 2011-02-05Warszawawav113:02 
ACCEPTlive 2011-02-09Kölnwav111:28 
ACCEPTlive 2011-02-10Live Music Hall, Köln, Deutschland2DVD+R103:49 
ACCEPTlive 2011-02-15Göteborgwav115:38 
ACCEPTlive 2011-02-15Göteborgwav116:06 
ACCEPTlive 2011-02-15Göteborgwav116:12 
ACCEPTlive 2011-03-22Sheffieldwav102:21 
ACCEPTlive 2011-05-10La PazDVD110:05 
ACCEPTlive 2011-06-09NorjeDVD DL85:18 
ACCEPTlive 2011-06-09Norjewav85:45 
ACCEPTlive 2012-04-06Le Bataclan, Paris, Francewav132:45 
ACCEPTlive 2012-04-10bigBOX Allgäu, Kempten, DeutschlandDVD+R DL74:19 
ACCEPTTV ~ 2012-04-10120410 pre-concert meet & greet, Kempten, DeutschlandDVD+R DL10:46 
ACCEPTlive 2012-04-10bigBOX Allgäu, Kempten, Deutschlandwav123:05AUD
ACCEPTlive 2012-04-11FILharmonie Filderstadt, Filderstadt, Deutschlandwav113:35 
ACCEPTlive 2012-04-22Warszawawav122:50 
ACCEPTlive 2012-04-28Moscowwav124:08 
ACCEPTlive 2012-09-08Worcesterwav79:33 
ACCEPTlive 2012-09-15Jolietwav80:24 
ACCEPTlive 2013-06-08Sölvesborgwav90:33 
ACCEPTlive 2013-08-09Walton-on-Trentwav61:14 
THE ACCÜSEDrecorded 1982-1x-xx?1982 2-track demo - "Tom's basement"wav29:36 
THE ACCÜSEDlive 1983-05-01Missoulawav35:21 
THE ACCÜSEDrecorded 1984-04-xxMount Vernonwav12:30 
THE ACCÜSEDrecorded 1984-xx-xxSeattlewav5:30 
THE ACCÜSEDlive 1987-09-03Baltimore, MD, USADVD+R51:12AUD-D
THE ACCÜSEDlive 1992-01-21 DVD+R  
AEROSMITHlive 1973-03-20Bostonwav45:51 
AEROSMITHlive 1973-09-14Bostonwav59:50 
AEROSMITHlive 1973-09-26Cincinnatiwav50:08 
AEROSMITHlive 1973-09-30'Rattlesnake Shake' Bootleg CDwav69:51 
AEROSMITHlive 1974-01-07Detroitwav60:10 
AEROSMITHlive 1974-04-14'One Way Street' Bootleg CDwav75:44 
AEROSMITHlive 1974-09-07New Yorkwav46:42 
AEROSMITHlive 1974-10-26McKeesportwav56:10 
AEROSMITHlive 1975-07-26New Orleanswav41:59 
AEROSMITHlive 1975-08-29New York, NY, USAwav45:51 
AEROSMITHlive 1976-06-28Richfieldwav76:42 
AEROSMITHlive 1976-08-28Daly Citywav60:59 
AEROSMITHlive 1976-10-26'Offenbach Rocks' Bootleg CDwav69:13 
AEROSMITHlive 1976-10-30Zürichwav77:04 
AEROSMITHlive 1977-08-13Biltzenwav20:09 
AEROSMITHlive 1977-01-31'Gigs In The Attic' Bootleg 2CD - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav84:42 
AEROSMITHlive 1977-06-25HoustonDVD81:54 
AEROSMITHlive 1977-11-25'5 The Hard Way!' Bootleg LPwav48:08 
AEROSMITHlive 1978-03-24Columbuswav75:24 
AEROSMITHlive 1978-08-05Chicago, IL, USAwav47:07 
AEROSMITHlive 1978-08-06East Rutherfordwav87:14 
AEROSMITHlive 1978-11-12Uniondalewav90:07 
AEROSMITHlive 1979-04-08Los Angeleswav89:13 
AEROSMITHlive 1979-07-21Day On The Green, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USADVD+R  
AEROSMITHlive 1980-01-25Landoverwav90:58 
AEROSMITHlive 1980-06-12'Nightclubbing' Bootleg CDwav50:25 
AEROSMITHlive 1980-12-03Bostonwav77:16SBD
AEROSMITHradio ~ 1982-11-11radio ad for 821111 concert @ The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav0:57 
AEROSMITHlive 1982-11-11The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav89:45 
AEROSMITHlive 1982-12-04'Jimmy Rocks!' Bootleg CD-R - Indianapolis, IN, USAwav72:53 
AEROSMITHlive 1983-01-04'Alohasmith! - Honolulu 1983' Bootleg 2CD - Honoluluwav82:34 
AEROSMITHstudio & live 1982-0x-xx & 1983-03-05'Alive In 1983' Bootleg 2CDwav126:55 
AEROSMITHlive 1984-08-31'Welcome Back Joe' Bootleg 2CD - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USAwav97:28 
AEROSMITHlive 1984-12-20Orlandowav72:43 
AEROSMITHlive 1984-12-21St. Petersburgwav97:20 
AEROSMITHlive 1984-12-27Providencewav85:02 
AEROSMITHlive 1986-05-26Des Moineswav86:13 
AEROSMITHrecorded 1986-xx-xx to 1987-05-xx(?)'Permanent Vacation Outtakes' Bootleg 2CDwav157:26 
AEROSMITHlive 1987-11-16Hamptonwav74:35 
AEROSMITHlive 1988-08-02Indianapoliswav103:42 
AEROSMITHlive 1988-08-16East Rutherfordwav106:24 
AEROSMITHlive 1988-08-24Mansfieldwav104:52 
AEROSMITHlive 1990-02-27Tucsonwav99:57 
AEROSMITHrecorded 1990-08-11'MTV Unplugged'DVD80:52 
AEROSMITHTV 1990-08-11'MTV Unplugged' DVD+R  
AEROSMITHcompilation 1990-08-11 to 1993-12-xx'Toxic Graffiti' Bootleg CDwav67:47 
AEROSMITHlive 1994-11-13Santiago de ChileDVD80:39 
AEROSMITHlive 1994-12-19'House On Fire' Bootleg CD - Mama Kin's, Boston, MA, USACD77:05 
AEROSMITHlive 2006-10-15Maryland Heightswav75:32 
AEROSMITHlive 2010-06-25Desselwav101:47 
AEROSMITHlive 2010-06-27Barcelonawav119:55 
AEROSMITHlive 2010-07-03Venicewav115:20 
AEROSMITHlive 2010-07-23Oaklandwav125:50 
AEROSMITHlive 2010-07-29Irvinewav123:48 
ALCATRAZZrecorded 1983-xx-xx'No Parole From Alcatrazz' Bootleg CDwav42:27 
ALCATRAZZlive 1984-01-28 DVD+R  
ALCATRAZZlive 1984-03-26'Nevada Desert' Bootleg CD - Pioneer Theater, Reno, NV, USAwav42:01AUD-B+
ALCATRAZZlive 1984-05-23Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USAwav58:24FM-B
ALCATRAZZlive 1984-07-13Riversidewav44:19 
ALCATRAZZlive 1984-07-13De Anza Theater, Riverside, CA, USAwav45:05AUD
ALCATRAZZlive 1984-10-04Amagaskiwav88:56 
ALCATRAZZTV 1984-xx-xx'Rock Palace'DVD11:52 
ALCATRAZZTV [see COMPILATION - 'Rock Palace' TV 83xxxx-84xxxx compilation DVD]DVD+R  
ALCATRAZZlive 2010-09-30Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav82:58 
ALCESTlive 2011-10-11Seattlewav [24/48]44:35 
ALCESTlive 2012-08-10Derbyshirewav62:48 
ALCESTlive 2012-12-11Manchesterwav44:55 
ALICE IN CHAINS - Alice 'N Chains1986-xx-xx'Alice 'N Chains' demo Cassettewav10:34 
ALICE IN CHAINS - Alice 'N Chainslive 1987-05-01Tacomawav34:46 
ALICE IN CHAINS - Alice 'N Chains1987-xx-xx"Demo #2" demo Cassettewav16:35 
ALICE IN CHAINSrecorded 1988-xx-xx?'Sweet Alice' Bootleg CDwav43:04 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1990-09-15'Sunshine' Bootleg CD - Los Angeleswav34:10 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive <= 1990-xx-xxcompilation DVDDVD+R  
ALICE IN CHAINScompilation 1989-xx-xx to 1992-xx-xx?'Tasty White Powder' Bootleg CD-Rwav69:45 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1992-11-20Charlottewav63:39 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1992-11-29'Life In Chains' Bootleg CD - Torontowav63:43 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1992-12-20Seattlewav73:38 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1993-01-22Rio de JaneiroDVD60:25 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1993-02-08Stockholm2DVD82:33 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1993-02-20Tilburgwav66:18 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1993-03-02Glasgowwav50:25 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1993-10-23'Swarm' Bootleg CD - Osakawav76:26 
ALICE IN CHAINSlive 1993-10-29MelbourneDVD80:24 
ALICE IN CHAINS - Mad Seasonlive 1994-12-31RKCNDY, Seattle, WA, USACD-R65:44 
ANAL CUNTrecorded 1988-11-20'88 Song EP' 7" EPCD-R12:50 
ANAL CUNTlive 1990-04-xx'Harmonized Noise' Bootleg CD-R?wav36:58 
ANAL CUNTlive 1993-05-20 & 1993-08-26'Breaking The Law' 7" EPCD-R11:25 
ANAL CUNTlive 1994-03-20 DVD+R  
ANAL CUNTlive 1995-04-29Milk of Burgundy, Chicago, IL, USACD-R20:47 
ANAL CUNTlive 1998-12-11Allstonwav40:44 
ANAL CUNTlive 2000-08-15Cambridgewav38:06 
ANAL CUNTlive 2001-10-07Boston, MA, USAwav40:15 
ANAL CUNTlive 2006-10-07Oxfordwav39:29 
ANAL CUNTlive 2006-12-08Brocktonwav43:36 
ANAL CUNTlive 2007-08-11Lowellwav45:44 
ANAL CUNTlive 2008-08-30San Franciscowav50:27 
ANAL CUNTlive 2009-08-01Urbanawav29:44 
ANAL CUNTlive 2010-07-17Champions Café, Everett, MA, USADVD+R [NTSC]42:21 
ANAL CUNTlive 2010-09-24Everettwav52:29 
ARSISlive 2007-11-11Club Soda, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R12:39 
AT THE GATESlive 1992-01-31Palladium, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R18:12 
BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVElive 1988-08-07Barriewav51:41 
BAD COMPANYlive 1987-02-11Eppelheimwav44:25 
GINGER BAKER, Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall-Smith Triorehearsal 1962-xx-xxLondonwav59:20 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1966-11-15'A Group Called Cream - Live In Rotterdam' Bootleg LP - Londonwav32:21 
GINGER BAKER - CreamTV 1967-05-22'Dee Time' BBC TVwav3:06 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1967-05-23'Trinity' Bootleg CD - Londonwav34:32 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1967-05-23Londonwav39:09 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1967-05-29Spaldingwav39:48 
GINGER BAKER - CreamTV 1967-07-04'Joe Loss Show' BBC TVwav3:10 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1967-09-1xBostonwav31:01 
GINGER BAKER - Cream1966-08-xx to 1967-12-24'Session Gears' Bootleg 2CDwav149:53 
GINGER BAKER - Cream'BBC - Session 1967-1968' Bootleg CDwav43:04 
GINGER BAKER - Creamrecorded 1966-11-11 to 1968-01-14BBC radio sessions compilationwav21:09 
GINGER BAKER - CreamTV 1968-01-21'Bouton Rouge'DVD  
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1968-03-03'Wonder Winterland' Bootleg 2CDwav94:49 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1967-09-09 to 1968-05-25'U.S.A.' Bootleg 7CD Box Setwav363:18 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1968-10-05Albuquerquewav65:11 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1968-10-07 earlyChicagowav46:24 
GINGER BAKER - Cream1968-10-07 lateChicagowav29:55 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1968-10-18Inglewoodwav39:25 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1967-03-07 to 1968-10-20'Lost Farewell Masters' Bootleg 3CDwav163:41 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 1968-10-25'Farewell Tour - Searching In Dallas 1968' Bootleg 2CD - Dallaswav83:42 
GINGER BAKER - Cream1967-02-xx to 1968-11-266702xx-681126 video anthologyDVD54:33 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 2005-05-02LondonDVD113:30 
GINGER BAKER - Creamlive 2005-10-24 to 2005-10-26'Macrocosm' Bootleg 3DVD3DVD288:03 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-06-18'The Undertaker' Bootleg CD - Göteborgwav76:48 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-06-18Göteborgwav75:17 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-06-18Göteborgwav19:49 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-07-26West Alliswav63:42 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-07-26West Alliswav51:03 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-07-27Chicagowav37:35 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-08-16'Noblesse Oblige' Bootleg CD - Santa Barbarawav68:43 
GINGER BAKER - Blind Faithlive 1969-06-18 to 1969-08-20'Compensation For Betrayal' 6CD Box Setwav366:24 
GINGER BAKER's Airforcelive 1970-01-22Essenwav30:50 
GINGER BAKER & Saltlive 1972-10-16Frankfurt am Mainwav117:36 
GINGER BAKER & Saltlive 1972-10-18Karlsruhewav137:19 
GINGER BAKER - Baker Gurvitz Armylive 1975-09-09Ludwigsburgwav67:40 
GINGER BAKER's Energylive 1980-03-28Milanowav86:41 
GINGER BAKER's Nutterslive 1981-10-10Milanowav87:11 
GINGER BAKER, Jack Bruce, Birelli Lagrene, Courtney Pinelive 1986-07-10Nicewav31:06 
GINGER BAKER - No Materiallive 1987-03-25Münchenwav57:26 
GINGER BAKER & friendslive 1988-10-27Resedawav92:33 
GINGER BAKERlive 1988-12-01Solana Beachwav81:52 
GINGER BAKER - Jack Bruce & Ginger Bakerlive 1989-12-21Hollywoodwav167:35 
GINGER BAKER - Masters Of Realitylive 1990-09-14The Palace, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav78:16 
GINGER BAKER - BBMTV 1993-11-02'Rockpalast' TVDVD43:21 
GINGER BAKER - BBMlive 1994-06-20Madridwav109:50 
GINGER BAKER Triolive 1995-09-24Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt, Sendesaal des HR, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschlandwav51:09 
GINGER BAKER Triolive 1995-09-29Frankfurt am MainDVD54:37 
GINGER BAKER - Jonas Hellborg Group featuring Ginger Bakerlive 2011-09-30Stuttgartwav109:38 
GINGER BAKER's Jazz Confusionlive 2012-11-29Newcastle upon Tynewav84:53 
GINGER BAKER's Jazz Confusionlive 2013-02-24Liverpoolwav102:06 
GINGER BAKER related - Jack Bruce & Eric Claptonlive 1988-10-10 wav16:58 
GINGER BAKER related - Jack BruceTV 2012-02-13'The Man Behind The Bass' BBC Two documentaryDVD58:52 
BATHORY - Quorthonradio 1987-10-31WRTN, New York, NY, USAwav13:10 
THE BEATLES1962-06-06 to 1967-09-06'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1' Bootleg CDwav33:08 
THE BEATLES1963-02-11 to 1967-09-06'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 2' Bootleg CDwav26:51 
THE BEATLES1963-07-16 to 1968-09-04'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 8' Bootleg CDwav39:06 
THE BEATLESrecorded 1968-06-04 to 1968-10-13'White Sessions' Bootleg 4CDwav276:23 
THE BEATLES1963-02-11 to 1968-10-xx'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3' Bootleg CDwav33:07 
THE BEATLES1963-04-04 to 1968-12-11'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 7' Bootleg CDwav40:12 
THE BEATLES1968-0x-xx to 1969-01-14'The Peter Sellers Tape' Bootleg CDwav43:49 
THE BEATLES1963-02-11 to 1969-01-29'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 4' Bootleg CDwav32:34 
THE BEATLESrecorded <= 1969-01-31'A/B Road - Complete Get Back Sessions' [Purple Chick v1.1] Bootleg 83CD-Rwav5881:43 
THE BEATLES1963-04-04 to 1969-07-24'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 6' Bootleg CDwav40:24 
THE BEATLESrecorded 1969-08-05'Turn Me On Dead Man - The John Barrett Tapes' Bootleg 2CDwav117:30 
THE BEATLES1962-09-04 to 1970-01-03'Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 5' Bootleg CDwav34:55 
THE BEATLESreleased 1993-xx-xx'The Beatles Anthology - The Director's Cut '93' Bootleg 10DVD Box Set10DVD+R  
THE BEATLESreleased 2003-xx-xx'Get Back/Winter Of Discontent' Bootleg 2DVD2DVD+R  
JEFF BECK & John McLaughlinlive 1975-04-30New Yorkwav74:31 
JEFF BECKlive 1975-05-03 lateBostonwav63:39 
JEFF BECKlive 1975-07-19Vancouver, BCwav69:09 
JEFF BECKlive 1975-08-05Nagoyawav68:26 
JEFF BECK & Jan Hammer Grouplive 1976-06-26'No Rain' Bootleg CD [speed-corrected]wav58:31 
JEFF BECK & Jan Hammer Grouplive 1976-07-23'More Play With Me' Bootleg CD - Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO, USAwav58:48 
JEFF BECK & Jan Hammer Grouplive 1976-08-27Cape Codwav [24/96]82:30 
JEFF BECK & Jan Hammer Grouplive 1977-02-01'Oh, Yeah?' Bootleg 2CD - Festival Hall, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav106:02 
JEFF BECK & Jan Hammer Grouplive 1977-02-0xSydneywav95:10 
JEFF BECK & Jan Hammer Grouplive 1978-11-01'Bye '78' Bootleg CDwav74:15 
JEFF BECK & Stanley Clarkelive 1978-11-26'A Battle Without Honor & Humanity' Bootleg 2CD - Aichiwav82:45 
JEFF BECKlive 1978-11-30'Darkest Night' Bootleg 2CDwav87:25 
JEFF BECK & Stanley Clarkelive 1979-07-03Pariswav65:48 
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymaslive 1989-11-02SkyDome, Toronto, ON, CanadaCD-R52:49A
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymaslive 1989-11-08 DVD+R  
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymaslive 1989-11-08Worcesterwav72:10 
JEFF BECKlive 1989-12-01Los Angeleswav71:50 
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymaslive 1990-05-09Edinburghwav79:45AUD
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymas, Pino Palladinolive 1995-07-31Wienwav81:11 
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymaslive 1995-08-13Mansfieldwav72:07 
JEFF BECKrecorded 1997-xx-xxSteakhouse Studios demoswav23:05 
JEFF BECK, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymaslive 2003-09-02'Jeff's Wolftrap' Bootleg CD - 'BB King Blues Festival', Filene Center, Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA, USAwav70:43 
JEFF BECKlive 2005-06-26Londonwav25:17 
BEHERIT / IMPALED NAZARENE splitlive 1991-08-23'Day Of Darkness Festifall' split 15-track version Bootleg CDwav44:33 
BEHERITreleased 1990-xx-xx & 1991-xx-xx'Beast Of Damnation' Bootleg CDwav25:26 
BELPHEGORlive 1998-05-01Baroeg, Rotterdam, NederlandDVD-R15:09 
BELPHEGORlive 2009-09-20 DVD+R34:55 
BETRAYELreleased 1987-xx-xx'Helpless Souls' demo CassetteCD-R17:10 
BJÖRK - KuklTV 1986-04-xx DVD+R21:15 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1987-10-21Hard Rock Café, Reykjavik, Icelandwav54:55 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1988-05-17?Birminghamwav66:58 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1989-05-15Modernes, Bremen, Westdeutschlandwav77:38AUD-8-9 of 10
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1989-06-03'Ding A Ling A Ling' Bootleg CD - Seinäjokiwav53:36 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1989-08-19Reykjavikwav41:22 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1990-02-24Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canadawav91:18 
BJÖRK & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonarlive 1990-08-30Reykjavikwav78:58 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1992-04-13'Hit The North Atlantic' Bootleg CD - Torontowav66:28 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive 1992-04-21Chicago, IL, USAwav73:12 
BJÖRK - The Sugarcubeslive <= 1992-xx-xx'Ohio 1991/Toronto 1992' Bootleg CDCD62:02 
BJÖRKlive 1993-09-09Kosmopolitan, Aarhus, Danmarkwav77:49 
BJÖRKlive 1993-09-14Manchesterwav52:23 
BJÖRK & The Sugarcubeslive <= 1993-09-14'The Live Debut' Bootleg CDwav56:50 
BJÖRKlive 1993-09-09 & 1993-09-14'Violently Live' Bootleg CDwav77:49 
BJÖRKlive 1993-11-19'The Girl From Outer Space' Bootleg CD - Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USACD60:40 
BJÖRKlive <= 1993-xx-xx'Sugar Candy Kisses' Bootleg CDCD78:00 
BJÖRK'Big Time Happiness' Bootleg CDCD60:21 
BJÖRKlive 1995-10-07'Cirkus' Bootleg CD - "in a circus tent", Göteborg, SverigeCD76:35 
BJÖRKlive 1995-xx-xx'Miss World' Bootleg CDCD65:53 
BJÖRKlive 1996-01-25'London' Bootleg CD - Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, England, UKCD68:07 
BJÖRKlive 1996-10-13Rio de Janeirowav75:28 
BJÖRKlive 1997-09-10Londonwav25:56 
BJÖRKlive 1998-06-14Wienwav74:59 
BJÖRKTV 1999-01-06Reykjavik2DVD100:45 
BJÖRKlive 2001-09-05New Yorkwav50:38 
BJÖRKlive 2001-09-23The Coliseum, English National Opera, St. Martin's Lane, London, England, UKwav99:54 
BJÖRKlive 2001-10-05New Yorkwav97:09 
BJÖRKlive 2003-06-11Barcelonawav17:31 
BJÖRKlive 2003-06-23Berlinwav71:19 
BJÖRKlive 2003-07-12W-Festiwal 2003, Sopot, Polandwav39:14 
BJÖRKlive 2007-04-27Indiowav75:23 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-02New Yorkwav82:55 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-02New Yorkwav81:56 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-05New Yorkwav73:57 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-12Chicagowav82:34 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-12Chicagowav82:19 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-15Morrisonwav80:06 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-19Mountain Viewwav [24/?]81:40 
BJÖRKlive 2007-05-19Mountain Viewwav81:40 
BJÖRKlive 2007-06-22Somersetwav76:54 
BJÖRKlive 2007-11-04Buenos Aireswav84:31 
BJÖRKlive 2007-11-13Limawav92:24 
BJÖRKlive 2008-01-23Sydneywav78:38 
BJÖRKlive 2013-09-03Londonwav117:18 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1970-xx-xx?'Black Sabbath' album radio adwav0:54 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1970-xx-xx?'Black Sabbath' album radio adwav0:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-03-04Sporthalle, Köln, Westdeutschlandwav13:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-03-04Sporthalle, Köln, Westdeutschlandwav13:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-06-26West Berlinwav57:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-06-26'Live At Plumpton' Bootleg LP - West Berlinwav42:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-06-26Audimax der Freien Universität - Henry-Ford-Bau, West Berlin, WestdeutschlandCD-R54:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-07-05'Progressive Pop Festival', Ostseehalle, Kiel, WestdeutschlandCD-R43:34B-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-11-22Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USAwav65:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-11-22San Franciscowav68:22 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-12-12Københavnwav11:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-12-19L'Olympia, Paris, FranceDVD+R58:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1970-12-19L'Olympia, Paris, FranceDVD+R [PAL]58:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-03-02University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USAwav54:54AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-03-09Century's Paramus Theatre, Paramus, NJ, USAwav54:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-03-25Henry Leavitt Arena, Wichita, KS, USAwav51:44AUD-EX
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-03-26Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX, USAwav56:01AUD-fair
BLACK SABBATH/Earth/Flying Hat Bandrecorded 1969-xx-xx to 1971-xx-xx?'Sabbath Early Sabbath '69 - '71' Digipak Bootleg CDwav70:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-04-18'Eternal Void Of Doom' Bootleg LP - Falkoner Centret, København, Danmarkwav49:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-04-18'Eternal Void Of Doom' Bootleg LP - Falkoner Centret, København, Danmarkwav49:28AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-07-28Gaelic Park, Riverdale, Bronx, NY, USAwav55:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-08-12Chicagowav59:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-08-12Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, USACD-R59:56AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-08-12Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav59:25B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-08-31Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, USACD-R46:31AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-08-31Jai-Alai Fronton, MiamiCD-R43:18C
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-09-04Speyerwav32:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-09-0548 Hours Festival, Stadthalle, Wien, ÖsterreichCD-R59:12AUD-B-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-09-05Wienwav57:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-09-0548 Hours Festival, Stadthalle, WienCD-R55:58C+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-10-01'Master Of Winterland' Bootleg CDwav66:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-10-17Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav69:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-10-17Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav63:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-10-22Academy Of Music, New York, NY, USAwav61:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1971-10-28Rochesterwav11:59 
BLACK SABBATHreleased 'Vol. 4' album radio adwav1:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-10San Franciscowav74:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-10Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R70:34B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-15The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav71:44AUD-poor to VG-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-15The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav68:19AUD-poor to VG-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-16Tucsonwav75:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-16Tucsonwav75:11 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-16Tucson Community Center Convention Hall, Tucson, AZ, USAwav74:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-17Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav76:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-03-27Pittsburghwav37:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-07-15Daytonwav59:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-07-15Daytonwav59:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-07-15Hara Arena, Dayton, OH, USAwav59:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-07-15'Under The Sun' Bootleg CDwav59:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-09-07Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, Jackson, MS, USADVD+R2:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-09-07Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, Jackson, MS, USADVD+R2:12AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1972-09-15Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav51:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-01-07Ngaruawahiawav62:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-01-07Ngaruawahia Music Festival, Waikato River, Ngaruawahia, New ZealandCD-R59:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-01-07Ngaruawahia Music Festival, Waikato River, Ngaruawahia, New ZealandCD-R59:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-01-16Sydney Showground, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaCD-R68:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-01-16'The Last Goodbye' Bootleg CD-R - Sydney Showground, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav67:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-02-19Palasport, Bologna, ItaliaCD-R65:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-02-21Palazzo Dello Sport, Bresciawav53:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-02-21Palazzo Dello Sport, Brescia, Italiawav51:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-02-22Palasport, Vicenza, Italiawav57:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-03-03'A L'Olympia' Bootleg LP - L'Olympia, Paris, FranceCD-R42:03A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1973-08-02Londonwav46:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-01-11'Killing Machine' Bootleg CD-R - Göteborgwav71:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-01-11Göteborgwav71:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-01Pittsburghwav70:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-11Chicagowav72:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-11'Love In Chicago' Bootleg 2LP - International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav75:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-11'Love In Chicago' Bootleg 2LP - International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav71:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-15West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL, USACD-R58:43AUD-C
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-15West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL, USACD-R56:24C
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-21Providencewav [24/96]91:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-21Providencewav [16/44.1]91:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-23Bowen Field House, Ypsilanti , MI, USAwav55:31AUD-fair
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-02-25Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USAwav76:44AUD-fair/good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-04-06'Metal Mess' Bootleg CD - 'California Jam', Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USACD-R68:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-04-06'California Jam', Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USAwav67:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-04-06'California Jam', Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USADVD+R10:18PRO
BLACK SABBATHTV 1974-04-06'California Jam', Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USADVD-R28:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-11-05Sydney Showground, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav90:36AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-11-07Brisbanewav88:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-11-07Brisbane Festival Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australiawav81:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-11-10Sydneywav89:47 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1974-11-123XY FM, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav28:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-07-16?International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav64:17B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-07-16Chicagowav67:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-08-03Providencewav [24/96]97:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-08-03Providencewav [16/44.1]97:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-08-03Providencewav [16/44.1]101:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-08-05Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USAwav100:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-08-05Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USAwav100:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-08-05Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USAwav30:23FM
BLACK SABBATHlive 1974-04-06 & 1975-08-05'Gr'ndlepol' Bootleg LPwav34:36 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1975-09-04'Don Kirschner's Rock Concert', Los Angeles, CA, USADVD+R27:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-09-05'Sabotage On Route 666' Bootleg CD - Orange Show Stadium, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav76:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-12Bristolwav90:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-12Bristolwav88:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-12'Pieces Of Ecstasy' Bootleg 2CD-R - Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UK2CD-R88:16AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-21Lewisham Odeon, London, England, UKCD-R73:26D-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-22Londonwav98:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-22Londonwav98:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-22Londonwav98:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-30Münchenwav86:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-10-30Rudi Sedlmayer Halle OR Circus Krone - ?, München, Westdeutschland2CD-R83:25AUD-C
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-11-21Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London, England, UKwav79:49AUD-good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1975-11-22Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, Wales, UKwav82:48AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-11-02Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav87:35AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-11-09Fresnowav75:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-06'Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy' Bootleg 2CD - New Yorkwav84:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-06Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav86:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-08Pittsburghwav83:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-08Pittsburghwav56:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-08'British Biscuit' - King Biscuit Flower Hour, Pittsburghwav22:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-08Pittsburghwav84:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1976-12-10Niagara Fallswav91:08 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1976-xx-xx?'Innerview'wav45:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-01-20Miamiwav62:24 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-02-09Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN, USAwav84:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-03-09Cardiffwav61:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-03-13Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav87:07good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-05Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris, Francewav79:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-07Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschlandwav78:45 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-16Brusselswav71:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-16Cirque Royal, Brussels, België2CD-R71:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-21Olympen, Lund, SverigeCD-R71:58AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-21Olympen, Lund, SverigeCD-R71:37A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-21'Killing Yourself To Die' Bootleg CD - Lundwav74:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1977-04-22Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav76:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-05-18Glasgowwav90:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-05-18Glasgowwav87:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-05-21Newcastle upon Tynewav93:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-06-07St. George's Hall, Bradford, England, UK2CD-R76:44AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-06-07Bradfordwav76:36 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-06-07St. George's Hall, Bradford, England, UKCD-R74:09B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-06-10Londonwav80:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-06-10Londonwav80:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-06-19Londonwav92:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-08-23Chicago, IL, USAwav83:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-08-23Chicagowav81:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-08-29Philadelphiawav87:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-08-29The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav86:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-09-02'British Biscuit' - King Biscuit Flower Hour, Pittsburghwav24:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-09-15The Coliseum, Richfield, OH, USAwav80:59good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-09-22'One For The Nose' Bootleg CD - Selland Arena, Fresno, CA, USACD-R73:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-09-23Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, USAwav62:40AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-10-11Offenbachwav86:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-10-14Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Westdeutschlandwav90:17AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-10-20Palais des Grottes, Cambrai, Francewav39:51AUD-fair
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-11-19Nashvillewav94:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-12-07'Shocke Wave Over Texas' Bootleg CDwav46:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1978-12-07Abilenewav45:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-04-24Sophiensale, Wien, Österreichwav91:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-04-24Sophiensale, Wien, Österreich2CD-R91:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-02Bristolwav105:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-07Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav103:49fair
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-08Londonwav108:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-08Londonwav96:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-09Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK2CD-R99:37AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-14The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav88:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-18Newcastle upon Tynewav83:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-18Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav82:32AUD-good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-19Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK2CD-R92:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-23Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UK2CD-R89:25AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-05-25Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England, UKwav87:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-06-02'Lonely Is The Word' Bootleg 2CD-R - Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschland2CD-R101:03AUD-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-06-05Rosengarten Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Westdeutschlandwav99:22B-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-06-24Cornwall Coliseum, St. Austell, England, UK2CD-R92:31AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-06-25Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, England, UKwav41:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-06-26The Brighton Center, Brighton, England, UKwav89:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-07-19Seattlewav89:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-07-19Seattlewav87:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-07-19Memorial Stadium, Seattle Center, Seattle, USAwav86:29AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-07-19'Dance Of The Devil' Bootleg CDwav73:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-07-19'Dance Of The Devil' Bootleg CD [speed-corrected] - Memorial Stadium, Seattle, WA, USAwav76:45 
BLACK SABBATH - Ronnie James Dioradio 1980-07-26KMET-FM, USAwav3:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-07-26Los Angeleswav74:03 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1980-07-28'Live Wire' KSJO-FMwav13:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-09The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav81:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-09The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USACD-R77:26 
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1980-08-10'King Biscuit Flower Hour' radio ad for 'Black & Blue' 800810 concert broadcast, USAwav0:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-10Hartfordwav86:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-10Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA2CD-R91:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-12'Death Riders' Bootleg LP - Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav45:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-12'Death Riders' Bootleg LPwav45:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-12'Death Riders' Bootleg LPwav45:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-17Rockford Speedway, Rockford, IL, USAwav79:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-09-07Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, USAwav94:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-09-07'Miami 80' Bootleg 2CDwav92:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-09-07Miamiwav89:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-09-10Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN, USAwav86:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-09-21Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USAwav88:58AUD-fair/good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-09Milwaukee, USAwav24:57 
BLACK SABBATH - Ronnie James Dioradio 1980-10-09WLPX, USAwav11:49 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1980-10-12Cleveland, OH, USAwav1:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-14Capital Centre, Mitchellville, MD, USAwav86:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-16Rochesterwav84:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-16'Heavenly Hell' Bootleg 2CDwav82:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-17Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USAwav55:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-18Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA2CD-R70:18B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-22Wheelingwav77:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-10-22Wheeling Civic Center, Wheeling, WV, USAwav72:16AUD-B
BLACK SABBATH - Ronnie James Dioradio 1980-10-30Radio 4IP, Australiawav7:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-16 earlyNakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav92:40AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-16 early'Meloik In Japan' Bootleg 2CD - Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav91:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-16 late'Evil In The Evening' Bootleg 2CD - Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav95:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-17'Heaven Or Hell' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyowav86:24 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-17Nippon Seinenkan Hall, Tokyo, Japan2CD-R86:26 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1980-11-18JOQR-FM, Japanwav6:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-18'Angel And Demon' Bootleg CD - Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav69:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-18'Sabbath Day's Journey' Bootleg CD - Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav58:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-18'Nuclear Poisoner' Bootleg LP - Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav53:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-20Kyoto Kaikan Hall, Kyoto, Japan2CD-R100:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-21'Children Of The Grave' Bootleg 2CDwav112:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-21'The Last Sacrament' Bootleg 2CD - Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japanwav104:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-25Capitol Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia2CD-R100:50AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-27Capitol Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia2CD-R90:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-11-27Capitol Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav87:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive <= 1980-11-27'Bringer Of Evil' Bootleg 2CDwav147:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-18Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav97:44AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-19 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-20Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK2CD-R91:55AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-20Londonwav91:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-24Leedswav91:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-24Queen's Hall, Leeds, England, UKwav92:18AUD-B
BLACK SABBATH - Ronnie James Dioradio 1981-01-25'Castle Rock Show', England, UKwav13:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-25Staffordwav98:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-25New Bingley Hall, Stafford, England, UKwav96:59AUD-C+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-02-02Cornwall Coliseum, St. Austell, England, UKwav87:56AUD-C+
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1981-02-19'Midnight Snack', USAwav3:31 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1981-11-09'Rockline'wav23:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-15Colisée de Québec, Québec City, QC, Canadawav105:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-15Québec Citywav106:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-19'Canadian Assault' Bootleg 2CDwav100:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-19Torontowav98:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-19Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada2CD-R101:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-19Torontowav96:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-11-20Montréalwav88:14 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1981-11-21Q107 FM, Toronto, ON, Canadawav16:23 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1981-11-21Q107 FM, Toronto, ON, Canadawav10:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-12-04The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav85:29AUD-EX-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-12-04The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USACD-R71:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-12-21Chicagowav74:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-12-21International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav73:32AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-12-31Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav77:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-01Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav82:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-02Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav94:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-02Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKDVD56:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-03Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav83:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-07Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav88:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-07Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav82:09AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-14Cornwall Coliseum, St. Austell, England, UKwav90:12AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-01-14Cornwall Coliseum, Saint Austell, England, UKwav77:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-03-02The Coliseum - New Haven Veterans Memorial, New Haven, CT, USAwav78:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-03-03Baltimorewav86:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-03-03Baltimorewav82:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-03-06Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USAwav88:39AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-03-13Bloomingtonwav91:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-03-15Five Seasons Center, Cedar Rapids, IA, USACD-R41:39AUD-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-10Long Beachwav87:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-10Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USA2CD-R91:48AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-12Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav82:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-15The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA2CD-R89:53AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-17Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USAwav92:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-17Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USAwav88:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-20Daviswav83:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-04-23Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA, USAwav91:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-09Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM, USAwav92:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-12Dallas Convention Center Arena, Dallas, TX, USADVD+R28:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-17Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav96:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-17Madison Square Garden Arena, New York, NY, USAwav85:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-17Madison Square Garden Arena, New York, NY, USAwav90:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-17'Voodoo Evil' Bootleg 2CD-R - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav90:55AUD-VG/EX
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-18Providence wav91:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-18Providence Civic Center, Providence , RI, USAwav87:42AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-19Kingston Armory, Kingston, PA, USAwav84:35AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-21Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY, USA2CD-R91:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-05-23Binghamtonwav81:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-08-22Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav87:30AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-08-27Central Canada Exhibition Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, ON, Canadawav82:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-08-31'Mob Finals' Bootleg 2CDwav89:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-08-31Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL, USAwav89:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-08-31Hoffman Estateswav88:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1982-0x-xx"Live Evil reels"cDVD14:16 
BLACK SABBATHrecorded <= 1983-06-26?'Born Again' album demoswav50:01SBD-A+
BLACK SABBATHrecorded <= 1983-06-26'Born Again: Unmixed Demos & "The Fallen"' Bootleg CDwav46:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-18Drammenhallen, Drammen, Norgewav77:39AUD-B-/C+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-19'Bitch' Bootleg 2LP - Stockholmwav94:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-19Stockholmwav90:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-19'Bitch' Bootleg - ? - Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sverige2CD-R87:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-21Helsingen Jäähalli, Helsinki, FinlandDVD-R12:57AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-21Helsingen Jäähalli, Helsinki, FinlandDVD DL12:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-21Helsingen Jäähalli, Helsinki, Finlandwav82:19VG/E
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-23Lundwav89:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-23Lundwav89:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-23Lundwav87:05 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-08-27Radio Clyde, Scotlandwav6:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-27Reading Festival, Thamembe Arena, Reading, England, UKwav91:23AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-27Reading Festival, Thamembe Arena, Reading, England, UKwav91:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-27Readingwav46:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1981-01-20 & 1983-08-27'Live Murder Act I & II' Bootleg 2CDwav109:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-08-28Dublinwav72:24 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-13Plaza de toros Monumental de Barcelona, Barcelona, Españawav85:26AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-14Madridwav82:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-15San Sebastiánwav76:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-18Offenbachwav86:10 
BLACK SABBATH - Ian Gillanradio 1983-09-19unknown UK radiowav11:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-20Rosengarten Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Westdeutschlandwav88:04AUD-D-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-22Circus Krone Building, München, Westdeutschlandwav84:34AUD-G/VG
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-22'Munich Bitch' Bootleg LP - Münchenwav53:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-22'Thanks God It's Sabbath' Bootleg PD LP - Münchenwav46:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-25Pavillon des Sports de Champel, Geneva, Switzerlandwav88:35AUD-fair/good
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-27Nuenkirchen am Brandwav95:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-27Nuenkirchen am Brandwav95:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-27Nuenkirchen am Brandwav94:51 
BLACK SABBATH - Ian Gillanradio 1983-09-28unknown Germany radiowav7:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-28Sporthalle, Böblingen, Westdeutschlandwav97:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-28Böblingenwav97:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-28Böblingenwav96:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-28'The Ian Gillan Years' Bootleg 2CD-R - Sporthalle, Böblingen, Westdeutschlandwav96:26AUD-VG/VG+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-28'The Ian Gillan Years' Bootleg 2CD-R - Sporthalle, Böblingen, Westdeutschlandwav24:07FM
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-30Pariswav55:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-02Zwollewav91:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-02Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, Nederlandwav87:15AUD
BLACK SABBATH - Ian Gillanradio 1983-10-15'Rock Café', Canadian Forces Network, Westdeutschlandwav12:26 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1983-10-17Q-107 FM, Toronto, ON, Canadawav8:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-20Québec Citywav90:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-20'Black And Purple' Bootleg 2CDwav90:09 
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1983-10-21CHUM FM ad for 831021 Montréal concertwav0:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-21Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R87:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-21Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD DL87:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-21Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-21Montréalwav87:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-21Montréalwav84:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-09-18 & 1983-10-21'Feign Death Sabbath' Bootleg 2CDwav131:39 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-10-25CHUM FM, Toronto, ON, Canadawav2:45 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-25Torontowav86:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-25Torontowav83:44 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-10-26'Rock Profiles' Q-107 FM, Toronto, ON, Canadawav8:15 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-10-27831027 radio ad for 831027 Buffalo concertwav0:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-29Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav91:33AUD
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1983-10-30~831030 radio ad for 831030 Uniondale concertwav0:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-10-30Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USAwav83:08AUD
BLACK SABBATHTV 1983-10-31MTV, USAwav7:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-11-04'Captured Live' 2LP Promo - Worchester Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav76:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-11-04Worchester Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav76:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1980-08-10 & 1983-11-04'Neon Nights' Bootleg CDwav64:38 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-11-05WYSP 94 FM, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav2:46 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-11-05WYSP 94 FM, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav2:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-11-11Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USAwav92:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-11-18UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USAwav83:56AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1983-11-29Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM, USAwav82:341gen-AUD
BLACK SABBATHTV 1983-12-05'Nightwatch', CBS News, West Hollywood, CA, USADVD+R11:03TV
BLACK SABBATHTV 1983-12-05'Nightwatch', CBS Newswav10:18 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-12-09'Joe Piscopo At Large', USAwav2:05 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-12-12'Retro Rock' [RR-83-51] Promo LPwav54:00 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-12-19'Retro Rock' [RR-83-52] Promo LPwav48:32 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1983-12-xx'Metal Shop', "97 Rock", USAwav2:48 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1984-01-14'Rock Palace'DVD-R11:03 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1984-01-14'Rock Palace'DVD DL11:01 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1984-01-14'Rock Palace'DVD+R10:51 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1984-01-14'Rock Palace'DVD+R10:43TV
BLACK SABBATHTV 1984-01-14'Rock Palace'DVD+R TV
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-01-25Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USAwav74:38 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-01-26Long Beachwav89:46 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1984-02-08KZEW FM ad for 840208 Dallas concertwav0:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-02-08Dallaswav93:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-02-24Toledowav89:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-02-24Sports Arena, Toledo, OH, USAwav88:25AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-02-25Daytonwav85:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-03-04Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USA2CD-R85:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1984-03-04Springfieldwav83:27 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1984-03-14'Rolling Stone's History Of Rock And Roll', USAwav6:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1985-07-13 DVD+R12:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony IommiTV 1985-07-13MTV, USAwav0:37 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1986-02-10WBAB 102.3 FM, Long Island, NY, USAwav12:29 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1986-02-26'Sounds', Paris, Francewav30:03 
BLACK SABBATHrehearsal 1986-03-14'Turn To Glenn' Bootleg CD - Hollywood, CA, USACD47:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-21Clevelandwav91:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-21Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland, OH, USAwav104:17 
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1986-03-22~860322 FM radio ad for 860322 Detroit concertwav1:37 
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1986-03-22~860322 WLLZ FM ad for 860322 Detroit concertwav0:55 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1986-03-22860322 WLLZ FM ad for 860322 Detroit concertwav0:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-22Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USA2DVD97:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-22Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USADVD-R96:32AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-22Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USAwav88:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-24Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav93:06AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-24Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav89:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-25Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav84:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-25Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav79:44AUD-G/VG
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-25'Providence 3/86' Bootleg 7" EPwav17:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-26Worchester Centrum, Worcester, MA, USACD-R74:21AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1986-03-28~860328 WPYX radio ad for 860328 Glens Falls concertwav1:00 
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1986-03-28~860328 WPYX radio ad for 860328 Glens Falls concertwav0:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-29New Haven Veteran Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, USAwav84:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-03-29New Haven Veteran Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, USAwav82:59 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1986-03-31MTV, USAwav0:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-01Montréal Forum, Montréal, QB, CanadaDVD+R81:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-01MontréalDVD-R AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-01MontréalDVD-R83:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-01Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, Canadawav80:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-04Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canadawav71:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-11Uniondalewav87:22 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-12Philadelphiawav89:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-12The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav85:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-13Baltimorewav88:17 
BLACK SABBATHradio ~ 1986-04-15~860415 WKLS 96 Rock ad for 860415 Atlanta concertwav0:38 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-18San Antoniowav37:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-04-19Dallaswav90:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-05-21Sheffield City Hall - Oval Hall, Sheffield, England, UK2CD-R95:19A
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1986-05-25'Backstage', Signal Radiowav15:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1986-05-25Signal Radio, Birmingham, England, UKwav15:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-05-25Birminghamwav97:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-05-26Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol, England, UKwav110:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-05-27De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKwav97:52AUD-VG/EX
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-05-29Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, England, UKwav98:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-05-30Newcastle upon Tynewav100:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-06-01Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav99:29AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-06-02Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav104:39AUD-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1986-06-04Royal Center Concert Hall, Nottingham, England, UK2CD-R93:25 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1986-09-08'Pioneers In Music', USAwav1:30 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1986-10-02'Metalshop', USAwav1:10 
BLACK SABBATHrecorded 1986-1x-xx?'The Eternal Idol' album demoswav41:40SBD-A+
BLACK SABBATHrecorded 1986-10-xx'The Eternal Idol' album demos - Air Studios, Montserrat, West Indieswav36:23 
BLACK SABBATHrecorded 1986-04-18 & 1986-10-xx'The Ray Gillen Years' Bootleg CDwav73:57 
BLACK SABBATHrecorded 1986-04-18 & 1986-10-xx'Eternal Gillen' Bootleg CD-RCD-R72:47 
BLACK SABBATH - Ray Gillenradio 1987-03-12?'Metalshop'wav1:26 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Wardradio 1987-04-24'Metalshop', USAwav1:20 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Wardradio 1987-01-15? 1987-06-25?'Metalshop'wav0:42 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Wardradio 1987-08-21'Metalshop', USAwav1:13 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1987-11-12'Sky Channel', England, UKwav6:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-22Pink Palace, Essen, WestdeutschlandDVD-R86:48AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-22Pink Palace, Essen, Westdeutschlandwav86:11 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martinradio 1987-11-23'Radio Donansplatz', Westdeutschlandwav8:34 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-23Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschlandwav80:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-23Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschlandwav73:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-24Knopf's Music Hall, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav86:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-24Knopf's Music Hall, Hamburg, Westdeutschland2CD-R86:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-25Bremenwav92:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-25Stadthalle, Bremen, Westdeutschlandwav88:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-11-29Jurahalle, Neumarkt, Westdeutschlandwav99:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-05Milanowav97:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-05Milanowav95:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-05Milanowav83:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-05'Apocalypse' Bootleg CD - Palatrussardi, Milano, Italiawav79:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-06Palasport, Torino, Italiawav93:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-07Reggio Emiliawav93:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-07Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italiawav92:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-07Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italia2CD-R92:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1987-12-10Palasport, Firenze, Italiawav98:55 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1987-xx-xx'Metalshop', USAwav2:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1988-02-19'Metalshop', USAwav6:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-05-31Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, USAwav89:43AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-03Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav93:328of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-04Columbiawav87:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-06The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, USAwav89:25AUD-7.5of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-09Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USAwav89:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-09Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USADVD87:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-10New Yorkwav79:11 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-10New Yorkwav77:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-12Masonic Temple, Toronto, ON, Canadawav81:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-14Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USADVD-R61:37AUD-B-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-14Clevelandwav83:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-06-14Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USAwav83:22AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-08-31Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham, England, UKwav87:39AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-02Sheffieldwav88:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-02Sheffieldwav88:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-02Sheffieldwav87:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-05Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK2CD-R90:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-07Leicesterwav103:24 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-07De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UK2CD-R91:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-09Londonwav86:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-10Londonwav93:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-11Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UKwav105:01AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-14Solnahallen, Solna Stad, Sverigewav91:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-15KB-Hallen, København, Danmarkwav95:30AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-18Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Westdeutschlandwav88:54AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-19Sporthalle, Böblingen, Westdeutschlandwav90:49AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-22Circus Krone Building, München, WestdeutschlandDVD+R86:42AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-22Circus Krone Building, München, Westdeutschlandwav86:49G
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-23Jura-Hallen, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Westdeutschlandwav88:33VG
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-23Jura-Hallen, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Westdeutschlandwav85:45EX
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-23Jurahalle, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Westdeutschlandwav71:359.5of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-24'Headless In Vienna' Bootleg 2CDwav88:09 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-27Hala Tivoli, Ljulbljana, Yugoslaviawav56:03AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-28Rolling Stone, Milano, Italiawav91:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-09-29Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland2CD-R86:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-01Frankfurt am MainDVD88:36 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-01Kongresshalle, Frankfurt am Main, WestdeutschlandDVD+R87:47AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-01Kongresshalle, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschland2CD-R89:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-02Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Westdeutschlandwav88:298of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-16Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japanwav87:298.5of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-17'Satanic Memory II' Bootleg 2CD - Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japanwav92:29AUD-G
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-19Osakawav89:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-19'Headless Skulls (BFOC Edition)' Bootleg CD-R - Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japanwav51:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-21Nagoya Kinrokaikan, Nagoya, JapanDVD+R93:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-11-25 earlyOlympski Hall, Moscow, RussiaDVD+R85:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-11-25 lateOlympski Hall, Moscow, RussiaDVD+R86:14PRO-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-01Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav [16/48]132:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-01Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav [16/44.1]132:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-01'Wolverhampton 1990' Bootleg 2CD-R - Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav131:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-02Liverpoolwav102:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-03De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKwav108:32AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-03De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKwav90:16AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-05Cambridgewav103:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-10Cornwall Coliseum, St. Austell, England, UKwav116:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-12Manchesterwav113:36 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-13Saint George's Hall, Bradford, England, UKwav118:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-09-13Bradfordwav113:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-01Rolling Stone, Milano, Italiawav103:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-01'Dies Irae' Bootleg 2CD - Rolling Stone, Milano, Italiawav92:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-05Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerlandwav100:33AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-05Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerlandwav92:49AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-08Wien Kurhalle, Wien, Österreichwav91:56AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-09Innsbruckwav93:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-10Gorki Park, Senden, Deutschlandwav90:58AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-12Circus Krone Building, München, DeutschlandDVD+R85:22AUD-A--
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-12Münchenwav92:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-16Stadthalle, Fürth, Deutschlandwav101:25AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-17Offenbachwav95:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-18Sporthalle, Böblingen, Deutschlandwav95:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-20Sankt Wendelwav96:24 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-21Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, DeutschlandDVD-R98:54AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-21Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Deutschlandwav90:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-21Düsseldorfwav90:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-22Stadthalle Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Deutschlandwav94:57AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-26Solnahallen, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R [NTSC]97:00AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-27KB-Hallen, København, Danmarkwav97:18AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-10-30Vooruit, Gent, BelgiëDVD-R85:35AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-11-01 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1990-11-05Hannoverwav104:46 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1991-xx-xx'Friday Rock Show' BBC Radio 1wav1:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1991-xx-xx?'Archangel Rides Again' Bootleg CDCD72:36 
BLACK SABBATHcompilation 1986-xx-xx & 1991-xx-xx'Dehumanizer Rehearsals' Bootleg 3CDwav145:10 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-0x-xx?unknown Japan TV, JapanDVD-R18:23TV
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-06-23Olympia, São Paulo, BrasilDVD-R96:54AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-06-25Olympia, São Paulo, BrasilDVD90:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-06-27Ginásio Estadual Geraldo José de Almeida, São Paulo, BrasilDVD-R85:17AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-06-29Canecão, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilwav101:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-06-30Canecão, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilDVD-R101:51PRO-A--
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-06-30Canecão, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilDVD+R97:52 
BLACK SABBATHcompilation 1992-06-xx?9206xx? odds & ends compilation DVDDVD-R79:52AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-03Buenos Aires2DVD+R [NTSC]  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-24Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL, USA2DVD113:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-24 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-24Sunrisewav115:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-25USF Sun Dome, Tampa, FL, USA2CD-R95:23A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-28Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USAwav97:228.5of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-07-31Scene Pavilion, Cleveland, OH, USAwav102:05AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-01Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USAwav106:34AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-02Clarkstonwav70:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-04Dayton, OH, USAwav104:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-06New YorkDVD+R [PAL]100:02 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-08-06 or 1992-08-07'Headbanger's Ball' MTVDVD-R11:53TV
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-07DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, USAwav103:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-08Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USAwav104:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-09Bostonwav110:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-09Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav104:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-09'Black Bloody Black' Bootleg CDwav78:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-09'The Dead, The Bad And The Ugly' Bootleg CD - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USACD72:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-15Super Rock 92, Maimarkt-Gelände, Mannheim, DeutschlandDVD+R70:36AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-15Super Rock 92, Maimarkt-Gelände, Mannheim, Deutschlandwav69:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-01Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav90:50AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-02Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK2CD-R105:23B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-02Edinburghwav93:58 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1992-09-04Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKCD-R26:09 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1992-09-04Manchester, England, UKwav1:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-04Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav99:57 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1992-09-05National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UKCD-R29:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-05National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UKwav99:56AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-06The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, England, UKwav100:25AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-08Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav89:28 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1992-09-09Wessex Hall, Poole Arts Centre, Poole, England, UKwav54:04AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-12'Reviviscence!' Bootleg CD - 'Monsters Of Rock', Del Chionso Arena, Reggio Emilia, Italiawav66:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-12'Monsters Of Rock', Del Chionso Arena, Reggio Emilia, ItaliaDVD+R [NTSC]44:10 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-09-12'Monsters Of Rock', Del Chionso Arena, Reggio Emilia, ItaliaDVD+R34:24 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-09-12'Monsters Of Rock', Del Chionso Arena, Reggio Emilia, ItaliaDVD-R14:46TV
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-14Eulachhallen, Winterthur, Switzerland2CD-R96:36AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-15Élysée Montmartre, Paris, Francewav96:13 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-09-15'Metal Express'cDVD11:16PRO
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-16Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, België2DVD+R [PAL]  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-16Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, BelgiëDVD+R99:04AUD-A--
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-16Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgiëwav95:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-17Evenementenhal, Martinihal-Centrum, Groningen, NederlandDVD-R98:34AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-09-17Groningenwav94:48 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-0x-xx?unknown Japan TV, JapanDVD18:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-12 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-12Verdun Auditorium, Montréal, QC, Canadawav98:25 
BLACK SABBATHad ~ 1992-10-13ad for 921013 concert, WPLR-FM radio, Hartfordwav0:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-13Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, Hartford, CT, USA2CD-R96:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-13Hartfordwav93:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-14 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-14New Yorkwav93:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-16Palace Theater, Albany, NY, USAwav97:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-18Shea's Buffalo Theatre, Shea's Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, NY, USA2CD-R92:58AUD-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-20Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH, USAwav69:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-22Capitol Theatre, Flint, MI, USAwav94:27AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive ~ 1992-10-23radio ad for 921023 concert, Indianapoliswav1:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-23Indianapoliswav97:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-24Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, OH, USAwav92:17AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-28Merrillvillewav95:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-28Holiday Star Plaza, Merrillville, IN, USAwav92:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-10-31Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav97:25AUD-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-03Adler Theatre, River Center, Davenport, IA, USA2CD-R95:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-04Milwaukeewav94:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-08Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexicowav99:51AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-10Mesa Amphitheatre, Mesa, AZ, USA2CD-R95:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-12Sacramentowav94:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-12Community Center Theatre, Sacramento Convention Center Complex, Sacramento, CA, USAwav96:36AUD-VG-/VG
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-13Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]96:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-13Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA, USADVD+R96:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-13Oaklandwav98:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-14Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]57:45 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-14Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USADVD-R57:45AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-14Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav56:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-14Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav56:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]59:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav58:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav52:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav51:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav25:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav23:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USAwav23:00 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1992-11-16'Rockline', Los Angeleswav23:39 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1992-1x-xx?'Metal Express', FranceDVD+R10:59TV-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-08New Britainwav85:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-11Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav87:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-12Metropolis Centre, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R93:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-12Metropolis Centre, Montréal, QC, Canada2CD-R90:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-13World, Mississauga, ON, CanadaDVD-R94:39AUD-7of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-15New Yorkwav90:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-16Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USAwav90:17AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-16Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USACD-R46:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-18Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USAwav97:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-19Clevelandwav103:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-20Columbuswav99:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-22KalamazooDVD96:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-22State Theatre, Kalamazoo, MI, USAwav96:21AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-25Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USAwav86:11AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-26Eagles Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav93:09AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-02-27Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul, MN, USA2CD-R99:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-03The Event Center Arena, San José State University, San Jose, CA, USAwav104:36AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-03The Event Center Arena, San José State University, San Jose, CA, USA2DVD102:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-03 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-08-09 & 1994-03-04'Iron Men' Bootleg 2CD2CD97:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-08Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX, USAwav80:20AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-21Yokahama Landmark Theater, Yokohama, Japanwav103:03AUD-9of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-22Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan2CD-R105:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-26Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japanwav103:02AUD-9of10
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-26Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan2CD-R97:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-27Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japanwav91:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-03-27Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japanwav90:21 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1994-04-11Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav39:22 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1994-04-11Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav11:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-11Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav99:42 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1994-04-12Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav8:11AUD-B-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-12Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav94:25AUD-B-
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1994-04-14Newport Centre, Newport, Wales, UKwav32:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-14Newport Centre, Newport, Wales, UKwav92:29AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-16Pariswav106:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-16Pariswav97:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-18Luna Theater, Brussels, Belgiëwav103:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-19Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederlandwav97:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-20Docks, Hamburg, Deutschlandwav97:36AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-26E-Werk, Köln, Deutschland2CD-R96:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-04-30Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin, Deutschlandwav92:32AUD-C+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-03Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen , Deutschlandwav102:24 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-04Stadthalle, Offenbach, DeutschlandDVD+R98:41AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-04Stadthalle, Offenbach, Deutschlandwav98:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-08Sporthalle, Völklingen, Deutschlandwav102:48AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-10Terminal 1, Flughafen München, München, Deutschlandwav90:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-15Hala Makoszowy, Zabrze, Poland2CD-R102:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive ~ 1994-05-15Hala Makoszowy, Zabrze, PolandCD-R25:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-16Sportovní hala, Prague, Czech RepublicDVD+R98:21AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-23Palazzetto dello sport di Firenze, Firenze, Italiawav96:11 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-24City Square, Milano, ItaliaDVD+R DL98:16AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-24City Square, Milano, Italiawav96:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-26BA-Zelt, Wien, ÖsterreichDVD+R98:35AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-05-28Sportzentrum Tägerhard Wettingen, Wettingen, Switzerlandwav89:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-06-11Provinssirock, Seinäjoki, FinlandDVD-R69:32AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-06-11Provinssirock, Seinäjoki, Finlandwav98:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-08-27São Paulowav79:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-08-27São Paulowav43:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-08-27Estádio do Pacaembú, São Paulo, BrasilDVD+R [NTSC]43:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-08-27Estádio do Pacaembú, São Paulo, BrasilDVD+R39:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-09-01Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Santiago de Chile, ChileDVD-R45:06SBD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-09-03Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDVD+R61:15TV-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 1994-09-03Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires, Argentinawav71:25 
BLACK SABBATHTV 1994-09-04'Furia Metal', MTV BrasilDVD+R [NTSC]13:14 
BLACK SABBATHrecorded 1995-05-xx'Forbidden' album demoswav47:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-06-16KarlshamnDVD DL75:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-06-16Karlshamn Rock Festival, Bellevueparken, Karlshamn, SverigeDVD-R75:56AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-06-16Karlshamn Rock Festival, Bellevueparken, Karlshamn, Sverigewav79:37AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-06-16Karlshamnwav56:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1989-10-19 & 1995-06-16'Still Headless' Bootleg 2CDwav106:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-06-29New Havenwav97:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-01Bud Light Amphitheatre, Harvey's Lake, PA, USAwav65:04AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-02Clevelandwav97:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-03Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USAwav102:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-03Newport Music Hall, Columbuswav95:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-04Pine Knob Amphitheatre, Clarkston, MI, USAwav101:55 
BLACK SABBATHradio 1995-07-06WLUP 97.9 FM radio, Chicago, IL, USAwav28:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-07'Bloody Wizard' Bootleg 2CD - Tinley Parkwav94:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-08Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, USA2CD-R101:17 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-11Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav98:29AUD-B
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommiradio 1995-07-13'Pieces Of Ecstasy' Bootleg 2CD-R - WBCN FM, Boston, MA, USA2CD-R44:31FM-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-13Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA, USAwav102:05AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-14Hampton Beachwav100:46 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-15The Sting, New Britain, CT, USAwav101:30AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-17Polonia Park, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Saint Catharines, ON, CanadaDVD+R100:17AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-19Métropolis, Montréal, QC, Canadawav91:57AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-23Sudbury Community Arena, Sudbury, ON, Canadawav82:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-28Temple Theatre, Landmark Convention Center, Tacoma, WA, USAwav93:48AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-07-29Roseland Theater, Portland, OR, USA2CD-R107:02 
BLACK SABBATHpost-concert? 1995-07-29Roseland Theater?, Portland, OR, USAwav2:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-08-01Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, USAwav77:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-08-25Orpheum Theatre, Gzira, MaltaDVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHTV ~ 1995-08-31'Metalla', VIVA TVDVD+R27:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-09Hala Arena, Poznan, PolandCD-R51:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-10Coliseum, Warsaw, Polandwav111:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-12Hala Ludowa, Wroclaw, PolandDVD+R94:02AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-12Hala Ludowa, Wroclaw, Poland2CD-R94:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-18Rolling Stone, Milano, ItaliaDVD+R100:41AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-23Zürichwav109:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-09-30Terminal 1, Flughafen München, München, Deutschlandwav109:29AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-02Docks, Hamburg, Deutschlandwav110:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-09Ludwigsburgwav114:46 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1995-10-11Hugenottenhalle, Neu-Isenburg, Deutschlandwav22:01AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-12Centre Sportif, Dudelange, Luxembourgwav114:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-13L'Élysée Montmartre, Paris, Francewav111:22 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-15Central Studios, Utrecht, Nederlandwav106:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-16Luna Theater, Brussels, Belgiëwav119:41AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-19GöteborgDVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-19Lisebergshallen, Göteborg, Sverige2CD-R103:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-22Stockholmwav115:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-22Cirkus, Djurgården, Stockholm, Sverigewav109:11 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-25Sporthallen, Umeå, SverigeDVD+R114:48AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-28Pakkahuone, Tullikamarin, Tampere, Finlandwav119:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-10-29Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finlandwav107:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-08Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UKwav58:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-09Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav116:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-10'Live In UK 1995' Bootleg 2CD - Shepherd's Bush, London, England, UK2CD117:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-19Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan2CD-R121:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-19Tokyowav121:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-21Nagoyawav119:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-21Nagoya Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan2CD-R113:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-11-22Sankei Hall, Osaka, Japanwav124:11AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1995-12-14Phoebus Amphitheatre Complex, Bangkok, Thailandwav124:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-05-24Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA, USACD-R49:32 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-05-26Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, USAwav51:04AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-05-28Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, NC, USAwav51:26AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-05-31Alamodome, San Antonio, TX, USADVD-R71:20PRO
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-07Burgettstownwav53:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-08CamdenDVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-08Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre at the Waterfront , Camden, NJ, USAwav58:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-10Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO, USAwav62:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-12Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, USAwav51:36AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-14Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA, USAwav60:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-15East RutherfordDVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-19New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL, USADVD55:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-19New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL, USAwav55:08AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-24Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USACD-R40:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-26Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ, USADVD+R56:31AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-28Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, USADVD52:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-28Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, USAwav46:56AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-29Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USADVD+R60:54AUD-G/VG-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-06-30Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV, USADVD+R52:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-07-01Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH, USAwav65:11 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1997-12-04Birmingham, England, UKwav31:42 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1997-12-04NEC Arena, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UKwav31:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-12-04NEC Arena, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UKDVD115:22 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1997-12-05NEC Arena, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UKwav112:31AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-06'Gods Of Metal 1998', Fila Forum, Assago, ItaliaDVD+R95:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-13 2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-13 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-14Provinssirock Festival, Seinäjoki, Finlandwav78:11AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-20Ozzfest, National Bowl, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, UKDVD94:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-20The National Bowl, Milton Keynes, England, UK2CD-R94:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-22Rock Amplona Festival, Velódromo de Anoeta, San Sebastián, España2CD-R93:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-25Orange Scene, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, DanmarkDVD+R [PAL]95:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-25Orange Scene, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, DanmarkDVD+R [PAL]92:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-25Roskildewav97:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-28Desselwav84:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-28Desselwav84:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-06-30 2DVD+R85:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-12-31Bank One Ballpark, Phoenix, AZ, USADVD110:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1998-12-31Bank One Ballpark, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav103:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-02Las Vegaswav84:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-06Inglewoodwav96:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-06Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav91:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-06Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USADVD70:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-06'Sabbath Finally Sabbath' Bootleg CD - Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USACD-R67:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-08San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, USADVD [NTSC]95:241gen-AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-08San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, USADVD+R [PAL]95:07AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-08San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, USAwav94:44SBD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-08'San Jose 1999' Bootleg 2CDwav89:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-11Rose Garden, Portland, OR, USADVD63:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-12Key Arena, Seattle, WA, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]87:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-12Key Arena, Seattle, WA, USACD-R73:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-17Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, USADVD89:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-19Rosemontwav89:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-01-25Compaq Center, Houston, TX, USADVD+R91:06AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1999-02-05East Rutherford, USAwav22:12 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1999-02-05Continental Airlines Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav22:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-05East Rutherford, USA2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-05East Rutherfordwav96:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-05East Rutherfordwav103:27 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1999-02-06Uniondale, USAwav7:24 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1999-02-06Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USAwav7:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-09 DVD+R94:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-12Daytonwav109:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-12EJ Nutter Center, Dayton, OH, USA2CD-R94:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-14Auburn Hillswav101:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-15The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USAwav102:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-15The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USADVD94:39 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1999-02-18The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav17:19 
BLACK SABBATHsoundcheck 1999-02-18First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav17:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-18The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-02-19Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USACD-R78:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1992-11-15 & 1999-05-12'The Fundamental Church Of Rock' Bootleg CDwav75:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-05-27Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, USADVD+R101:02AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-05-27Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, USAwav95:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-05-31First American Music Center, Antioch, TN, USAwav98:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-12Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA, USADVD+R87:25PRO-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-12Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA, USADVD+R89:21PRO-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-12Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA, USAwav89:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-12Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA, USAwav86:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-14Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH, USAwav78:48 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-18Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA, USADVD+R [NTSC]89:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-18Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA, USADVD+R89:28AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-19Hartfordwav73:45 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-19Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT, USAwav73:45 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-27Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, USADVD+R80:34AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-06-29Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN, USAwav93:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-07-16Thunderbird Stadium, University Endowment Lands, BC, Canadawav96:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-07-20Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USAwav79:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-07-22Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav87:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-07-24Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav94:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-08-12Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA, USAwav87:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-08-16Cincinnatiwav93:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-08-22 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-08-22Montréalwav92:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-05 2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-05Astoria Theatre, London, England, UKwav101:17AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-05Londonwav59:47SBD-EX
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-08Die König-Pilsener-ARENA, Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Deutschlandwav102:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-08Die König-Pilsener-ARENA, Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Deutschlandwav101:16 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-10Rotterdamwav99:06 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-12Helsingin Jäähalli, Helsinki, Finlandwav107:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-12Helsingin Jäähalli, Helsinki, FinlandDVD90:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-14Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sverigewav114:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-14Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sverigewav106:22 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-16Stuttgartwav109:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-21Birminghamwav72:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 1999-12-22Birminghamwav105:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-06-08The World Amphitheater, Chicago, IL, USADVD71:52 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-06-16Float Rite Park Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI, USACD-R75:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-06-21Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USA2CD-R82:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-06-25Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA, USACD-R68:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-06-30Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav72:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-07HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, USAwav77:37 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-13Mars Music Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, USADVD+R78:10AUD-A
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-20Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA, USACD-R79:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-24The Docks Waterfront Entertainment Complex, Toronto, ON, CanadaDVD+R39:02AUD-B
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-24Torontowav74:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-26Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USAwav77:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-07-28Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA, USACD-R76:51 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-08-05Hartfordwav73:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-08-07Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA, USAwav76:13 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2001-08-11PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA2CD-R77:34 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-14Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY, USADVD69:38 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-16Ozzfest 2004, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USAwav72:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-22Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN, USAwav74:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-24Coors Amphitheatre, Greenwood Village, CO, USADVD+R71:03AUD-A--
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-24Coors Amphitheatre, Greenwood Village, CO, USAwav77:18 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-27White River Amphitheatre, Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, Auburn, WA, USACD-R77:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-29Mountain Viewwav69:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-29Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USAwav68:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-07-31Ozzfest 2004, Hyundai Pavilion, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav73:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-08-17Clarkstonwav66:34 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-08-19Cuyahoga Fallswav70:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-08-26Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USADVD+R [NTSC]63:44PRO
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-08-26Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USADVD63:34PRO
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-08-26Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USADVD+R60:00 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2004-08-31Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC, USADVD+R61:24AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-09Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund, DeutschlandDVD+R86:27AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-11Download Festival, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UKDVD+R141:26AUD
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-11LeicestershireDVD93:01 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-20Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Österreichwav91:12 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-25Rockwave Festival - Terra Vibe Park, Malakasa, GreeceDVD91:49SBD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-25 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-29 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-06-29T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czech Republicwav89:40 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-07-01Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Danmarkwav89:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-07-30Chicagowav58:56 
BLACK SABBATHTV ~ 2005-08-20TV ad for 050820 concertDVD+R0:28TV
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-08-20Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav74:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-08-20Hyundai Pavilion, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USADVD+R69:42AUD-B+
BLACK SABBATHlive 2005-08-31Antiochwav79:18 
BLACK SABBATHTV 2005-11-16UK Music Hall Of Fame 2005, Alexandra Palace, London, England, UKwav20:11 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & HellTV 2007-0x-xxHOB TV ad for 'The Dio Years' & Canada tourwav0:29 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-11Vancouver2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-11Vancouverwav114:22 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-11Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, CanadaDVD111:41 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-18Winnipegwav102:03 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-20Sault Sainte Mariewav103:46 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-20Steelback Centre, Sault Sainte Marie, ON, Canada2DVD92:10 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-22Torontowav105:39 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-22Torontowav104:43 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-24 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-24Londonwav107:40 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-26Montréalwav113:07 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-26Centre Bell, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD108:54 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-26Montréalwav107:52 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-30Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USADVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-03-30New Yorkwav116:45 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Hellradio 2007-03-30Q104.3 FM, New Yorkwav71:34 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Hellradio 2007-04-11'Rockline'wav49:33 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-22Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav109:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-22Phoenixwav109:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-22Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav108:25 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-24San Josewav110:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-24HP Pavilion at San Jose, San Jose, CA, USA2DVD109:36 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-24HP Pavilion at San Jose, San Jose, CA, USAwav107:09 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-25Inglewoodwav112:12 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-25The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA2DVD111:30 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-26Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA2DVD97:13 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-29Broomfield Event Center, Broomfield, CO, USA2DVD110:18 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-04-29Broomfieldwav108:41 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-02Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX, USAwav112:51 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-03Grand Prairiewav113:35 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-05Chicagowav114:18 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-08Cincinnatiwav117:07 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-10 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-10Philadelphiawav [24/?]114:49 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-10Philadelphiawav114:49 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-11Clevelandwav117:00 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-11Clevelandwav116:39 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-12Detroitwav113:22 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-14Times Union Center, Albany, NY, USAwav115:46 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-15Uncasvillewav116:40 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-17 2DVD+R110:27 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-17 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-17Lowellwav114:55 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-18Merriweather Post Pavilion, Symphony Woods, Columbia, MA, USADVD DL115:35 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-18Columbiawav115:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-05-19Holmdelwav115:31 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-02Winterthurwav85:05 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-02Winterthurwav85:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-02Winterthurwav84:52 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-03Milanowav91:41 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Hellsoundcheck 2007-06-06Københavnwav3:51 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-06Københavnwav95:08 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-06Københavnwav92:19 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-07Sweden Rock Festival, Norje Havsbad, Norje, Sverige2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-07Norjewav93:10 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-07Norjewav57:04 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-07Norjewav54:47 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-09Tamperewav96:51 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-10Helsinkiwav94:30 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-16Biddinghuizenwav71:15 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-17Offenbachwav96:12 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-17Stadthalle, Offenbach, DeutschlandDVD94:53 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-18Torwar Hall, Warsaw, PolandDVD89:38 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-22Balingenwav96:37 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-23 DVD+R DL  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-23Graspop Metal Meeting, Kastelsedijk, Dessel, België2DVD*63:20 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-06-28 DVD+R DL95:31 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-07-04Petofi Csarnok Szabadtér, Budapest, HungaryDVD77:09 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-07-05Rotundenplatz/Messe Wien, Wien, Österreichwav58:10 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-08-10MelbourneDVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-08-11Sydneywav98:58 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-08-30Auditorio Nacional, Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexicowav96:06 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-08-31Calle 2, Guadalajara, Mexico2DVD94:42 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-05 DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-05Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena, Binghamton, NY, USAwav86:04 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-05Binghamtonwav80:42 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-07Uncasvillewav82:36 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-08Wantaghwav87:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-08Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, NY, USADVD85:28 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-09Mansfieldwav94:21 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-14St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL, USADVD-R78:25AUD-A-
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-14St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL, USAwav89:25 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-20Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-20Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canadawav98:28 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-22Hoffman Estateswav91:42 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-22Hoffman Estateswav90:51 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-25Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Greenwood Village, CO, USAwav89:30 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-29Konocti Harbor, Kelseyville, CA, USAwav87:15 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-29Konocti Harbor, Kelseyville, CA, USA2DVD84:13 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-30 2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-09-30Concordwav86:08 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-10-02 2DVD+R  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-10-20Saitamawav90:39 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-10-22Tokyowav90:44 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-10-23Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japanwav64:45 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-10-25'Hell Or Heaven' Bootleg 2CD-R - Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Aichi, Japanwav93:58 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-11-06Glasgowwav98:04 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-11-07Sheffieldwav94:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-11-07Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, England, UKDVD92:12 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2007-11-09Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England, UKwav94:30 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-06Camdenwav74:09 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-07Bristowwav73:53 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-10Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NV, USADVD-R66:25AUD-A
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-13Torontowav73:03 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-13Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, CanadaDVD71:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-15Uncassvillewav73:55 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-18DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, USAwav71:03 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-19Tinley Parkwav74:43 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-19Tinley Parkwav74:05 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-19First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, IL, USAwav74:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-24Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Selma, TX, USADVD+R DL  
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-28Cricket Wireless Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav73:33 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-30San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernadino, CA, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]76:28 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-30San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernadino, CA, USAwav75:38 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & HellTV 2008-08-30'Headbangers Ball', MTV2DVD60:28 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-31Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USAwav78:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2008-08-31Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USADVD75:50 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-04-26ShowBiz Studios, Van Nuys, CA, USAwav27:38 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-04-26ShowBiz Studios, Van Nuys, CA, USAwav27:38 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Hellradio 2009-04-29'Rockline'wav45:39 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-07Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentinawav85:34 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-08Movistar Arena, Santiago de Chile, ChileDVD89:42 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-08Movistar Arena, Santiago de Chile, Chilewav83:27 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-10Belo Horizontewav91:30 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-13Ginásio Nilson Nelson, Brasília, Brasilwav91:36 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-15Credicard Hall, São Paulo, BrasilDVD47:26 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-16Credicard Hall, São Paulo, BrasilDVD90:33 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-16São Paulowav80:43 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-17Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilwav85:58 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-05-31Moscowwav93:49 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-01Ice Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia2DVD93:42 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-01Ice Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia2DVD88:20 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-01New Arena, Saint Petersburg, RussiaDVD+R80:38 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-02Helsinkiwav [24/48]92:19 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-02Helsinkiwav [16/44.1]92:19 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-04Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norgewav93:37 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-06Sweden Rock Festival, Norje Havsbad, Norje, Sverige2DVD93:43 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-06Norjewav92:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-08Gießenwav93:34 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-08Hessenhalle, Gießen, DeutschlandDVD67:45 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-09Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, Deutschlandwav92:19 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-10Jako Arena, Bamberg, Deutschlandwav93:50 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-14Europahalle, Karlsruhe, DeutschlandDVD94:50 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-16Museumsplatz, Bonn, Deutschlandwav93:45 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-16Museumsplatz, Bonn, Deutschlandwav90:04 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-16Museumsplatz, Bonn, DeutschlandDVD+R DL [PAL]90:15TV-10of10
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-19Hellfest Open-Air, Crüe Fest Stage, Complexe Sportif du Val de Moine, Clisson, Francewav63:35 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-23Casino de Paris, Paris, France2DVD93:54 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-23Casino de Paris, Paris, France2DVD93:19 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-23Casino de Paris, Paris, FranceDVD33:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-23Casino de Paris, Paris, FranceDVD33:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-27'Gods Of Metal 2009', L Stage, Stadio Brianteo, Monza, Italiawav89:36 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-27MonzaDVD+R87:43 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-06-29Gods Of Metal Festival, L Stage, Stadio Brianteo, Monza, Italia2DVD90:33 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-07Thunderbird Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada2DVD90:53 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-08WaMu Theater, Qwest Field Event Center, Seattle, WA, USAwav91:25 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-10Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, USAwav90:37 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-11Greek Theatre, Griffith Park, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav91:55 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-11Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USADVD57:36 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-15Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA2DVD88:23 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-18PNC Pavilion, Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USAwav86:26 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-19Charter One Pavilion, Northerly Island, Chicago, IL, USAwav89:39 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-21Meadow Brook Music Festival, Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI, USAwav88:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-23Merriweather Post Pavilion, Symphony Woods, Columbia, MD, USAwav90:33 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-25WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav92:08 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-27Chevrolet Theater, Wallingford, CT, USAwav90:44 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-28Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA, USADVD91:03 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-28Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA, USAwav89:54 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2009-08-29House of Blues, Showboat Atlantic City, Atlantic City, NJ, USAwav92:57 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2010-07-24High Voltage Festival, Victoria Park, London, England, UKDVD+R74:37 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2010-07-24High Voltage Festival, Victoria Park, London, England, UKwav74:07 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2010-07-24High Voltage Festival, Victoria Park, London, England, UKwav73:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Helllive 2010-07-24Londonwav74:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-05-19Birminghamwav111:21 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-05-19O2 Academy, Birmingham, England, UK2DVD+R108:15AUD-A+
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-06-10Leicestershirewav105:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-06-10Leicestershirewav101:31 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-08-03ChicagoDVD101:45 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-08-03Chicagowav101:33 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2012-08-03Chicagowav98:53 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-25BrisbaneDVD DL95:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-25Brisbanewav114:50 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-27SydneyDVD DL117:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-27Sydneywav116:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-27Sydneywav115:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-29Melbournewav113:23 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-29Melbournewav113:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-29Melbournewav112:59 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-04-29Melbournewav112:10 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-05-01Melbournewav115:38 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-05-01Melbournewav114:54 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-05-04Perthwav98:35 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-05-12Chibawav88:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-07-25Houstonwav99:07 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-07-27Austinwav119:57 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-07-31West Palm Beachwav123:20 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-02Bristowwav123:28 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-06ClarkstonDVD95:14 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-06Clarkstonwav122:25 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-08Uncasvillewav117:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-10Philadelphiawav [24/48]117:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-10Philadelphiawav [24/48]118:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-10Philadelphiawav [24/48]118:08 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-10Philadelphiawav117:43 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-10Philadelphiawav117:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-10Philadelphiawav118:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-12Mansfieldwav118:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-16Tinley Parkwav117:29 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-16Tinley Parkwav117:30 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-08-18Noblesvillewav116:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-09-03Los Angeleswav119:04 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-10-04Santiagowav116:36 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-20Helsinkiwav113:02 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-22Solnawav117:39 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-24Fornebuwav116:49 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-26Københavnwav109:47 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-26Københavnwav107:38 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-28Amsterdamwav118:58 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-30Dortmundwav [24/48]118:42 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-30Dortmundwav118:44 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-11-30Dortmundwav118:55 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-02Pariswav92:03 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-02Pariswav118:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-04Frankfurt am Mainwav120:19 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-04Frankfurt am Mainwav120:26 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-04Frankfurt am Mainwav120:41 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-04Frankfurt am Mainwav121:05 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-10Londonwav118:27 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-18Manchesterwav120:15 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-20Birminghamwav117:56 
BLACK SABBATHlive 2013-12-20Birminghamwav119:33 
BLACK SABBATH - Geezer Butler Bandlive 1985-11-29'The Marquee Club...' Bootleg CD - Londonwav62:48 
BLACK SABBATH - Geezer Butler - Metal Masters 3live 2012-04-12Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]45:14AUD
BLACK SABBATH - Jeff Fenholtrecorded 1985-xx-xx'Sixth Star' Bootleg CDwav40:16 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommirecorded 1985-0x-xx'Star Of India' Bootleg CDwav61:27 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommi - Belchlive 1992-12-xxHammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav9:10AUD
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes'Eighth Star' Bootleg CDwav45:02 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martinradio 1991-08-24'Back Where I Belong' demos & interviewwav43:20 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martin Bandlive 2005-11-25Faster Rock Zone, Torino, Italiawav89:24 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martin Bandlive 2006-04-13Folkets Park, Växjö, Sverigewav97:21AUD-A
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martinlive 2006-06-22Hechingen, DeutschlandDVD14:44 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martinlive 2006-11-06Moscowwav78:36 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martin, Neil Murray, Cozy PowellHeidelbergwav72:01 
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martinlive 2008-06-29Bar do Tom, Rio de Janeiro , BrasilDVD+R [NTSC]  
BLACK SABBATH - Tony Martinlive 2009-09-06São Paulo, BrasilDVD76:16 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Ward - Blue Thunderlive 1988-10-08Bogart's, Long Beach, CA, USAwav70:28 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Ward Bandlive 1997-04-25Club 369, Fullerton, CA, USAwav74:15 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Ward Band & friendslive 1997-05-10Hollywood, CA, USAwav88:44 
BLACK SABBATH - Bill Wardradio 2003-09-27'Rock 50',, Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA, USAwav33:04 
BLACK SABBATH documentarybroadcast 2010-11-13'Biography - Black Sabbath' - The Biography ChannelDVD+R44:03 
BLACK SABBATH tribute - Santa Sabbathlive 2011-12-16Los Angeleswav45:13 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE & The Sweetlive 1976-03-24 & 1976-03-27'The Live EP' Bootleg CD EP - Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav17:32 
RITCHIE BLACKMORErecorded 1976-09-20interview, Stockholm, Sverigewav8:26 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Deep Purple & Rainbowlive 'Solo' Bootleg CDCD47:21 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE & Jackie Lynton Bandlive 1987-03-10Londonwav94:12 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE'By Request' Bootleg CDCD-R60:08 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE'By Request II' Bootleg CDCD-R59:24 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1997-11-02Tokyowav106:01 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1997-11-04 & 1997-11-07'Moon Dancer' Bootleg 2CDwav99:46 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1997-11-10'Play Minstrel Hall' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav108:31 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1997-12-10'Secret Unplugged' Bootleg CD-R - Hotel Saray, Granada, Españawav61:46 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1997-12-13 & 1997-12-14'Black Night In Germany' Bootleg 2CDwav129:13 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1998-09-23Theatro Dassous, Thessaloniki, GreeceDVD+R61:29 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 1999-10-21The Odeon, Cleveland, OH, USAwav118:10 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2002-04-14Moscowwav120:35 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2002-04-28Dom Musyki i Tanca, Zabrze, Polandwav140:28 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-06-04Festiviteten, Haugesund, Norgewav146:35 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-06-07Hell Blues Festival, Rica Hell Hotel, Hell, Norgewav109:57AUD-A
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-07-11Rothenburg ob der Tauberwav153:44 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-10-10Moscow Youth Palace, Moscow, Russiawav112:42 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-10-18Lucerna, Prague, Czech Republicwav106:27 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-10-21Pesti Vigadó, Budapest, Hungarywav154:02 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2003-10-31Pepsi Stage, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav146:56 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2004-05-14Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav117:02 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2004-06-17Ukraina National Palace, Kiev, Ukraine2DVD+R116:16 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2004-07-30Kyffhäuserdenkmal, Bad Frankenhausen, Deutschlandwav137:53 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2004-09-17Patchoguewav129:39 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2004-10-22Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japanwav152:14 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's NightTV 2004-10-22Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, JapancDVD6:42 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2004-10-23Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japanwav148:34 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2005-02-01The Independent, San Francisco, CA, USAwav102:17AUD-9 of 10
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2005-10-31Aylesbury Civic Centre, Aylesbury, Bucks, England, UKwav130:47 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2007-06-23Brightonwav79:58 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2007-10-29New Yorkwav60:29 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2008-06-11 2DVD+R99:37 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2008-09-02Philharmonie Essen, Essen, Deutschlandwav112:03 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2009-02-01Orpheum Graz, Graz, Österreichwav140:32 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2009-02-12Park kultúry a oddychu, Bratislava, Slovakiawav144:37 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2009-07-19Burg Linn, Krefeld, Deutschlandwav154:46 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2009-10-25World Cafe Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav141:46 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE - Blackmore's Nightlive 2009-10-27Somervillewav115:30 
RITCHIE BLACKMORE documentaryTV 'Ritchie Blackmore Story', JapanDVD74:57PRO
BLADERUNNERlive 2000-07-05La Villette, Paris, Francewav68:41B
BLASPHEMYlive 1993-12-23Fuck Christ Tour, Crash, Freiburg, DeutschlandDVD-R37:13 
BLIND MELONrecorded 1990-xx-xxdemos - The Goodfoot Workshop, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav29:26 
BLIND MELONlive 1993-03-25Wetlands, New York, NY, USAwav82:30 
BLIND MELONlive 1993-11-10"2 Meter Sessies", Bullet Sound Studios, Nederhorst den Berg, NederlandDVD+R25:57 
BLIND MELONlive 1993-12-12KROQ FM, Los Angeleswav20:59 
BLIND MELONlive 1995-09-12Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, CanadaCD-R73:34A+
BLIND MELONlive <= 1995-09-17'Climbing The Clouds' Bootleg CDwav73:33 
BLIND MELONlive 1995-10-17Glen Miller Ballroom, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, USAwav69:58AUD
BLIND MELONlive 2007-10-16Chicagowav79:39 
BLIND MELONlive 2007-10-18Urbanawav83:40 
BLIND MELONlive 2007-11-28Falls Churchwav92:39 
BLIND MELONlive 2007-11-30Charlottewav85:55 
BLIND MELONlive 2007-12-03The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, USAwav90:30 
BLIND MELONlive 2007-12-06 DVD+R  
BLIND MELONlive 2007-12-07 DVD+R  
BLIND MELONlive 2013-08-04Decaturwav65:37 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1969-06-29Denverwav32:43 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1969-07-03Reed Ranchwav44:38 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1969-07-xxNew Yorkwav5:50 
TOMMY BOLIN - ZephyrTV 1969-xx-xx'Sound Stage', PBS TV, Cincinnatiwav11:31 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1970-08-11Santa Monica, CA, USAwav60:19 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1970-08-14Denverwav32:18 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1970-xx-xxDenverDVD+R57:29 
TOMMY BOLIN - Zephyrlive 1970-08-22New Yorkwav50:47 
TOMMY BOLIN & friendslive 1971-04-24Denverwav89:10 
TOMMY BOLIN - Energyrecorded 1971-08-25"Michael Stull demos" - Denverwav16:09 
TOMMY BOLIN - Energy & Big Mama Thorntonlive 1971-08-xx wav12:16 
TOMMY BOLIN & friendslive 1971-xx-xxNew Yorkwav32:20 
TOMMY BOLIN - Energylive 1972-xx-xxGreeleywav29:44 
TOMMY BOLIN - Energy & Max Gronenthalrecorded 1973-04-xx"home demos"wav8:02 
TOMMY BOLIN - James Gangrecorded 1973-09-xx'Bang' album outtakeswav22:00 
TOMMY BOLIN & The Legendary 4 Nikatorslive 1973-xx-xxLows Park, Vero Beach, FL, USAwav83:16 
TOMMY BOLIN - James Ganglive 1974-02-14New Yorkwav46:41 
TOMMY BOLIN - James Ganglive 1974-04-10New Orleanswav29:55 
TOMMY BOLIN - James Gangrecorded 1974-05-xx'Miami' album demos - Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, FL, USAwav35:43B-
TOMMY BOLIN - Energy & friendslive 1974-06-06Boulderwav43:53 
TOMMY BOLIN - James Ganglive 1974-06-17New Yorkwav54:09 
TOMMY BOLIN - James GangTV 1974-06-22'Don Kirschner's Rock Concert', Palace TheatreDVD+R20:15 
TOMMY BOLIN'Spectrum Session (Love Child)' Bootleg 2CD2CD113:33 
TOMMY BOLIN - James Ganglive 1974-xx-xxBoulderwav24:54 
TOMMY BOLIN & Alphonze Mouzonrecorded 1974-10-06'Lost Songs' Bootleg CDwav70:22 
TOMMY BOLIN & Dave Brownrecorded 1974-xx-xx"Beatles jam" - Los Angeleswav26:56 
TOMMY BOLIN & Dr. Johnrecorded 1974-xx-xx"demos"wav6:43 
TOMMY BOLIN - James GangTV 1974-06-22'Don Kirschner's Rock Concert', Palace Theatre, New York, NY, USADVD+R  
TOMMY BOLIN - James GangTV 1974-06-22'Don Kirschner's Rock Concert', Palace Theatre, New York, NY, USADVD+R22:38 
TOMMY BOLINrecorded 1975-11-26Tommy Bolin interview, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav19:26 
TOMMY BOLINTV 1975-xx-xx?'Rock Talk'DVD+R22:21 
TOMMY BOLINTV 1975-xx-xx?'Rock Talk', CO, USAwav22:22 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-05-22Roslynwav58:02 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-05-26?The Bottom Line?, New York, NY, USADVD+R3:19 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-08-29Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USADVD+R44:39 
TOMMY BOLINrecorded 1976-09-14phone interviewwav22:46 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-09-21Willimanticwav49:29 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-10-03Tomorrow Club, Youngstown, OH, USAwav61:25 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-10-05Detroitwav56:54 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-10-28Seattlewav41:14 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-10-29Tacoma Armory, Tacoma, WA, USAwav48:09 
The TOMMY BOLIN Bandlive 1976-11-16New Orleanswav27:25 
TOMMY BOLINlive 1974-06-04 & 1976-11-16'Jazz City' Bootleg CDCD72:23 
TOMMY BOLIN & The Turkeyslive 1976-11-24?Sioux City?wav46:54 
TOMMY BOLINradio 1976-11-xxTroywav16:18 
TOMMY BOLINlive 1976-12-02Seven Seas Lounge, Miami, FL, USAwav11:43 
TOMMY BOLIN documentaryTV 1989-xx-xx'The Ultimate Tommy Bolin Documentary', 'The Musik Link'DVD+R60:14 
DAVID BOWIElive 1971-09-25Aylesbury Friars Club, Aylesbury, England, UKwav62:47 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-02-12 DVD+R  
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-05-06Kingston Polytechnic, London, England, UKwav78:21 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-07-08Royal Festival Hall, London, England, UKwav72:04 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-10-07Auditorium Theatre, Auditorium Building, Chicago, IL, USAwav78:35AUD-"good"
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-11-17Pirate's World, Dania, FL, USAwav81:01AUD-7/8
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-11-25'Va Va Va Voom' Bootleg CD-R [SH 120] - Public Hall, Cleveland, OH, USAwav74:05AUD-B-/B
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-12-24Londonwav56:08 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1972-12-28The Hardrock Concert Theatre, Manchester, England, UKwav52:39 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-01-05Green's Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav46:29AUD
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-01-07Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav54:29 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-02-14New York, NY, USAwav100:18 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-02-15New York, NY, USAwav85:35 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-03-01'American Daydream - Detroit 1973' Bootleg CD - Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USAwav71:04VG
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-03-01Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USAwav71:04AUD-5-6 (of 10)
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-03-10'The All American Bowie' Bootleg CD-R [OGCD 002] - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav59:11AUD-B-
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-04-08Tokyowav83:12 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-04-11'Ziggy Goes To East' Bootleg CD - Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japanwav78:00 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-04-14Yubinchokin Kaikan, Hiroshima, Japanwav71:06AUD
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-04-20'A Cat From London' Bootleg CD - Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japanwav66:03 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-05-12Earl's Court Arena, London, England, UKwav92:41 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-05-18 earlyGreen's Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav83:36AUD
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-05-18 early?Glasgowwav81:15 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-05-24Lewisham Odeon, London, England, UKwav78:46 
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-05-27 early & late?Civic Hall, Guildford, England, UKwav69:05AUD
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-05-29Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UKwav66:45AUD-5-6(of10)
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-06-11De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKwav21:08AUD
DAVID BOWIE & The Spiders From Marslive 1973-06-11De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKwav20:22AUD
DAVID BOWIETV 1973-11-16'The Midnight Special - The 1980 Floor Show'DVD48:38 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1974-06-08Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, USAwav55:13 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-06-16 lateO'Keefe Centre, Toronto, ON, Canadawav90:56 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-06-17Rochesterwav89:12 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-06-19Clevelandwav80:39 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-06-22Tampawav87:52 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-07-02Tampawav88:01 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-07-14New Havenwav83:46 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-07-16Bostonwav104:03 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-09-05'Strange Fascination' Bootleg 2CDwav107:03 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-09-05'Wealth And Authority' Bootleg 2CDwav107:11 
DAVID BOWIEcompilation 1974-06-08 & 1974-10-10'Dawn Of The Dogs' Bootleg CDwav70:26 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-10-28Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USAwav63:58AUD
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-11-15Music Hall, Boston, MA, USAwav77:45 
DAVID BOWIElive 1974-12-01Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, USAwav76:30 
DAVID BOWIETV 1974-12-04'The Dick Cavett Show'DVD31:17 
DAVID BOWIETV 1975-01-26'Cracked Actor' BBC documentaryDVD53:17 
DAVID BOWIETV 1975-11-23'Cher' [incomplete]DVD14:15 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1976-02-02PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, USADVD+R88:26 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1976-02-02PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, USAwav89:23 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-02-03Seattlewav90:20 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-02-26Torontowav102:06 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-02-28'Neoexpressionism' Bootleg 2CDwav88:49 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-03-08Atlantawav82:01 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-03-23'Suffragette City' Bootleg CD - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USAwav74:18 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-03-23'The Thin White Duke' Bootleg 2LPwav83:35 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-03-23Uniondalewav11:12 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-04-10Berlinwav62:56 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-05-07Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav73:24 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-05-07'The Wembley Wizard Touches The Dial' Bootleg CD - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav54:49AUD
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-05-11Brusselswav86:00 
DAVID BOWIElive 1976-05-13Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederlandwav80:36 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-04-09Houstonwav98:45 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-05-06Bostonwav96:06 
DAVID BOWIETV 1978-05-30BremenDVD43:25 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-06-19Glasgowwav107:27 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-06-20Glasgowwav104:17 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-06-21Glasgowwav107:37 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-06-22Glasgowwav99:32 
DAVID BOWIElive 1978-12-12+'Hoping For A Little Romance' Bootleg CD - Tokyowav68:59 
DAVID BOWIErecorded 1980-xx-xx'Vampires Of Human Flesh' Bootleg CDwav43:34 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1983-04-27'The Duke And The Hawk' Bootleg 2CD - Los Colinas Soundstage, Dallas, TX, USAwav133:02 
DAVID BOWIErecorded 1983-xx-xx?'MusikExpress/Sounds' German magazine interviewwav31:30 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1983-05-16Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgiëwav116:40 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-05-18Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgiëwav121:58AUD
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-05-19Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgiëwav126:59"low"
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-05-26Frejuswav94:05 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-05-27'Merci Beaucoup' Bootleg 2CD-R - Les Arenes, Frejus, Francewav102:14AUD
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-05-30'US Festival', Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav95:05SBD
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-06-04Wembley Arena, London, England, UKwav106:45AUG-"good"
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-06-15Ruhrstadion, Bochumwav113:00"low"
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-06-24Stadion am Bieberer Berg, Offenbach am Main, Westdeutschlandwav108:57VG
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-06-26Stadion Feijenoord, Rotterdam, Nederlandwav107:47AUD-"good"
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-02National Bowl, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, UKwav113:131gen-AUD-F/G
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-03'Dedicated To Lennard Holt' Bootleg 2CDwav113:15 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-12'Moonlight Serenade' Bootleg 2CD - Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, Canadawav [16/96]121:14SBD
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-13'Serious Moonlight' Bootleg 2CD - Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, Canadawav116:15 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-18The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav106:45 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-27Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav115:17 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-07-31Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USAwav98:52AUD-VG+
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-08-14The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav108:26 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-08-20Austin, TX, USAwav109:24 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-09-04Grandstand, Canadian National Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canadawav118:53master
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-09-04Grandstand, Canadian National Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canadawav118:51AUD
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-09-05Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, USAwav105:158/8+(of10)
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-09-06Carrier Dome, Syracusewav103:16 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-10-20Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav111:17AUD-G/G+
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-10-27Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan, Osaka, Japanwav105:40AUD
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-11-19Sydney Showground, Moore Park, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav110:55 
DAVID BOWIElive 1983-12-08Hong Kong Coliseum, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kongwav109:59 
DAVID BOWIElive 1987-08-28Ottawawav126:55 
DAVID BOWIElive 1987-08-30'Never Let Me Down' Bootleg 2CDwav122:41 
DAVID BOWIElive 1987-0x-xx'New York's A Go Go' Bootleg 2CDwav134:17 
DAVID BOWIElive 1987-11-03Sydneywav119:24 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1988-07-01'Intruders At The Palace' TV rehearsalwav8:57 
DAVID BOWIErehearsal 1990-02-xx?New York?wav67:28 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-03-07Torontowav127:50 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-04-02Paris, Francewav106:20 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-04-03'Visions & Sounds' Bootleg 2CDwav118:11 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-04-13Milanowav105:09 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-05-16'TVC 1990' Bootleg 2CDwav89:15 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-05-29Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USAwav100:02 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-08-05Milton Keyneswav103:28 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-08-18Nijmegenwav102:08 
DAVID BOWIElive 1990-09-20'Rock In Rio 1990' Bootleg 2CDwav88:20 
DAVID BOWIElive 1996-06-22'The Last Hero' Bootleg CD - St. Goarshausenwav70:34 
DAVID BOWIElive 1997-01-09New YorkDVD DL128:52 
DAVID BOWIElive 1997-01-09 & 1997-02-17'Save The Children' Bootleg 2CDwav131:03 
DAVID BOWIElive 1997-04-08Atlantawav15:39 
DAVID BOWIElive 1997-08-08DublinDVD145:07 
DAVID BOWIElive 1997-09-09 earlySlim's, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R13:27 
DAVID BOWIElive 1999-12-02'Child's Hours Live 1999' Bootleg 2CD - Astoria Theater, London, England, UKwav92:57 
DAVID BOWIEradio 2002-09-18Studio 3, Maida Vale, Londonwav56:51 
DAVID BOWIE2003-11-22Dublinwav139:36 
DAVID BOWIE dcoumentaryTV 2012-06-22'David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust'DVD59:29 
DAVID BOWIE - Mike Garson Bandlive 1974-10-28Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USAwav29:00AUD
ARTHUR BROWN - Crazy World of Arthur Brownlive 2013-08-17Finkenbachwav93:03 
BUBBLE PUPPYlive 1969-10-19Houstonwav7:41 
BUCKCHERRYlive 2007-03-09Providencewav83:34 
BUCKETHEADlive 1992-07-08Tokyowav27:29 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 1995-01-16Wetlands, Manhattan, New York, NY, USAwav69:13 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 1995-10-25San Franciscowav69:06 
BUCKETHEADlive 1996-01-01Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USAwav60:06 
BUCKETHEADlive 1996-03-05Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA, USAwav99:09 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 1996-06-13New Yorkwav40:12 
BUCKETHEAD & Shawn Lanelive 1997-04-30Wetlands, New York, NY, USADVD+R A-
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robot IIlive 1997-04-30New Yorkwav67:30 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 1997-06-13The Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, Brooklyn, NY, USAwav125:56 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robot 2live 1997-04-26New York, NY, USAwav45:03 
BUCKETHEADlive 1997-04-28The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ, USAwav85:06 
BUCKETHEADlive 1998-03-11The Gig, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav40:45SBD
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robot IIlive 1998-04-04San Franciscowav82:12 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robot IIlive 1998-04-04Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R 42:35B
BUCKETHEADlive 1998-08-08Satyricon, Portland, OR, USAwav60:12 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 1998-09-18Santa Barbarawav62:06 
BUCKETHEADlive 1999-05-30'Progfest '99', Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]42:05 
BUCKETHEADlive 1999-05-30'Progfest '99', Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, USAwav41:49 
BUCKETHEAD - El Stewlive 1999-08-27San Franciscowav67:25 
BUCKETHEADlive 1999-11-16Pittsburghwav34:10 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 2000-06-30New Yorkwav173:38 
BUCKETHEADlive 2001-04-20San Franciscowav34:26 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2002-06-21Bonnaroo Music Festivalwav94:28 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2002-06-22Manchesterwav65:18 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2002-09-13San Franciscowav126:21 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2003-02-07Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USAwav149:54AUD-A-
BUCKETHEAD - Deli Creepslive 2003-03-14Petalumawav100:31 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2003-05-03State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA, USADVD+R104:45 
BUCKETHEADlive 2003-05-04Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA, USAwav90:10 
BUCKETHEAD - Deli Creepslive 2003-05-25San Franciscowav93:40 
BUCKETHEAD - Deli Creepslive 2003-06-07 DVD+R  
BUCKETHEAD - Deli Creepslive 2003-06-07Santa Cruzwav115:32 
BUCKETHEAD - Deli Creepslive 2003-07-09Denverwav58:58 
BUCKETHEAD & Materiallive 2004-02-12 2DVD+R  
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-02-27Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R  
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-02-27Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R  
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-02-27Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USAwav84:23 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-03-31The Rave, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav46:51AUD-EX-
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-04-02Madisonwav41:54 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-04-05Birdy's, Indianapolis, IN, USAwav48:08 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-04-06Mr. Small's Funhouse, Millvale, PA, USAwav35:30 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-04-11Recher Theatre, Towson, MD, USAwav47:39 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-05-06Streetight Records, San Jose, CA, USADVD+R31:22 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-05-28The Independent, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R83:27 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-06-04Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USAwav104:12 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-07-03The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, USAwav103:31 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-07-08House of Blues, Anaheim, CA, USAwav100:56AUD
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-07-10The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA, USAwav100:55AUD
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-07-11Las Vegaswav74:38 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-07-16Double Door, Chicago, IL, USAwav91:28 
BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robotlive 2004-07-24The Paradise, Boston, MA, USADVD+R95:24 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-09-25Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav110:24 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-10-01New York, NY, USAwav99:09 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-10-01New Yorkwav101:23 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-10-02Philadelphia, PA, USAwav119:26 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-10-05Ashevillewav109:46 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-11-03Sacramentowav120:10 
BUCKETHEAD - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brainslive 2004-11-05Eugenewav101:05 
BUCKETHEADlive 2004-12-30Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav44:57 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 2005-04-01House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USAwav78:05 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 2005-04-01House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USAwav74:31 
BUCKETHEAD - Axiom ?????live 2005-04-05 DVD+R  
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-04-12St. Louiswav44:26 
BUCKETHEAD - Bill Laswell's Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone live 2005-05-04'Soundstage', PBS, WTTW Studios, Chicago, IL, USADVD+R [NTSC]55:03PRO
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-07-2410,000 Lakes Fest, Detroit Lakes, MN, USAwav98:35AUD-B+
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-10-21The Social, Orlando, FL, USADVD+R DL100:50 
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-10-26The State Theatre, Falls Church, VA, USA2DVD+R126:56AUD
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-10-27Recher Theatre, Towson, MD, USAwav120:42 
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-10-30The Paradise, Boston, MA, USAwav109:06 
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-11-11Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USAwav133:53 
BUCKETHEADlive 2005-11-20San Diegowav126:03 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-02-19Eugenewav98:44 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-02-24Santa Cruz, USAwav150:24 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-02-25Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USAwav61:37 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-03-05The Meridian, Houston, TX, USAwav144:50 
BUCKETHEADsoundcheck 2006-03-10Langerado Music Festival, Swamp Tent, Markham Park, Sunrise, FL, USADVD+R [NTSC] AUD
BUCKETHEADsoundcheck 2006-03-10Sunrisewav55:38 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-03-15Freebird Café, Jacksonville Beach, FL, USAwav145:01 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-03-16Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USAwav149:36 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-03-17 2DVD+R DL  
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-03-23BB King's, New York, NY, USA2CD-R142:44 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-03-24Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY, USADVD+R DL125:54 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-01The Southgate House, Newport, KY, USAwav144:37 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-06 2DVD+R DL  
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-09The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN, USA2DVD+R  
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-09The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav147:11AUD
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-14Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO, USAwav154:55AUD
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-21 DVD+R  
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-22The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USAwav156:17 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-04-23Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA, USA2DVD+R DL [NTSC]165:00 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-06-04Italian-American Social Club, Las Vegas, NV, USA2DVD+R DL153:09A+
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-06-10Wakarusa Music Festival, Campground Stage, Lawrence, KS, USAwav64:37 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-06-10Wakarusa Music Festival, Sun Up Stage, Lawrence, KS, USAwav64:43 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-09-14Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO, USAwav123:39AUD
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-09-15Canopy Club, Urbana, IL, USAwav128:41 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-09-16Chicagowav135:14 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-09-17Detroit, MI, USAwav129:17 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-09-21South Burlingtonwav133:14 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-09-22Northamptonwav130:47 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-10-04Ashevillewav123:28 
BUCKETHEADlive 2006-10-05 DVD+R DL120:41 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 2006-10-29Las Vegaswav46:04 
BUCKETHEAD - Praxislive 2006-10-29Las Vegaswav45:29 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-02-09Flagstaffwav96:36 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-02-14San FranciscoDVD DL92:28 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-03-06 2DVD+R  
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-03-18Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room, Seattle, WA, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]96:42 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-03-19Spokane2DVD95:39 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-03-21Bend2DVD113:28 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-06-02The Picador, Iowa City, IA, USADVD+R [NTSC]  
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-06-06Lawrencewav82:16 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-05Quincywav [16/?]75:44 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-05Quincywav [24/?]75:44 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-28ClarenceDVD DL121:04 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-28Clarencewav121:41 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-28Clarencewav121:10 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-28Clarencewav121:00 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-07-29Pittsburghwav121:43 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-08-01Empirewav101:49 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-09-12Fairfaxwav103:05 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-09-25Minneapoliswav117:43 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-10-09Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav131:44 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-10-14Richmondwav126:45 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-10-20Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]  
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-10-20Athenswav [24/48]122:48 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-10-26Fort LauderdaleDVD DL127:09 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-10-26Fort Lauderdalewav128:31 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-11-04Birminghamwav125:18 
BUCKETHEADlive 2008-11-08Austinwav125:11 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-05-22Chillicothewav73:53 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-05-22Chillicothewav [24/?]71:14 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-05-22Chillicothewav [16/?]71:14 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-07-11Masontownwav [24/?]57:46 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-07-11Masontownwav [16/?]57:47 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-08-28Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellvue, CO, USADVD+R [NTSC]96:41 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-08-31Crested Buttewav88:18 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-09-12Kansas CityDVD+R DL [NTSC]89:04A+
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-09-12Kansas Citywav90:27 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-09-12Kansas Citywav89:00 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-09-12Kansas Citywav85:36 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-09-14Iowa Citywav81:30 
BUCKETHEADlive 2009-09-24Towsonwav88:13 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-07-28DetroitDVD89:41 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-08-18New Yorkwav96:50 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-08-27Burlingtonwav93:45 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-09-14Charlottewav81:27 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-09-17AtlantaDVD81:26 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-09-21Fort LauderdaleDVD DL80:24 
BUCKETHEADlive 2011-10-01San Franciscowav44:27 
BUCKETHEAD - Frankenstein Brotherslive 2012-03-09Pensacolawav116:53 
BUCKETHEADlive 2012-03-30Santa CruzDVD DL85:38 
BUCKETHEADlive 2012-03-31Philadelphiawav86:49 
BUCKETHEAD - Frankenstein Brotherslive 2012-04-04Syracusewav128:01 
BUCKETHEAD - Frankenstein Brotherslive 2012-04-11Urbanawav118:26 
BUCKETHEADlive 2012-09-12Bendwav83:59 
BUCKETHEADlive 2012-09-25Englewoodwav [24/48]87:01 
JEFF BUCKLEYrecorded 1990-09-xx'Babylon Dungeon' sessions - Los Angeleswav14:56 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1991-04-26Brooklyn, NY, USAwav26:18 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1991-04-26Brooklyn Heightswav26:18 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1991-08-17Krypton Studio demoswav18:26 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1991-08-17Krypton Studio demoswav18:14 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1991-08-17Krypton Studio demoswav14:10 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monstersrecorded 1991-09-xxdemos - New York, NY, USACD-R18:26 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monstersrecorded 1991-09-xxdemos - New York, NY, USAwav18:14 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1991-11-01New Yorkwav26:05 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1992-03-13The Church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, NY, USAwav111:52 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1992-03-13The Church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, NY, USA2CD-R105:38 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1992-03-22New YorkDVD81:44 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1992-03-22The Knitting Factory, New York, NYCD-R71:22 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1992-03-22New Yorkwav71:14 
JEFF BUCKLEY - Gods & Monsterslive 1992-04-05Roulette Club, New York, NY, USAwav53:08 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1992-04-19The Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USAwav24:24 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1992-04-19The Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USAwav24:16 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1992-08-13New York, NY, USAwav42:54 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1992-08-13New York, NY, USAwav41:17 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1992-10-11'The Music Faucet', WFMU Studios, Upsala College, East Orange, NJwav91:25 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1992-10-11'The Music Faucet', WFMU Studios, Upsala College, East Orange, NJ2CD-R91:13 
JEFF BUCKLEY1993-01-13?"Trash Can Tape" - 6 coversCD-R45:04 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1993-01-17'The Music Faucet', WFMU Studios, Upsala College, East Orange, NJ, USAwav40:24 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1993-06-06WFMU radio, New Yorkwav19:13 
JEFF BUCKLEYrecorded ~1993-09-20 to 1993-10-30'Grace' album outtakes - Bearsville Studio, Woodstock, NY, USA2CD-R81:28 
JEFF BUCKLEYrecorded 1993-09-20 to 1993-10-30'Born Again From The Rhythm - The Grace Outtakes' Bootleg CDwav76:14 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1993-12-18New Yorkwav75:34 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1993-12-18CBGB, New York, NY, USAwav70:35 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1993-0x-xx?'Every Monday Night' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav95:51 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-01-04'Man In The Moon', KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav33:05 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-01-04'Man In The Moon', KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, USACD-R33:05 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-02-14Torontowav86:38 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-02-14Torontowav73:22 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-02-22Washingtonwav68:03 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-02-22Black Cat, Washington, DC, USACD-R65:08 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-02-24'World Café' Live, WXPN FM studio, Philadelphiawav30:11SBD
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-02-24'World Café' Live, WXPN studio, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav30:11FM-EX-
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-04-02Charlestonwav24:33 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-04-28'Morning Becomes Eclectic', KCRW radio, Santa Monicawav39:56 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-04-28'Morning Becomes Eclectic', KCRW radio, Santa Monica, CA, USACD-R39:56 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-06-19New Yorkwav100:48 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-06-19New Yorkwav92:22 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-06-19The Fez, New York, NY, USA2CD-R98:59 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-06-25Montréalwav79:09 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-07-25San Franciscowav78:47 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-07-25Above Brainwash, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R77:08 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-07-29McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav90:53 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-08-0x'Live X' 99X radio, Atlantawav32:06 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-08-13Washingtonwav79:04 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-08-22'Mark Radcliff Show', BBC radiowav13:32 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-08-28Reading Festival, Reading, England, UKwav40:13 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-09-01Londonwav84:57 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-09-11Loft, Berlin, Deutschlandwav78:05 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-09-14Frankfurt am Mainwav73:16 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-09-14Nachtleben, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschlandwav71:55 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-09-20Amsterdamwav63:28 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-09-21Pacific Club, Antwerpen, Belgiëwav105:11 
JEFF BUCKLEYTV 1994-09-21Pacific Club, Antwerpen, BelgiëDVD+R [PAL]8:43TV
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-10-25Montréalwav95:06 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-10-28Torontowav97:33 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-10-28Torontowav94:23 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-10-28Trinity Center, Toronto, ON, Canada2CD-R93:44 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-11-09Chicagowav95:51 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-11-20Noe Valley Ministry, San Francisco, CA, USA2CD-R91:40 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-11-20San Franciscowav91:10 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-11-26Phoenixwav86:32 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-11-29Waterloo Records, Austinwav32:31 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-11-29Electric Lounge, Austinwav114:20 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-12-01Cactus Records, Houstonwav23:09 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-12-01Urban Art Bar, Houston, TX, USAwav95:09 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-12-04Miami Beachwav73:03 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-12-12Washingtonwav89:12 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1994-12-13Philadelphiawav76:56 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1994-xx-xx'World Café', WXPN studio, Philadelphia, PACD-R29:32 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-01-18Astoria 2, London, England, UK2CD-R83:52 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-01-19Pariswav35:39 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-01-30TokyoDVD23:23 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-01-30Tokyowav93:42 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-01-30'Japanese Whisper' Bootleg CD - Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japanwav76:01 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-02Fukuokawav87:26 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-02Fukuokawav87:25 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-11Rockpile, Paris, Francewav105:01 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-13Renneswav99:08 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-14Strasbourgwav95:43 
JEFF BUCKLEY'Wayward Angel' Bootleg CDCD-R66:44 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-21Loft, Berlin, Deutschlandwav95:47 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-22Logo Club, Hamburg, Deutschlandwav89:42 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-22'Black Roses' Bootleg CD - Logo Club, Hamburg, DeutschlandCD71:40 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-22Hamburgwav43:07 
JEFF BUCKLEYTV 1995-02-24'Live Aus Dem Südbahnhof', Südbahnhof, Frankfurt am Main, DeutschlandDVD+R [PAL]45:30TV
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-24 DVD+R  
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-24Frankfurt am Mainwav68:39 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-26Brusselswav104:55 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-03-02Wolverhamptonwav114:33 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-03-02Wolverhamptonwav92:37 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1995-04-06Sony Studios, New York, NY, USACD-R57:42 
JEFF BUCKLEYradio 1995-04-16?WHFS 99.1 FM, Rockvillewav30:00 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-04-28KRBE 104.1 FM studio, Houstonwav18:36 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-04-28Urban Art Bar, Houstonwav62:17 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-04-29Austinwav50:54 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-01San Diegowav104:04 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-02KROQ FM, Los Angeleswav21:33 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-03Tower Records (Westwood) in-store performancewav57:49 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-04KFOG FM, San Franciscowav13:59 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-04San Franciscowav110:28 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-04Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USAwav109:15 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-04Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USAwav110:53 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-05Berkeleywav38:43 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-10Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO, USACD-R78:47 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-16Washingtonwav111:29 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-19 DVD+R  
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-19Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, USAwav57:38 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-21Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav60:11 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-05-28Le Spectrum, Montréal, QC, Canadawav60:29 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-06-21Leedswav90:48 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-06-21Leedswav91:58 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-06-24'BBC Transcription Disc', Piltonwav56:48 
JEFF BUCKLEYTV 1995-06-24Glastonbury Festival, Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm, Pilton, England, UKDVD+R [PAL]6:35TV
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-24 to 1995-06-30'Son Of The Starsailor' Bootleg CDCD-R68:54 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-24 to 1995-06-30'Son Of The Starsailor' Bootleg CDwav68:53 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-06-30'The Rosklide Heritage' Bootleg CDwav71:11 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-07-01Meltdown Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London, England, UKwav28:00 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-07-01Meltdown Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London, England, UKwav2:53 
JEFF BUCKLEYTV 1995-07-09Les Eurockéennes de Belfort, Belfort, FranceDVD+R [PAL]1:42TV
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-07-13Ludwigsburgwav107:18 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-07-15 DVD+R  
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-08-31The Roof Top Café, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav45:13 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-09-06Phoenician Club, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav50:58 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-06-24 & 1995-09-06'Eternal Life' Bootleg CDCD-R68:54 
JEFF BUCKLEYcompilation 1995-04-27 to 1995-xx-xx'So Real' Bootleg CDCD64:59 
JEFF BUCKLEYrecorded <= 1995-xx-xx'Sessions' Bootleg CDCD74:07 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-02-25 to 1995-xx-xx'Dream Brother' Bootleg CDCD68:54 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-12-31New Yorkwav84:52 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-12-31Mercury Lounge, New York, NY, USAwav80:55 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1993-12-18 & 1995-12-31'Tears From The Stars' Bootleg CD - New Yorkwav71:44 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive <= 1995-12-31'Tears From The Stars' Bootleg CDwav77:11 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1995-xx-xx1995 TV compilation DVDDVD+R [NTSC]81:27 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-01-01Sin-é, New York, NY, USAwav11:14 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-02-17Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia2CD-R105:58B+
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-02-20Seagulls Stardust Auditorium, Gold Coast City, QLD, Australiawav90:48 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-02-24Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth, WA, Australia2CD-R86:40 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-02-28Melbournewav41:47 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive <= 1996-02-28'Satisfied Mind' Bootleg CDCD67:10 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-03-01Sydneywav126:28 
JEFF BUCKLEYcompilation 'Screaming Down From Heaven - The Ultra Rare Tracks Vol 2' Bootleg CDCD-R73:27 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-03-01Selina's Coogie Bay Hotel, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav126:28 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-12-09Spot Café, Buffalo, NY, USAwav60:12 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1996-12-09Buffalowav59:45 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1997-02-04Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USAwav42:39 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1997-02-09New Yorkwav73:31 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive 1992-10-11 & 1997-02-09'The Grace Of J.' Bootleg CDwav75:45 
JEFF BUCKLEYlive <= 1997-06-04Jeff Buckley memorial broadcast, WBCN 104.1 FM, Boston, MA, USAwav57:23 
JEFF BUCKLEYrecorded 1997-xx-xx4-track demos - Memphis, TN, USAwav26:20 
JEFF BUCKLEY tribute - Gary Lucas & Metropole Orchestralive 2012-09-02Amsterdamwav114:44 
TIM BUCKLEYlive 1969-12-13Santa Monicawav111:41 
TIM BUCKLEY & Starsailor Bandlive 1970-10-xxThe Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA, USAwav63:01SBD-B/B+
TIM BUCKLEY & Starsailor Bandlive 1970-11-01Escondidowav72:58 
TIM BUCKLEYlive 1972-09-23New Yorkwav52:03 
TIM BUCKLEYlive 1974-07-27New Yorkwav79:11 
TIM BUCKLEY<= 1974-xx-xx67-74 compilation DVDDVD+R  
BURZUMrecorded 1991-xx-xx'Burzum' [I] demo CassetteCD-R13:16 
BURZUMrecorded 1991-xx-xx to 1993-xx-xx?'Ragnarok (A New Beginning)' Limited Edition Bootleg CDwav47:43 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-03Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England, UKwav93:16 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-09'Live In Bristol, England 1979' Bootleg 2LP - Bristol, England, UKwav101:50 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-10Manchesterwav124:13 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-10'Live In Manchester: April 10, 1979' Bootleg 2LP - Manchester, England, UKwav87:01 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-16Londonwav119:51 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-16The Palladium, London, England, UKwav105:08 
KATE BUSHlive 1979-04-20'Dreamtime' Bootleg 3LP - Palladium, London, England, UKwav113:22 
KATE BUSH & Peter Gabriel, Steve Harleylive 1979-05-12Londonwav122:58 
KATE BUSH & Peter GabrielTV 1979-12-28Kate Bush Christmas SpecialDVD+R43:43 
KATE BUSH'The Collection' Bootleg DVDDVD+R DL111:25 
CANNED HEATlive 1988-08-07Barriewav56:10 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTrecorded 1969-0x-xx?Don at the pianowav9:23 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1970-09-18San Rafaelwav49:28 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1971-01-18Clevelandwav37:40 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1971-01-23Bostonwav61:24 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1971-01-25New Yorkwav44:48 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1971-06-23Cincinnatiwav37:06 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1971-06-24Portlandwav45:51 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-01-15New Yorkwav62:37 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-01-22Bostonwav46:19 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-03-1xLong Beachwav39:30 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-03-24Bristolwav42:31 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-03-27Londonwav48:36 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-03-29Brightonwav77:03 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-04-01Manchesterwav64:54 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-04-02Glasgowwav75:21 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-04-05Newcastle upon Tynewav45:12 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-04-11Københavnwav76:42 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-04-14Frankfurt am Mainwav49:55 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-04-22Norfolkwav25:12 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-05-07Bickershaw Festival, Bickershaw, Wigan, Lancashire, England, UKwav89:30 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1972-05-31Santa Monica, CA, USAwav54:15 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-10-13Chicagowav48:00 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1972-10-28New Yorkwav64:46 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTrecorded <= 1972-xx-xx'The Spotlight Kid' album outtakeswav180:08 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive <= 1973-01-05'What's All This Booga-Booga Music?' Bootleg LPwav38:32 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1973-01-xxLos Angeleswav44:27 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1973-02-24New Yorkwav64:17 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1973-03-03Vancouverwav61:49 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1973-03-09Denverwav84:46 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1973-03-23San Franciscowav68:49 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1973-05-02Leedswav95:25 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1974-04-03West Hollywood, CA, USAwav56:45 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1974-04-22'Crazy Little Things' Bootleg CD - Cowtown, Kansas City, MO, USACD64:55 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 'London 1974' Bootleg CDCD39:38 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1975-07-15West Hollywood, CA, USAwav59:23 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1975-10-30Oslowav64:05 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1975-10-31Københavnwav61:05 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1975-11-14Londonwav55:34 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1975-11-22Aylesburywav59:57 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1976-12-26Los Angeleswav79:57 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-07-15 earlyHuntington Beachwav65:19 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-07-15 earlyHuntington Beach, CA, USAwav64:15 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-07-15 lateHuntington Beachwav84:16 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-07-15 lateHuntington Beach, CA, USAwav81:48 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-11-03 earlyRochesterwav48:57 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-11-03 lateRochesterwav62:45 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1977-11-19Pariswav89:37 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1978-01-28West Hollywood, CA, USAwav61:18 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1978-02-18'Easy Teeth' Bootleg 2LPwav99:50 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-11-07 DVD+R27:10 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-11-09Paris, Francewav70:52 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-11-14 earlyLondonwav18:08 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-11-15Loughboroughwav78:57 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-12-05Bostonwav101:44 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-12-11Detroit, MI, USAwav78:44 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & The Magic Bandlive 1980-12-13Milwaukeewav78:44 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1980-12-19 lateWest Hollywoodwav58:01 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTlive 1981-01-29Resedawav82:04 
CAPTAIN BEEFHEARTrecorded <= 1994-xx-xx?'The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart', BBC TVcDVD46:48 
CARPATHIAN FORESTlive 2000-09-17'Live In Darkness' Bootleg CD-R - Babylonia, Ponderano, Biella, Italywav60:02 
CARPATHIAN FORESTlive 2001-10-22Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerlandwav29:28 
JOHNNY CASHradio 1956-xx-xx?'Country Style USA'wav28:32 
JOHNNY CASH1959-xx-xx?'Guest Star'wav14:44 
JOHNNY CASH & Bob DylanTV 1969-05-01'The Johnny Cash Show'wav8:17 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1972-10-27Tulsawav71:04 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1975-09-15West Berlinwav73:17 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1976-10-02 lateWheelingwav64:54 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1978-04-xxPragueDVD116:12 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1980-02-22Anaheimwav87:23 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1981-04-19'Rockabilly Reunion' Bootleg CDwav73:59 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1981-05-23New Yorkwav30:14 
JOHNNY CASHradio 198x-xx-xx?station ID for WHN 1050 AM, New Yorkwav0:22 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1982-02-21 lateCivic Center, Des Moines, IA, USAwav51:03 
JOHNNY CASH & familylive 1983-11-12Londonwav154:41 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1986-03-31Londonwav100:04SBD
JOHNNY CASHlive 1987-08-22Gdanskwav54:02 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1990-08-25'Beast In Me' Bootleg CDwav75:43 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1990-08-25'Bring It Back Alive' Bootleg CDwav75:45 
JOHNNY CASHTV 1994-03-17Emo's, Austin, TX, USAwav26:15 
JOHNNY CASHTV 1994-06-10'Late Night With David Letterman', NBC TV, New York, NY, USAwav2:55 
JOHNNY CASHlive 1996-12-16Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN, USA2CD-R108:41B
JOHNNY CASHlive 2003-07-05Hiltonswav30:38SBD
CELTIC FROST - Hellhammerrecorded ~ 1983-06-10'Triumph Of Death…' Bootleg CDCD58:44 
CELTIC FROST - Hellhammerrecorded 1983-12-02'Satanic Rites' Bootleg CDCD46:17 
CELTIC FROST - Hellhammerrecorded 1983-06-10 to 1983-12-02'Hellhammer' Bootleg 2CDwav102:30 
CELTIC FROSTrehearsal 1984-0x-xxBirchwilwav11:56 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-05-17Sankt Gallen, SwitzerlandCD-R46:17 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-05-31Zum Rebstock, Gießen, Deutschlandwav45:08 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-06-01+Sudhessenhalle, Weinheim-Reisen, Westdeutschlandwav50:39 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1983-xx-xx to 1985-06-01'Reign Of Steel' Bootleg CDwav59:57 
CELTIC FROST'Live Weinheim 1-6-85' Bootleg CD [split CD with Bathory 'Demos 83-84']CD66:56 
CELTIC FROSTrecorded 1985-xx-xx1985 demowav21:39 
CELTIC FROSTrehearsal 1985-08-17Birchwilwav9:16 
CELTIC FROSTTV 1985-11-29Tom G Warrior interview, TV Canada, Canadawav12:44 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-11-30World War III Festival, Palladium, Montréal, QC, Canadawav78:44 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-11-30World War III Festival, Palladium, Montréal, QC, Canadawav65:47 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-11-30World War III Festival, Palladium, Montréal, QC, Canadawav64:38 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1985-12-27 DVD+R62:56 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1986-02-04Rotation, Hannover, Deutschlandwav55:58 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1986-05-31Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USAwav32:45 
CELTIC FROSTradio 1986-06-06KCMU 92.5 FM studio, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USAwav20:12FM-EX
CELTIC FROSTlive 1986-06-21Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX, USAwav52:06 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1986-06-28L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY, USACD-R62:57 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1986-07-14The Ritz, New York, NY, USACD-R48:46 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1987-10-27Rock City, Nottingham, England, UKwav46:15 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1987-12-09Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav30:08 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1987-12-12Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USAwav32:48 
CELTIC FROSTlive 1987-12-13Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, USAwav27:16 
CELTIC FROSTrecorded 1992-xx-xx'Nemesis Of Power' demowav30:04 
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-06-10Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, SverigeDVD+R [PAL]  
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-08-04'Wacken Open Air 2006'DVD+R  
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-08-04'Wacken Open Air 2006'cDVD  
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-08-19 DVD+R  
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-10-04San Diego, CA, USAwav84:41 
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-10-24Fort Lauderdale, FL, USADVD+R  
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-11-05Worcesterwav89:09 
CELTIC FROSTlive 2006-11-11Johnson Citywav90:28 
CELTIC FROSTlive 2007-03-13Glasgowwav60:56 
CELTIC FROSTlive 2007-03-14Rio's, Bradford, England, UKDVD+R  
CELTIC FROSTlive 2007-03-18Koko, London, England, UKDVD+R  
CELTIC FROST - Triptykonlive 2010-10-16Chicagowav71:11 
STANLEY CLARKElive 1977-07-24MontreuxDVD73:47 
STANLEY CLARKElive 1978-04-25Owings Millswav92:50 
STANLEY CLARKE Bandlive 1979-10-13New Yorkwav96:47 
STANLEY CLARKElive 1979-10-24Denverwav57:18 
STANLEY CLARKE Bandlive 1980-07-09Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux Casino, Montreux, SwitzerlandDVD+R56:36A-
KELLY CLARKSONlive 2007-10-21Uncasvillewav75:44 
JOE COCKERlive 1969-06-22Eagles Auditorium, Seattle, WA, USAwav76:43FM-VG+
ORNETTE COLEMAN & othersradio 1964-04-21WBAI radio, New York, NY, USAwav72:31 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Triolive 1965-10-30Berlinwav15:52 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1965-10-31Tivolis Koncertsal, København, Danmarkwav53:32 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1965-10-31Tivolis Koncertsal, København, Danmarkwav51:58 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1965-11-04'The Paris Concert '65' Bootleg CDwav41:57 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Triolive 1965-1x-xx?Bremenwav23:11 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Triolive 1966-03-27San Remowav24:22 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1968-02-05Teatro Lirico, Milano, Italiawav55:43 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive <= 1971-10-31?Jazz Jamboree XIV, Sala Kongresowa (Congress Hall), Warsaw, Polandwav43:25 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1971-11-02'The Belgrade Concert' Bootleg CD - unknown, Belgrade, Yugoslaviawav49:11 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1972-07-04Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY, USAwav52:30AUD
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1972-11-04'The Art of the Solo', Berliner Jazztage 1972, Philharmonie, Berlin, WestdeutschlandcDVD  
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1972-11-04'The Art of the Solo', Berliner Jazztage 1972, Philharmonie, Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav21:33 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1973-02-18Queensborough Community College, New York, NY, USAwav106:46 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1973-04-23Loeb Student Center, New York University, New York, NY, USAwav84:33 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1974-04-28unknown, Berne, Switzerlandwav95:23 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1974-05-04Teatro S. Pio X, Padua, Italiawav90:56 
ORNETTE COLEMANTV 1974-05-07Music Inn, Roma, ItaliacDVD [PAL]  
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1974-09-04Keystone Korner, San Francisco, CA, USAwav72:09 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Sextetlive 1978-07-04Quartier Latin, Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav81:36 
ORNETTE COLEMANTV? 1978-07-18Orangarie, Ansbach, Westdeutschlandwav42:31 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1978-07-23Festival Internazionale del Jazz - venue?, Nervi, Italiawav34:14 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1980-03-06Romawav79:52 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1981-06-0810th International New Jazz Festival - venue?, Moers, Westdeutschlandwav53:30 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1982-08-20South Street Seaport, New York, NY, USAwav41:33 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1982-xx-xxFestival International de Jazz de Montréal - venue?, Montréal, QC, Canadawav42:09 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1984-10-21Hamburgwav30:48 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1984-10-2526th Jazz Jamboree Festival, Sala Kongresowa, Warszawa, Polandwav27:32 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1984-11-26Minneapoliswav131:09 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1985-06-30Old State House Lawn, Hartford, CT, USAwav89:47 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1985-07-xxNewport Jazz Festival - venue?, New York, NY, USAwav44:35 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1985-07-xxNewport Jazz Festival - venue?, New York, NY, USAwav41:46 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1986-05-05Warner Theater, Washington, DC, USAwav104:44 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1986-05-08Town Hall, New York, NY, USAwav82:35 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1986-05-11 early & late?Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA, USAwav91:58 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1986-05-11 earlyBostonwav109:22 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1986-05-15St. Louiswav110:23 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1986-05-16Pick Staiger Auditorium, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USAwav118:46 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1986-06-26Yomiuri Land Open Air Theatre East, Tokyo, Japanwav74:40 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1987-04-05 earlyCamden Jazz Week, Town and Country Club, London, England, UKwav59:11 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1987-04-23The Channel, Boston, MA, USAwav164:48 
ORNETTE COLEMANradio 1987-06-09unknown, København, Danmarkwav40:02 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1987-07-03Ravennawav64:36 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1987-07-11Internationales Jazzfestival 16, Städtische Bühnen, Münster, Westdeutschlandwav60:54 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1987-10-29Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Funkhaus Hamburg, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav88:05 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Quartetlive 1987-10-30Zürichwav54:56 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Original Quartetlive 1987-11-02Teatro Orfeo, Milano, Italiawav113:07 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1987-11-02Milano, Italiawav92:22 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Quartetlive 1987-11-12unknown, Udine, Italiawav119:30 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1988-06-05Friedrichstadtplast, East Berlin, Ostdeutschlandwav58:38FM-EX
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1988-07-06Festival International de Jazz de Montréal - venue?, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R  
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Pat Methenylive 1988-07-06Festival International de Jazz de Montréal - venue?, Montréal, QC, Canadawav84:11 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1988-07-20 earlyOttawa International Jazz Festival, National Arts Centre Theatre, Ottawa, ON, Canadawav55:11 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1988-07-20 lateOttawa International Jazz Festival, National Arts Centre Theatre, Ottawa, ON, Canadawav60:53 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1990-04-21'Festival Coleman: Skies of America', Teatro Municipale Romolo Valli, Reggio Emilia, Italiawav93:52 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1990-04-24'Festival Coleman', Teatro Municipale Romolo Valli, Reggio Emilia, Italiawav101:46 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Original Quartetlive 1990-04-28Teatro Astoria, Ravenna, Italiawav82:48 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1990-09-07Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav110:57 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1991-07-04Lugano, Switzerlandwav64:13 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1991-07-05'Lugano Estival Jazz', Piazza della Riforma, Lugano, Switzerlandwav39:13 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1993-10-23Jazz Jamboree Festival - venue?, Warsaw, PolandDVD+R  
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1993-10-23Jazz Jamboree Festival - venue?, Warsaw, Polandwav44:55EX
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1994-06-04Philharmonie Musiktriennale, Köln, Deutschlandwav43:02 
ORNETTE COLEMAN & Prime Timelive 1995-11-01Jazztage - venue?, Berlin, Deutschlandwav40:59 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1997-07-11Avery Fisher Hall, New York, NY, USAwav111:39 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 1999-07-10unknown, Vienne, Francewav125:41 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2000-06-01'An Evening With Ornette Coleman', Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, The Lawn, Battery Park, New York, NY, USAwav147:37 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2001-03-23The Barbican, London, England, UKwav147:18 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2003-04-27New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Jazz Tent - venue?, New Orleans, LA, USAwav77:46 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2003-06-25New Yorkwav79:34 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2003-09-26Symphony Center, Chicago, IL, USAwav79:46 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2004-06-20JVC Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USAwav68:13 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2004-07-02'Jazz Festival Ljubljana', Štihova dvorana, Ljubljana, Sloveniawav79:55 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2004-11-14Bass Concert Hall, Performing Arts Center, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USAwav88:41 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2005-04-22Minneapolis, MN, USAwav101:04 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2006-06-16New York, NY, USAwav86:54 
ORNETTE COLEMANlive 2006-10-08Modenawav107:03 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Quartet & Joachim Kühnlive 2007-02-14Essenwav73:53 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Grouplive 2007-07-15Rotterdamwav57:00 
ORNETTE COLEMAN 3 Bass Quintetlive 2007-07-18Warsawwav79:25 
ORNETTE COLEMAN 3 Bass Quintetlive 2007-08-19Antwerpenwav76:33 
ORNETTE COLEMAN 3 Bass Quintetlive 2007-10-28San Franciscowav82:08 
ORNETTE COLEMAN 3 Bass Quintetlive 2007-11-07Barcelonawav71:29 
ORNETTE COLEMAN Quartetlive 2009-09-26New Yorkwav94:22 
ALICE COOPERlive 1972-03-04Portlandwav67:15 
ALICE COOPERlive 1973-03-28Baltimorewav53:02 
ALICE COOPERlive 1973-04-06Pittsburghwav73:45 
ALICE COOPERlive 2006-02-15Mittelhessen Arena, Wetzlar, Deutschlandwav74:21AUD
ALICE COOPERlive 2006-02-xxAlice Cooper & Deep Purple 0602xx compilation DVDDVD+R  
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1979-08-02London, England, UKwav35:52 
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1981-05-10Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USAwav46:29 
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1981-05-23unknown, Toronto, ON, Canadawav39:01 
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1981-06-05Guildford Civic Hall, London, England, UKwav28:35 
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1981-06-06Edinburghwav61:18 
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1982-02-10Kant Kino, Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav73:03AUD
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1982-04-01'Old Grey Whistle Test' , BBC TVDVD+R  
JULIAN COPE - The Teardrop Explodeslive 1982-04-24Bostonwav69:04 
JULIAN COPErecorded 1985-xx-xx'Saint Julian' album demoswav49:51 
JULIAN COPElive 1986-03-26Club Manilla, Florence, Italiawav65:22 
JULIAN COPElive 1986-08-14Londonwav70:32 
JULIAN COPElive 1987-01-23 DVD+R  
JULIAN COPE1987-02-28 DVD+R  
JULIAN COPElive 1987-04-28Birminghamwav67:45 
JULIAN COPElive 1987-06-xxGlastonbury, England, UKwav57:34 
JULIAN COPErecorded 1987-10-xx'My Nation Underground' album demoswav16:13 
JULIAN COPEreleased <= 1987-xx-xx84xxxx-87xxxx studio rarities compilationCD-R75:40 
JULIAN COPElive 1988-10-15Glasgowwav79:19 
JULIAN COPElive 1988-10-30La Cigalle, Paris, Francewav38:41 
JULIAN COPElive 1988-11-13Renneswav82:07 
JULIAN COPElive 1988-11-20Berlinwav78:54 
JULIAN COPElive 1990-04-25Londonwav25:14 
JULIAN COPElive 1991-05-11University of Leicester, Leicester, England, UKwav83:53 
JULIAN COPElive 1993-07-16Stratford-upon-AvonDVD+R  
JULIAN COPElive 1993-07-16Stratford-upon-Avonwav70:47 
JULIAN COPElive 1996-09-24HMV, Argyll Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav35:55 
JULIAN COPElive 1996-09-27HMV, Oxford Circus, London, England, UKwav27:30 
JULIAN COPElive 2000-04-01'Julian Cope's Cornucopea Festival', foyer, Southbank Centre, London, England, UKwav64:04 
JULIAN COPElive 2001-05-05Leicesterwav118:21 
JULIAN COPElive 2005-01-21Royal Festival Hall, London, England, UKwav127:40 
JULIAN COPElive 2005-01-23Leadmill, Sheffield, England, UKwav112:55 
JULIAN COPEradio 2006-01-10BBC FM radio sessionwav29:15FM
JULIAN COPElive 2007-05-08Aberdeenwav138:34 
JULIAN COPElive 2007-05-15Portsmouthwav125:28 
JULIAN COPElive 2007-05-16Birminghamwav110:18 
JULIAN COPElive 2007-05-17Gloucesterwav113:10 
JULIAN COPElive 2007-08-10Inverness-shirewav69:49 
CORROSION OF CONFORMITYlive 1990-05-22Space Arcade, Washington, DC, USACD-R22:33SBD-A
JAMES COTTON BANDlive 1969-10-24Wichita, USAwav16:26 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1993-08-27Boulderwav49:44 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1994-04-15 DVD+R56:47 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1994-04-28'Children In Bloom' Bootleg CDwav73:42 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1994-05-07Londonwav14:58 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1994-06-10San Diegowav76:42 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1994-08-19Montréalwav20:09 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1994-09-23Berkeleywav87:31 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1995-06-19West Hollywoodwav85:56 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1995-11-16Hollywoodwav100:59 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1996-09-09Hollywoodwav109:33 
COUNTING CROWSTV 1996-12-11'Late Show with David Letterman', New Yorkwav3:50 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1996-12-17Los Angeleswav80:21 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-02-07Fort Lauderdalewav89:02 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-02-13Atlantawav85:45 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-02-17Richmondwav79:39 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-02-20Bloomingtonwav83:07 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-03-17Indianapoliswav81:49 
COUNTING CROWSTV 1997-04-10'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' wav3:59 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-05-07Newcastle upon Tynewav92:28 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-05-17'Later With Jools Holland', Londonwav8:16 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-05-18Gentwav80:44 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-05-29Amsterdamwav95:30 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-07-15Hersheywav84:23 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-10-30Portlandwav84:47 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-11-26Amsterdamwav36:01 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1997-11-30Luxembourgwav84:54 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1999-04-xxNew Orleanswav95:41 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1999-10-16'2 Meter Sessies'wav20:50 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1999-10-17Amsterdamwav40:51 
COUNTING CROWSlive 1999-10-18'Denk aan Henk'wav8:52 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2000-02-25Newportwav5:49 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2000-03-26Zürichwav79:26 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2000-07-01Sankt Gallenwav73:06 
COUNTING CROWSlive <= 2000-xx-xx92xxxx-00xxxx compilation 2CD-R ('Fantasy Flight')wav140:31 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2002-11-26Chicagowav83:09 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2003-02-04 to 2003-02-06Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, NederlandDVD+R  
COUNTING CROWSlive 2003-05-03Shim Sham Club, New Orleans, LA, USAwav138:14 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2003-06-27Killarneywav111:36 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2003-12-22Los Angeleswav103:51 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2004-11-16Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USAwav111:21 
COUNTING CROWS1999-11-04 to 2005-02-28991104-050228 compilation DVD ["FOTT Live Collection Volume 13"]DVD+R  
COUNTING CROWSlive 2006-06-24Sacramentowav68:56 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2006-08-23Raleighwav79:26 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2006-09-05Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Birmingham, AL, USAwav80:21 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2006-09-07The Woodlandswav84:27 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2007-06-21Telluridewav98:29 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2007-08-11Des Moineswav98:16 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2007-08-24Pawtucketwav100:16 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2007-09-09Randall's Islandwav39:05 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2007-10-19New Yorkwav86:03 
COUNTING CROWSlive 2008-03-30 DVD+R  
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - Country Joelive 1987-09-12San Franciscowav15:50 
CRO-MAGSlive 1986-04-05New YorkDVD DL37:39 
CRUCIFUCKSlive 1982-09-26Eagles Lodge, Kalamazoo, MI, USADVD+R [NTSC]14:42 
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTERlive 1986-06-21 DVD+R [NTSC]40:29 
THE CULT - Southern Death Cultlive 1982-12-13Manchesterwav32:22 
THE CULT - Southern Death Cultlive 1982-12-14Sheffield, England, UKwav45:02 
THE CULTlive 1984-12-20Prestonwav76:55 
THE CULTTV 1984-xx-xx'The Old Grey Whistle Test', England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]4:23TV-8of10
THE CULTlive 1985-04-24Big Club, Torino, Italiawav72:23 
THE CULTlive 1985-04-27Am Hof, Wien, Österreichwav44:12AUD-9 of 10
THE CULTlive 1985-06-03Hammersmith Palais, London, England, UKwav80:51AUD
THE CULTTV? 1985-06-22Posthof, Linz, Österreichwav16:36TV?-9 of 10
THE CULTTV 1985-09-20'Bliss' [episode 1.7], England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]24:32TV-8.5of10
THE CULTlive 1985-10-31Londonwav86:56 
THE CULTlive 1985-11-24'Cultmania' Bootleg LP - Londonwav57:58 
THE CULTTV 1985-11-29'The Tube' [episode 4.8], England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]9:48TV-8of10
THE CULTlive 1985-12-06The Ritz, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]30:55TV-9of10
THE CULTlive 1986-01-24Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederlandwav43:15 
THE CULTTV? 1986-02-03?Alabamahalle, München, Westdeutschland?wav21:45TV?-9 of 10
THE CULTlive 1986-05-19Pinkpop Festival, Geleen, Nederlandwav46:09 
THE CULTlive 1986-05-21'Bargello' Bootleg LP - Florencewav51:38 
THE CULTlive 1986-05-27'Love Live' Bootleg 2LPwav66:45 
THE CULTlive 1986-06-08Provinssirock Festival, Törnävä Island, Seinajoki, FinlandDVD+R [NTSC]29:27TV-7.5of10
THE CULTTV 1987-01-28'The Old Grey Whistle Test' [episode 17.3], England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]6:46TV-9.5of10
THE CULTlive 1987-03-14Londonwav84:00 
THE CULTlive 1987-03-17Brightonwav108:40 
THE CULTlive 1987-03-30Leicesterwav87:54 
THE CULTlive 1987-06-02'Live At The Ritz' Bootleg CD - The Ritz, New York, NY, USAwav68:34 
THE CULTlive 1987-08-19Torontowav106:44 
THE CULTlive 1987-11-28'In Concert', Brixton Academy, London, England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]30:42TV-9.5of10
THE CULTlive 1989-06-25Fort Waynewav44:52 
THE CULTlive 1989-06-29Noblesvillewav43:21 
THE CULTlive 1987-06-02 & 1989-11-11'Bad Love' Bootleg CDwav71:11 
THE CULTlive 1991-10-24Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Nederlandwav74:09 
THE CULTlive 1991-10-31'Sonic Ceremonies' Bootleg 2CD - E-Werk, Köln, Deutschlandwav100:52 
THE CULTlive 1991-11-08'Europe 1991' Bootleg CD - Palasport, Florence, Italiawav71:35 
THE CULTlive <= 1992-06-06'The Phoenix' Bootleg CDwav70:22 
THE CULTlive 1995-02-23Phoenixwav64:40 
THE CULTTV 2002-01-20'Behind The Music', VH1DVD+R42:50 
THE CULTlive 2006-03-249:30 Club, Washington, DC, USAwav101:14 
THE CULTlive 2006-09-29Dublinwav88:45 
THE CULTlive 2006-09-30Belfastwav87:26 
THE CULTlive 2007-06-16Leipzigwav47:52 
THE CULTlive 2007-06-19Oberhausenwav46:29 
THE CULTlive 2007-10-17Palawav70:04 
THE CULTlive 2008-02-28Birminghamwav84:13 
THE CULTlive 2009-09-25Lisboawav93:27 
THE CULTlive 2009-09-29Bolognawav92:33 
THE CULTlive 2009-11-06Detroitwav92:24 
THE CULTlive 2009-11-09Clevelandwav94:17 
THE CULTlive 2012-03-16Austinwav28:30 
THE CULTTV 2012-05-18'Jimmy Kimmel Live'wav22:10 
THE CULTlive 2012-05-30Denverwav77:48 
THE CULTlive 2012-06-07Buffalowav77:00 
THE CULTlive 2012-07-17Barcelonawav82:08 
THE CULTlive 2013-08-06Minneapoliswav113:52 
THE CULTlive 2013-08-08Detroitwav123:16 
THE CURElive 1979-05-24Exeterwav42:50 
THE CURElive 1979-08-29Bournemouthwav35:55 
THE CURElive 1979-12-12Amsterdamwav52:53 
THE CURElive 1980-04-28Bournemouthwav41:41 
THE CURElive 1980-06-18Glasgowwav58:13 
THE CURElive 1980-11-17Londonwav80:01 
THE CURElive 1981-04-20Poolewav91:25 
THE CURElive 1981-04-25Tauntonwav115:07 
THE CURElive 1981-06-18Philipshalle , Düsseldorf, WestdeutschlandCD-R78:35A
THE CURElive 1981-07-05Rock Werchter, Festival Park Werchter, Werchter, BelgiëCD-R59:11A
THE CURElive 1981-08-09Sydney, Australiawav28:56 
THE CURElive 1981-11-26Edinburghwav87:36 
THE CURElive 1981-11-28Bradfordwav84:38 
THE CURElive 1981-12-01Brightonwav89:25 
THE CURElive 1982-04-10Bourgeswav72:37 
THE CURElive 1982-06-07Pariswav105:22 
THE CURElive 1984-05-30's-Hertogenboschwav85:42 
THE CURElive 1984-11-02Austinwav82:40 
THE CURElive 1984-11-14Boston, MA, USAwav89:45 
THE CURElive 1984-11-16Ontario Theater, Washington, DC, USA2CD-R88:28A
THE CURElive 1985-10-25Bostonwav100:38 
THE CURElive 1985-11-30Hannoverwav99:27 
THE CURElive 1986-07-06Mansfield, USAwav92:06 
THE CURElive 1987-07-13'Kiss Me Deadly' Bootleg CDwav54:06 
THE CUREreleased 1987-08-07Worcesterwav112:06 
THE CURElive 1989-05-11Essenwav141:57 
THE CURElive 2004-03-05The Barfly, London, England, UKwav135:30 
THE CURElive 2007-03-23Miamiwav123:58 
THE CURElive 2012-06-23'Beatzz In Concert' TV, Neuhausen ob EckDVD44:54 
THE CURElive 2012-07-05Roskildewav52:48 
THE CURElive 2012-07-20CarhaixDVD66:37 
THE CURElive 2012-08-24ReadingDVD126:07 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1978-12-20Max's Kansas City, New York, NY, USAwav25:29 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1978-12-20New Yorkwav25:30 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1979-01-xx?Studio Zero, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]6:50 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1979-09-15 late'Vampira' Bootleg 7" EP - 4th Street Saloon, Bethlehem, PA, USAwav7:33 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitsrecorded 1981-06-xxNewsoundland, Fair Lawn, NJ, USAwav8:32 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitsrecorded 1981-08-xxMix-O-Lydian Studio, Boonton, NJ, USAwav4:23 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1981-11-27Costa Mesawav28:20 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-03-27'Walk Among You' Bootleg CD - Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USAwav40:53 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-04-13Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav32:50 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-04-17Los Angeleswav59:13 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive <= 1982-04-17'Demonomania Club' Bootleg 2CDwav155:59 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-09-25Detroitwav45:10 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-09-26Eagles Lodge, Kalamazoo, MI, USADVD+R [NTSC]37:09 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitsrecorded 1982-10-03Unicorn Recording Studio, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav2:25 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-10-19Finder's Lounge, Hallandale Beach, FL, USAwav41:00 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive <= 1982-10-22'Psychomania' Bootleg CDwav73:00 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1982-10-23 DVD+R52:57 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitscompilation 1977-xx-xx to 1982-xx-xx'Blackcristmas' Bootleg CDwav74:26 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1983-01-07'Why Be Something You're Not?', Group W Cable, Dearborn, MI, USADVD+R25:51 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitssoundcheck 1983-01-30New Orleanswav12:48 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1983-03-20Channel Club, Boston, MA, USADVD+R  
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1983-04-08Los Angeleswav46:28 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1983-06-11Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]4:19 
GLENN DANZIG - The Misfitslive 1983-10-29 DVD+R35:48 
GLENN DANZIG - Samhainlive 1985-05-03The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USADVD+R SBD/AUD
GLENN DANZIG - Samhain'Black Dream: Studio Outtakes Plus Live Tracks' Bootleg CDCD55:53 
GLENN DANZIG - Samhainlive 1999-11-26The Quest, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav35:04 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 1989-01-27Columbiawav43:33 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 1990-09-26Artemus Ham Music Hall, University of Nevada - Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USACD-R67:51B+
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 'Back In Black' Bootleg CDCD68:48 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 1994-06-07 DVD+R38:25 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 1995-06-17Buenos Aireswav69:35 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 1999-11-14 DVD+R  
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 2002-11-23Malmöwav81:37 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 2005-03-01Spirit Performance Center, New York, NY, USAwav79:50 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 2005-03-02 DVD+R  
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 2005-10-29Universal Citywav84:07 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 2007-10-31Los Angeleswav70:20 
GLENN DANZIG - Danziglive 2012-06-01Indianapoliswav83:08 
DARK ANGELlive 1992-01-23Vrije Vloer, Utrecht, NederlandDVD-R38:29 
DARK FUNERALlive 1994-05-04Luse Lottes Pub, Oslo, NorgeDVD+R20:29 
DARK FUNERALlive 1994-05-04Luse Lottes Pub, Oslo, NorgeCD-R20:23 
DARK FUNERALlive 1995-03-24Pipeline, Sundsvall, SverigeDVD+R40:45 
DARK FUNERALlive 1995-03-24Pipeline, Sundsvall, SverigeCD-R37:21 
DARK FUNERALlive 1995-05-25Studion, Stockholm, SverigeCD-R37:27 
DARK FUNERALlive 1995-08-19Folter Records Open Air Festival, Brohm, DeutschlandCD-R29:51 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-03-23Pipeline, Sundsvall, SverigeCD-R36:58FM
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-06-01Bryggis, Västerås, SverigeCD-R52:09 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-06-26Café 44, Stockholm, SverigeCD-R32:14 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-09-01Garage, London, England, UKCD-R43:30 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-09-02Rio's, Bradford, England, UKCD-R51:10 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-09-07Baroeg, Rotterdam, NederlandCD-R44:01 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-09-09Knaack Club, Berlin, DeutschlandCD-R41:34 
DARK FUNERALlive 1996-09-13Drachma Club, Torino, ItaliaCD-R42:10 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-02-09Baroeg, Rotterdam, NederlandCD-R44:02 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-02-12Exil, Trier, DeutschlandCD-R53:17 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-02-22Hellraiser, Leipzig, DeutschlandCD-R46:25 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-02-26U2, Bad Wörishofen, DeutschlandCD-R46:05 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-02-27Bad Bonn, Dudingen, DeutschlandCD-R45:06 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-11-09Pharoh's Golden Cup, Westland, MI, USACD-R36:41 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-11-10Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R44:10 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-11-13The Bat Cave, New York, NY, USADVD+R41:37 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-11-13The Bat Cave, New York, NY, USACD-R41:27 
DARK FUNERALlive 1997-11-13The Bat Cave, New York, NY, USACD-R40:48 
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-03-22Baroeg, Rotterdam, NederlandCD-R53:53 
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-06-12'Live Hultsfred Sweden' Bootleg CD [split CD with Bathory 'Demo 1983 / 1984'] - Open Air Festival, Hultsfred, SverigeCD-R33:52SBD
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-09-26Novum Vox Mortis Festival, Katowice, PolandCD-R61:44 
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-10-07Exil, Trier, DeutschlandCD-R38:43 
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-10-20Kiselkiowa, Minsk, BelarusDVD+R37:52 
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-10-20Kiselkiowa, Minsk, BelarusCD-R37:11 
DARK FUNERALlive 1998-10-25Woodstock, Athens, GreeceCD-R32:29 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-02-11Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA, USADVD+R45:21 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-02-11Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA, USACD-R44:50 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-02-12Club Cocodrie, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R59:54 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-02-12Club Cocodrie, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R59:38 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-04-05Melkweg, Amsterdam, NederlandCD-R41:55 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-04-11Hard Club, Villa Nova De Gaia, PortugalCD-R46:05 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-04-30Highbury Garage, London, England, UKCD-R45:38 
DARK FUNERALlive 1999-11-08Grand, Uppsala, SverigeCD-R65:52 
DARK FUNERALlive 2000-05-01Palaconcerti Acquatica, Milano, ItaliaCD-R32:33 
DARK FUNERALlive 2000-07-15Silesia II Open Air, Opava, Czech RepublicCD-R56:50 
DARK FUNERALlive 2000-11-09Palladium, Worcester, MA, USACD-R51:50 
DARK FUNERALlive 2000-11-10November To Dismember Festival, Orange Pavilion, NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA, USADVD+R29:24 
DARK FUNERALlive 2000-11-10November To Dismember Festival, Orange Pavilion, NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA, USACD-R29:14 
DARK FUNERALlive 2001-06-30Waldrock Festival, Bergum, NederlandCD-R23:34FM
DARK FUNERALlive 2002-01-16Lille Vega, København, DanmarkCD-R61:04 
DARK FUNERALlive 2002-01-24Club Rockers, Västerås, SverigeCD-R60:46 
DARK FUNERALlive 2002-03-30Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USACD-R47:06 
DARK FUNERALlive 2003-09-12'Agios O Baphomet' Bootleg CD - Cali, ColombiaCD-R39:06 
DARK FUNERALlive 2004-07-16Tuska Open Air Festival, Kaisaniemi, FinlandCD-R51:44 
DARK FUNERALlive 2004-12-19Hof Ter Lo, Borgerhout, BelgiëCD-R39:53 
DARK FUNERALlive 2006-03-28Musikloppen, Freetown Christiania, Danmarkwav64:16 
DARK FUNERALlive 2007-02-05Mark's Showplace, Bedford, NH, USAwav58:48 
DARK FUNERALlive 2012-04-14Moscowwav79:43 
DARK FUNERALlive 2012-10-04Jolietwav40:45 
DARK FUNERALlive 2013-08-08Derbyshirewav40:01 
DARKTHRONE'The Roots Of Evilness' Bootleg CDwav58:16 
DARKTHRONE1990's compilation - live 1991 & various TVDVD+R  
DARKTHRONE'A Night Of Unholy Black Metal' Bootleg CDwav67:39 
DARKTHRONE'A Night Of Unholy Black Metal' Bootleg CDwav66:09 
DARKTHRONE'Land Of Frost' Bootleg CDwav46:52 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-03-xxRochesterwav83:28 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-07-07New Yorkwav40:12 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-10-27Romawav85:38 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-11-02Londonwav36:32 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-11-03Pariswav120:45 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-11-04Københavnwav68:08 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-11-05Stockholmwav89:11 
MILES DAVIS Quintetlive 1969-11-09Rotterdamwav58:23 
MILES DAVISlive 1973-06-19Tokyowav90:28 
MILES DAVISlive 1981-08-15Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USA2CD-R97:34 
MILES DAVISlive 1986-08-31Detroit International Jazz Festival, Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI, USA2CD-R95:28 
DEAD BOYSlive 198x-xx-xx?The Ritz, New York, NY, USAwav16:58 
DEAD HORSErecorded 1988-xx-xx'Death Rides A Dead Horse' 1988 demoCD-R11:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1968-10-18The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USADVD52:39 
DEEP PURPLElive 1968-10-18'Inglewood 10.18.68' Bootleg CD - The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USACD-R50:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1968-10-18The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]40:01AUD
DEEP PURPLEradio 1968-10-23'Playboy After Dark' TV, USAwav3:45SBD
DEEP PURPLElive 1969-08-22'Jazz Bilzen', Bilzen, BelgiëDVD24:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1969-08-24'Paradiso Amsterdam 1969' Bootleg CD - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav54:43 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1969-08-24'In Perfect Harmony' Bootleg CDwav60:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-03-04'Zürich 3.5.70' Bootleg CDwav69:48 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-03-04'Zürich 3.5.70' Bootleg CDwav69:47 
DEEP PURPLE & Keith Emersonlive 1970-03-30West Berlinwav71:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-04-04Kölnwav94:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-04-04Kölnwav81:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-04-04'Köln 4.4.70' Bootleg 2CD - Mulheim Stadthalle, Köln, Westdeutschlandwav81:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-04-06Wienwav86:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-05-25 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-06-01Düsseldorf, Westdeutschlandwav73:065 of 10
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-06-07?Eisstadion, München, Westdeutschlandwav59:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-06-08Baselwav87:06 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-06-08St. Jakob Stadium, Basel, Switzerland2CD-R95:07AUD-B+
DEEP PURPLETV 1970-07-28Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England, UKDVD13:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-10-08'Pop Deux', ORTF TV, Paris, FranceDVD+R25:48 
DEEP PURPLE'Out' Bootleg CDCD57:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-11-22Fairfield Hall, Croydon, England, UKwav119:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-11-27Offenbachwav95:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-11-27Offenbach, Deutschlandwav61:501gen
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-11-28Heidelbergwav71:57 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-01-15 & 1970-11-28'Miss Molly At University' Bootleg 2CDwav97:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-12-01Hannoverwav68:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-12-05Circus Krone, München, Deutschlandwav72:11 
DEEP PURPLElive 1970-12-05Münchenwav71:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-02-12Town Hall, Birmingham, England, UKwav72:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-04-07Weser-Ems Halle, Oldenburg, WestdeutschlandCD-R67:42SBD-A-
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-04-07Oldenburgwav64:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-04-10Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschland2CD-R100:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-04-24Aarhuswav113:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-04-24'Danish Yodel - Beware' Bootleg 2CD - Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Danmarkwav112:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-05-21West Berlinwav88:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-05-21Deutschlandhalle, West Berlin, WestdeutschlandCD-R74:23AUD-B
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-05-26Romawav95:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-05-26'Live In Italy' Bootleg 2CD - La Paleur, Roma, Italiawav113:26 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-06-24Kinetic Circus, Birmingham, England, UKwav38:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-07-02'Toronto 7.2.71' Bootleg 2CD - Saint Lawrence Market, Toronto, ON, Canadawav90:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-07-30'Turn Around' Bootleg CD - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav68:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-04Wienwav82:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-04Wienwav79:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-04'The Sensational British Superstar Festival', Stadthalle, Wien, Österreichwav75:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-04'The Sensational British Superstar Festival', Stadthalle, Wien, Österreichwav  
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-24Greens Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav72:28AUD-B+
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-30Bristolwav83:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-09-30Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UKwav84:48 
DEEP PURPLElive 1971-10-05City Hall, Sheffield, England, UKwav82:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-01-28San Bernardinowav77:33AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-01-28Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav77:33AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-02-10'Really Hate The Another Life' Bootleg CD - Sporthalle, Böblingen, Deutschlandwav45:18 
DEEP PURPLETV ~ 1972-02-10'Abendschau 1972', Böblingen, DeutschlandcDVD1:30 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1972-02-10?'Back To The Rock' Bootleg LPwav37:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-02-12'Cold Spring Essen' Bootleg 2CD - Grugahalle, Essen, Westdeutschlandwav85:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-02-20'Wolverhampton 2.20.72' Bootleg 2CDwav91:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-03-04?Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Danmarkwav72:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-03-09'Highway Star' Bootleg CDCD51:03 
DEEP PURPLE'Machine Head 1971' Bootleg CDCD70:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-07-14Spring Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL, USACD-R63:10AUD-C
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-08-15'Syusenkinenbi (Anniversary End Of The War)' Bootleg 2CDwav97:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-08-30New Yorkwav89:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-08-30 2CD-R88:11 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-09-16Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UKwav58:31AUD-B
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-09-29Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, England, UKwav85:03 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-11-11'The Palace 1972' Bootleg CD - Waterbury, CT, USAwav75:14 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-12-16Daniawav82:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-12-16Pirate's World, Dania, FL, USA2CD-R62:30 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-01-16Berlin2CD-R83:44AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1972-02-10 & 1973-01-17'Mary Lose Gear In Fire' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R96:56AUD-2of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-01-19Nürnbergwav78:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-01-19'Nürumberg 1973' Bootleg CD - Messehalle, Nürnberg, Westdeutschlandwav75:30 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-01-21Münchenwav89:05 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-01-23'Münster Master' Bootleg CD - Halle Münsterland, Münster, Westdeutschlandwav59:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-01-23Münsterwav59:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-02-16Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UK2CD-R80:52AUD-B
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-02-16Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UK2CD-R79:18AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-02-16Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UKwav73:213gen
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-02-16Londonwav73:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-02-19The Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, UKwav72:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-02-21Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham, England, UKwav83:12 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-03-11Genovawav75:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-03-14Wienwav77:57 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-03-16Palais des Sports, Lyon, Francewav49:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-03-16Palais des Sports, Lyon, FranceCD-R47:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-03-18Zurichwav60:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-03-20'Bruxelles 3.20.73' Bootleg CDwav63:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-05-24Music Hall, Boston, MA, USAwav91:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-05-26New Yorkwav63:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-05-27New Yorkwav21:00 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1973-05-27?'Deepest 1973' Bootleg 2CDwav142:52 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-05-30Hempsteadwav21:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-06-23'The Saturation Point' Bootleg 2CD - Shiei Taikukan Hall, Hiroshima, Japanwav82:15AUD-VG
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-06-24'The Story Of A Loser (It Could Be You)' Bootleg 2CD - Shikokaido Hall, Nagoya, Japanwav75:42AUD-VG
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-06-25'Square It Up - Live In Japan 1973' Bootleg 2CD - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav92:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-06-25'Destroyed The Arena' Bootleg 2CD - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav89:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-06-27'A Night Of The Machine' Bootleg 2CD - Osakawav79:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-06-29'The End, Good-Bye' Bootleg 2CD - Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japanwav83:36 
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-12-11'White Nights' Bootleg 2CD - Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav90:27AUD-VG
DEEP PURPLElive 1973-12-14Brusselswav93:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-03-06Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav88:53 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-03-17Uniondale, NY, USAwav82:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-04-06'Let's Go Space Trucking' Bootleg CD - 'California Jam', Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USACD72:46 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1974-04-09'In Flame' Bootleg 2CDwav96:55 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-04-19Edinburgh, England, UKwav111:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-05-06City Hall, Sheffield, England, UK2CD-R86:43AUD-A
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-05-12London, England, UKwav96:48 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-05-09'Hammersmith 74' Bootleg 2CD - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav82:39 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-05-09 & 1974-05-12'Hammersmith 74' Bootleg 2CDwav82:39 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-08-29Kansas Citywav66:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-09-18'Burnt Purple' Bootleg 2CD - Stadthalle, Bremen, Westdeutschlandwav116:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-09-20Olympiahalle, München, Westdeutschlandwav64:18AUD-A
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-09-27'Edge Of Insanity' Bootleg 2CD - Berlin, Deutschlandwav100:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-12-11Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav99:49AUD-A
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-12-11'A Prelude To The Breakdown' Bootleg 2CD - Milwaukee, WI, USAwav108:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-01-25'Sunbury 1.25.75' Bootleg CD - Melbournewav57:12 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-03-20Brøndby Hallen, Brøndby, København, Danmarkwav AUD-A
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-03-21'Gypsy In Sweden' Bootleg 2CD - Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav98:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-03-29Köln, Deutschlandwav88:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-03-30'No Encore Tonight' Bootleg 2CD - Hamburg, Deutschlandwav84:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-13Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand2CD-R98:56AUD-A-
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-20Sydney, Australiawav84:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-20Sydneywav84:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-20Sydney, Australiawav84:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-22Brisbanewav93:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-25Festival Hall, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav107:42 
DEEP PURPLE - Tommy Bolininterview 1975-11-26Melbourne, Australiawav19:26 
DEEP PURPLErecorded 1975-11-25 & 1975-11-26'Taste It Down Under' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R128:23AUD-B+
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-25 & 1975-11-26'Taste It Downunder' Bootleg 2CD - Melbourne, Australiawav127:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-11-26Melbourne, Australiawav107:42 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-04National Exhibition Auditorium, Jakarta, Indonesiawav58:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-04National Exhibition Auditorium, Jakarta, Indonesiawav58:14 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-08Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japanwav FM-B-
DEEP PURPLE+compilation 1975-12-08 & 1975-xx-xx'First Taste In Nagoya' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav101:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-11Osakawav108:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-11'Drifter' Bootleg 2CD - Osakawav106:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-12Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan, Fukuoka, Japanwav AUD-A-
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-12'Always Teasin'' Bootleg 2CD - Fukuoka, Japanwav106:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 1975-12-15'Made In Tokyo' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyo, Japanwav128:26 
DEEP PURPLE'16 Gold Bars' Bootleg DVD - ?????DVD-R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-01-18'Bolin's Boogie' Bootleg 2CD - Philadelphiawav102:06 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-01-23New Yorkwav104:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-08'In Deep Grief' Bootleg 2CDwav103:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-08Miamiwav104:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-08Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, USA2CD-R103:02AUD-B-
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-08'Getting Tighter In Miami' Bootleg 2CD - Miamiwav104:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-15Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI, USA2CD-R110:29AUD-B
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-22Houston, TX, USAcDVD6:12 
DEEP PURPLE+various 1974-03-19 to 1976-02-22+'Come Taste The Burning Stormbringer' Bootleg 2DVD-R2DVD109:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 1974-05-22 & 1976-02-27'Georgia On My Mind' Bootleg CDwav49:07 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-02-28Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav AUD-B+
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-13Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav102:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-13'No One Was Spared' Bootleg 2CD-R - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav102:20VG-/VG+
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-13Londonwav100:58 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-13Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav99:57 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-13'Crisis, What Crisis?' Bootleg 2CD - Londonwav100:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-13Londonwav83:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 'Live Storm I & II' Bootleg 2CD2CD91:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 1976-03-15 & 1976-12-xx'The Last Straw' Bootleg 2CD - Liverpoolwav104:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 1980-06-28Estadio INDE (Ciudad de los Deportes), Mexico City, MexicocDVD [NTSC]6:11 
DEEP PURPLEinterview 'Who Do They Think They Are' Interview CDCD43:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-11-27Entertainment Center, Perth, WA, Australiawav101:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-12-12Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia2DVD+R [PAL]115:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-12-12Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav113:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-12-13 3DVD+R121:09 
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-12-13 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-12-14Sydney, Australia2DVD112:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1984-12-16'Back In Action' Bootleg 2LP - Sports & Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav105:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-01-24The Summit, Houston, TX, USAwav104:51AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-01-28El Pasowav110:48 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-01-28El Pasowav110:48 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-01-31Daly City, CA, USAwav109:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-01-31Daly City, CA, USAwav107:292gen-AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-02Long Beachwav102:33 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-02Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav97:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-04Phoenix, AZ, USAwav116:24 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-07Albuquerquewav112:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-16Chicagowav100:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-16UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USAwav102:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-16Chicagowav62:53 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-16Chicagowav11:26 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-17UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USAwav111:15AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-23The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav117:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-26New Haven, CT, USAwav84:03 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-28Worcesterwav110:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-02-28, 1985-03-02 & 1985-03-03'Live In Worcester 1985' Bootleg 6CD-Rwav322:07 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-03-05'Worth The Wait' Bootleg 2CD - Civic Centre, Providence, RI, USAwav109:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-03-11Detroit, USAwav111:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-03-25East Rutherford, USAwav117:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-03-31MontréalDVD+R116:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-04-01'Complete Strangers' Bootleg 2LP [Doinker remaster] - Maple Leaf, Toronto, Canadawav91:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-04-01'Complete Strangers' Bootleg 2LP [Doinker remaster] - Torontowav91:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-08Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, JapanDVD+R [NTSC]83:06 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-08'Deep Impact' Bootleg 4CD - Osakawav192:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-09'Killing Machine' Bootleg 4CD - Osakawav242:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-08 & 1985-05-09'Naniwa In Rock' Bootleg 4CD - Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japanwav215:09 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-14'The Gambling House' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav114:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-14'The Ricochet' Bootleg 2CDwav115:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-15'Perfect Machine' Bootleg 2CDwav115:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-13, 1985-05-14 & 1985-05-16'Perfect Gunners' Bootleg 6CDwav347:35 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-05-20Rochesterwav91:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-14 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-14Stockholmwav89:14 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-14Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sverigewav109:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-15Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R103:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-15Stockholmwav104:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-15Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sverigewav107:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-16Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R106:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-16'Third Night' Bootleg 2CD - Isstadion, Stockholm, Sverigewav112:26 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-18Malmö, SverigeDVD96:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-18Isstadion, Malmö, Sverigewav92:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-24'Made In Belgium' Bootleg 2LPwav92:50AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-27Stadthalle, Wien, ÖsterreichDVD+R126:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-29'The Deep Purple Open Air '85', Maimarkt-Gelände, Mannheim, Westdeutschland2CD-R103:59AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-06'The Deep Purple Open Air '85', Zeppelinfeld, Nürnbergwav110:57AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-08'Under The Gun' Bootleg 2CD - Paris, Francewav106:58 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-09Paris, FranceDVD DL101:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-09Palais Omnisports, Paris, FranceDVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-09+'Parlez-Vous Purple' Bootleg 2CD - Palais Omnisports, Paris, France2CD117:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-11Nicewav104:24 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-11Nice, Francewav101:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-07-14'The Perfect Live Album' Bootleg 2CD - Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerlandwav117:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-08-14Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD, USA2CD-R100:45AUD-2of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1986-04-27Troywav78:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1986-04-27Troywav37:58 
DEEP PURPLEradio 1986-0x-xxBBC Radio 1wav3:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-01-26Budapest, Hungarywav115:52 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-01-28Budapest, Hungarywav117:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-01-28Sportcsarnok, Budapest, HungaryDVD+R110:16 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-04DortmundDVD+R101:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-04Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Westdeutschland2CD-R107:28AUD-5of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-06Saarbrückenwav95:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-08 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-08'Ritchie's Dream' Bootleg 2CD - Sporthalle, Köln, Westdeutschlandwav94:56AUD-VG/EX
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-09Festhalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, WestdeutschlandDVD+R [PAL]  
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-11Eppelheimwav98:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-15Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland2CD-R93:38AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-18Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Westdeutschlandwav3:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-25 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLEinterview 1987-02-25Sverigewav8:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-02-27StockholmDVD+R56:03 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-03-03Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, England, UKwav AUD-B+
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-03-04Londonwav111:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-03-06Edinburghwav102:12 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-04-16'Mad Dog USA' Bootleg 2CDwav105:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-04-17Hartfordwav120:33 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-02Indianapoliswav100:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-07Kalamazoowav101:33 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-08DetroitDVD+R82:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-15Civic Center, St. Paul, MN, USAwav115:48AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-17Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, USA2CD-R106:36AUD-B
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-23Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USAwav91:56SBD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-24Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA2CD-R103:27AUD-B
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-28Sacramentowav61:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-29San Diegowav98:00 
DEEP PURPLErecorded 1987-08-19Helsinki, FinlandDVD [PAL]14:16 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-08-19Helsinki, Finland2DVD [PAL]85:09 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-08-26WienDVD+R101:42 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-08-26WienDVD100:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-08-29'Monsterrock In Nuremberg' Bootleg 2CD-R - 'Monsters Of Rock' Festival, Messegelände, Nürnberg, Westdeutschlandwav118:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-05-23 & 1987-08-30'Locked In A Paper Cage' Bootleg 2CD - Irvinewav117:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-09-01Milanowav99:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-09-02'Lost Milan Tape' Bootleg 2CDwav91:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 1987-09-07Arena di Verona, Verona, Italia2CD-R97:00AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLEradio 1988-06-20'Rockline'wav42:44radio-A
DEEP PURPLElive 1988-08-16East Rutherfordwav79:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1988-09-13Udinewav92:17 
DEEP PURPLElive 1988-09-21 & 1988-09-24'Knock The Truckin'' Bootleg 4CDwav184:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 1988-09-25Kölnwav91:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 1988-09-29Stadthalle, Bremen, Westdeutschlandwav79:24 
DEEP PURPLErecorded 1990-xx-xx'The Battle Of Slaves & Masters' Bootleg CDCD-R25:32 
DEEP PURPLEradio 1991-xx-xx'The Battle Of Slaves & Masters' Bootleg CDCD-R4:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-01-29Palac Kultury a Sportu, Ostrava, Czech RepublicDVD+R100:21PRO
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-01-29Palac Kultury a Sportu, Ostrava, Czech Republic2CD-R99:32SBD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-04 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-05Budapest, HungaryDVD [PAL]59:03PRO
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-05Budapest, HungaryDVD58:26PRO
DEEP PURPLETV ~ 1991-02-06'Hard Rock Café'DVD43:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-09Marseillewav101:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-12Salle Galaxie, Amnéville, FranceDVD49:36 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-13Festhalle, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschlandwav107:09 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-15MünchenDVD+R88:06 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-17'Ritchie Laughs' Bootleg 2CD-R - Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Deutschlandwav92:44 
DEEP PURPLEstudio & live 1990-xx-xx & 1991-02-18'Slaves & Sessions' Bootleg 2CDwav137:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-20EssenDVD+R92:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-20Essenwav97:07 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-26ParisDVD+R95:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-26'Cantabile' Bootleg 2CDwav94:17 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-26Pariswav100:05 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-02-26'Ritchie's Mix - French Masters 1991' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav103:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-04 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-07Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NederlandDVD+R [PAL]  
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-08Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, BelgiëDVD+R104:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-11Edinburgh, Scotland, UKwav108:42 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-11Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKwav108:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-16LondonDVD+R46:17 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-03-06 & 1991-03-16'A Whiter Shade Of Purple' Bootleg 2CDwav130:58 
DEEP PURPLETV 1991-04-05'Raw Power' TV?DVD+R7:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-04-12Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USADVD+R [PAL]96:21AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-04-18 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-06-25Tokyowav95:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-06-26'Blaze And Fire' Bootleg 2CD-R & DVD-R - Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, JapanDVD86:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-06-26Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, JapanDVD+R96:09 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-06-26'Slaves And Masters Tour 1991' Bootleg 2CDwav94:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-08-16Ginásio Estadual Geraldo José de Almeida, São Paulo, Brasilwav98:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-08-17Ginásio Estadual Geraldo José de Almeida, São Paulo, BrasilDVD+R99:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-08-17Ginásio Estadual Geraldo José de Almeida, São Paulo, Brasilwav98:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-08-18 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1991-08-21'Slaves And Kings' Bootleg 2CD - São Paulo, Brasil2CD-R94:28 
DEEP PURPLErecorded 1992-xx-xx'The Battle Of Slaves & Masters' Bootleg CDCD-R27:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-09-25Firenzewav114:46 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-09-26Milanowav113:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-09-26'Lost Milan Tape 1993' Bootleg 2CDwav98:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-09-27 DVD+R113:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-02Kielwav116:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-03Festhalle, Frankfurt am Main, DeutschlandDVD+R [NTSC]  
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-04Grugahalle, Essen, Deutschlandwav127:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-07Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, DeutschlandDVD+R110:39 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-08Hamburgwav124:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-08Hamburgwav91:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-10 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-10Kölnwav119:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-11 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-14 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-14Münchenwav120:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-16Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, DeutschlandDVD+R125:12 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-18Nancywav113:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-19'Battle-Cries' Bootleg 2CD - Paris, France2CD127:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-19'Paris Battle' Bootleg 2CD - Pariswav126:17 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-27WienDVD+R117:17 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-29Jubiläumshalle, Wels, Österreichwav112:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-30Sportovní hala, Prague, Czech Republic2DVD+R111:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-30Praguewav95:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-10-31'The Day After The Battle' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav118:17 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-02Brussels2DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-02Brusselswav127:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-08Brixton Academy, London, England, UKwav125:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-07 to 1993-11-08'The Legend Lives On…' Bootleg CD - Brixton Academy, London, England, UKwav49:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-12Københavnwav118:01 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-15Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norge2DVD+R127:24 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-15Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, NorgeDVD+R121:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-15Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norgewav125:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-17 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-11-17Helsinkiwav127:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-12-03'The Battle' Bootleg 2CD - Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japan2CD-R135:52AUD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-12-05'Flying In A Purple Dream' Bootleg 2CD - Bunka Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japanwav136:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-12-06 to 1993-12-08'The Tokyo Battle' Bootleg 6CD - Tokyowav413:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-12-07Tokyo2DVD+R135:16 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-12-07'Battle Rages At Budokan' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyowav136:53 
DEEP PURPLElive 1993-12-08'Battle Machine' Bootleg 2CDwav134:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-05-20Sankt Gallenwav62:58 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-10Karlshamn, Sverigewav131:521gen
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-11GöteborgDVD+R109:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-11Göteborgwav124:39 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1994-06-11'Emptiness, Eagles And Snow' Bootleg 2CDwav149:30 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-16SaarbrückenDVD-R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-16Saarbrückenwav121:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-21Lonigo, ItaliaDVD118:46 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-21Lonigowav114:16 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-21Lonigo, ItaliaDVD [PAL]112:16 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-22GenovaDVD+R118:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-22'Spirit Of Freedom' Bootleg 2CD - Palasport, Genova, Italiawav120:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-22'Welcome Joe' Bootleg 2CD - Palasport, Genova, Italia2CD-R121:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-24Den Boschwav118:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-26Sankt Gallenwav110:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-26'Fireball Over Switzerland' Bootleg CDwav77:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-06-26Sankt Gallenwav63:07 
DEEP PURPLEradio 1994-06-26'Rock Special Radio'wav41:51 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1994-07-01'Fireball Over Madrid' Bootleg 2CDwav130:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 1994-11-23Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexicowav114:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1995-03-04'Purple Sunrise' Bootleg 2CD - Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL, USAwav127:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 1995-03-19'In Seoul '95' Bootleg 2CD - Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea2CD-R138:14TV/AUD-4&5of5
DEEP PURPLEradio 1995-03-235fm, Johannesburg, South Africawav17:11 
DEEP PURPLEradio 1995-03-23'The Battle Of Slaves & Masters' Bootleg CD - 5fm, Johannesburg, South AfricaCD-R17:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-02-16Reading Festival, Rivermead, England, UKwav133:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-02-22Bournemouthwav124:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-02-25Leicesterwav131:07 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-02-29Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK2CD-R124:45AUD-2of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-01Aberdeenwav122:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-12Ulmwav125:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-13EssenDVD+R127:52 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-13Essenwav127:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-15Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, DeutschlandDVD-R127:34AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-15Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Deutschland2CD-R132:30AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-18Hallewav121:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-23Brussels, Belgiëwav129:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-03-27?'When A Blind Man Cries' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R118:28 
DEEP PURPLElive <= 1996-03-30'Purple Rose Of Hanau' Bootleg 2CDwav151:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-04-03Wien, ÖsterreichDVD93:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-06-02Poznanwav112:14 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-06-06Pordenonewav118:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-06-16?'Olympia Rehearsals 1996' Bootleg CDwav67:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-06-22Dynamo Stadium, Moscow, Russiawav78:02FM-"outstanding"
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-06-23Dynamo Stadium, Moscow, RussiaDVD+R90:03PRO
DEEP PURPLElive 1985-06-15 to 1996-07-05'We Found The Guitar' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R131:06AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-07-05Brottet, Halmstad, Sverigewav110:34 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-09-13Izolawav111:30 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-09-15Olimpic National Sports Complex, Kiev, UkraineDVD+R [PAL]  
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-10-25Nagoyawav127:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-10-29Osakawav121:16 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-11-01Kawagushiwav122:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-11-04Sendaiwav123:55 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-11-06Sapporowav120:33 
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-11-26Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA2CD-R116:02AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-11-29 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 1996-11-30Akronwav113:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 1997-03-03Buenos Aireswav107:54 
DEEP PURPLElive 1997-03-20Olympia, São Paulo, Brasilwav105:12 
DEEP PURPLElive 1997-12-13House of Blues, New Orleans, LA, USA2CD-R88:14FM-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1997-12-16Chicagowav103:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1997-12-17'The Legendary Show At The House Of Blues' Bootleg 2CD - House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA2CD-R116:42AUD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-01-31Hollywoodwav111:07 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-06-21Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, DeutschlandDVD34:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-06-22'You Need One!' Bootleg 2CD-R - Radsporthalle, Velodrom, Berlin, Deutschland2CD-R124:52AUD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-07-09Pariswav131:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-08-08Great Woods Amphitheater, Mansfield, MA, USAwav94:50 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-08-11Harvey's Lakewav87:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-09-20Oviedowav106:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-09-24Brusselswav101:55 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-10-01Københavnwav104:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-10-15Birminghamwav112:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-11-21Olympiyski Sports Arena, Moscow, Russiawav46:22TV-A
DEEP PURPLElive 1998-11-27Sofiawav124:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 1999-03-31Velódromo Estadio Nacional, Santiago de Chile, ChileDVD+R [NTSC]  
DEEP PURPLElive 1999-06-16Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, Deutschland2CD-R124:37AUD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 1999-07-31Triport Rock Festival, Songdo, Inchon, South Koreawav28:59 
DEEP PURPLETV 2000-02-03'Deep Purple Special', OffenbachDVD47:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 2000-03-25'The Band Is Here' Bootleg 2CD - Kokusai Forum, Tokyo, Japanwav109:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 2000-03-26'Surprised Perfectly' Bootleg 2CD - Kokusai Forum, Tokyo, Japanwav111:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 2000-03-30'Furious Fingers' Bootleg 2CD - Gaijyutsu Hall, Nagoya, Japanwav129:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 2000-04-13OAKA Sports Hall, Athens, Greece2CD-R119:16SBD-A
DEEP PURPLEradio 2000-05-03'Rockline'wav42:25 
DEEP PURPLE & Ronnie James Diolive 2000-10-07Stockholmwav149:31 
DEEP PURPLE & Ronnie James Diolive 2000-10-15Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland3DVD+R [PAL]145:23 
DEEP PURPLE, Ronnie James Dio, Romanian Philharmonic Orchestralive 2000-10-27Wienwav151:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 2001-06-16Mansfieldwav72:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 2001-08-22"Summer Rock 2001", Park des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Nürnberg, Deutschland2CD-R103:16AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-02-07Nottinghamwav131:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-02-08Harrogatewav117:01 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-05-09Fort Canning Park, Singapore, Singaporewav120:19AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-06-19Atlantawav76:38 
DEEP PURPLE2002-06-21Charlottewav [24/96]78:35 
DEEP PURPLE2002-06-21Charlottewav [16/44.1]78:35 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-07-10Tower City Amphitheater, Tower City Center, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R75:57AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-07-12Chicago, IL, USAwav74:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-08-02Chula Vistawav79:02 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-09-03VW Halle, Braunschweig, Deutschlandwav100:06 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-09-11Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK2CD-R106:41AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-09-14Birminghamwav102:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-09-18Bristolwav107:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 2002-09-19Regent Theatre, Ipswich, England, UKwav112:01 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-06-14Bonnwav85:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-06-14Museumsplatz, Bonn, DeutschlandDVD-R3:03 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-06-15Hutbergbühne, Kamenz, DeutschlandDVD+R [PAL]91:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-06-17Parkbühne Wuhlheide, Berlin, Deutschland2CD-R93:19AUD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-06-25Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav96:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-08-20Columbiahalle, Berlin, Deutschland2CD-R85:25SBD-5of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-09-16ATL Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilwav98:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-09-18Kaiser Music Festival, Gigantinho Stadium, Pôrto Alegre, Brasilwav96:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-09-20São Paulowav96:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-09-23Auditoria Nacional, Mexico City, Mexicowav106:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-11-06 DVD+R DL  
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-11-14Festival Hall, Basel, SwitzerlandDVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-11-14Festival Hall, Basel, Switzerlandwav105:45SBD
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-11-17T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czech Republicwav108:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-12-03'Unreal… Live In Poland' Bootleg 2CD-R - Spodek, Katowice, Polandwav94:57 
DEEP PURPLElive 2003-12-05Ljubljanawav98:52 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-02-09Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, USAwav113:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-02-11'The Axemans' Bootleg 2CD-R - Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, USAwav123:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-02-13Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USAwav119:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-02-14Los Angeleswav120:24 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-02-26Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada2DVD+R118:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-02-26Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada2CD-R115:49AUD-4of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-03-31Beijing Gymnasium, Beijing, ChinaDVD+R71:50TV
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-04-20Lyric Theatre, Star City, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav111:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-07-04 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-07-09Weertwav94:39 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-08-15Wantaghwav87:21 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-08-17Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, USAwav85:11 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-08-23Milwaukeewav93:03 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-09-02Reno Hilton Amphitheatre, Reno, NV, USADVD+R84:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-09-05''Bone Bash V', Chronicle Pavilion, Concord, CA, USAwav89:42 
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-10-12Platinum Arena, Khabarovsk, RussiaDVD+R [NTSC]  
DEEP PURPLElive 2004-11-08Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav91:47 
DEEP PURPLElive 2005-03-03Caprices Festival, Crans Montana, Switzerlandwav90:03 
DEEP PURPLElive 2005-06-11Chevrolet Amphitheater, Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav83:49 
DEEP PURPLElive 2005-07-01''A Taste of Minnesota', Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN, USAwav79:27 
DEEP PURPLElive 2005-07-16'A Hot Summer Sirtaki Night' Bootleg 2CD-R - OFI Stadium, Heraklion, Crete, Greecewav89:41AUD-VG
DEEP PURPLElive 2005-08-14'Find On The Way' Bootleg CD - Osakawav59:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 2005-09-03Polo Bikerfestival 2005, Reisholz-Hafen, Düsseldorf, Deutschlandwav88:39 
DEEP PURPLEvarious 2005-10-31 to 2005-11-03051xxx compilation DVDDVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-01-17Astoria, London, England, UKwav116:15 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-01-21Madridwav116:55 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-02-06Max Schmeling Halle, Berlin, Deutschlandwav119:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-02-10Dortmund, Deutschlandwav116:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-02-11Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Deutschlandwav120:41AUD
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-02-14Treveswav117:30 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-02-15Wetzlarwav113:39 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-02-xxAlice Cooper & Deep Purple 0602xx compilation DVDDVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-05-18''Our Own Peculiar Ways' Bootleg 2CD-R - Osakawav109:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-06-03Milton Keyneswav84:57 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-06-08 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-06-09"Arrow Rock Festival", Rock Garden, De Schans, Lichtenvoorde, Nederland2CD-R88:40AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-06-21Tromsøwav94:11 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-07-10Kosicewav129:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-07-15 DVD+R88:10 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-07-15 DVD+R55:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-08-12Openair Ebikon, Schulhaus Höfli, Luzern, Switzerland2CD-R90:51AUD-3of5
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-10-16Ekaterinburgwav105:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-10-18Kazanwav111:52 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-10-19Moscowwav109:37 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-10-20St. Petersburgwav114:59 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-11-04Lillewav109:11 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-11-07Amnevillewav116:09 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-11-23Montevideowav107:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-11-27São Paulowav29:42 
DEEP PURPLElive 2006-12-01 DVD+R111:15 
DEEP PURPLE & MotörheadTV 2007-01-12'Taratata'DVD+R58:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-03-10Palasport Acireale, Acireale, ItaliaDVD+R [PAL]  
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-03-25Strasbourgwav109:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-03-26Beauvaiswav109:14 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-04-24Nottinghamwav88:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-04-27Bournemouthwav88:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-01Glasgowwav92:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-03Birminghamwav92:20 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-11Zürichwav115:06 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-11Zürichwav114:24 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-18Antwerpenwav110:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-19Hellendoornwav91:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-20Esch sur Alzettewav108:05 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-23Helsinkiwav111:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-23Helsinkiwav108:45 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-05-26Jellingwav87:04 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-07-24The Pageant, Saint Louis, MO, USAwav96:38 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-07-31Bostonwav100:58 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-07-31Bostonwav101:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-11-04 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-11-08 DVD+R DL  
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-11-18Pariswav115:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-11-19Liegewav117:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-11-25Le Manswav114:13 
DEEP PURPLElive 2007-11-27Angoulêmewav112:55 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-07-26Open Air am Tanzbrunnen, Köln, Deutschlandwav94:44 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-07-30British International Motor Show, ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London Docklands, London, England, UKwav95:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-08-01Siegenwav94:42 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-08-09Ystadwav106:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-08-12Helsinkiwav104:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-04Messehalle, Erfurt, Deutschlandwav112:12 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-07Festhalle, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland2DVD+R [PAL]110:31 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-10Borderlandhalle, Magdeburg, Deutschlandwav106:36 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-11Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin, Deutschlandwav113:22 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-13König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Deutschlandwav110:28 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-14Europahalle, Karlsruhe, Deutschlandwav110:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-15Münchenwav115:56 
DEEP PURPLElive 2008-11-18St. Jacobshalle, Basel, Switzerlandwav115:24 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-04-08Tokyowav6:33 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-04-13Osakawav97:07 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-04-15Tokyowav103:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-05-03Bratislavawav98:32 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-05-04Praguewav102:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-11-11Glasgowwav95:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-11-15Londonwav99:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-11-18Antwerpenwav101:51 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-12-11Jesolowav111:29 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-12-14Perugiawav114:40 
DEEP PURPLElive 2009-12-16Bolognawav109:05 
DEEP PURPLElive 2010-04-28Sydneywav100:18 
DEEP PURPLElive 2010-05-10Hong Kongwav100:54 
DEEP PURPLE+live 2010-06-12'Rock On The Volga', Samara, RussiaDVD+R96:58 
DEEP PURPLE+live 2010-06-12'Rock On The Volga', Samara, RussiaDVD+R95:19 
DEEP PURPLElive 2010-07-23Arezzowav104:43 
DEEP PURPLElive 2010-07-29Teatro Antico di Taormina, Taormina, ItaliaDVD+R [PAL]  
DEEP PURPLElive 2011-03-23Moscowwav106:08 
DEEP PURPLElive 2012-02-04Monctonwav108:53 
DEEP PURPLElive 2013-04-30Ischglwav86:00 
DEEP PURPLElive 2013-08-13Colmarwav107:41 
DEEP PURPLElive 2013-08-13Colmarwav109:23 
DEEP PURPLElive 2013-10-17Londonwav109:25 
DEEP PURPLElive 2013-11-01Dortmundwav109:43 
DEEP PURPLE - The Artwoodslive 1964-xx-xx'Begin Here' Bootleg LPwav52:13 
DEEP PURPLE - The Artwoodslive 1967-xx-xx'Live At Funny Park' Bootleg LPwav45:46 
DEEP PURPLE - Roger Gloverradio 1986-04-27WPYX FM radio interview backstage @ 860427 concertwav2:18 
DEEP PURPLE - Jon Lord, DC, GH1974-06-?? DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLE - Jon Lordradio 1984-03-22Swedenwav4:01 
DEEP PURPLE - Steve Morselive 1983-10-07New Yorkwav16:12 
DEEP PURPLE - Ian PaiceTV 1983-02-xx8302xx 'Gastank' UK TV compilation DVDcDVD  
DEEP PURPLE - Ian Paice & otherslive 2002-09-2911th International Percussion Festival, Jan Kochanowski Theatre, Opole, Polandwav45:27 
DEEP PURPLE - Ian Paice & otherslive 2004-05-25Wienwav127:27 
DEEP PURPLE - Nick Simper & Nasty Habitslive 2009-03-11 DVD+R  
DEEP PURPLE - Nick Simper & Nasty Habitslive 2010-04-15Wien, ÖsterreichDVD64:37 
DEEP PURPLE - one-offTV 1999-xx-xx'The Butterfly Ball' documentary - 'The Story Of Love Is All'DVD+R24:07 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Cry Free & Ken Hensleylive 2010-12-03Pecs, HungaryDVD91:41 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Cry Freelive 2011-01-15Budapest, HungaryDVD81:05 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Cry Freelive 2011-08-20Halásztelek, HungaryDVD83:35 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Cry Freelive 2011-10-28'Purple Zeppelin Jam' - Club202, Budapest, Hungary2DVD175:33 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Demon's Eye & Ian Paicelive 2007-02-25Grazer Orpheum, Graz, Österreichwav119:43 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Demon's Eye & Doogie Whitelive 2008-11-28Spirit Of 66, Verviers, België2DVD+R* [PAL] AUD
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Demon's Eye & Doogie Whitelive 2008-11-29Blues Garage, Isernhagen, DeutschlandDVD+R DL [PAL] AUD
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Demon's Eyelive 2011-11-19Bruchsal, Deutschland2DVD105:29 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Demon's Eye & Doogie Whitelive 2012-03-16Solingen, Deutschlandwav146:37 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Demon's Eye & Doogie Whitelive 2012-05-19Netphen, Siegerland, Deutschlandwav98:01 
DEEP PURPLE tribute - Purpendicular/Ian Paice/Roger Gloverlive 2012-03-21Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerlandwav146:09 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1979-08-22Londonwav31:50 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1979-09-15Paris Theatre, London, England, UKCD-R29:31FM-A
DEF LEPPARDlive 1980-05-21Fresnowav42:15 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1980-06-14Milwaukeewav25:08 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1980-08-24Reading Festival, Reading, England, UKCD-R27:19FM-A
DEF LEPPARDlive 1981-07-18Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKCD-R67:12AUD-B+
DEF LEPPARDlive 1981-07-18Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKCD-R48:28 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1981-12-05Lassanawav22:32 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-02-09Marquee Club, London, England, UKwav72:31VG
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-06-09Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R87:04 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-06-09 DVD+R  
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-08-03Seattle, WA, USAwav96:34SBD-EX
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-09-11The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA2CD-R117:32 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-10-08Stockholmwav80:20 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-10-20Milanowav79:53 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-12-05Londonwav81:33 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-12-18 DVD+R DL  
DEF LEPPARDlive 1983-12-18'ZDF Festival', Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund, WestdeutschlandDVD+R27:44 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1986-08-23Stockholmwav63:50 
DEF LEPPARDinterview 1987-10-26Indianapoliswav6:20 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1987-10-26Indianapoliswav104:02 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1987-10-30Fort Waynewav105:38 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1988-02-03Buffalowav99:23 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1988-04-11Londonwav91:08 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1988-06-11Torontowav87:27 
DEF LEPPARDlive 1988-06-12 DVD+R  
DEF LEPPARDlive 1988-10-01Hamiltonwav103:45 
DEKAPITATORlive 1998-03-13San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R21:13 
DESTRUCTIONDestruction 'Bestial Invasion Of Hell' demo / Tormentor 'End Of The World' demo Bootleg CDwav38:37 
DESTRUCTIONlive 1984-09-23Black Metal DayCD-R18:01 
DESTRUCTIONlive 1984-12-01'World War III Festival', Palladium, Essen, Westdeutschlandwav27:01 
DESTRUCTIONvarious 1984-xx-xx & 1985-05-27'Invincible Invasion' Bootleg CDwav55:25 
DESTRUCTIONlive 1985-11-30Montréalwav58:53 
DESTRUCTIONlive 1986-09-11Zeche, Bochum, Westdeutschlandwav16:24 
DESTRUCTIONlive 1989-04-15Hartfordwav45:05 
DESTRUCTIONsoundcheck & live 2000-07-27Montréal Metalfest, Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R89:29 
DESTRUCTIONlive 2005-12-05Escape Club, Bucharest, RomaniaDVD+R56:02 
DESTRUCTIONlive 2007-11-13Rios, Leeds, England, UKDVD+R  
DESTRUCTIONlive 2007-11-14The Old Angel, Nottingham, England, UKDVD+R  
DESTRUCTIONlive 2008-12-05Klubi, Tampere, Finlandwav [16/?]97:28 
BRUCE DICKINSONcompilation 1984-xx-xx to 1986-xx-xx1984-1986 MTV appearances compilation DVDDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-06-23Glasgowwav78:45 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-06-28Londonwav62:13 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-07-15Asbury Parkwav74:58 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-07-20Poughkeepsiewav78:22 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-08-01Torontowav71:01 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-08-06Minneapoliswav73:37 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1990-08-08Dallaswav59:21 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1994-05-27Budapestwav27:55 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1994-05-28Budapestwav22:57 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1994-05-30Madridwav61:16 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1994-06-12Helsinkiwav27:33 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1994-10-18Londonwav83:44 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1995-03-11Buenos AiresDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1995-03-15São PauloDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1996-03-27Rockferéndum 1995, Sala Midnight, Madrid, EspañaDVD+R11:19 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1996-04-24Malmöwav61:06 
BRUCE DICKINSONTV 1996-05-08'Headbanger's Ball' MTVcDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONcompilation 1994-05-21 to 1996-05-22940521-960522 Italy TV compilation DVDDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1996-05-30Madridwav61:16 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1996-05-31PamplonaDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1996-08-02Clevelandwav74:44 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-07-05Madridwav55:06 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-09-01San Franciscowav80:58 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-09-02West Hollywoodwav66:08 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-09-22Clevelandwav82:45 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-10-03Old Bridgewav88:52 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-10-31Katowicewav57:52 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-11-15São PauloDVD  
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1997-11-15'Accident In Brazil' Bootleg CD - São Paulo, Brasilwav73:31 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1998-11-07Kölnwav88:25 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1998-11-08Frankfurt am Mainwav96:29 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1998-11-27Hardenbergwav98:39 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1998-11-28Baarlowav98:41 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1998-12-12Athenswav105:49 
BRUCE DICKINSON & Adrian Smithinterview 1999-04-23Curitibawav12:36 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1999-04-23Curitibawav74:09 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1999-04-23Curitibawav15:10 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 1999-04-24VinhedoDVD101:11 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 2002-07-06Desselwav42:30 
BRUCE DICKINSONlive 2002-07-21Athenswav78:08 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 1975-02-03Wienwav127:02 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 1975-11-22Hempsteadwav82:02 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To ForeverTV 1976-xx-xx'The Old Grey Whistle Test', BBC Television Theatre, London, England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]40:39TV-VG++
AL DI MEOLAlive 1977-04-23 earlyPaul's Mall, Boston, MA, USAwav64:481gen-AUD-perf A / rec B+
AL DI MEOLAlive 1977-04-23 latePaul's Mall, Boston, MA, USAwav73:051gen-AUD-perf A / rec B+
AL DI MEOLAlive 1977-06-12Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav58:19master-AUD
AL DI MEOLAlive 1977-06-17Torontowav63:14 
AL DI MEOLAlive 1978-04-07D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, USAwav57:01AUD-VG/VG+
AL DI MEOLAlive 1978-05-05Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav79:151gen-AUD
AL DI MEOLAlive 1978-07-02Hempsteadwav66:36 
AL DI MEOLAlive 1978-11-10Stockholm, Sverigewav110:44AUD-B+
AL DI MEOLAlive 1980-09-29Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO, USAwav86:55FM-A+
AL DI MEOLAlive 1982-01-23Warfield Theater, San Franciscowav76:26 
AL DI MEOLAlive 1982-02-01The Savoy, New York, NY, USADVD+R29:56A-
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 1983-03-27 earlyBoston Globe Jazz Festival 1983, Boston Opera House, Boston, MA, USAwav132:04 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 1983-03-27 lateBoston Globe Jazz Festival 1983, Boston Opera House, Boston, MA, USAwav132:03 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 1983-04-22Los Angeleswav119:36 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 1983-04-25'Reunion 1983' Bootleg CDwav77:02 
AL DI MEOLA - Rite of Stringslive 2007-09-21Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford, MA, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]  
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreversoundcheck 2008-06-14Dodge Theatre, Phoenixwav27:31 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-06-14Phoenixwav148:30 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-06-19Minneapoliswav158:00 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-07-19Essenwav146:11 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-07-2543rd Heineken Jazzaldia Festival, Auditorio del Kursaal (Espacio Kutxa), San Sebastián, EspañaDVD+R80:23 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-07-30The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami, FL, USA2DVD* [NTSC]  
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-07-31Clearwaterwav146:22 
AL DI MEOLA - Return To Foreverlive 2008-08-05Philadelphiawav105:43 
DIMMU BORGIRrehearsal 1994-01-17940117 rehearsalCD-R18:29 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - The Elveslive 1971-xx-xxNew York, NY, USAwav54:28 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Elflive 1972-xx-xxCortland, NY, USAwav100:55 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Elfrecorded 1972-xx-xx?1972? demoswav23:52 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Elfrecorded 1972-xx-xx?1972? demoswav23:52 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Elflive 1973-06-10?The Bank, Cortland, NY, USAwav100:55 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Elflive 1974-05-12Lewisham Odeon, London, England, UKwav11:19 
RONNIE JAMES DIOradio 1981-11-19Q107 FMwav12:10 
RONNIE JAMES DIOradio 1981-11-xx wav1:20 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-07-23Barn, California Theater, Antioch, CA, USA2CD-R85:37 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-08-02Sacramentowav79:58 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-08-20'Monsters Of Rock', Donington Park, Castle Donington, Derby, Derbyshire, England, UKCD-R46:44 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-01Seattlewav45:22 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-05 early & late?San Josewav32:55 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-07Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav46:08EX
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-09San Diegowav61:12 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-11El Pasowav63:41 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-20Milwaukeewav62:10 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-25New Yorkwav69:43 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-30'Evil Eyes' Bootleg 2LP - Manchesterwav79:31 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-10-31Bristolwav69:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-01Hanleywav73:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-04Cardiffwav69:28 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-04Cardiffwav69:15 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-08'Leicester' Bootleg CD - De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKwav67:38 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-11Newcastle upon Tynewav76:13 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-12Glasgowwav78:03 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-12Glasgowwav77:34 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-13Liverpoolwav72:44 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-16Olympen, Lund, SverigeDVD+R62:44 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-17Draken, Stockholm, Sverigewav74:42 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-11-30Stadthalle, Offenbach, Westdeutschlandwav78:22AUD-B
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-04Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederlandwav80:34 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-04'Ronnie James Dio Live At Vredenburg Utrecht Holland - December 4 1983' video - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, NederlandDVD+R59:42PRO-EX
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-04'Ronnie James Dio Live At Vredenburg Utrecht Holland - December 4 1983' video - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, NederlandDVD+R38:49PRO-EX
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-11Pittsburghwav66:10 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-13Montréalwav79:37 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-15Upper Darbywav63:54 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-20Albuquerquewav66:03 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-28Fresno, CA, USACD-R73:38 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1983-12-31Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USACD-R71:54 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - DioTV [see COMPILATION - 'Rock Palace' TV 83xxxx-84xxxx compilation DVD]DVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive <= 1984-07-24'Holy Evil' Bootleg CDwav72:34 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-07-24'One Wild Night' Bootleg CD - Coliseum, Spokane, WA, USAwav53:35 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-08Hoffman Estateswav81:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-14Baltimore, MD, USACD-R79:09 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-15Uniondalewav78:31 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-17Montréalwav76:38 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-23Poughkeepsiewav70:09 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-25'The Spectrum 1984 - Complete Edition' Bootleg 2CDwav88:59 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-08-30Pariswav49:49 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-01'Monsters Of Rock', Wildparkstadion, Karlsruhe, Westdeutschlandwav60:21 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-02'Nürnberg 1984' Bootleg LPwav41:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-12Cardiffwav83:20 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-20Nottinghamwav67:11 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-22Edinburghwav82:57 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-23Glasgowwav48:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-27Hullwav68:33 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-28Liverpoolwav79:42 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-09-30Manchesterwav83:06 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-02Leicesterwav78:21 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-06Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav59:07 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-13Stockholm, SverigeCD-R71:46 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-15Helsinkiwav77:38 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-19Brusselswav82:43 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-20'Egypt' Bootleg 2LPwav82:23 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-23Böblingenwav77:06 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-25Münchenwav84:12 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-10-29Essenwav77:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-11-09West Palm Beachwav77:50 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-11-25Las Vegaswav68:02 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-11-30Oaklandwav86:53 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1984-11-30Oaklandwav86:05 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-01-07Evansvillewav83:55 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-01-09Charlestonwav56:57 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-01-12Toledowav78:46 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-01-16Cincinnatiwav86:06 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-01-23Rosemontwav83:11 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-08-27Poplar Creekwav81:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-08-28Cincinnatiwav83:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-08-28Cincinnatiwav83:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-08-30Clarkstonwav87:05 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-08-31Torontowav80:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Dioradio ~ 1985-09-04radio ad for 850904 concert, Troywav0:56 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-04Troywav86:00 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-06Montréalwav86:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-07Québec Citywav84:46 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-09Portlandwav85:37 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-11Providencewav86:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-14New Havenwav88:10 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-18Baltimorewav92:57 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-09-21Uniondalewav97:59 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-10-12Chicagowav89:27 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-10-18Kalamazoowav87:05 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-10-31Worcesterwav94:08 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-11-17Dallaswav91:09 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-11-30Renowav86:29 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-12-04San Bernardinowav85:38 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-12-08Daly Citywav94:06 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1985-12-28Vancouverwav95:50 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - DioTV 1986-04-04'The Tube'wav7:49 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-04-14Helsinkiwav87:22 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-04-18Göteborgwav116:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-04-27Essenwav94:12 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-05-04Brusselswav89:59 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-05-05Pariswav90:04 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-05-09Edinburghwav97:10 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-05-09Edinburghwav97:32 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-05-13Londonwav89:22 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-06-08Pensacolawav88:52 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-06-18Providencewav85:55 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-06-20New Yorkwav86:01 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-07-03La Crossewav79:37 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-07-05East Troywav83:02 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-07-26Irvinewav90:40 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-09-13Sydneywav90:28 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1986-10-11San Juanwav85:34 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1987-08-15''Giants Of Rock' Festival, Ahvenisto Motor Stadium, Hämeenlinna, Finlandwav89:05 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1987-08-22Doningtonwav50:26 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1987-11-21Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav95:21 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1987-11-23Pariswav90:34 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1987-11-27Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverige2CD-R112:41AUD-B+
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1990-08-10Trotwoodwav88:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1990-08-28The Forum, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav93:49 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1990-10-07Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX, USAwav52:03 
RONNIE JAMES DIOinterview 1992-09-09Poole, England, UKwav4:22 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1994-07-20 DVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1994-09-03Louisville, KY, USAwav79:06AUD-A-
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1994-09-16Old Bridgewav84:54 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1997-02-10Palo Altowav82:25 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1997-11-15São Paulowav64:57 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1997-11-18 DVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1998-09-20 DVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1998-10-20London, England, UKwav95:50 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 1999-11-24Luleawav71:46 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-04-21Chicagowav112:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-04-29Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-06-02Kaufbeurenwav107:32 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-06-23'Club Magica' Bootleg 2CD - Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japanwav119:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-08-29 DVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-11-25Denverwav121:15 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2000-12-08Worcesterwav103:34 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2001-02-21Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, USAwav102:42 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2001-04-05São Paulowav125:51 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2001-05-15Bournemouthwav63:13 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2001-05-21Edinburghwav61:29 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2002-07-14Milwaukeewav61:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2002-08-02Chula Vistawav62:22 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2002-09-06Hell Blues & Rock Festival, Rica Hotel, Hell, Norgewav90:47 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2002-11-23The Back Room, Austin, TX, USAwav92:58 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2002-12-07Detroitwav101:38 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2003-07-08Göteborgwav98:10 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2003-07-22Hartfordwav52:15 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2003-08-02Bell Centre, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2003-08-25Long Beachwav53:58 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2003-08-25Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USACD-R56:56AUD-B-
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2003-08-26San Diegowav57:03 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-07-16Luzhniki Hall, Moscow, Russia2DVD+R [PAL]113:57AUD-EX
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-07-18Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, Finlandwav91:47 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-07-21Restaurang Trädgårn, Göteborg, Sverigewav114:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-07-25Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Españawav113:11 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-08-06Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Deutschlandwav69:43 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-10-02New York, NY, USAwav79:58 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-10-04 DVD+R  
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-10-08'King Of The Night' Bootleg 2CD-R - Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USAwav105:16 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2004-10-29The Grand Ballroom, Regency Center, San Francisco, CA, USAwav104:35 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-06-04Waldrock Festival, Burgum, Nederlandwav59:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-06-11Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sölvesborg, Sverigewav49:46 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-06-25''Bang Your Head Festival', Balingen Messegelände, Balingen, Deutschlandwav68:15AUD-B-
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-09-25'Diver In St. Petersburg' Bootleg 2CD-R - BKZ Oktyabrskiy, Saint Petersburg, Russiawav118:12 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-10-06Effenaar, Eindhoven, Nederlandwav122:27 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-10-13Newcastle upon Tynewav120:16 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2005-10-14Carling Academy, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav120:09 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-06-02Ulmwav111:36 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-06-03Offenbachwav109:56 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-07-01Tuuri2DVD84:28 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-07-14Rio de Janeirowav113:31 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-07-15Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brasil2DVD+R [NTSC]118:57 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-07-15São Paulowav121:31 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2006-07-18Estadio Victor Jara, Santiago de Chile, Chilewav99:12AUD
RONNIE JAMES DIOlive 2006-08-16'Rockline'wav52:30 
RONNIE JAMES DIOlive 2007-03-02Q104.3 FMwav20:50 
RONNIE JAMES DIOlive 2007-03-08'98 Rock' radio interview, Sacramentowav11:03 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2008-06-02Malmöwav95:31 
RONNIE JAMES DIO - Diolive 2008-06-07Lahtiwav90:01 
RONNIE JAMES DIO tributelive 2010-07-12Bochumwav131:45 
DIRE STRAITSlive 1985-07-13'Live Aid', JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USACD-R18:49FM-A-
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILESlive 1984-03-28unknown, WV, USAwav46:24 
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILESlive 1984-06-xx?New Brunswickwav8:42 
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILESlive 1985-09-13Sportsmen's Lodge, Sun Valley, CA, USAwav51:37 
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILESlive 1985-11-16L'amour, Brooklyn, NY, USAwav53:46 
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILESlive 1985-12-31Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley, CA, USAwav27:45 
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILESlive 1986-04-26Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav39:39 
DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES'Skating To Some F#*ked Up S@!t' Bootleg album (CD? LP?)CD-R30:21 
DISSECTIONlive 1994-05-04Luse Lottes Pub, Oslo, NorgeDVD+R38:45 
DOGS OF PLEASURE1990-xx-xx'Hydrant Fetish' demo CassetteCD-R23:49 
THE DOORSradio 1981-05-18'Rockline'wav32:14 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2002-09-03'Jim Ladd's Living Room', House of Blues, Hollywood, CA, USAwav56:43 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2002-09-06Fontanawav109:59 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2002-09-29Molson Park, Barrie, ON, Canadawav101:30 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-03-30San Antonio, TX, USA2CD-R130:06 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-04-25Bostonwav133:52 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-05-23OrlandoDVD+R73:59 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-08-03Summer Sonic 2003, Indoor Stage, Makuhari Messe No. 3 Hall, Chiba, Chiba, JapanCD-R SBD-A
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-10-24Atlantawav119:23 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-11-12Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, England, UKwav151:25 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-12-08Pariswav75:03 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-12-09Pariswav169:53 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-12-12Brusselswav145:23 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-12-13Brusselswav143:07 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-12-14National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England, UKwav62:32 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2003-12-31Hollywood3CD-R153:32SBD
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-05-01Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta, GA, USA2CD-R73:16 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-05-06Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT, USA2CD-R118:10 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-07-04Tinley Parkwav89:41 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-07-13Glasgowwav128:16 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-07-15Pariswav133:20 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-08-06Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canadawav125:01 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2004-12-31Hollywood2CD-R138:09SBD
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2005-07-21Vancouverwav74:01 
THE DOORS - The Doors of the 21st Centurylive 2005-08-01The Docks, Toronto, ON, Canadawav108:23 
THE DOORS - Manzarek-Kriegerlive 2010-07-09Klamwav79:23 
THE DOORS - Manzarek-Kriegerlive 2012-06-26Saint PetersburgDVD79:14 
DOROlive 2000-11-25Denverwav31:02 
DR. KNOWlive 1984-09-15Portlandwav47:47 
DRAIN STHlive 1999-08-22Montréalwav41:23 
DREAM THEATERlive 2005-06-25Parc Des Princes, Paris, Francewav59:06 
BOB DYLANrecorded <= 1962-11-xx'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes' Bootleg CDwav72:03 
BOB DYLANlive <= 1963-10-26'In Concert' unreleased album Bootleg CDwav47:19 
BOB DYLANlive 1964-10-31'Live In New York 1964' Bootleg CD - Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY, USACD69:37 
BOB DYLAN1958-xx-xx to 1965-02-17'I Was So Much Younger Then' Bootleg 4CDwav298:24 
BOB DYLANlive 1965-09-03Los Angeleswav84:01 
BOB DYLAN<1965-12-17'1965 Revisited' Bootleg 14 CD Box Setwav932:32 
BOB DYLANlive <= 1966-05-27'Genuine Live 1966' Bootleg 8CDwav493:16 
BOB DYLANlive <= 1966-05-27'Jewels And Binoculars' Bootleg 26CD Box Setwav1364:28 
BOB DYLAN & The Band'A Tree With Bootleg Roots' Bootleg 4CD4CD-R311:00 
BOB DYLAN & Johnny Cash<= 1969-02-18690217 & 690218 studio outtakeswav38:44 
BOB DYLAN & The Bandlive 1974-01-14 early'Love Songs For America' Bootleg 2CD - Bostonwav86:30 
BOB DYLAN & The Rolling Thunder Revuelive 1976-04-15 to 1976-05-23'Hold The Fort For What Its Worth' Bootleg 2CDwav145:47 
BOB DYLANlive 1978-03-15Brisbanewav87:02 
BOB DYLAN & The Grateful Deadrecorded <= 1987-xx-xx?'The Unreleased Live Album' Bootleg CDwav55:45 
BOB DYLANrecorded 1989-03-xx'Ring Them Bells' Bootleg CDwav61:20 
BOB DYLANrecorded <= 1989-03-24'Oh Mercy' album sessionswav51:01 
BOB DYLANlive 1989-07-15Seashore Performing Arts Center, Old Orchard Beach, ME, USAwav77:47 
BOB DYLANlive 1990-07-01Ruissalon Kansanpuisto, Turku, Finlandwav98:52 
BOB DYLANlive 1993-06-25Tenda Partenope, Napoli, Italiawav133:00 
BOB DYLANlive 1993-07-08Plaza de Toros, Gijón, Españawav153:08 
BOB DYLANlive 1994-04-12Coronado Theatre, Rockford, IL, USAwav114:35 
BOB DYLANlive 1994-08-27Kalamazoowav107:19 
BOB DYLANlive 1994-08-28Kalamazoowav109:39 
BOB DYLANlive 1996-11-15Stephens Auditorium, Stephens College, Columbia, MO, USAwav114:33 
BOB DYLANlive 1996-11-17Indiana University Auditorium, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USAwav101:04 
BOB DYLANlive 1996-11-23E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall, University Of Akron, Akron, OH, USAwav [24/48]104:19 
BOB DYLANlive 1997-12-08'Tonight I'll Be Playing Here For You' Bootleg 2CD - New Yorkwav104:50 
BOB DYLANlive 1997-12-13Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USAwav115:00 
BOB DYLANlive 1999-02-12Southern Illinois University Arena, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, USAwav105:03 
BOB DYLANlive 1999-10-31University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USAwav94:15 
BOB DYLANlive 2000-03-12Bakersfield Centennial Garden, Bakersfield, CA, USAwav97:19 
BOB DYLANlive 2000-11-02Edward C. Elliot Hall of Music, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USAwav106:15 
BOB DYLANlive 2001-07-12King's Dock, Liverpool, England, UKDVD+R  
BOB DYLANlive 2002-05-04The Brighton Centre, Brighton, England, UKDVD+R  
BOB DYLANlive 2008-08-13Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USAwav123:08 
BOB DYLANlive 2008-08-24Mesker Amphitheatre, Evansville, IN, USAwav114:51 
BOB DYLANlive 2012-07-03Dresdenwav105:12 
EGGradio 1971-02-04'Sunday Concert' BBC radio sessionwav25:48 
EGGradio 1972-02-22'Top Gear' BBC radio sessionwav21:20 
EGGradio 1972-03-13'Sounds of the 70's' BBC radio sessionwav16:04 
EISBRECHERlive 2010-04-30Bosenwav83:11 
EISBRECHERlive 2011-06-25Aschaffenburgwav96:43 
EISBRECHERlive 2012-05-13Frankfurt am Mainwav37:32 
EMPERORlive 1993-07-09Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, England, UKDVD+R53:18 
EMPEROR/Hellhammer/Sverdrehearsal? 1993-xx-xx"Moon Over Kara-Shehr" rehearsal?CD-R5:09 
BRIAN ENOvarious 1974-02-19 to 1976-08-26'Dali's Car' Bootleg CDCD30:56 
ENSLAVEDlive 1994-05-05Luse Lottes Pub, Oslo, NorgeDVD-R [PAL]43:00 
ENSLAVEDlive 1994-05-05Luse Lottas Pub, Oslo, Norgewav41:27 
ENSLAVEDlive 1995-02-10Annaberg-Buchholzwav54:27 
ENSLAVEDlive 1999-06-26Le Bikini, Toulouse, Francewav44:51 
ENSLAVEDlive 2007-01-21Key Club, Hollywood, CA, USADVD-R62:40 
ENSLAVEDlive 2007-11-11Club Soda, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R  
ENSLAVEDlive 2009-05-03Le Medley, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R47:17 
ENSLAVEDlive 2009-05-12Portlandwav [24/48]45:38 
ENSLAVEDlive 2009-05-12Portlandwav [16/44.1]45:38 
ENSLAVEDlive 2010-11-15Milwaukeewav40:19 
ENSLAVEDlive 2010-12-02Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZwav [24/48]40:27 
ENSLAVEDlive 2011-10-11Seattlewav [24/48]88:36 
ENSLAVEDlive 2012-08-11Leeuwardenwav72:51 
ENSLAVEDlive 2013-02-10Portlandwav [24/48]98:49 
ENSLAVEDlive 2013-04-03Berlinwav94:18 
ENSLAVEDlive 2013-06-01Nijmegenwav43:53 
EXCITERlive 1983-12-03L'amour, Brooklyn, NY, USACD-R79:12 
EXCITERlive 1984-03-23The Royal Standard, Walthamstow, England, UKCD-R62:04 
EXCITERTV 1984-xx-xx?'The New Music', City TV, CanadaDVD+R5:40AUD-B
EXCITERlive 1984-09-15The Pop Shop, Cleveland, OH, USAwav  
EXCITERlive 1984-10-28Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO, USACD-R64:04 
EXCITERlive 1984-12-07Rochester Auditorium Theater, Rochester, NY, USACD-R19:59 
EXCITERlive 1985-03-06Osnabrückwav45:43 
EXCITERlive 1985-03-08Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Westdeutschlandwav  
EXCITERlive 1985-03-08Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Westdeutschlandwav  
EXCITERlive 1985-08-06Vancouverwav68:21 
EXCITERlive 1986-03-23Petit Forum des Halles, Paris, Francewav62:37 
EXCITERlive 1986-03-31Hochberghalle, Aschaffenburg, Westdeutschlandwav  
EXCITERlive 1986-04-01Earthquake Festival, De Kegelaar, Kaatsheuvel, NederlandCD-R39:22 
EXCITERlive 1986-10-19MontréalDVD59:40 
EXCITERlive 1986-10-19Le Spectrum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R58:22AUD-B
EXCITERlive 1986-12-10Ginásio do Corinthians, São Paulo, BrasilCD-R46:09AUD
EXODUSrecorded 1982-xx-xx3-track demowav11:38 
EXODUSlive 1983-02-20San Franciscowav41:52 
EXODUSlive 1983-02-20San Franciscowav41:32 
EXODUSlive 1983-07-17Berkeleywav18:28 
EXODUSlive 1984-06-23Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley, CA, USAwav58:27 
EXODUSlive 1984-09-28San Franciscowav69:14 
EXODUSlive 1984-10-21Sacramentowav56:14 
EXODUSlive 1984-12-28Berkeleywav72:29 
EXODUS1984-xx-xx'Turk St. Demo' Cassettewav39:49 
EXODUSradio 198x-xx-xxKUSF 90.3 FMwav3:48 
EXODUSradio 198x-xx-xxKUSF 90.3 FMwav5:11 
EXODUSradio 198x-xx-xxWVOX 1460 AMwav8:32 
EXODUSlive 1985-04-13Sacramentowav29:56 
EXODUSlive 1985-05-31San Francisco, CA, USAwav80:46 
EXODUSlive 1985-05-31San Francisco, CA, USAwav80:32 
EXODUSlive 1985-08-03Seattle, WA, USAwav50:27 
EXODUSlive 1985-08-17Montréal, QC, Canadawav49:50 
EXODUSrecorded 1985-08-23 wav9:37 
EXODUSlive 1985-10-18Zürichwav73:56 
EXODUSlive 1985-10-19Hemmerleinhalle, Neunkirchen am Brand, WestdeutschlandCD-R27:50 
EXODUSlive 1985-10-22Hamburgwav36:18 
EXODUSlive 1985-10-27Eindhovenwav5:00 
EXODUSrecorded 1986-xx-xx'Pleasures Of The Flesh' album demoswav16:13 
EXODUSlive 1997-05-17Dynamo Open Air, Airbase Welschap, Eindhoven, HollandCD-R48:03 
EXODUSlive 1997-05-21Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, DeutschlandCD-R71:42 
EXODUSlive 1997-08-16Sidekicks, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R65:47 
EXODUSlive 1997-08-20BostonDVD76:48 
EXODUSlive 1997-08-21CBGB, New York, NY, USACD-R69:44 
EXODUSlive 1997-08-22Obsessions, Randolph, NJ, USACD-R56:15 
EXODUSlive 1997-08-25Asbury Park, NJ, USACD-R63:30 
EXODUSlive 1997-09-01Tsunami Theater, Sanford, FL, USACD-R47:22 
EXODUSlive 1997-09-03Lighthouse Point, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USACD-R77:02 
EXODUSlive 1997-09-07The Abyss, Houston, TX, USACD-R67:03 
EXODUSlive 1997-09-10Voodoo Lounge, Austin, TX, USACD-R51:10 
EXODUSlive 1997-09-22Ballard Firehouse, Seattle, WA, USACD-R56:23 
EXODUSlive 2001-08-11'Thrash Of The Titans', Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R51:05 
EXODUSlive 2002-01-19The Roadhouse, Sacramento, CA, USA2CD-R87:12 
EXODUS - Piranha1988-xx-xx'Big Fucking Teeth' demo CassetteCD-R8:47 
THE FACELESSlive 2007-11-11Club Soda, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R17:34 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1987-09-09Rock N Roll Heaven, Toronto, ON, CanadaCD-R46:34AUD-A
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1987-10-08Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKCD-R40:13 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1988-03-17Rock N Roll Heaven, Toronto, ON, CanadaCD-R59:21 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1990-05-12Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS, USACD-R45:42AUD-A-
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1990-05-18 DVD+R  
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1990-05-25Bloomingtonwav43:17 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1990-05-26West Fargowav28:36 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1990-06-15Toronto, ON, Canadawav45:09 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 1993-07-06Kawasaki, JapanCD-R77:15 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 2001-06-26Hollywoodwav71:16 
FASTER PUSSYCATlive 2006-08-27Hollywoodwav63:55 
FASTWAYrecorded 1982-xx-xx?1982 demos - ?wav21:11 
FASTWAYlive 1983-03-25Uniondalewav42:51 
FASTWAYlive 1983-04-23Londonwav86:50 
FASTWAYlive 1983-04-30The Marquee, London, England, UKCD-R35:35 
FASTWAYlive 1983-04-30The Marquee, London, England, UKwav29:33 
FASTWAYlive 1983-07-13Albuquerquewav30:25 
FASTWAYlive 1983-09-05Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USAwav63:15FM-B/B+
FASTWAYlive 1983-11-11?Cincinnatiwav30:38 
FASTWAYlive 1983-12-16Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, Canadawav45:44 
FASTWAYlive 1984-07-09Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USAwav67:19 
FASTWAYlive 1984-08-05Albuquerquewav44:06 
FASTWAYlive 1984-08-07San Diegowav46:29 
FASTWAYlive 1984-08-26Uniondalewav42:50 
FASTWAYlive 1984-xx-xxL'amour, Brooklyn, NY, USACD-R14:51 
FASTWAYlive 1984-09-12Outer Limits, Indianapolis, IN, USAwav65:13 
FASTWAYlive 1984-10-17Agora Theatre and Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USAwav55:33 
FASTWAYlive 1986-01-27Hamburgwav40:48 
FAT MATTRESSlive 1969-04-19Houstonwav4:43 
FATES WARNINGlive 1985-03-21L'Amour East, Queens, NY, USACD-R43:49AUD-B-
FATES WARNINGlive 1985-09-12Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USACD-R65:28AUD-B-
FINNTROLLlive 2006-08-06 DVD+R  
FINNTROLLlive 2011-08-13Derbyshirewav44:02 
FINNTROLLlive 2013-09-08Aarhuswav90:41 
FINNTROLLlive 2013-09-26Aschaffenburgwav85:15 
FINNTROLLlive 2013-11-13Jolietwav85:19 
THE FIXXlive 1982-11-18The Paradise, Boston, MA, USAwav48:36FM-EX
THE FIXXlive 1983-xx-xxUniversity of London, Londonwav50:22 
THE FIXXlive 1983-08-10Foxborowav48:44 
THE FIXXlive 1984-09-12Bostonwav85:59 
THE FIXXlive 1984-09-20East Setauketwav80:23 
THE FIXXlive 1984-11-26Tampawav76:17 
THE FIXXlive 1984-11-27 DVD+R  
THE FIXXlive 1986-07-04Omahawav41:20 
THE FIXXlive 1986-07-10New Yorkwav73:14 
THE FIXXlive 1987-09-21New Havenwav87:58 
THE FIXXlive 1987-09-22Providencewav90:12 
THE FIXXlive 1989-04-17Torontowav83:08 
THE FIXXlive 2001-07-26West Warwickwav71:20 
THE FIXXlive 2004-06-30'Summerfest 2004', Piggly Wiggly MusicMarket stage, Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav78:58AUD
THE FIXXlive 2005-10-26Hardware Bar, Harrisburg, PA, USAwav79:50 
THE FIXXlive 2006-04-11The Haunt, Ithaca, NY, USAwav79:20AUD
THE FIXXlive 2007-07-09Point Pleasantwav73:14 
THE FIXXlive 2008-07-18The Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL, USAwav [24/48]68:09 
THE FIXXlive 2010-07-30Atlantic Citywav59:30 
THE FIXXlive 2010-07-31Williamsburgwav92:00 
THE FIXXlive 2010-08-01Williamsburgwav92:20 
THE FIXXlive 2013-07-26Saint Charleswav [24/48]90:49 
THE FIXX - Cy Curninlive 2009-09-10Philadelphiawav19:09 
THE FIXX - Cy Curninlive 2009-09-12Clarkwav57:18 
FLO & EDDIElive 1974-12-03Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, USAwav47:25 
FLO & EDDIElive 1976-11-19Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USAwav50:58 
FLO & EDDIElive 1979-07-15Roslynwav69:29 
FLO & EDDIElive 1979-07-16Roslynwav74:27 
FLO & EDDIE - The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddielive 1990-12-xxNew Yorkwav7:31 
FLO & EDDIE - The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddielive 1991-01-04New Yorkwav81:34 
FLO & EDDIE - The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddielive 1993-12-31New Yorkwav109:37 
FLO & EDDIE - The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddielive 1994-12-29New Yorkwav73:56 
FLO & EDDIE - The Turtleslive 2011-09-16WatsonvilleDVD86:28 
FOGHATTV 1973-12-20'Don Kirchner's Rock Concert', Los Angeles, CA, USADVD+R30:50 
PETER FRAMPTONlive 2008-08-08Philadelphiawav35:48 
ROBERT FRIPP & Brian Enolive 1975-05-28L'Olympia, Paris, Francewav117:03 
ROBERT FRIPP & Brian Enolive 1976-08-26'London 1974 + Paris 1975' Bootleg CDCD  
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1978-02-05 late'Pleasures In Pieces' Bootleg 2LP (?)wav70:54 
ROBERT FRIPPrecorded 1978-06-xx'Trouser Press' interview - RF interviewed by John Paige for TPwav79:00 
ROBERT FRIPP, Deborah Harry, Walter Steding, Chris Steinlive 1978-12-02Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USAwav46:39 
ROBERT FRIPP, Deborah Harry, Walter Steding, Chris Steinlive 1978-12-02Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USAwav13:35 
ROBERT FRIPPradio 1978-12-xx?unknown radio interviewwav3:18 
ROBERT FRIPPrecorded 1979-04-25Londonwav3:47 
ROBERT FRIPPrecorded 1979-06-13Detroitwav38:30 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1979-06-13Detroitwav41:21 
ROBERT FRIPPradio 1979-07-11WRAS, Atlantawav37:02 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1979-07-27Tower Records, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav103:42 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1979-08-15Cafe Campus, Ste Foix, QC, Canadawav73:05 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1979-09-08Montereywav24:49 
ROBERT FRIPPTV 1979-10-05'Midnight Special'wav3:57 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-05-29Londonwav61:37 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-06-21 earlyRochesterwav77:21 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-06-21 earlyRed Creek Inn, Rochester, NY, USAwav33:01 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-06-21 lateRochesterwav64:42 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-06-21Red Creek Inn, Rochester, NY, USAwav30:35 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-06-25 lateParadise, Boston, MA, USAwav66:03AUD-B+
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-07-03The Bayou, Washington, DC, USAwav67:29AUD-B+
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-07-19My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, USAwav42:35 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-07-22'The Last Gig' Bootleg LP - Club 57, New York, NY, USAwav39:42 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Gentlemenlive 1980-09-19Londonwav61:22 
ROBERT FRIPP & Keith Tippettlive 1980-09-28ICA Theatre, London, England, UKCD-R73:07 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1981-07-28New Yorkwav48:47 
ROBERT FRIPP & Andy Summersrecorded 1981-09-xx'I Advance Masked' album demoswav38:50 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1983-03-04San Franciscowav79:16 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1983-03-11Lecture Hall, SUNY Stonybrook, Stonybrook, NY, USAwav57:10 
ROBERT FRIPPTV 1984-05-27?'The Cutting Edge', MTVwav4:38 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1988-03-15Allentownwav66:14 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1988-11-11Salisburywav47:39 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1988-11-13Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, England, UKwav45:29 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1988-12-07Hamburgwav64:22 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-04-22Splendide, Lille, FranceCD-R68:54 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-04-22Splendide, Lille, Francewav68:49 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-04-24Pariswav71:20 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-04-26Montpellier, Francewav71:41 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-04-27Studio 54, BarcelonaCD-R79:27 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-09-07Leedswav74:05 
ROBERT FRIPP - Sunday All Over The Worldlive 1989-09-08Manchesterwav79:10 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Crafty Guitaristslive 1990-08-04Central Park, New York, NY, USAwav79:46 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Crafty Guitaristslive 1990-10-07Philadelphiawav75:08 
The ROBERT FRIPP String Quintetlive 1992-05-17Philadelphiawav70:01 
The ROBERT FRIPP String Quintetlive 1992-05-20New Yorkwav79:50 
The ROBERT FRIPP String Quintetlive 1992-11-11'Kan-non Power' Bootleg CD - Tokyo, JapanCD74:12 
The ROBERT FRIPP String Quintetlive 1993-05-07Buenos Aireswav74:13 
The ROBERT FRIPP String Quintetlive 1993-06-20Playhouse, Nottingham, England, UKwav68:56 
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 1993-10-26'A New Dream' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyo, Japan2CD  
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 1993-10-28Zellerbach Auditorium, University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USAwav81:18 
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 1993-11-01Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canadawav51:39 
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 1993-11-08Ravennawav72:39 
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 1993-11-17?'Kings - Second Chapter' Bootleg CDCD  
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 1993-11-20Stadsschouwburg, Sittard, Nederlandwav67:50AUD-EX
ROBERT FRIPP & David Sylvianlive 'The Day Before' Bootleg CDCD  
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1997-12-10Alexandriawav93:58 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 1998-11-18New Yorkwav46:18 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 2004-07-01Palais des Congrés, Paris, Francewav27:41 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 2004-12-12Velódromo Estadio Nacional, Santiago de Chile, Chilewav20:13 
ROBERT FRIPPlecture 2006-11-05'Discipline & The Act Of Music' lecture, Camp Caravanwav62:44 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 2006-11-27Nagoyawav34:29 
ROBERT FRIPPrecorded 2007-06-08Buenos Aireswav71:37 
ROBERT FRIPPrecorded 2007-06-09Buenos Aireswav29:03 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 2007-06-10Buenos Aireswav49:17 
ROBERT FRIPP & The League Of Crafty Guitaristslive 2007-11-05Philadelphiawav107:37 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 2009-10-14Brusselswav31:15 
ROBERT FRIPPlive 2009-10-15Hannoverwav23:14 
ROBERT FRIPP - The California Guitar Triolive 1995-10-09Festival Hall, Osaka, Japanwav25:38 
ROBERT FRIPP - The California Guitar Triolive 2001-06-24Nearfest 2001, Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USAwav69:55 
ROBERT FRIPP - The California Guitar Triolive 2004-11-16Uncle Pleasant's, Louisville, KY, USAwav103:07 
ROBERT FRIPP - Toyah Willcoxlive 1988-11-13Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, England, UKwav25:57 
ROBERT FRIPP - Toyah Willcoxlive 2008-08-09Ascotwav14:45 
ROBERT FRIPP - tribute - Metropole Orkestlive 2003-06-28'The Music Of Robert Fripp', Amsterdamwav69:01 
GABBY LA LAlive 2004-10-01New York, NY, USAwav38:02 
GABBY LA LAlive 2004-11-05Eugenewav35:49 
PETER GABRIELrecorded 1975-xx-xx?demoswav24:55 
PETER GABRIELlive 1977-03-13Detroitwav82:45 
PETER GABRIELlive 1977-03-15Music Hall, Cleveland, OH, USAwav89:52 
PETER GABRIELlive 1977-03-15Music Hall, Cleveland, OH, USAwav89:53 
PETER GABRIELlive 1977-04-09'Los Angeles 1977' Bootleg CDwav79:29 
PETER GABRIELrecorded 1977-04-xxPicadilly Radio, Manchester, England, UKwav15:56 
PETER GABRIELlive 1977-09-07Concertgebouw, de Doelen, Rotterdam, Nederlandwav79:39 
PETER GABRIELlive 1978-11-19San Diegowav98:51 
PETER GABRIELlive 1978-12-20Londonwav86:19 
PETER GABRIEL'Peter Gabriel III' outtakeswav50:27 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-03-05Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav100:02 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-03-07Cardiffwav89:28 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-05-28Picadilly Radio, Manchester, England, UKwav21:09 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-07-12New Yorkwav103:10 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-09-28'On Stage' Bootleg CDwav67:02 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-09-30Torinowav87:01 
PETER GABRIELlive 1980-09-xx'Live In Italy 1980' Bootleg Cassettewav38:22 
PETER GABRIELTV 1982-10-31'The South Bank Show'DVD+R  
PETER GABRIELlive 1982-11-08Toronto, Canadawav113:13 
PETER GABRIELlive 1983-07-18Toronto, Canadawav102:13 
PETER GABRIELlive 1983-08-10Seattlewav89:06 
PETER GABRIELlive 1983-10-25Paris, Francewav108:52 
PETER GABRIELlive 1986-11-14Cincinnatiwav119:52 
PETER GABRIELlive 1986-11-26Torontowav129:42 
PETER GABRIELlive 1987-07-21The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav121:01 
PETER GABRIELlive 1987-07-27Cuyahoga Fallswav118:09 
PETER GABRIEL & otherslive 1988-10-15'No Police Represion' Bootleg CD - Nunez Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentinawav61:54 
PETER GABRIELrecorded <= 1989-xx-xx?'Passion' album outtakeswav59:24 
PETER GABRIELTV 821009-89xxxx? compilation DVDDVD+R  
PETER GABRIELlive 1993-04-13'Live To Be Loved' Bootleg 2CDwav138:15 
PETER GABRIELlive 1993-07-10Chicagowav118:16 
PETER GABRIELlive 1993-09-19Polo Field, San Francisco, CA, USAwav61:18 
PETER GABRIELlive 2002-11-15Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav146:51 
PETER GABRIELlive 2002-11-17Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav135:13 
PETER GABRIELlive 2002-11-21Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav146:14 
PETER GABRIELlive 2002-11-24MCI Center, Washington, DC, USAwav149:03 
PETER GABRIELlive 2002-12-02Air Canada Center, Toronto, ON, Canadawav154:34 
PETER GABRIELrecorded <= 2002-xx-xx'Wild' Bootleg CDwav67:38 
PETER GABRIELlive 2003-06-20PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USAwav134:43 
PETER GABRIELlive 2003-07-04Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canadawav142:00 
PETER GABRIELlive 2012-09-21Philadelphiawav137:10 
GENESISrecorded 1970-01-09BBCwav1:22 
GENESISrecorded 1970-02-22'Night Ride', BBC, England, UKwav15:23 
GENESISlive 1971-03-07[Hogweeds HW12] - La Ferme Hof ter Musschen, Woluwe-saint-Lambert, Brussels, Belgiëwav69:30 
GENESISrecorded 1971-05-10'Sounds of the Seventies', BBC, Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd's Bush, England, UKwav20:47 
GENESISlive 1972-01-16Arlonwav44:21 
GENESISlive 1972-01-16'Recorded live in Basel, Switzerland, January 1972' Bootleg CD - Charleroi Festival, Palais des Beaux Arts de Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgiëwav42:22 
GENESISlive 1972-01-16Arlonwav40:15 
GENESISrecorded 1972-03-02'In Concert', BBC, Paris Studios, London, England, UKwav28:57 
GENESISlive 1972-03-04'Shade Of Dawning' Bootleg CD - Watford Technical College, Watford, England, UKwav67:00 
GENESISTV 1972-03-20'Pop Shop', TV studio, Brussels, Belgiëwav28:47 
GENESISlive 1972-04-14 earlyPaviawav61:27 
GENESISlive 1972-04-14[FU 203] - Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Pavia, Italiawav61:01 
GENESISlive 1972-04-15 early & late?Hit Parade, Lugo di Romagna, Ravenna, Italiawav67:58 
GENESISlive 1972-04-18Piper Club, Roma, Italiawav65:06 
GENESISlive 1972-04-19Teatro Mediterraneo, Napoli, Italiawav57:47AUD-"OK"
GENESISlive 1972-06-28Watfordwav77:35 
GENESISlive 1972-06-28'Like A Nun With A Gun' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRPGS 002] - Town Hall, Watford, England, UKwav82:57 
GENESISlive 1972-07-25Civic Hall, Solihull, England, UKwav57:46 
GENESISlive 1972-08-11[Hogweeds HW03] - Reading Festival, Reading, England, UKwav50:35 
GENESISlive <= 1972-08-20 late'The Coastliners' Bootleg 2CDwav122:47 
GENESISlive 1972-08-22Teatro Alcione, Genova, Italiawav54:40 
GENESISlive 1972-09-19Londonwav38:40 
GENESISrecorded 1972-09-25'Top Gear', Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd's Bush, England, UKwav24:17 
GENESISlive 1972-09-28National Stadium, Dublin, Éire, UKwav43:26 
GENESISlive 1972-09-30Londonwav60:11 
GENESISlive 1972-10-11Bradfordwav39:21 
GENESISlive 1972-10-11[SR-01/02] - St. George's Hall, Bradford, England, UKCD-R39:17 
GENESISlive 1972-11-18[BURP 025] - Imperial College, London, England, UKwav75:33AUD-A-
GENESISlive 1972-11-18'Violent Dreams' Bootleg CD - Imperial College, London, England, UKwav74:57 
GENESISlive 1972-12-13Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts, New York, NY, USAwav29:12 
GENESISrecorded 1971-xx-xx to 1972-xx-xx'Cryme' Bootleg CDwav71:05 
GENESIS'Studio' Bootleg CDCD-R46:32 
GENESISTV 1973-01-10Le Bataclan, Paris, FranceDVD-R33:52PRO
GENESISlive 1973-01-14Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav41:29 
GENESISlive 1973-01-15Stadthalle, Heidelberg, Westdeutschlandwav52:17 
GENESISlive 1973-01-17The Sound Of Britain Festival, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav19:12 
GENESISlive 1973-01-17The Sound Of Britain Festival, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav19:49 
GENESISlive 1973-01-17The Sound Of Britain Festival, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav19:49 
GENESISlive 1973-01-20Reggio Emiliawav91:52 
GENESISlive 1973-01-20The Charisma Festival, Palazzo Dello Sport, Reggio Emilia, Italiawav86:23 
GENESISlive 1973-01-20'Reggio Emilia Palasport 20 Gennaio 1973' Bootleg 2CD - The Charisma Festival, Palazzo Dello Sport, Reggio Emilia, Italiawav87:54 
GENESISlive 1973-01-22The Charisma Festival, Palasport, Roma, Italiawav71:36 
GENESISlive 1973-02-09Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UKwav64:16 
GENESISlive 1973-02-17Sheffield, England, UKwav80:17 
GENESISlive 1973-02-21[SR-01/02] - University Great Hall, York, England, UKCD-R6:19 
GENESISlive 1973-02-21Yorkwav6:17 
GENESISlive <= 1973-02-25'Live' 2LP test pressingwav75:03 
GENESISlive <= 1973-02-25'Live' 2LP test pressingwav76:27 
GENESISlive 1973-03-03Québec Citywav72:01 
GENESISlive 1973-05-07Paris, Francewav47:09 
GENESISrecorded 1973-08-xx'Selling England By The Session' Bootleg 2CDwav145:40 
GENESISlive 1973-09-23Stadttheater, Osnabrück, Westdeutschlandwav106:37 
GENESISlive 1973-09-25Stadttheater, Münster, Westdeutschlandwav109:11 
GENESISlive 1973-10-15The Dome, Brighton, England, UKwav60:11 
GENESISlive 1973-10-20'Live Supper' Bootleg CD - Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UKCD-R74:23 
GENESISlive 1973-10-26Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav106:40 
GENESISlive 1973-10-30? 1973-10-31?Shepperton Film Studios, Borehamwood, England, UKDVD-R62:48TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISlive <= 1973-10-31?'This Planet's Soil' Bootleg CD - Shepperton Film Studios, Borehamwood, England, UKwav63:35 
GENESISlive 1973-11-08[Hogweeds HW01] - Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canadawav89:56 
GENESISlive 1973-11-22[Hogweeds HW13] - Felt Forum, New York, NY, USAwav113:13 
GENESISlive 1973-12-01'Sunny Buffalo' Bootleg 2CD-R - New Gym, State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USAwav93:23AUD-B-
GENESISlive 1973-12-01Buffalowav93:21 
GENESISlive 1973-12-08Peace Auditorium, Ypsilanti, MI, USAwav63:54AUD-B
GENESISlive 1973-12-17 earlyLos Angeleswav95:27 
GENESISlive 1973-12-19 earlyThe Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav83:48 
GENESISlive 1973-12-19 early[Progweeds 09] - The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav83:39 
GENESISTV 1973-12-20'Midnight Special', NBC Studios, Burbank, CA, USADVD-R15:30TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISlive 1973-xx-xx?'Cinema Landscapes' Bootleg CDCD-R63:05 
GENESISlive 1974-01-13[PRRPGS010] - Bristolwav109:16 
GENESISlive 1974-01-20[BURP 026] - Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, England, UKwav112:21AUD-A-
GENESISlive 1974-01-26L'Ancienne Theatre, Brussels, Belgiëwav89:22 
GENESISlive 1974-01-28Winterthurwav82:18 
GENESISlive 1974-02-03Torinowav119:41 
GENESISlive 1974-02-03Palasport, Torino, Italia2CD-R108:34 
GENESISlive 1974-02-04Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italia2CD-R142:50 
GENESISlive 1974-02-06[BURP 013] - Teatro Mediteranneo, Napoli, Italiawav125:16 
GENESISTV 1974-02-12'Melody', ORTF TV Studios, Paris, FranceDVD-R30:15TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISTV 1974-02-12'Melody', ORTF TV Studios, Paris, Francewav28:57 
GENESISlive <= 1974-02-121972-1974 live video compilationDVD+R63:28 
GENESISrecorded 1973-10-20 & 1974-02-12'Willow Farm In Rainbow' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R105:52 
GENESISlive 1974-03-02 or 1974-03-03 earlyUpper Darbywav109:43 
GENESISlive 1974-03-09Gusman Hall, Miami, FL, USAwav123:13 
GENESISlive 1974-03-09Gusman Hall, Miami, FL, USAwav108:23 
GENESISlive 1974-03-17Austinwav8:09 
GENESISlive 1974-03-21Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USADVD-R25:11TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISlive 1974-03-22Santa Monicawav47:18 
GENESISlive 1974-04-06[Hogweeds HW04] - Student Union Auditorium, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, USAwav107:09 
GENESISlive 1974-04-16'Brush Back Your Hair' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRP 014] - Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USAwav100:19 
GENESISlive 1974-04-16Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USAwav95:37 
GENESISlive 1974-04-17'One More Knight' Bootleg CD-R [PRRP004] - McGaw Memorial Hall, Evanston, IL, USAwav61:11AUD
GENESISlive 1974-04-20Centre Sportif de Universite de Montréal, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R27:43TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISlive 1974-04-21Centre Sportif de Universite de Montréal, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD-R43:33TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISlive 1974-04-21Centre Sportif de Universite de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canadawav108:46 
GENESISlive <= 1974-04-21'Live In Montréal' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R129:09 
GENESISlive 1974-04-24[Hogweeds HW10] - Music Hall, Boston, MA, USAwav101:02 
GENESISlive 1974-05-02'Moonlit Queen' Bootleg 2CD - Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canadawav88:38 
GENESISlive 1974-05-04New Yorkwav105:26 
GENESISlive 1974-05-04[Hogweeds HW07] - Academy of Music, New York, NY, USAwav111:58 
GENESISlive 1974-05-06New Yorkwav105:16 
GENESISlive 1974-05-06Academy of Music, New York, NY, USADVD-R7:26TV/AUD-4of5
GENESISrecorded 1974-xx-xx'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' album work tapewav62:27 
GENESISrecorded 1974-xx-xx'The Demos Down On Broadway' Bootleg 2CDwav151:42 
GENESISlive 1974-11-22Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN, USAwav113:03 
GENESISlive 1974-11-25Clevelandwav115:54 
GENESISlive 1974-11-26Clevelandwav115:54 
GENESISlive 1974-11-28Detroitwav100:40 
GENESISlive 1974-11-30Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, USA2CD-R111:01 
GENESISlive 1974-12-01Baltimorewav120:26 
GENESISlive 1974-12-05Philadelphiawav109:25 
GENESISlive 1974-12-06'The Lamb Still Canned in NYC' Bootleg 2CD-R [Eeklair GL002] - Academy of Music, New York, NY, USAwav106:24AUD-B
GENESISlive 1974-12-08Providencewav [24/96]127:25 
GENESISlive 1974-12-08[Hogweeds HW14] - Palace Theatre, Providence, RI, USAwav126:36 
GENESISlive <= 1974-12-08'There Is Still Time... ...To Wash Away The Past' Bootleg LPwav40:01 
GENESISlive 1974-12-09'The Boston Lamb' Bootleg 2CD-R [Digital Brothers] - Music Hall, Boston, MA, USAwav124:18 
GENESISlive 1974-12-09Music Hall, Boston, MA, USAwav121:07 
GENESISlive 1974-12-12 CD-R73:57 
GENESISlive 1974-12-12'Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R114:31 
GENESISlive 1974-12-15Montréalwav110:14 
GENESISlive 1974-12-16Torontowav126:48SBD-A+
GENESISlive 1974-12-16Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav102:24 
GENESISlive 1974-12-16Torontowav99:16 
GENESISlive 1974-12-17Rochesterwav112:55 
GENESISlive 1975-01-10[Hogweeds HW05] - Convention Hall, West Palm Beach, FL, USAwav117:49 
GENESISlive 1975-01-11Lakeland Civic Center Concert Hall, Lakeland, FL, USAwav111:39 
GENESISlive <= 1975-01-11'From One Fan To All Others' Bootleg 3CDwav227:36 
GENESISlive <= 1975-01-22730110-750122 live video compilationDVD+R61:32 
GENESISlive 1975-01-24'Live In Los Angeles' Bootleg CD-R [GEN750124TM] - Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav36:46 
GENESISlive 1975-01-28Phoenixwav114:47 
GENESISlive 1975-01-28Phoenixwav114:30 
GENESISlive 1975-02-02Grand Valley State College, Grand Rapids, MI, USACD-R73:23 
GENESISlive 1975-02-04Arie Crown Theater, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA2CD-R129:09 
GENESISlive 1975-02-19Oslowav95:17 
GENESISlive 1975-02-23Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav95:35 
GENESISlive 1975-02-24'The Digital Brothers In Amsterdam '75' Bootleg 2CD-R [Digital Brothers] - Carré, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav114:37 
GENESISlive 1975-02-26Palais des Grottes, Cambrai, Francewav112:27AUD-A-
GENESISlive 1975-02-28Colmarwav113:11 
GENESISlive 1975-03-03Pariswav115:08 
GENESISlive 1975-03-07Pavilhao dos Desportos, Cascais, Portugal2CD-R90:29AUD-B
GENESISlive 1975-03-17Palais des Sports, Porte de Versailles, Paris, Francewav128:31AUD-B
GENESISlive 1975-03-22Salle D'Expositions, Annecy, Francewav116:57AUD-B+
GENESISlive 1975-03-24Palasport, Torino, Italiawav121:34 
GENESISlive 1975-03-24'The Real Last Time' Bootleg 2CD - Palasport, Torino, Italia2CD-R121:11 
GENESISlive 1975-03-29Festhalle, Bern, Switzerland2CD-R102:48 
GENESISlive 1975-03-29 cDVD  
GENESISlive 1975-04-03'There's Always Magic In The Air' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRPGS 001] - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav123:54 
GENESISlive 1975-04-06'The Lamb Lies Down On Düsseldorf' Bootleg 2CD - Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Westdeutschlandwav127:34 
GENESISlive 1975-04-07Dortmundwav126:07 
GENESISlive 1975-04-07'German Melody Of 1975' Bootleg 2CD - Dortmundwav122:18 
GENESISlive 1975-04-07Dortmund, Westdeutschlandwav124:57 
GENESISlive 1975-04-10Martinihal-Centrum, Groningen, Westdeutschlandwav111:59 
GENESISlive 1975-04-10[Eeklair GL-41075] - Groningenwav111:01 
GENESISlive 1975-04-11'Master Of Rotterdam '75' Bootleg 2CD-R [Digital Brothers] - Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederlandwav115:48 
GENESISlive 1975-04-11[Eeklair GL-41075] - Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederlandwav11:34 
GENESISlive 1975-04-15[GEN750415TM] - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav68:23 
GENESISlive 1975-04-15'We Are The Lamia Of The Pool' [PRRP 010] Bootleg 2CD-R - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav131:16 
GENESISlive 1975-04-15[AV01 V2.0] - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav74:05 
GENESISlive 1975-04-15'Empire Pooled' Bootleg CD-R [Coaster Factory] - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England, UKwav68:40 
GENESISlive 1975-04-19Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England, UK2CD-R109:25SBD
GENESISlive 1973-10-30 to 1975-04-19731030-750419 live video compilationDVD+R99:31 
GENESISlive 1975-04-27[Hogweeds HW02] - Palace Theatre, Manchester, England, UKwav133:12 
GENESISradio 1975-04-28'There's Always Magic In The Air' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRPGS 001] - Piccadilly Radio, Manchester, England, UKwav23:12 
GENESISlive 1975-04-28[Hogweeds HW08] - Palace Theatre, Manchester, England, UKwav136:34 
GENESISlive 1975-05-01[Hogweeds HW11] - Hippodrome, Birmingham, England, UKwav140:12 
GENESISlive 1975-05-02[FAde Project FAde001] - Hippodrome, Birmingham, England, UKwav137:22 
GENESISlive 1975-05-15'Echoes Of The Broadway' Bootleg 2CDwav124:22 
GENESISlive 1975-05-16ReimsminiDVD2:26 
GENESISlive <= 1975-05-27'The Lamb Live Down On Broadway' 1975 live compilation videoDVD+R76:07 
GENESISlive 1976-04-10'Supper In Boston (Without A Knife)' Bootleg 2CD-R [Coaster Factory] - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav115:38 
GENESISlive 1976-04-15[BURP 004] - Music Hall, Cleveland, OH, USAwav99:36 
GENESISlive 1976-04-29'Robbery, Assault & Berkeley' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRP 007] - Community Centre, Berkeley, CA, USAwav108:18 
GENESISlive 1976-05-07[BURP 014] - Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, TX, USAwav123:29 
GENESISlive 1976-06-10[SAB 08] - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav50:06 
GENESISlive 1976-06-11'Melody Of 1976' Bootleg CD - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav42:50 
GENESIScompilation 1971-05-10 to 1977-01-20'From A Flower To An Earl' Bootleg 4CDwav255:04 
GENESISlive 1977-02-06[BURP 028] - Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO, USAwav90:00 
GENESISlive 1977-02-16[SAB07] - Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav123:17 
GENESISlive 1977-03-03Colisée de Québec, Québec City, QC, Canadawav121:37 
GENESISlive 1977-03-24The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav111:17 
GENESISlive 1977-05-15Maracananzinho Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilwav103:29 
GENESISlive 1977-05-21 lateIbirapuera Stadium, São Paulo, Brasilwav118:13 
GENESISlive 1982-10-02[FAde 003] - Concert Bowl, Milton Keynes, England, UKwav121:48 
GENESISlive <= 1998-01-29700222-980129 compilationwav291:44 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2004-02-26Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA, USAwav125:35 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2007-10-20Amsterdamwav97:55 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2007-10-31Duisburgwav147:46 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2007-12-11Riviera Theatre, Tonawanda, NY, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]  
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2007-12-12Riviera Theatre, Tonawanda, NY, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]  
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2007-12-14Glensidewav114:09 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2007-12-15Glensidewav117:42 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2008-05-03Xanadu Showroom, Trump Taj Mahal Casino & Resort, Atlantic City, NJ, USAwav117:08 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2009-01-02Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA, USAwav123:50 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2009-01-03Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA, USAwav119:01 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2009-01-11State Theatre, Playhouse Square, Cleveland, OH, USAwav124:35 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2009-11-01L'Étoile Quartier Dix30, Brossard, QC, Canadawav126:44 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2013-04-16Wienwav130:05 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2013-04-17Camdenwav67:49 
GENESIS tribute - The Musical Boxlive 2013-08-03Camdenwav67:49 
IAN GILLAN Bandlive 1977-09-16Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima, Japanwav117:43 
IAN GILLAN Bandlive 1978-06-12Londonwav93:33 
IAN GILLAN Bandlive 1978-06-14Londonwav99:51 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1979-10-24Londonwav84:57 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1980-08-21'Glorious Birthday' Bootleg CD - Friars, Aylesbury, England, UKwav75:31 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1980-08-24 DVD+R  
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1980-10-14Londonwav79:19 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1981-06-09Dom Sportova, Zagreb, CroatiaDVD+R31:25PRO
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1981-10-06Tokyowav88:58 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1981-12-12Oxfordwav74:24 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-02-28Torinowav86:13 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-03-27Ribewav71:43 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-04-23'Friday Night Rockshow' BBC radio sessionwav24:34 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-08-21Monsters Of Rock, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UKwav82:47AUD-8 of 10
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-10-22Guildfordwav87:16 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-12-05Oxfordwav77:24 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-12-05Oxfordwav49:06 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-12-05Oxfordwav79:23 
IAN GILLAN - Gillanlive 1982-12-05Oxfordwav79:24 
IAN GILLAN - GillanTV 1978-xx-xx to 1982-xx-xx78-82 TV compilation DVDDVD+R  
IAN GILLAN - GillanTV 1981-xx-xx to 1982-xx-xx81-82 TV compilation DVDDVD+R  
IAN GILLANlive 1990-09-04 DVD+R100:16 
IAN GILLANlive 1990-09-17Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav99:28 
IAN GILLANlive 1991-11-12 DVD+R75:38 
IAN GILLANlive 1991-11-13Schmelzwav43:05 
IAN GILLAN & friendslive 2006-03-31Tommy Vance Tribute Night, Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]44:19AUD-8.5of10
IAN GILLANlive 2006-08-19Salle Albert-Rousseau, Québec City, QC, Canadawav78:09AUD
IAN GILLANlive 2006-08-30Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USADVD+R [NTSC]100:01AUD-9of10
IAN GILLANlive 2006-08-30Milwaukee, WI, USAwav97:43 
IAN GILLANlive 2006-09-08Vancouver, BC, Canadawav98:24 
IAN GILLANlive 2006-09-09Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA, USAwav92:53AUD
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1986-03-28 early & late'The Big Thing' Bootleg 2CDwav116:57 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1986-07-11 DVD+R  
GUNS N' ROSES'.44 Caliber Horticulture Vol. 1' Bootleg CDwav57:10 
GUNS N' ROSES'.44 Caliber Horticulture Vol. 2' Bootleg CDwav54:21 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1987-10-02Paradiso, Amsterdam, NederlandCD-R54:43B
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1987-10-08'Utter Destruction' Bootleg 2CD - Londonwav93:13 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1987-10-30CBGB, New York, NY, USADVD+R52:31 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1987-12-19Madisonwav48:26 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1987-12-30'December Bullets' Bootleg CDwav71:06 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-02-02The Ritz, New York, NY, USADVD+R58:04 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-02-02New YorkDVD55:35 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1987-10-30 & 1988-02-02'Patience' Bootleg CDwav46:21 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-02-05San Franciscowav75:05 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-08-02Indianapoliswav47:36 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-08-16East Rutherfordwav46:14 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-08-20Monsters Of Rock, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UKwav43:47 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1988-12-07Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav101:10SBD/AUD
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1989-10-19'Stoned In L.A. 1989' Bootleg CD - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA, USACD-R68:31AUD-A-
GUNS N' ROSES198x-xx-xx'No Refrain' Bootleg CDwav60:16 
GUNS N' ROSESxxxx-xx-xx'Rumbo Tapes' Bootleg CDwav67:01 
GUNS N' ROSESrecorded 1981-xx-xx to 1990-xx-xx'Appetite For Outtakes' Bootleg 3CDwav229:31 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1991-05-16 DVD+R111:17 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1991-05-24'The New World Order' Bootleg 2CD - East Troywav112:08 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1991-05-29NoblesvilleDVD133:07 
GUNS N' ROSESlive <= 1991-05-29'Hell's Breakin' Loose' Bootleg 2CDwav105:50 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1991-08-19'War Lord' Bootleg 2CDwav130:44 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 1993-06-18Bremenwav127:31 
GUNS N' ROSESlive <= 1993-07-16'Unplugged' Bootleg CDwav58:28 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2001-01-15'Radio Rio' Bootleg 2CDwav139:33 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2001-01-15'Rock In Rio III', Rio de Janeiro, BrasilDVD-R143:52 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-08-18Summer Sonic Festival, WTC Open Air Stadium, Osaka, Japanwav114:26 
GUNS N' ROSESlive <= 2002-08-18'The New Democratic Theory' Bootleg 4CDwav247:18 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-08-23'Festival Democracy' Bootleg 2CDwav101:10 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-08-24'Missionaries' Bootleg 2CDwav118:22 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-08-24Pukkelpop 2002, Hasselt-Kiewit, BelgiëDVD+R [PAL]55:17AUD
GUNS N' ROSES2002-08-24? DVD+R  
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-08-26'Finger Licking Good' Bootleg 2CDwav120:00 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-08Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA, USAwav105:41 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-11Idaho Center Arena, Nampa, ID, USAwav73:33 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-17Molinewav119:53 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-18Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL, USAwav119:54AUD-A-
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-21The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USAwav100:44AUD-B
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-22Mellow Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav115:23AUD-B
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-24Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, USAwav121:06AUD-B
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-24Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, USAwav62:33 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-25Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, USAwav119:05AUD-A-
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-27Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY, USAwav119:41AUD-A
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-11-29'We're Alive' Bootleg 2CDwav123:46 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-12-02Fleet Center, Boston, MA, USADVD+R A
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-12-02Boston, MA, USAwav124:04 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2002-12-05'NYC-DMZ' Bootleg 2CDwav122:47 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-05-12New Yorkwav132:51 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-05-14Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USAwav135:24AUD
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-05-15'Excessive Moderation' Bootleg 2CD-R [AM5OBCDR001] - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USAwav142:21AUD
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-05-15Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USAwav142:07AUD
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-07-23Manchesterwav139:39 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-07-25Birmingham, England, UKwav138:33 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-07-30Londonwav105:54 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2006-11-05 DVD+R  
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2007-06-19Brisbanewav122:13 
GUNS N' ROSESlive 2007-07-14Makuhariwav136:44 
HALLOW'S EVElive 1985-09-22CBGB, New York, NY, USAwav35:59 
HALLOW'S EVElive 1985-11-19Baltimorewav30:41 
HALLOW'S EVElive 1986-11-18New York, NY, USADVD+R43:37 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1972-11-10Londonwav41:19 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1973-06-02La Cossatese, Cossato, Italiawav63:06 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1973-11-16Sankt Gallenwav60:26 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1973-11-20Pariswav47:25 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1973-12-15Novellarawav52:36 
PETER HAMMILLrecorded 1973-12-15?Novellara?wav17:29 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1974-04-21Centre Sportif de l'Université de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canadawav32:23 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1974-09-07Londonwav123:21 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1974-09-08Londonwav53:29 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1976-03-23New Theatre, Oxford, England, UKwav71:34 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-02-02 earlyLos Angeleswav92:35 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-02-16'Skeletons Of Songs' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R125:44 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-02-18 earlyNew Yorkwav62:33 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-02-18 lateNew Yorkwav82:16 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-09-25Odeon Cinema, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKwav43:55 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-09-26Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav52:52 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1978-10-01London, England, UKwav58:17 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1979-02-24Detroitwav88:18 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1980-02-06Melkwegwav50:47 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1981-08-28Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO, USAwav81:37 
PETER HAMMILL & The K Grouplive 1981-09-26Markthalle, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav89:06 
PETER HAMMILL & The K Grouplive 1981-09-27Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav42:41 
PETER HAMMILL & The K Grouplive 1981-11-19Tenax, Peretola, Firenze, ItaliaCD-R43:41 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1983-09-09Modenawav86:51 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1983-10-01Smalands Nation, Lund, Sverigewav93:24 
PETER HAMMILL & The K Grouplive <= 1983-10-24'The Secret Asteroid Jungle' Bootleg CDwav74:29 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1984-04-08Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav129:32FM-EX
PETER HAMMILLlive 1984-04-08'A Stranger Still' Bootleg 2CD - Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav93:15FM-VG
PETER HAMMILLlive 1984-08-19[T-221] - Tel Avivwav103:58 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1985-03-09Hamburgwav52:01 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1985-03-14'Naked Songs, Out Of My Book' Bootleg LPwav48:27 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1985-03-19Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederlandwav64:40FM-EX
PETER HAMMILLlive 1986-04-25Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England, UKwav131:35 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1986-11-13Sala Universal, Madrid, Españawav108:27AUD-B
PETER HAMMILLlive 1989-12-12Lanzarotewav64:25 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1990-10-28 DVD+R  
PETER HAMMILLlive 1992-12-03Hannoverwav94:12 
PETER HAMMILL<1992-xx-xx850424-92xxxx radio interviews & performances compilationwav1761:48 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1994-11-11'…If You Haven't Got It Yet, David' Bootleg 2CD - Genevawav113:42 
PETER HAMMILLlive 1995-09-17Hilversumwav14:53 
PETER HAMMILLlive 2001-01-10Hamburgwav118:28 
PETER HAMMILL2002-06-14Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, London, England, UKwav114:41 
PETER HAMMILLlive 2002-06-15 earlyLyric Theatre Hammersmith, London, England, UKwav102:23 
PETER HAMMILLlive 2002-06-15 lateLyric Theatre Hammersmith, London, England, UKwav125:11 
PETER HAMMILLlive 2003-01-18Utrechtwav110:15 
PETER HAMMILL & Stuart Gordonlive 2003-01-19Melkweg, Amsterdamwav104:00 
PETER HAMMILLlive 2003-01-27Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Deutschlandwav106:51 
PETER HAMMILLlive 2006-05-12Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Deutschlandwav111:28AUD-EX
PETER HAMMILL & Stuart Gordonlive 2006-05-13Pariswav98:47 
HATElive 2005-02-11The Ultimate Domination Tour 2005, Heavy in Haarlem, Grote Zaal, Patronaat, Haarlem, Nederlandwav33:20 
HATElive 2009-08-15Storm Before The Blitz Tour, Summer Breeze Open Air 2009, Flugplatz des Aeroclubs Dinkelsbühl, Dinkelsbühl, Deutschlandwav30:11 
HATElive 2009-10-03Way Of Darkness Festival IV, Stadthalle, Lichtenfels, Deutschlandwav17:32 
HATE ETERNALlive 2000-03-11Pennsaukenwav26:20 
HEARTbroadcast 1976-04-09The Second Ending, Washington State University, KWSU-TV, Pullman, WA, USADVD+R [NTSC]56:50TV
HEARTlive 1976-08-03Waukeganwav58:14 
HEARTlive 1976-08-03'Secret Heart Illustrated' Bootleg LPwav45:15 
HEARTlive 1976-08-11Philadelphiawav37:22 
HEARTlive 1976-10-10Bostonwav44:27 
HEARTlive 1976-10-16Clevelandwav75:01 
HEARTlive 1976-10-18Kansas Citywav83:44 
HEARTlive 1976-10-18Kansas Citywav79:28 
HEARTlive 1977-04-28Detroitwav72:28 
HEARTlive 1977-04-28Detroitwav69:01 
HEARTlive 1977-07-17Los Angeleswav29:35 
HEARTlive 1977-08-10Upper Darbywav71:31 
HEARTlive 1977-09-xxInglewoodwav50:06 
HEARTlive 1977-10-05Birminghamwav83:52 
HEARTlive 1978-03-18California Jam 2, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USACD-R65:44 
HEARTlive 1978-05-12Fresnowav87:37 
HEARTlive 1978-06-21Albuquerquewav92:00 
HEARTlive 1978-10-15Capitol Centre, Landover, MD, USADVD+R [NTSC]90:10PRO
HEARTlive 1978-10-16Pittsburghwav92:27 
HEARTlive 1978-11-15Champaignwav92:37 
HEARTlive 1979-01-26Passaicwav110:33 
HEARTlive 1979-01-26Passaicwav86:09 
HEARTlive 1979-01-27 earlyBostonwav [24/96]89:37 
HEARTlive 1979-01-27 earlyBostonwav [16/44.1]89:37 
HEARTlive 1979-01-27 earlyBostonwav89:37 
HEARTlive 1979-01-27 lateBostonwav95:31 
HEARTlive 1979-06-02East Troywav91:21 
HEARTlive 1979-06-03Seattlewav48:42 
HEARTrecorded 1979-08-04'Japan Jam', Enoshima, Kanagawa, JapanCD-R40:03 
HEARTmiscellaneous videos: "Break" (partial), "Even It Up"DVD-R7:08 
HEARTlive 1980-04-03Fort Worthwav92:14 
HEARTlive 1980-04-03Fort Worthwav93:01 
HEARTlive 1980-07-17New Yorkwav92:29 
HEARTlive 1981-08-02Vancouver, BCwav50:15 
HEARTlive 1982-02-14Seattlewav10:45 
HEARTlive 1982-04-06Concert For The Americas, Altos de Chavón Amphitheater, La Romana, Dominican RepublicDVD-R49:09 
HEARTlive 1982-05-28Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, DeutschlandDVD-R32:51PRO
HEARTlive 1982-05-28Dortmundwav32:25 
HEARTlive 1982-06-05Milton Keyneswav39:30 
HEARTlive 1982-07-13Seattlewav14:44 
HEARTlive 1982-09-01Evansvillewav87:12 
HEARTlive 1982-10-07East Rutherfordwav83:25 
HEARTlive 1982-10-08New Havenwav84:23 
HEARTlive 1982-11-24Kansas Citywav85:39 
HEARTlive 1983-11-18Greenvillewav68:32 
HEARTlive 1984-02-07Merrillvillewav79:21 
HEARTlive 1984-03-23Daytona Beachwav57:44 
HEARTlive 1984-06-22Jacksonwav67:45 
HEARTlive 1985-09-04Portlandwav81:06 
HEARTlive 1986-04-22Tampawav90:23 
HEARTlive 1986-04-25Jacksonvillewav87:10 
HEARTlive 1986-06-25Tokyowav65:05 
HEARTlive 1986-10-19Ameswav66:04 
HEARTlive 1987-07-08Cuyahoga Fallswav89:01 
HEARTlive 1987-12-05Saint Paulwav95:20 
HEARTlive 1995-10-16'Superstar Concert Series #96-02' Promo 2CDwav85:04 
HEARTairdate 1996-01-08Westwood One 'Superstar Concert Series Show #96-02' Promo 2CDwav85:04 
HEARTlive 2003-06-22Chastain Park Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA, USA2CD-R104:25 
HEARTlive 2010-03-08Victoria, BC, Canadawav94:00 
HEARTlive 2011-02-26Vancouver, BCwav104:53 
HEARTlive 2011-09-03Phoenixwav69:23 
HEARTlive 2011-10-20Sydneywav58:19 
HEARTlive 2012-03-17Thackervillewav84:05 
HEARTlive 2012-08-18Vancouverwav89:11 
HEARTlive 2012-10-09Bostonwav91:21 
HEARTlive 2012-10-13Bethlehemwav84:42 
HEARTlive 2013-01-25Worcesterwav83:35 
HEARTlive 2013-01-27Lancasterwav84:39 
HEARTlive 2013-06-17West Palm Beachwav113:21 
HEARTlive 2013-06-29Bethelwav115:45 
HEARTlive 2013-07-02Holmdelwav116:21 
HEARTlive 2013-07-03Camdenwav119:18 
HEARTlive 2013-07-04Uncasvillewav114:16 
HEARTlive 2013-07-22Cuyahoga FallsDVD104:12 
HEARTlive 2013-08-14The Woodlandswav114:44 
HEARTlive 2013-08-15Dallaswav111:42 
HEARTlive 2013-08-18Kansas Citywav109:02 
HEARTlive 2013-08-22Los Angeleswav110:59 
HEARTlive 2013-08-23Los Angeleswav112:44 
HEARTlive 2013-08-24Indiowav111:38 
HEARTlive 2013-08-27Santa Barbarawav113:27 
HEARTlive 2013-11-09Tucsonwav85:59 
HEAVENTV [see COMPILATION - 'Rock Palace' TV 83xxxx-84xxxx compilation DVD]DVD+R  
HEAVY PETTIN'TV <= 1985-xx-xx83xxxx-85xxxx miscellaneous video clipsDVD+R19:26 
HELLWITCHlive 1990-08-02G. Willikers, Pennsauken, NJ, USADVD+R15:24 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1967-02-04Londonwav44:19 
JIMI HENDRIX & Eric Claptonrecorded 1967-03-16'Beat Instrumental' magazine interviewwav39:48 
The JIMI HENDRIX ExperienceTV 1967-04-01 cDVD  
The JIMI HENDRIX ExperienceTV 1967-04-01 cDVD  
The JIMI HENDRIX ExperienceTV 1967-04-01 cDVD  
The JIMI HENDRIX ExperienceTV 1967-05-11Theatre Municipal d'Issy Les MoulineauxcDVD [NTSC]8:19TV-EX-/EX
The JIMI HENDRIX ExperienceTV 1967-05-18 cDVD  
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencerecorded 1967-06-28 to 1967-06-30'The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp' mixing sessionwav10:28 
JIMI HENDRIXlive <= 1967-09-10 early670410?-670910 early Sweden compilationwav226:47 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1966-10-18 & 1967-10-09'Je Vous Aime Beaucoup' [ATM 13] Bootleg CD-Rwav56:15 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experience1966-10-18 to 1967-12-22'European Broadcasts 1966/67' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav100:29 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experience1967-xx-xx1967 compilation DVDDVD+R  
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1968-xx-xx'Axis: Bold As Love' album sessionswav60:58 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 196x-xx-xx'Axis Outtakes' Bootleg 2CDwav92:52 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive <= 1968-01-08'Lost In Sweden' Bootleg 2CDwav140:10 
JIMI HENDRIXlive <= 1968-01-29661018-680129 live compilationwav159:43 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-16Dallaswav62:28 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-17Fort Worthwav53:59 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-17'Remember The Alamo' Bootleg 2CD - Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, TX, USAwav55:55 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-18Houstonwav51:51 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-25Chicagowav26:58 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-28 earlyThe Scene, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav43:03F/G
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-02-28 lateThe Scene, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav43:15F/G
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-03-02 lateHunter College, New York, NY, USAwav26:48AUD
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-03-10 earlyInternational Ballroom, Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, USAwav35:03 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-03-19 late'Live In Ottawa' Bootleg CDwav59:20 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-03-26 lateCleveland, OH, USAwav57:07 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-03-26 late[ATM 074] - Clevelandwav57:07 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-04-02Paul Sauvé Arena, Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Montréal, QC, Canadawav45:12 
JIMI HENDRIX, BB King, otherslive 1968-04-15New Yorkwav80:42 
JIMI HENDRIXlive <= 1968-04-15'Blues At Midnight' Bootleg CDwav77:24 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-05-10New Yorkwav60:51 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-05-10Fillmore East, New York, NY, USAwav59:17AUD-EX
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-05-18'Miami Pop Festival', Gulfstream Park Racetrack, Hallandale, FL, USAwav21:11SBD-EX
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-05-26 earlyBolognawav30:54 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-05-31Zürichwav53:12 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-03Dallaswav64:16 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-03Moody Coliseum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USAwav62:19AUD-G
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-04Houstonwav32:27 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-11Davenportwav44:23 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-11'Davenport, Iowa '68' Bootleg LPwav44:17 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-16Columbiawav47:58 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-08-23Queenswav56:17 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-09-07Vancouver, BC, Canadawav61:40 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-09-07Vancouver, BC, Canadawav60:01 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-09-08Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA, USAwav21:30 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-10-10 earlyWinterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav61:15 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-10-10 lateWinterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav73:49 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-10-11 earlyWinterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav61:57 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-10-11 lateWinterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav72:54 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-10-12 earlyWinterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav65:24 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-10-12 lateWinterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav69:46 
JIMI HENDRIX, Jack Bruce, Jim McCarty, Buddy Milesstudio 1968-10-17TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA, USAwav61:00 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1968-10-xxunknown interview, San Franciscowav9:18 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-11-02Minneapolis Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav33:39AUD
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-11-16Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USAwav40:44AUD
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-11-27Providencewav102:32 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-11-28Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY, USAwav72:38AUD
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-11-28 earlyNew Yorkwav25:03 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1968-11-30Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USAwav58:15 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1969-01-09 earlyKonserthuset, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R [NTSC]56:17 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1969-01-10 earlyFalkoner Centret, København, Danmarkwav66:01 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-01-11 lateHamburgwav67:09 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1969-01-13Köln, Westdeutschlandwav55:01 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-01-14'A Magic Time' Bootleg LPwav56:51 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-01-16Nürnbergwav56:49 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1969-01-17Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav74:20 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-01-22 earlyWienwav45:58 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-01-22 lateWienwav33:23 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-01-22Wienwav78:24 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1969-01-23Sportpalast, Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav55:17AUD-G & VG+
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-02-24'Room Full Of Hendrix' Bootleg DVD - Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]103:08PRO
JIMI HENDRIXlive <= 1969-02-24'The Royal Albert Hall Rehearsals' Bootleg CDwav59:26 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1969-03-19'Studio '69 - The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol. 1' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav145:49 
JIMI HENDRIX, Dave Holland, John McLaughlin, Buddy Milesrecorded 1969-03-25Record Plant Studios, New York, NY, USAwav41:20 
JIMI HENDRIX, Dave Holland, John McLaughlin, Buddy Milesrecorded 1969-03-25Record Plant Studioswav41:20 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-04-12'Live In Philadelphia' Bootleg 2CD-R [ATM 105-106] - Philadelphiawav65:16 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-04-12The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav59:58 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1969-04-17'Studio '69 - The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol. 2' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav151:39 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-04-18 lateMemphiswav55:01 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-04-19Houstonwav13:51 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-04-26'I Don't Live Today, Maybe Tomorrow' Bootleg CDwav79:01 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-05-03Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav70:06AUD
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-05-11'Indianapolis '69' Bootleg CD-R [ATM 061] - Indianapoliswav64:45 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive <= 1969-05-12'It's Only A Paper Moon' Bootleg CDwav69:19 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-05-17'One Night At The Arena' Bootleg CD - Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, RI, USAwav59:30AUD
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-05-25Northern California Folk-Rock Festival, Family Park, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA, USAwav72:15 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-06-20 & 1969-06-22'Newport 1969 Pop Festival' Bootleg 3CDwav149:40 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-06-20'Newport 69 Pop Festival', San Fernando Valley State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USAwav91:13 
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-06-20'Bummer on Zelzah Avenue' Bootleg CD-R - 'Newport 69 Pop Festival', San Fernando Valley State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USAwav65:08 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1969-06-22'Newport 69 Pop Festival', San Fernando Valley State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USADVD+R [NTSC]22:12PRO-EX-
The JIMI HENDRIX Experiencelive 1969-06-29Denver Pop Festival, Denver, CO, USAwav64:33 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1969-09-19?'This Flyer' Bootleg LPwav38:37 
JIMI HENDRIX - Gypsy Sun & Rainbowsrecorded <= 1969-09-xx'Jammin' Back At The House' Bootleg 3CD-Rwav229:53 
JIMI HENDRIX & Trafficrecorded 1969-12-12?'A Session' Bootleg CDwav60:25 
JIMI HENDRIXrehearsal 1969-12-18 to 1969-12-19Band of Gypsies rehearsals - New Yorkwav108:48 
JIMI HENDRIXrehearsal <= 1969-12-23Band of Gypsies rehearsalswav78:03 
JIMI HENDRIX - Band Of Gypsieslive 1969-12-31 lateFillmore East, New York, NY, USAwav118:15 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1967-xx-xx to 1969-xx-xx'Mixdown Master Tapes Vol. 1' Bootleg CDwav72:38 
JIMI HENDRIX1969-xx-xxDVD - BBC? Promo?DVD+R  
JIMI HENDRIX & Taj Mahalrecorded 1970-01-21?'Jimi's Private Reels Vol. 1' Bootleg CD - Jimi's apartment, New York, NY, USAwav56:32 
JIMI HENDRIX1965-xx-xx to 1970-0x-xx'Every Way To Paradise' Bootleg 4CD Box Setwav260:56 
JIMI HENDRIX - Band Of Gypsieslive 1969-12-31 early to 1970-01-28 late'Box Of Gypsys - Revised' [ATM 066-071 Rev.A] Bootleg 6CD-R Setwav362:37 
JIMI HENDRIX & Lovelive 1970-03-17Blue Thumb Records acetatewav15:29 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-04-25'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky' Bootleg CD - The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav72:18 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-04-26''Cal Expo', State Fairgrounds, Sacramento, CA, USAwav50:39 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-05-01Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav60:59 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-05-03Saint Paul Civic Center, Saint Paul, MN, USAwav73:42 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-05-08 lateField House, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USAwav65:13 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-05-09Fort Worthwav71:05 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-05-16Philadelphiawav51:26 
JIMI HENDRIXsoundcheck 1970-05-30Berkeleywav39:48 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-05-30 early[ATM 0256-257] - Berkeleywav91:38 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-06-07Civic Assembly Arena, Tulsa, OK, USAwav56:15 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-06-13Civic Center, Baltimore, MD, USAwav71:18 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-06-20Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, USAwav46:28 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1970-06-25Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY, USAwav20:17 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1970-06-26Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY, USAwav34:08 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-06-27Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USAwav60:08AUD
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-06-27Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USAwav49:26 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-06-27Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USAwav47:18 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-04Atlanta International Pop Festival, Middle Georgia Raceway, Byron, GA, USAwav94:00 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-04Atlanta International Pop Festival, Middle Georgia Raceway, Byron, GA, USADVD+R32:37 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1970-07-14'Unsurpassed Masters' Bootleg 5CD-Rwav334:50 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-17'New York Pop Festival', Downing Stadium, Randall's Island, NY, USAwav49:15 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-17Randall's Islandwav24:58 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1970-07-23Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY, USAwav23:52 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-26Seattle, WA, USAwav73:01 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-30MauiDVD81:01 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-30 DVD+R  
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-07-30 early & late'The Rainbow Bridge Concert' Bootleg 2CDwav84:55 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-08-30'Isle of Wight Festival', East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight, England, UK2CD-R119:19SBD-A
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-08-31Stora Scenen, Gröna Lund, Tivoli Gardens, Stockholm, Sverigewav71:32 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-09-02Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Arhus, Danmarkwav25:08AUD-VG
JIMI HENDRIXlive <= 1970-09-03'51st Anniversary (The Story Of Life…)' Bootleg 8CDwav579:04 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-09-05'Super Concert '70', Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav61:20 
JIMI HENDRIXlive 1970-09-06Fehmarnwav76:35 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1970-xx-xx'The Completer' Bootleg 2CDwav148:05 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1970-xx-xx'Crash Landing - Unreleased Version' Bootleg CDwav65:04 
JIMI HENDRIX'Turn Your Lovelight On - More Blues Album Outtakes' Bootleg CDwav66:17 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1970-07-23'Black Gold' Bootleg 5CDwav351:09 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded <= 1970-08-24680502-700824 studio outtakes compilationwav94:18 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1967-xx-xx to 1970-xx-xx'Mixdown Master Tapes Vol. 2' Bootleg CDwav72:46 
JIMI HENDRIXrecorded 1967-xx-xx to 1970-xx-xx'Mixdown Master Tapes Vol. 3' Bootleg CDwav70:56 
JIMI HENDRIXradio 2002-01-1x'Purple Haze: The Jimi Hendrix Story', BBC, England, UKwav86:10 
JIMI HENDRIX documentaryTV 1994-06-01 DVD+R  
JIMI HENDRIX tribute - Experience Hendrixlive 2008-11-05INB Performing Arts Center, Spokane Convention Center, Spokane, WA, USAcDVD [NTSC]  
JIMI HENDRIX tribute - Experience Hendrixlive 2012-03-24Austinwav188:24 
HIRAXlive 1987-08-29Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, USADVD+R37:54 
HIRAXlive 1988-04-30Palisade Gardens Roller Rink, San Diego, CA, USADVD+R51:04 
HORNAlive 1997-12-27Virastotalo, Lappeenranta, FinlandDVD+R16:14 
HORNAlive 1997-12-27Virastotalo, Lappeenranta, FinlandDVD+R42:05 
HORNAlive 2001-07-06Under The Black Sun Festival, Germendorf, DeutschlandDVD+R19:11 
HORNAlive 2002-11-25Le Son, Coimbra, PortugalDVD+R41:16 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapeze'High Flying Act' Bootleg CDCD  
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1971-03-27Colden Hall, Queens College, New York, NY, USAwav46:53 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1971-10-22Normanwav56:02 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezebroadcast 1973-03-31'In Concert', BBC, Londonwav28:25 
GLENN HUGHES - Hughes/Thralllive 1982-10-29Lubbockwav51:04 
GLENN HUGHES - Hughes/Thralllive 1982-10-29? & ?'Highway Star' Bootleg CD - LubbockCD-R74:59AUD-G
GLENN HUGHESrecorded <= 1991-xx-xx?'White Soul Rockin' Black' Bootleg CDwav64:39 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1992-03-27Cannockwav64:15 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1992-05-15Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKDVD-R67:59AUD-B
GLENN HUGHES & friendslive 1992-08-05Los Angeleswav31:55 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1993-06-17'Burn In Europe' Bootleg CD - Borlangewav74:22 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1993-06-18Skedsmokorsetwav46:02 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1993-07-24Citadellet, Landskrona, SverigeDVD+R64:57 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1994-02-09 DVD-R  
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1994-03-xxTXDVD-R102:10 
GLENN HUGHES - Trapezelive 1994-04-09Atlantawav95:22 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1994-05-24Citta Club, Kawasaki, JapanDVD+R103:43 
GLENN HUGHESradio 1994-10-20'Carola'wav16:02 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1994-10-22'Biebob Vosselaar' Bootleg CD - Vosselaarwav73:28 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1994-10-25Alexandra Rock Teater, København, DanmarkDVD+R76:36 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1994-10-25Alexandra Rock Teater, København, Danmarkwav79:19 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1994-11-04Göteborgwav80:42 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1995-07-01Unterempfenbachwav87:09 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1995-07-14Zaal Struik, Heino, NederlandDVD+R [PAL]70:39 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1995-07-14'Funky Business' Bootleg CD - Heinowav70:34 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1996-07-02In Pa Gar'n, Uppsala, SverigeDVD+R89:39 
GLENN HUGHESlive <= 1996-11-10'A Dino in Gino' Bootleg 2CDwav132:00 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1997-02-10Tokyowav107:58 
GLENN HUGHESlive 'Tommy Bolin Tribute '97' Bootleg 2CD2CD  
GLENN HUGHESlive 1998-04-26De Kade, Zaandam, Nederlandwav110:08 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1998-09-26São Paulowav6:10 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1999-02-20'Black Cat Club' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R129:21 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1999-11-24'Turma da Cultura', Studios TV Cultura, Channel Two, São Paulo, BrasilDVD+R28:53 
GLENN HUGHESlive 1999-11-24São Paulowav28:49 
GLENN HUGHES1993-xx-xx to 1999-xx-xx93xxxx-99xxxx compilation DVDDVD+R114:37 
GLENN HUGHESTV <= 1999-xx-xxTV compilation DVDDVD+R  
GLENN HUGHESlive 2000-11-14Bürgerhaus, Karlsruhe, Deutschlandwav56:49 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2000-11-15Georg-Elser-Halle, München, Deutschlandwav60:53 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2001-03-22Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge, NJ, USAwav110:46 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2001-03-23Jaxx, Springfield, VA, USADVD+R [NTSC]  
GLENN HUGHES - Hughes Turner Projectlive 2002-09-22Palabosco, Pontoglio (BS), Italiawav88:16 
GLENN HUGHES & Pat Traverslive 2003-05-24Morgan Hillwav57:33 
GLENN HUGHES & otherslive 2003-06-13AlexandriaDVD+R99:38 
GLENN HUGHES & California Jamlive 2003-06-28Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa, ItaliaDVD+R [PAL]65:36 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2003-07-10San Josewav40:01 
GLENN HUGHES - Hughes Turner Projectlive 2004-02-23Moscowwav88:00 
GLENN HUGHES & California Jamlive 2004-07-17Rock in the Park Festival, Parco Comunale di Arenzano, Arenzano, ItaliaDVD+R [PAL]104:55 
GLENN HUGHES & California Jamlive 2004-07-17Rock in the Park Festival, Parco Comunale di Arenzano, Arenzano, Italiawav104:54 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2005-02-13The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKwav92:55 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2005-03-06Krone Music Club, Frankenthal, Deutschland2CD-R96:03 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2005-03-10KD Serikova, Plzen, Czech Republicwav89:47 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2005-03-18Transilvania Club, Milano, Italiawav100:30 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2005-06-11'Arrow Classic Rock', Lichtenvoordewav59:17AUD
GLENN HUGHESlive 2006-11-10Helsinki, Finlandwav116:42 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2006-11-24Cermenatewav119:03 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2007-03-25Londonwav103:15 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2007-09-15Barcelonawav109:18 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2007-10-28 2DVD+R  
GLENN HUGHESlive 2008-03-04Mount Clemenswav111:51 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2008-06-06The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav116:04 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2008-06-10Astoria 2, London, England, UKwav105:28 
GLENN HUGHESlive 2008-09-20The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton, England, UKwav149:56 
GLENN HUGHES & Come Taste The Bandlive 2008-10-03 DVD+R  
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2010-09-20John Henry's Studio, Islington, London, England, UKDVD+R [PAL]45:59 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2010-12-29Wolverhamptonwav94:40 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-06-17Hampton Beachwav111:53 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-06-17Hampton Beachwav111:49 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-06-18Sayrevillewav114:02 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-06-25Surseewav71:12 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-07-11Stuttgartwav115:41 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-07-12KB-Hallen, København, DanmarkDVD+R [PAL]49:09AUD-A
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-07-12Københavnwav98:12 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-07-14Bonnwav105:37 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-07-19Pariswav99:48 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-07-24East Londonwav56:16 
GLENN HUGHES - Black Country Communionlive 2011-08-02Stockholmwav97:28 
I MOSCHETTIERIlive 1967-04-08 lateMilanowav10:49 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1991-03-21San Francisco, CA, USAwav31:27 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1992-02-11Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USAwav58:27 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1992-02-29'In Your Face' Bootleg CD - Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, USAwav67:33 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1992-03-15'Body Count's In The House' Bootleg CD - The Varsity, Baton Rouge, LA, USAwav52:58 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1992-09-12The Omni, Oakland, CA, USAwav61:12 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1992-12-15Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD, USAwav76:39 
ICE-T - Body Countlive 1992-12-21The Concert Hall, Toronto, ON, Canadawav63:10 
ICE-Tlive 1996-08-23Readingwav20:58 
IMMORTALrecorded 1991-07-05'Immortal' demo CassetteCD-R11:39 
IMMORTALlive 1993-12-22Rose Club, Köln, DeutschlandDVD-R22:17 
IMMORTALlive 1993-12-23Fuck Christ Tour, Crash, Freiburg, DeutschlandDVD-R30:20 
IMMORTALlive 1993-12-23Freiburgwav30:19 
IMMORTALlive 1993-xx-xxBergen, NorgeDVD-R8:01 
IMMORTALlive 1998-05-30Dynamo Open Air 1998, Kunstijsbaan, Eindhoven, NederlandDVD-R58:17 
IMMORTALlive 1998-05-30Dynamo Open Air 1998, Kunstijsbaan, Eindhoven, NederlandDVD-R57:20 
IMMORTALlive 1999-10-01L'Omnibus, Saint-Malo, FranceDVD-R [PAL]67:14 
IMMORTALlive 2000-03-17'Infierno Mexicano' Bootleg CDwav67:28 
IMMORTALlive 2000-03-21CoronaDVD+R  
IMMORTALlive 2000-08-18Santiago de ChileDVD75:08 
IMMORTALlive 2002-04-20 DVD+R  
IMMORTALlive 2008-06-28GraspopDVD+R  
IMMORTALlive 2010-12-18Eindhovenwav68:13 
IMMORTALlive 2011-08-13Walton-on-Trentwav91:23 
IMMORTALlive 2011-08-13Walton-on-Trentwav91:32 
IMMORTALlive 2012-08-17Dinkelsbühlwav76:27 
IN AETERNUMlive 2000-11-11November To Dismember Festival, Orange Pavilion, NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA, USADVD+R36:59 
INQUISITIONlive 2011-12-09San Antoniowav57:56 
INQUISITORlive 1992-04-12Hedon, Zwolle, Overijssel, NederlandDVD+R40:35 
IRON MAIDENrecorded 1978-12-31Spaceward Studios, Cambridge, England, UKwav5:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1979-09-10Londonwav62:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1979-09-10The Music Machine, London, England, UKwav57:11AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 1979-09-10The Music Machine, London, England, UKwav56:59AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 1979-10-05Ruskin Arms, London, England, UKwav74:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1979-10-05Londonwav74:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1979-10-05Londonwav68:45 
IRON MAIDENradio 1979-11-14'Friday Rock Show', BBC Radio 1wav14:34 
IRON MAIDENrecorded 1979-xx-xx?"Running Free" demowav2:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-02-04Edinburghwav52:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-02-07Unity Hall, Wakefield, England, UKCD-R59:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-03-13De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKCD-R36:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-03-13De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, UKCD-R41:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-03-15Londonwav48:18 
IRON MAIDENrecorded 198x-xx-xx"Wrathchild" [unknown studio version]CD-R3:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-04-01London, England, UKwav44:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-04-05Kortrijkwav46:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-04-05Wheel Pop Festival, Kortrijk, BelgiëCD-R47:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-04-08Ruskin Arms Public House, London, England, UKCD-R4:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-05-31Saint Austellwav79:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-06-16Unity Hall, Wakefield, England, UKCD-R74:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-06-16Unity Hall, Wakefield, England, UKCD-R7:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-06-20'Killers Live!' Bootleg 2CD-R - Londonwav80:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-06-20'Running Free' Bootleg 2LP - Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UKwav74:10AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-10-09Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm, SverigeCD-R46:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-10-11KøbenhavncDVD3:44 
IRON MAIDENTV 1980-11-08'Rockpop' TV, WestdeutschlandcDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-11-25Newcastle upon Tynewav81:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-11-25Newcastle upon Tynewav81:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-11-30Manchesterwav73:58 
IRON MAIDENinterview 1980-xx-xx?unknown interviewwav4:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-12-21'Christmas Gig At Rainbow' Bootleg 2CD-R - Londonwav110:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-12-21Londonwav77:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-02-22Manchesterwav76:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-02-28Tauntonwav76:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-03-30Rolling Stone, Milano, ItaliaDVD+R30:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-03-30 lateMilanowav60:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-03-31'Live In Reggio Emilia Italy March 31st 1981' Bootleg CD - Palasport, Reggio Emilia, ItaliaCD-R74:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-04-03Torinowav72:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-04-03Palasport, Torino, Italiawav69:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-04-25Antwerpenwav81:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-04-26Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Nederlandwav71:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-04-28Concertgebouw de Vereeniging, Nijmegen, NederlandCD-R43:54A
IRON MAIDENTV 1981-04-29'Beat-Club', Bremen, WestdeutschlandDVD32:27 
IRON MAIDENTV 1981-04-29'Beat-Club', Bremen, WestdeutschlandDVD32:31 
IRON MAIDENTV 1981-04-29'Beat-Club', Bremen, Westdeutschlandwav28:04TV
IRON MAIDENTV 1981-04-29'Beat-Club', Bremen, WestdeutschlandDVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-21'Maiden Japan Vol. 1' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyowav84:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-22Osakawav87:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-23Nagoyawav92:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-24'Maiden Japan Vol. 4' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyowav89:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-24Tokyowav51:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-24'Purgatory' Bootleg CD - Tokyowav51:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-24'Another Live' Bootleg CD - Tokyowav51:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-05-24 early & late?Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav70:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-04-03 & 1981-05-24'Maiden Japan' Bootleg CDwav76:36 
IRON MAIDENlive ~ 1981-06-14'Killers' album & concert radio ad for 810614 concert @ Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, USAwav0:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-06-14Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, USAwav40:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-06-26Rock Stage, Summerfest Festival, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav76:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-06-27Lynwoodwav70:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-07-22New Yorkwav39:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-08-04Long Beachwav47:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-08-23Darmstadtwav59:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-09-09Olympen, Lund, Sverigewav76:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-10-26 DVD+R25:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-10-27Teatro Tenda, Roma, Italiawav71:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-10-28Teatro Tenda, Firenze, Italiawav75:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-10-29Padovawav72:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-10-30+'Incoming' Bootleg 2CD-R - Milanowav108:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-10-31Palais Lido, Milano, Italiawav73:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-12-23'Genghis At The Ruskin' Bootleg 2LP - Ruskin Arms, London, England, UKwav88:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1981-12-23'Ruskin Arms 1981' Bootleg CD-R - Londonwav77:10 
IRON MAIDENrecorded 1981-12-xx?"Happy Christmas" recordingswav1:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-05Leicesterwav83:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-09Oxfordwav92:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-11Bristolwav104:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-20LondonDVD62:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-24Nogent-sur-Marnewav67:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-24Nogent-sur-Marnewav67:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-04-02Barcelonawav98:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-04-03Madridwav90:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-05-01Amsterdamwav56:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-06-26Montréalwav92:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-06-29Palladium, New York, NY, USADVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-06-29'New York Palladium' Bootleg CD - Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav61:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-06-29'The Night Of The Living Dead' Bootleg CD - Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav62:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-06-29'666½' Bootleg CD - New Yorkwav60:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-06-30Glen Covewav86:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-05Chicagowav93:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-07Toledowav39:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-25Chippenhamwav71:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-26Poolewav91:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-26Poolewav30:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-26Poolewav91:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-08-28Readingwav98:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-10-02New Yorkwav44:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-10-12Philadelphiawav42:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-10-19Baltimorewav56:48 
IRON MAIDENrecorded 1982-1x-xxSydney, NSW, Australiawav8:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-11-27Tokyowav107:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-11-29Festival Hall, Osaka, Japanwav99:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-12-01Nagoyawav89:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-12-02Tokyowav110:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-12-04'Last Night In Tokyo '82' Bootleg 2CD-R - Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav98:40AUD-3 of 5
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-12-10Niigatawav53:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-07Southamptonwav111:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-08Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UKwav114:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-10Royal Concert Hall, Royal Centre, Nottingham, England, UKwav110:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-12Glasgowwav94:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-12Glasgowwav89:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-21Birminghamwav114:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-22Birminghamwav117:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-23Manchesterwav92:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-26'Die With Your Boots On - Part 1' Bootleg CD - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav51:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-05-26'Die With Your Boots On - Part 2' Bootleg CD - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav64:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-06-01Helsinkiwav108:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-06-03Göteborgwav104:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-06-12Amsterdamwav123:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-06-24Spokanewav88:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-07-02Daly Citywav45:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-07-12Phoenixwav90:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-07-13Albuquerquewav100:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-07-23Dallaswav97:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-08-11Detroitwav91:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-08-18Allentownwav92:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-08-20Landoverwav100:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-08-25 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-08-31Poughkeepsiewav78:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-09-06Montréal Forum, Montréal, CanadaDVD+R 3+ of 5
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-09-08Québec Citywav90:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-09-14 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-09-30UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USAwav105:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-09-30Chicagowav102:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-09-30UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USAwav29:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-10-01Cincinnatiwav98:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-10-01Cincinnatiwav97:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-10-08New Yorkwav103:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-11-08Hamburgwav92:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-11-11Kerkradewav79:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-11-17Pariswav112:37 
IRON MAIDENTV 1983-11-24'Toccata' TV, EspañaDVD+R16:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-11-25Madridwav51:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-12-10Rüsselsheimwav88:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-12-17Dortmundwav52:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-12-18 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1983-12-18Dortmundwav56:07 
IRON MAIDENTV 1984-08-01'Les enfants du rock' TV, FranceDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-08-11Poznanwav95:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-08-12Wroclawwav53:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-08-16Wienwav109:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-08-22'Doin' My Job' Bootleg CD - Arma di Taggiawav74:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-08-25Annecywav90:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-03Madridwav85:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-08Bordeauxwav58:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-08Bordeauxwav56:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-11Glasgowwav103:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-16Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKwav103:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-17Sheffieldwav104:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1982-03-09, 1983-05-26, 1984-09-18'British Metal Onslaught - Maiden England 1982-83-84' Bootleg 6CDwav  
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-09-29Nottinghamwav105:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-03Birminghamwav91:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-05Southamptonwav105:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-07Cardiffwav104:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-12Londonwav115:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-12Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK2CD-R113:40AUD-A+
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-12'Back In The Village' Bootleg 2CDwav113:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-16Böblingenwav88:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-17Heidelbergwav99:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-17Heidelbergwav85:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-26Essenwav60:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-27BremenDVD-A94:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-27Stadthalle , Bremen, Westdeutschland2CD-R89:40SB-A-
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-29Pariswav100:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-10-29Pariswav49:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-02Stockholmwav104:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-03Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav111:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-12Milanowav100:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-12Milanowav95:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-14Baselwav104:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-26Colisée de Québec, Québec City, QC, Canadawav106:15 
IRON MAIDENTV 1984-11-30'Freeze Frame' TV, CanadaDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-11-30Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav87:11AUD-VG+/EX-
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-12-03Winnipegwav95:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-12-15Denverwav91:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1984-12-19Milwaukeewav85:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-01-11Rio de JaneiroDVD86:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-01-11'Rock In Rio', Cidade do Rock, Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilDVD+R92:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-01-11'Live Rio de Janeiro' Bootleg 2LP - 'Rock In Rio', Cidade do Rock, Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilwav80:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-01-15Worcesterwav89:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-01-17New Yorkwav89:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-03-08El Pasowav89:36 
IRON MAIDENlive Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav84:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-03-19Renowav90:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-03-21Daly Citywav91:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-03-21Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USA2CD-R80:34AUD-C+
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-03-24Tempewav86:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-04-14Tokyowav87:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-04-17Tokyowav91:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-04-20Nagoyawav87:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-02Canberrawav79:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-03Melbournewav91:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-07Sydneywav68:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-08Newcastle upon Tynewav74:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-24Uniondalewav91:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-27Rochesterwav90:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-05-28Glen Fallswav83:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-06-09East Troywav87:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-06-12Detroitwav84:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-06-16Poplar Creekwav88:20 
IRON MAIDEN & Whole Population of Hackneylive 1985-12-19Londonwav80:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1985-12-19'The Entire Population of Hackney' Bootleg 2LP - The Marquee, London, England, UKwav75:27 
IRON MAIDENradio 1986-09-06'Friday Rock Show', BBCwav61:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-09-10Belgradewav106:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-09-14Wienwav104:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-09-15Grazwav90:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-09-17Budapestwav106:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-09-25Warsawwav118:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-03Oxfordwav110:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-08'When It's Time To Rock' unknown issue Bootleg 2LP - Bristolwav113:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-08'The Greediness' Bootleg CDwav76:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-10Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UK2CD-R115:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-11Manchesterwav122:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-15City Hall, Sheffield, England, UKDVD+R112:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-15Sheffieldwav100:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-16SheffieldDVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-16Sheffieldwav102:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-20Nottinghamwav112:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-21Bradfordwav113:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-22Hanleywav98:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-24Newcastle upon Tynewav108:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-24Newcastle upon Tynewav102:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-25Newcastle upon Tynewav109:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-27Edinburghwav109:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-28Edinburghwav112:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-30Birminghamwav95:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-10-31Birminghamwav106:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-01Birminghamwav101:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-03Londonwav113:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-05Londonwav112:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-07Londonwav107:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-07Londonwav91:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-09Londonwav110:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-12Helsinkiwav104:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-14Stockholmwav109:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-15 2DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-17Oslowav102:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-18Malmöwav101:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-20Offenbachwav87:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-21Stuttgartwav117:39 
IRON MAIDENTV 1986-11-23'Count Down' TV, NederlandcDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-23Leidenwav95:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-25Essenwav90:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-26Münchenwav115:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-28 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-11-29Palais Omnisport de Bercy, Paris, Francewav110:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-01Barcelonawav84:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-05Lisboawav26:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-07Toulousewav102:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-07Toulousewav91:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-08Montpellierwav90:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-09Lyonwav103:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-12Ludwigshafenwav106:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-13Lausannewav86:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-16Milanowav91:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1986-12-17FirenzeDVD27:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-07Hamptonwav93:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-07Hamptonwav56:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-08Landoverwav99:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-09Pittsburghwav86:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-11TroyDVD92:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-11Troywav93:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-11Arena, Troy, NY, USAwav92:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-13The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USADVD+R76:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-16Jacksonvillewav84:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-18Lakelandwav66:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-20Atlantawav97:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-20Atlantawav93:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-22Dallaswav94:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-01-23Austinwav85:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-04Wichitawav88:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-10Tacomawav93:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-11Portlandwav88:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-13Sacramentowav101:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-16Long Beachwav102:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-18Long Beachwav84:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-21Oaklandwav101:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-24San Diegowav86:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-02-27El Pasowav94:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-01Fort Worthwav89:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-03Albuquerquewav87:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-05Omahawav67:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-06Kansas Citywav91:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-08Milwaukeewav96:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-11Rosemontwav87:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-11Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, USA2CD-R87:21SB/FM-A
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-11'Fiery The Angels Fell' Bootleg CDwav78:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-14Clevelandwav94:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-15Battle Creekwav95:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-17Saginawwav89:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-18Detroitwav92:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-27Allentownwav84:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-03-28East Rutherfordwav97:47 
IRON MAIDENradio ~1987-04-02radio ad for 870402 concertwav1:03 
IRON MAIDENradio ~1987-04-02radio ad for 870402 concertwav1:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-04-02New YorkDVD90:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-04-02New Yorkwav87:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-04-07Baltimorewav96:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-04-07Baltimorewav93:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-04-17Minneapoliswav90:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-04-20Winnipegwav93:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-05-01San Joséwav81:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-05-02Irvinewav105:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1987-05-17Kyotowav91:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-04-29Kölnwav99:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-04-29Kölnwav102:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-04-29Kölnwav97:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-08 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-08Brooklynwav90:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-14Halifaxwav90:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-17MontréalDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-17Montréalwav78:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-20Torontowav97:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-20Torontowav34:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-20TorontoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-23Winnipegwav90:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-05-30Vancouver, BC, Canadawav88:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-06-05Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA2CD-R95:59AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-06-06Sacramentowav97:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-06-09Irvinewav84:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-06-10San Diegowav100:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-06-10San Diegowav96:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-06Poughkeepsiewav52:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-08East Rutherfordwav95:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-13New Havenwav70:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-16Troy2DVD85:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-16Troywav85:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-17Worcesterwav89:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-22Philadelphiawav88:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-07-30Austinwav78:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-04Daytona Beachwav101:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-05Pembroke PinesDVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-05Pembroke Pineswav104:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-10Hamptonwav100:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-20LeicestershireDVD DL122:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-20LeicestershireDVD122:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-20Monsters Of Rock, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UK2CD-R114:25AUD-B
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-20Leicestershirewav44:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-08-31Budapestwav88:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-04Tilburgwav115:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-08Lausannewav107:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-10Modenawav60:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-10ModenaDVD32:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-13Athenswav41:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-20Cascaiswav66:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-22Barcelona2DVD95:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-22BarcelonaDVD90:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-22Barcelonawav95:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-24Pariswav97:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-26Brusselswav91:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-28Københavnwav98:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-09-28Københavnwav94:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-10-05DrammenDVD50:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-18Newportwav111:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-21Edinburghwav107:26 
IRON MAIDEN & Bruce Dickinsoncompilation 1988-10-01 to 1998-11-23'Seven Deadly Sins' Bootleg 2CDwav138:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-24Whitley Baywav110:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-24Whitley Baywav110:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-27National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UK2CD-R89:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-28Birminghamwav105:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-11-30Manchesterwav111:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-12-01Manchesterwav115:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-12-07'Dec. 7th, 2008 - It Was 20 Years Ago' Bootleg 2CDwav108:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-12-10Londonwav111:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-12-11Londonwav115:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1988-12-12Londonwav102:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-09-26Newcastle upon Tynewav46:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-09-30Ayrwav90:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-05HullDVD100:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-05Hullwav101:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-07Newportwav99:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-09Sheffieldwav103:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-11Derbywav103:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-11Derbywav100:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-12Manchesterwav105:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-18Londonwav104:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-21Barcelonawav106:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-25Madridwav98:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-27San Sebastiánwav87:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-29Pariswav100:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-10-30Pariswav94:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-01BrusselsDVD79:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-01Brusselswav100:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-02Leidenwav108:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-03LeidenDVD102:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-03LeidenDVD102:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-05Københavnwav98:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-08Drammenwav111:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-09Göteborgwav101:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-10StockholmDVD98:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-10Isstadion, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R [PAL] AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-12Helsinkiwav100:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-18Milanowav93:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-20RomaDVD108:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-11-23Saarbrückenwav86:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-03MünchenDVD98:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-03Münchenwav99:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-18Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, England, UKwav62:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-18Londonwav67:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-20GentDVD96:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-20Gentwav97:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-21DortmundDVD98:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-21Dortmundwav94:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-21Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, DeutschlandDVD+R [PAL] AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-22Frankfurt am Mainwav108:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-22Frankfurt am Mainwav102:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 1990-12-22Frankfurt am Mainwav100:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-01-15Montréalwav87:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-01-16Québec Citywav99:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-01-23Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav91:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-01-25Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav89:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-01-29PhiladelphiaDVD92:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-02-16DallasDVD93:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-02-27Kansas Citywav93:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-03-06Winnipegwav91:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-03-14Daly Citywav93:33 
IRON MAIDENTV 'No Prayer On The Road' documentaryDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-06-29 2DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1980-08-23 to 1991-06-29'Wasted Tapes' Bootleg CDwav63:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-09-05Bernwav94:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-09-06Winterthurwav94:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-09-21Le Castelletwav98:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1991-09-21'Live At Paul Ricard' Bootleg CDwav74:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-06-08New YorkDVD100:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-06-16Montréalwav92:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-06-17 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-06-17Torontowav89:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-06-25Saint Paulwav89:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-06-30Cal Expo Center, Sacramento, CA, USA2CD-R91:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-07-01Daly CityDVD90:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-07-25Buenos AiresDVD105:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-07-31Rio de JaneiroDVD107:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-01São PauloDVD107:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-04Porto Alegrewav103:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-15MannheimDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-17Brusselswav101:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-22 2DVD+R114:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-22Leicestershirewav113:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-25Københavnwav102:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-27Helsinkiwav104:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-29 2DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-29StockholmDVD76:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-29 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-29Stockholmwav105:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-29Stockholmwav105:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-31 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-08-31Oslowav101:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-02Den Boschwav103:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-02Den Boschwav101:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-04Lausannewav102:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-05Pariswav102:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-10Bézierswav98:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-12Reggio Emilia2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-12Reggio EmiliaDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-12'The Teenage Werewolf' Bootleg 2CD - Arena Festa de L'Unità, Reggio Emilia, Italia2CD-R98:33AUD-A
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-18Madridwav102:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-09-19Zaragozawav29:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-10-02Mexico City2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-10-02 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-10-02Mexico Citywav101:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-10-22MelbourneDVD90:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-10-22Melbournewav87:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-10-26NagoyaDVD91:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-11-02OsakaDVD94:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-11-02Osakawav93:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1992-11-04Tokyowav97:22 
IRON MAIDENTV 1992-1x-xx?'Monsters Of Rock', Del Chionso Arena, Reggio Emilia, ItaliaDVD-R57:00TV
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-03-27Madridwav115:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-05OstravaDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-06Bratislavawav103:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-07Wienwav99:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-09 2DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-09Arnhemwav105:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-09Arnhemwav105:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-10Pariswav110:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-10Pariswav109:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-10Pariswav108:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-11Berlin2DVD104:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-11Berlinwav104:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-16BremenDVD108:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-16Bremenwav106:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-17Essenwav102:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-17Essenwav71:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-19Stuttgartwav106:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-20Saarbrückenwav106:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-21Augsburgwav102:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-23 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-23Göteborgwav111:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-23Göteborgwav109:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-25Bourgeswav100:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-27Torinowav101:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-28Maianowav101:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-29Firenzewav94:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-04-30Palaghiaccio, Roma, ItaliaDVD+R11:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-02Priolowav90:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-02Priolowav104:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-06Bolognawav81:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-08Genovawav104:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-09MilanoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-11Toulonwav108:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-11Toulonwav107:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-13Grenoblewav102:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-14Nancywav100:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-17Londonwav119:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-19Manchesterwav110:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-20Birminghamwav95:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-21Glasgowwav103:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-23Dublinwav102:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-05-27Neuchatelwav108:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-06-04Moscowwav106:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-06-04Moscowwav88:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-08-28'Bye Bye Bruce' Bootleg CD - Londonwav68:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-08-28Londonwav48:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1993-08-28Londonwav84:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-09-30Tel Avivwav35:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-14Athenswav111:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-16SofiaDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-16Sofiawav41:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-17BucharestDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-17Bucharestwav32:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-29Stockholmwav106:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-10-30Oslowav71:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-01Göteborgwav105:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-02KøbenhavnDVD28:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-02Københavnwav28:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-05Glasgowwav91:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-01 & 1995-11-05'The Eternal Flame' Bootleg CDwav73:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-01 & 1995-11-05'The Eternal Flame' Bootleg CDwav73:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-06Manchesterwav85:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-09Newportwav114:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-10Londonwav107:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-12Kölnwav108:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-13Deinzewav86:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-16Paris2DVD107:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-21Madridwav109:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-26Torinowav111:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-30MilanoDVD109:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-11-30Milanowav110:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-02Podenonewav108:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-05Genevawav108:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-06Zürichwav108:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-09Hannoverwav98:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-16WienDVD102:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-16Wienwav106:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-17Münchenwav101:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-12-23Zwollewav110:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-13AthensDVD67:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-16Cataniawav107:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-19Bresciawav82:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-23Lyonwav107:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-23Lyonwav105:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-26Montpellierwav105:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-27Montluconwav106:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-08Québec City2DVD108:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-08Québec Citywav103:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-09Montréalwav112:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-13Avalon Ballroom, Boston, MA, USAwav106:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-13Bostonwav105:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-14'The Darkness Factor' Bootleg 2CD-R - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, USAwav109:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-14Providencewav109:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-17Philadelphiawav123:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-20Old Bridgewav106:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-20Old Bridgewav105:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-25Clevelandwav109:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-28Fort Wayne2DVD108:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-02-28Fort Waynewav113:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-03-02Milwaukeewav107:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-03-03Minneapoliswav108:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-03-09Fort Lauderdalewav73:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-03-23Seattlewav101:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-04-04Los Angeleswav112:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-04-16Osakawav103:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-04-17Tokyowav110:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-04-18Tokyowav108:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-06-30DesselDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-06-30Desselwav92:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-10Jerez de la Fronterawav114:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-11Miajadoswav110:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-13Albacetewav108:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-24São PauloDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-26Rio de JaneiroDVD111:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-26Rio de Janeirowav113:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-29Santiago de Chile2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-29Teatro Monumental, Santiago de Chile, ChileDVD+R [NTSC]84:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-08-29Santiago de Chilewav108:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 1995-09-30 & 1996-08-29'Backdraft' Bootleg 2CDwav144:14 
IRON MAIDEN - compilationlive 1998-03-xx'Guitar Techniques' Magazine - March 1998 CDwav55:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-04-26Lille3DVD125:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-04-26Lillewav123:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1996-01-28 & 1998-04-27'Virtual Lights Strikes Over France' Bootleg 2CDwav139:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-04-29Genovawav115:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-04-30Firenzewav119:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-02Pessarowav112:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-03Romawav119:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-05MilanoDVD122:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-09Hannoverwav121:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-10Düsseldorfwav116:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-14Rotterdamwav125:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-05-19Madridwav130:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-06-28HamiltonDVD121:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-06-28 DVD+R119:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-07-02Clevelandwav123:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-07-02Clevelandwav120:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-07-04Montréalwav76:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-07-07New Yorkwav115:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-08-04San Diegowav106:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-08-09Mexico Citywav109:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-09-04Athenswav97:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-09-11Budapestwav111:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-09-20Københavnwav117:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-09-25Stockholmwav122:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-09-25Stockholmwav116:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-09-25Stockholmwav102:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-03Mulhousewav112:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-08ZaragozaDVD23:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-08Zaragozawav122:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-14Pauwav70:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-18Newcastle upon Tynewav118:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-21Nottinghamwav117:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-22Wolverhamptonwav119:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-10-23Newportwav122:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-11-20Nagoyawav123:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-11-21Osakawav115:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-12-02Rio de Janeirowav97:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-12-06Curitiba2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1998-12-12'Virtual Buenos Aires' Bootleg 2CD - Buenos Aireswav111:52 
IRON MAIDENTV 1998-xx-xx'Blah Blah Metal', MCMDVD  
IRON MAIDENTV 1999-04-02'On Rock Radio', VH1, England, UKDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-11Harbour Station, Saint John, NB, CanadaDVD+R106:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-11Saint Johnwav105:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-13Montréal, QC, Canadawav104:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-13Montréalwav104:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-14Québec Citywav100:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-16New Yorkwav108:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-17New Yorkwav105:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-18Bostonwav99:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-20Torontowav98:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-21Clevelandwav97:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-23MilwaukeeDVD93:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-23 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-23Milwaukeewav95:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-25Chicagowav101:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-25Chicagowav94:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-27Greenwood Villagewav97:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-30Los Angeleswav97:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-07-30Los Angeleswav96:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-08-07San Antoniowav100:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-08-08Dallaswav98:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-09Pariswav100:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-09Pariswav98:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-10Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederlandwav101:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-10Rotterdamwav100:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-10Rotterdamwav101:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-12Hamburg2DVD99:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-12Hamburgwav97:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-15Helsinkiwav83:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-15Helsinkiwav99:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-18'High Ball Shooter' Bootleg CD - Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav73:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-21Stuttgartwav102:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 1999-09-23Filaforum, Milano, ItaliaDVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-02Strasbourg2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-02Strasbourgwav108:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-03 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-03Nijmegenwav110:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-05PragueDVD40:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-06Banská Bystricawav109:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-07Budapestwav108:42 
IRON MAIDENlive <= 2000-06-07'Scream For Me Budapest' Bootleg 2CDwav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-09Izolawav80:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-10Monzawav107:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-13'Slaughter In Paradise' Bootleg 2CD - Saint Etiennewav107:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-14ParisDVD DL99:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-14Pariswav110:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-24Desselwav106:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-26Oslowav111:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-27Stockholmwav74:22 
IRON MAIDEN & Urchinlive 1977-xx-xx & 2000-06-27'Isn’t That Wild' Bootleg CDwav71:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-29RoskildeDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-06-30Turkuwav111:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-07-05Münchenwav115:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-07-06Zürichwav112:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-07-16Vilar de Mouroswav106:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-07-18San Sebastianwav112:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-07-19Madridwav117:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-01Torontowav112:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-03Québec Citywav114:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-05New Yorkwav119:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-05New Yorkwav116:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-06Mansfieldwav112:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-09Portland2DVD111:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-09PortlandDVD111:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-09 wav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-12'Beer Throwing Camden C*nts' Bootleg 2CD - Philadelphiawav110:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-13Scrantonwav112:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-15Clarkstonwav112:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-16Darien Centerwav113:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-16Darien Centerwav104:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-17Holmdelwav115:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-19Saint Louiswav111:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-23Clevelandwav114:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-25ChicagoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-25Chicagowav116:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-25Chicagowav116:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-25UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USAwav116:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-26Milwaukeewav115:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-27Saint Paulwav112:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-30MorrisonDVD77:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-08-30Morrisonwav114:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-02Houstonwav114:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-10Irvinewav115:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-12San Diegowav113:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-13Los Angeleswav120:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-15Bakersfieldwav111:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-16Mountain Viewwav113:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-16Mountain Viewwav109:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-09-19Tacomawav112:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-10-21Tokyo2DVD118:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-10-21Tokyowav108:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-10-23'Twisted Wings' Bootleg 2CD-R - Tokyowav111:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-10-25Osakawav108:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2000-10-28'Dream Is True' Bootleg 2CD-R - Nagoyawav111:47 
IRON MAIDEN & Halfordlive 2000-11-06'Brave New Germany' Bootleg 2CD - Essenwav157:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-06Londonwav123:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-07Londonwav120:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-07Londonwav119:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-13Buenos Aires2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-13Buenos AiresDVD85:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-13Buenos Aireswav85:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-15Santiago de ChileDVD121:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-15Santiago de Chilewav121:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2001-01-19Rio de Janeiro2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-19 DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-19Londonwav112:14 
IRON MAIDENBrixtonwav112:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-20Londonwav112:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-20Londonwav110:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-21LondonDVD114:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-21Londonwav115:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2002-03-22Brixton Academy, London, England, UKCD-R66:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-05-23La Coruñawav110:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-05-27'Out On The Road Again' Bootleg 2CD - Toulonwav109:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-05-31Leicestershirewav111:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-03KatowiceDVD103:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-03KatowiceDVD91:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-03Katowicewav111:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-04Budapestwav93:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-04Budapestwav107:16 
IRON MAIDENlive <= 2003-06-04'Scream For Me Budapest Volume 2' Bootleg 2CDwav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-06Nürburg2DVD114:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-06Nürburgringwav109:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-08Wienwav118:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-11Barcelonawav115:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-12Madridwav125:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-12Madridwav115:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-13San Sebastianwav116:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-15Imolawav107:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-15Imolawav96:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-19Zlinwav97:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-25Pariswav119:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-27'Roskilde Festival June 27th 2003' Bootleg CD - Roskilde Festival, Orange Stage, Roskilde, Danmarkwav74:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-05-27 & 2003-06-27'Dance Of The Frenchman' Bootleg 2CDwav154:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-28Stockholmwav116:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-28Stadion, Stockholm, Sverigewav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-05-31 & 2003-06-28'Maiden Stockholm' Bootleg 2CDwav119:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-30Helsinkiwav118:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-06-30Helsinkiwav116:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-02Oslowav122:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-02Oslowav121:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-03Oslowav117:28 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-05Desselwav111:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-05Desselwav102:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-11Jerez de la Fronterawav74:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-12Albacetewav79:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-21Worcesterwav89:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-21Worcesterwav88:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-22Hartfordwav89:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-23CamdenDVD82:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-23Camdenwav79:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-25PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USAwav83:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-26Wantaghwav82:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-30New Yorkwav88:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-30New Yorkwav88:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-07-30New Yorkwav85:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-01Québec Citywav102:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-01Québec Citywav96:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-02Montréalwav95:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-02Montréalwav90:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-03Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canadawav96:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-05Clevelandwav86:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-05Clevelandwav86:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-05Clevelandwav85:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-05Clevelandwav79:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-08Pittsburghwav81:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-09Columbuswav92:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-09Columbuswav88:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-10Tinley Parkwav85:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-10Tinley Parkwav84:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-15Selmawav90:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-16Houstonwav82:36 
IRON MAIDENradio ~ 2003-08-18radio ad for 030818 El Paso concertwav0:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-20Greenwood Villagewav79:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-20Greenwood Villagewav79:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-22Phoenixwav79:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-24Irvinewav87:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-25Los Angeleswav93:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-26San Diegowav83:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-28Mountain View2DVD82:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-28Mountain Viewwav79:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-08-28Mountain Viewwav79:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-19DebrecenDVD51:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-19Debrecenwav98:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-19Debrecenwav97:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-21Banskawav93:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-24Münchenwav96:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-25Stuttgartwav94:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-27MilanoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-27Milanowav102:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-27Milanowav95:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-28Firenzewav99:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-28Firenzewav78:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-30Zürichwav101:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-30Zürichwav100:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-10-30Zürichwav99:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-01Badalonawav107:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-01Badalonawav102:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-02Madridwav108:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-02Madridwav100:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-02Madridwav93:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-02Madridwav89:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-05-27 & 2003-11-04'Fear Of The Death' Bootleg 2CDwav159:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-12Københavnwav106:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-12Københavnwav104:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-14Stockholmwav108:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-14Stockholmwav68:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-15Göteborgwav113:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-15Göteborgwav111:03 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-15Göteborgwav107:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-17Hannoverwav110:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-17Hannoverwav106:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-18Berlinwav105:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-20Leuvenwav103:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-20Leuvenwav102:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-20Leuvenwav101:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-22Pariswav101:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-24Dortmundwav101:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-24Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, DeutschlandCD-R51:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-27Leipzigwav99:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-28WroclawDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-28Wroclawwav100:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-11-28Wroclawwav84:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-01'Bruce Air' (Dublin) videoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-03Newcastle upon Tynewav103:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-03Newcastle upon Tynewav99:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-08Glasgowwav108:54 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-08Glasgowwav105:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-08Glasgowwav79:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-09Manchesterwav103:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-12Londonwav111:08 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-12Londonwav110:45 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-13Rotterdamwav104:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-13Rotterdamwav103:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-15Cardiffwav37:57 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-16Birminghamwav107:50 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-16Birminghamwav107:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-16Birminghamwav107:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-18Amneville2DVD102:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-18Amnevillewav102:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-18Amnevillewav96:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-21Helsinkiwav104:14 
IRON MAIDENlive 2003-12-21Helsinkiwav101:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-11Buenos AiresDVD46:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-17Pacaembu Stadium, São Paulo, Brasilwav104:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-20Montréalwav114:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-26Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USADVD+R107:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-26New YorkDVD105:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-31Universal Citywav102:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-01-31Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav102:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-02-07Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japanwav107:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-02-08TokyoDVD102:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2004-02-08Saitama, Tokyo, Japanwav104:53SBD
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-05-28 2DVD+R98:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-05-29ChorzowDVD77:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-05-29Chorzowwav103:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-04 DVD+R DL88:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-11Bologna2DVD94:47 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-18 DVD+R38:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-21 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-21Athenswav94:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-25ParisDVD100:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-25Parc Des Princes, Paris, Francewav100:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-06-29Spektrum, Oslo, Norgewav95:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-07-09GöteborgDVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-07-09GöteborgDVD DL103:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-07-09Göteborgwav102:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-07-09Göteborgwav119:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-07-09Göteborgwav98:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-07-21Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Pembroke, NY, USAwav57:21AUD
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-08-15Marysvillewav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-08-28ReadingDVD DL19:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2005-0x-xx DVD+R123:37 
IRON MAIDENTV 2006-09-15NRK2 TV special - ? - Norge   
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-04Hartfordwav114:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-04Hartfordwav106:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-06Boston, MA, USAwav109:26 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-09Québec Citywav105:24 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-10Montréalwav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-10Montréalwav107:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-10Montréalwav102:00 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-12Uniondalewav107:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-12 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENradio ~ 2006-10-13radio ad for 061013 East Rutherford concertwav0:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-13East Rutherfordwav107:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-13East Rutherfordwav107:39 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-16Toronto, ON, Canadawav107:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-17Auburn Hillswav58:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-18RosemontDVD112:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-18Rosemontwav111:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-21 2DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-25Tokyowav111:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-10-28Tokyowav108:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-12Tamperewav112:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-14Helsinkiwav117:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-14Helsinkiwav113:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-15Helsinkiwav114:17 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-18Stockholmwav106:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-27 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-28Pariswav109:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-11-30Barcelonawav110:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-12-07Stuttgartwav112:07 
IRON MAIDENTV 2006-12-10 DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-12-12Birminghamwav117:51 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-12-12Birminghamwav117:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-12-12Birminghamwav [24/48]111:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2006-12-12Birminghamwav111:32 
IRON MAIDEN2006-xx-xx'A Matter Of Life And Death' promo material compilation DVDDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-03-11 2DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-03-14BelgradeDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-04 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-06Ostravawav94:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-06Ostravawav96:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-06Ostravawav94:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-08Ludwigshafenwav91:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-08Südweststadion, Ludwigshafen, Deutschlandwav96:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-10Leicestershire2DVD100:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-10LeicestershireDVD102:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-10 cDVD13:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-16'Fields Of Rock' Festival, Biddinghuizen, Nederlandwav97:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-17Düsseldorfwav99:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-20Romawav107:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2007-06-24Londonwav107:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-04Burswood Dome, Perth, WA, Australiawav108:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-06Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav108:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-07Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav109:33 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-09Acer Arena, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav114:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-09Acer Arena, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav113:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-10Acer Arena, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav109:35 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-12Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australiawav111:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-12Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australiawav111:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-02-19The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav115:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-03-05Porto Alegre2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-03-16Torontowav111:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-05-26Phoenixwav [24/48]111:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-05-31IrvineDVD13:59 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-05-31Irvinewav  
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-06-02AuburnDVD111:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-06-12Cuyahoga Fallswav114:40 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-06-15New YorkDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-06-17Camdenwav109:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-06-20Mansfieldwav114:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-06-27BolognaDVD107:40 
IRON MAIDEN - Steve Harrisradio 2008-07-04'Eddie Trunk Show', New Yorkwav27:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-07-09Lisboawav111:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-07-24Oslowav118:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-07-26Göteborgwav116:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-07-27Horsenswav108:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-07-27Horsens Gods Bane Pladsen, Horsens, Danmarkwav105:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-07-27Horsens Gods Bane Pladsen, Horsens, Danmarkwav96:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2008-08-10Splitwav118:45 
IRON MAIDENrecorded 2008-01-xx to 2009-04-xx'Iron Maiden Television' webisode compilation 4DVD4DVD461:58 
IRON MAIDENlive 2009-03-10QuitoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2009-03-22Santiago de ChileDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2009-03-28 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDENlive 2009-04-02Fort Lauderdalewav107:32 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-09Dallaswav119:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-10San AntonioDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-10San AntonioDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-12San AntonioDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-12San AntonioDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-16Albuquerquewav [24/?]102:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-16Albuquerquewav [16/?]102:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-17Phoenixwav [24/48]103:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-20Concordwav95:38 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-22Auburnwav115:48 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-24Vancouver, BCwav112:18 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-06-29Saskatoonwav119:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-06Ottawawav112:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-07Montréalwav112:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-09Québec Citywav21:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-11PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]  
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-12New Yorkwav117:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-15Cuyahoga Fallswav117:15 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-15Clevelandwav [24/44.1]115:29 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-17Clarkstonwav98:56 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-30Dublin2DVD105:09 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-07-30Dublinwav117:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-01Knebworthwav112:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-05Wackenwav111:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-07Stockholmwav116:05 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-08Poriwav109:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-11Bergenwav112:06 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-14BudapestDVD109:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-14Budapestwav110:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-15Cluj-Napocawav57:31 
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-16 & 2010-08-17CodriopoDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2010-08-19Hasseltwav111:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-02-23Melbournewav116:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-02-24Sydneywav115:27 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-02-27Sydneywav119:52 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-02-27Sydneywav119:53 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-03-04Melbournewav113:20 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-03-05Adelaidewav113:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-03-07Perthwav112:21 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-03-26São PauloDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-04-16Fort Lauderdale2DVD111:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-04-17TampaDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-05-31MünchenDVD DL118:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-03Berlinwav117:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-10Warsawwav118:49 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-17AthensDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-17AthensDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-19IstanbulDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-19Istanbulwav105:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-27Pariswav119:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-27Pariswav123:46 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-06-30Roskildewav120:36 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-07-01GöteborgDVD DL [PAL]127:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-07-01Göteborg3DVD125:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-07-06Oslowav115:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-07-16Madridwav109:42 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-07-20Glasgowwav118:25 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-08-03Belfastwav117:11 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-08-05Londonwav105:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2011-08-06Londonwav121:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-21Charlottewav17:34 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-23Atlantawav107:04 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-23Atlantawav104:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-23Atlantawav104:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-26Mansfieldwav108:01 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-26Mansfieldwav108:41 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-27Wantagh2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-29Camden   
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-06-29Camdenwav111:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-02Newark2DVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-02Newarkwav [24/48]108:43 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-04MilwaukeeDVD DL108:07 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-04MilwaukeeDVD [NTSC]103:23 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-04Milwaukeewav [24/48]108:12 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-05Tinley Parkwav96:19 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-07Ottawawav107:55 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-13Torontowav109:44 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-16CorfuDVD DL  
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-19Noblesvillewav100:37 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-19Noblesvillewav102:13 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-19Noblesvillewav102:22 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-19Noblesvillewav106:16 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-21Cadottwav71:10 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-24WinnipegDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-07-29VancouverDVD DL114:02 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-08-09IrvineDVD108:30 
IRON MAIDENlive 2012-08-15San AntonioDVD  
IRON MAIDENlive 2013-07-26Istanbulwav107:11 
IRON MAIDEN - Blaze Bailey - Blazelive 2007-04-25Helsinkiwav99:36 
IRON MAIDEN - Clive Burr's Escapelive 1983-12-17Londonwav76:32 
IRON MAIDEN - Clive Burr's Escapelive 1984-02-24BBC Studios, Londonwav14:56 
IRON MAIDEN - Paul Di'Annolive 1981-03-0xTommy Vance radio interview segmentswav5:43 
IRON MAIDEN - Paul Di'Annolive 2003-01-11DordrechtDVD  
IRON MAIDEN - Paul Di'Anno - Battlezonelive 1985-10-11Londonwav74:23 
IRON MAIDEN - Paul Di'Anno - Battlezonelive 1997-01-11Recifewav40:37 
IRON MAIDEN - Nicko McBrainlive 2005-10-03Edinburghwav199:59 
IRON MAIDEN - Nicko McBrainradio 2006-10-13Q104.3 radio interviewwav13:29 
IRON MAIDEN - Nicko McBrainradio 2006-10-13'Friday Night Rocks'wav13:28 
IRON MAIDEN - Nicko McBrainradio 2009-04-15'Rockline'wav47:29 
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenslive 2002-11-02Venturawav61:21 
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenslive 2003-06-18Tribeca Rock Club, Manhattan, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]91:20AUD-EX-
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenslive 2007-03-01 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenssoundcheck 2007-05-25Concordwav4:09 
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenslive 2007-05-25Concordwav94:33 
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenslive 2008-03-01 DVD+R  
IRON MAIDEN tribute - The Iron Maidenslive 2012-09-22LaughlinDVD  
IRON MAIDEN tribute - Maiden Helllive 2007-04-25Helsinkiwav48:22 
IRON MAIDEN tribute - Maiden Unitedlive 2012-12-15Aschaffenburgwav110:20 
IRON MAIDEN tribute - unknown"The Trooper" instrumental coverwav4:14 
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY - David LaFlamme Bandlive 1987-09-12San Franciscowav24:16 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANElive 1966-01-14Kitsilano Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canadawav18:31 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANElive 1966-01-16? wav35:41 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANElive 1966-11-25San Franciscowav49:53 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANElive 1966-11-26San Franciscowav44:28 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANElive 1967-05-19San Luis Obispowav89:52 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANElive 1969-05-07San Franciscowav58:46 
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - KBC Bandlive 1987-09-12San Franciscowav47:08 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-01-09 earlyKonserthuset, Stockholm, Sverigewav43:37 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-01-09 lateKonserthuset, Stockholm, Sverigewav63:19TV
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-03-13San Franciscowav48:46 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-07-04Newportwav27:44 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-08-03Seattle, WA, USAwav51:43 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-10-01Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UKwav16:10 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-10-20Southamptonwav15:48 
JETHRO TULLlive 1969-12-12San Antoniowav56:52 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-01-21Göteborgwav65:20 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-01-22Olympen, Lund, SverigeCD-R65:21 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-02-21Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, WestdeutschlandCD-R56:25AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-04-19Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav87:37 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-05-01San Francisco, CA, USAwav79:51 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-05-01San Franciscowav79:29 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-05-03San Fernando Valley State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USACD-R75:14 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-05-03San Fernando Valley State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, USAwav75:13AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-05-28Selby Stadium, Delaware, OH, USAwav98:45 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-07-07Tanglewood, MA, USADVD+R77:02 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-07-17New York, NY, USAwav73:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-08-16'Blues From Chicago' Bootleg CD - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USAwav54:38 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-08-16'This Is Jethro Tull' Bootleg CD - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USACD-R44:43 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-10-17Berkeleywav73:23 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-10-18The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav89:41 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-10-19'Flute Cake' Bootleg LP - Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, USAwav46:42 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-11-04New Yorkwav78:05 
JETHRO TULLlive 1970-11-09Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH, USA2CD-R84:10 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-02-01Teatro Smeraldo, Milano, Italia2CD-R81:07AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-02-02 early & late?Teatro Brancaccio, Roma, Italiawav78:42 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-02-26 earlyGaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London, England, UKwav72:48 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-04-02'It's Only Me…' Bootleg CD-R - Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL, USAwav71:54G+/VG-
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-04-14 early & late?Uihlein Hall, Milwaukee, WI, USACD-R24:21 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-05-01Philadelphiawav78:56 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-05-04 early & late?Fillmore East, New York, NY, USACD-R77:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-05-05 early & late?Fillmore East, New York, NY, USACD-R79:59 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-06-16Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USACD-R74:50AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-06-18The Forum, Inglewood2CD-R102:33 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-06-19Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, USACD-R76:17AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-07-02'Wind Up In Dallas' Bootleg CD - Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX, USACD-R55:43 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-10-23St. John Arena, Columbus, OH, USA2CD-R84:10AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-10-28New Haven Arena, New Haven, CT, USA2CD-R106:20 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-11-03Lowellwav76:51 
JETHRO TULLlive 1971-11-15Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA2CD-R104:54 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-17Münsterlandhalle, Münster, Deutschland2CD-R107:22 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-21Grugahalle, Essen, Westdeutschlandwav121:47 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-21'A New Day Yesterday' Bootleg CDCD-R72:58 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-22Festhalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland2CD-R90:48 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-24Wiener Konzerthaus, Wien, ÖsterreichCD-R60:32 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-27Hannover2CD-R112:24AUD-EX-
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-01-30Festhalle, Berne, Switzerland2CD-R119:45 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-03-05Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UK2CD-R109:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-03-16Stoke-on-Trentwav100:58 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-03-16Stoke-on-Trentwav104:47 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-03-21Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK2CD-R106:45 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-05-05?Kiel Convention Hall, St. Louis, MO, USACD-R AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-06-02Colisée de Québec, Québec City, QC, Canada2CD-R87:42 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-06-04Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada2CD-R91:30AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-06-06?Milwaukee, WI, USACD-R  
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-06-26Coliseum, Tucson, AZ, USA2CD-R135:46AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-07-01HIC Arena, Honolulu, HI, USA2CD-R124:22AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-07-15'Complete Performance 1972' Bootleg 3CDwav143:38 
JETHRO TULLlive 1972-10-14Rochesterwav122:58 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-03-06Hamburgwav130:47 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-03-08Münsterwav128:27 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-03-11Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Westdeutschland3CD-R143:06AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-03-13Olympiahalle, München, Westdeutschlandwav71:58AUD-A
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-03-18Bologna, Italiawav117:09 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-05-11'A Live Passion - Live European Tour 1973' Bootleg CD - Norfolk Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA, USAwav47:57 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-05-20Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, USA2CD-R90:53 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-07-16Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, USAwav123:53 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-07-18Inglewoodwav92:25 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-07-20The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USACD-R78:45AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-07-23Oaklandwav132:06 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-07-26Seattlewav121:07 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-08-26Civic Center, Baltimore, MD, USA2CD-R111:03 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-08-30Civic Center, Providence, RI, USA2CD-R88:04AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-09-01Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA2CD-R114:34 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-09-11Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA2CD-R100:41 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-09-15Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USAwav132:15AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-09-23Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, USA2CD-R115:51 
JETHRO TULLlive 1973-09-27Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USACD-R72:55AUD-VG/VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-08-03Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav126:13AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-08-17'Summer Of '74' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav115:46 
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-08-21Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Dai Hall, Osaka, Japan2CD-R111:03AUD-VG+/EX-
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-08-23Tokyowav117:08 
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-10-13Brusselswav117:41 
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-11-13Odeon, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK2CD-R133:55 
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-11-16Rainbow Theatre, London, England, UKCD-R74:47AUD-VG/VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1974-12-05Falkoner Teatret, København, Danmark2CD-R108:53AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-01-26Tulsawav104:15 
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-02-10The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA2CD-R101:44 
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-03-06Civic Center, Providence, RI, USA2CD-R111:00AUD-VG/VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-03-08Providencewav [24/96]109:49 
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-04-20Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland2CD-R112:57 
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-07-27Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA2CD-R109:54AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLsoundcheck 1975-07-28Oaklandwav25:51 
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-08-30Lakelandwav113:15 
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-09-27Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, USACD-R79:46AUD-VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-10-07Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav105:42AUD-EX-
JETHRO TULLlive 1975-10-16Chick Evans Field House, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, USAwav103:07AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1976-05-03Abattoirs de la Villette, Paris, France2CD-R118:56 
JETHRO TULLlive 1976-05-15Olympiahalle, München, Westdeutschland2CD-R108:40 
JETHRO TULLlive 1976-07-21Bostonwav57:24 
JETHRO TULLlive 1976-07-23Shea Stadium, Flushing, NY, USACD-R76:09AUD-EX-
JETHRO TULLlive 1976-07-31 DVD+R  
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-01-14Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USAwav125:55 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-02-05[PRRP 054] - Manchesterwav111:01 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-02-07Liverpoolwav0:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-02-07Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England, UKwav108:29 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-02-10Golders Green Hippodrome, Golders Green, Barnet, London, England, UKDVD+R57:03 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-02-12Londonwav40:38 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-03-26Civic Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canadawav115:26AUD-VG/VG+
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-03-28Bostonwav75:43 
JETHRO TULLlive 1977-04-06'A Sackful Of Trousernsakes' Bootleg 2CDwav88:36 
JETHRO TULLreleased 1978-xx-xx"Moths" videoDVD+R3:25 
JETHRO TULLlive 1978-05-03Manchesterwav108:29 
JETHRO TULLlive 1978-05-15Kölnwav114:34 
JETHRO TULLlive 1978-05-18Berlinwav115:14 
JETHRO TULLlive 1978-10-09Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R47:12 
JETHRO TULLlive 1979-04-11Vancouverwav72:10 
JETHRO TULLlive 1979-04-15Calgarywav95:23 
JETHRO TULLlive 1979-10-12New York, NY, USAwav88:48 
JETHRO TULLlive 1979-10-21Bostonwav98:21 
JETHRO TULLlive 1979-11-16Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav99:36 
JETHRO TULLlive 1980-03-16Den Haagwav111:42 
JETHRO TULLlive 1980-10-06Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USAwav101:46 
JETHRO TULLlive 1980-10-11Bostonwav102:38 
JETHRO TULLlive 1980-10-26St. Louis, MO, USAwav47:59 
JETHRO TULLlive 1981-02-05Dortmundwav109:21 
JETHRO TULLlive 1981-02-07Göteborgwav79:41 
JETHRO TULLlive 1982-04-08Hamburgwav101:01 
JETHRO TULLlive 1982-10-17Boulderwav63:08 
JETHRO TULLlive 1984-09-26Sporthalle, Köln, Westdeutschland2CD-R122:33AUD-4of5
JETHRO TULLlive 1984-10-27'Here We Go... Let's Wrap This Up!' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRPSAE03] - Providencewav107:50 
JETHRO TULLlive 1984-11-02Madisonwav110:01 
JETHRO TULLlive 1985-03-16Johann S Bach 300th birthday celebration, International Congress Centrum, Berlin, Westdeutschlandwav102:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 1986-06-28Milton Keyneswav63:12 
JETHRO TULLlive 1986-07-04Ringewav91:46 
JETHRO TULLlive 1986-07-06Sankt Goarshausenwav90:55 
JETHRO TULLlive 1987-11-19Torontowav117:39 
JETHRO TULLlive 1987-11-25'Upper Darby 1987' Bootleg 2CD - Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav108:15 
JETHRO TULLlive 1988-06-21Columbiawav91:36 
JETHRO TULLlive 1988-06-23Mansfieldwav113:51 
JETHRO TULLlive 1988-06-26Philadelphiawav122:30 
JETHRO TULLlive 1988-07-16Giessenwav101:06AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 1988-07-16Giessenwav71:49FM
JETHRO TULLlive 1989-09-27'Tales From The Crystal Flute' Bootleg 2CDwav109:45 
JETHRO TULLlive 1989-10-03Frankfurt am Mainwav121:06 
JETHRO TULLlive 1989-10-11Ludwigshafenwav126:33 
JETHRO TULLlive 1989-10-26Hamiltonwav121:16 
JETHRO TULLlive 1990-08-25Berlinwav67:41 
JETHRO TULLlive 1991-10-13'Rock Of Ages' Bootleg 2CD-R [PRRP015]wav123:37 
JETHRO TULLlive 1991-10-21Essen2DVD126:42 
JETHRO TULLlive 1991-10-21EssenDVD124:29 
JETHRO TULLlive 1991-10-23Hannoverwav124:20 
JETHRO TULLlive 1991-12-07Denverwav108:53 
JETHRO TULLlive 1992-05-05Mannheim, Deutschlandwav132:49 
JETHRO TULLlive 1992-05-05Mannheim, Deutschlandwav129:54 
JETHRO TULLlive 1992-05-11Berlinwav126:20 
JETHRO TULLlive 1993-07-07Milanowav119:05 
JETHRO TULLlive 1993-09-19San DiegoDVD103:59 
JETHRO TULLlive 1993-10-16Londonwav123:24 
JETHRO TULLlive 1993-10-16Hammersmith Apollo, London, England, UKwav120:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 1995-09-16Carlislewav148:09 
JETHRO TULLlive 1995-09-29Londonwav143:10 
JETHRO TULLlive 1996-11-20Guildfordwav131:00 
JETHRO TULLlive 1996-11-30Gravesendwav53:41 
JETHRO TULLrecorded 1968-02-16 to 1996-11-30?'This Was - On Tour Through The Years' Bootleg CDCD-R76:34 
JETHRO TULLlive 1997-08-03Guildfordwav86:20 
JETHRO TULLlive 1999-09-09Cuyahoga Fallswav102:34 
JETHRO TULLlive 1999-10-09Las Vegaswav104:09 
JETHRO TULLlive 1999-11-28Croydonwav109:49 
JETHRO TULLrecorded 1969-01-09 to 2000-11-12?'Stand Up - On Tour Through The Years' Bootleg CDCD-R78:24 
JETHRO TULLlive 2001-08-16Wallingfordwav103:41 
JETHRO TULLlive 2001-11-18Doncasterwav112:28 
JETHRO TULLlive 2002-08-31Mashantucketwav101:56 
JETHRO TULLlive 2003-06-26Zeltfestival, Volkspark, Mainz, Deutschlandwav96:18 
JETHRO TULLlive 2003-08-20Chevrolet Amphitheater, Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav114:18 
JETHRO TULLlive 2003-08-29Clevelandwav101:25 
JETHRO TULLlive 2003-08-30Rockfordwav106:15 
JETHRO TULLlive 2004-02-21Londonwav117:29 
JETHRO TULLlive 2004-02-27Brightonwav119:38 
JETHRO TULLlive 2005-05-04Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australiawav117:12 
JETHRO TULLlive 2005-05-11Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japanwav115:39AUD
JETHRO TULLlive 2005-07-09Luganowav105:11 
JETHRO TULLlive 2005-10-10Glensidewav130:30 
JETHRO TULLlive 2005-10-18Majestic Theater, Dallas, TX, USAwav133:53 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-03-26Birminghamwav130:03 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-04-0337th Montreux Jazz Festival, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, SwitzerlandCD-R54:19 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-04-19Montevideowav104:44 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-07-29The Subscription Rooms, Stroud, England, UKwav52:03 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-10-13Jolietwav123:35 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-12-08Mobilewav123:01 
JETHRO TULLlive 2007-12-12Clearwaterwav119:36 
JETHRO TULLlive 2008-08-07Musikfest, ArtsQuest, Bethlehem, PA, USADVD+R  
JETHRO TULLlive 2008-08-08Philadelphiawav98:57 
JETHRO TULLlive 2010-05-14Genovawav102:56 
JETHRO TULLlive 2011-06-10Phoenixwav102:37 
JETHRO TULLlive 2011-06-14Saratogawav105:05 
JETHRO TULL - Ian AndersonTV 1970-04-06TV interview, Germanywav5:28 
JETHRO TULL - Ian Andersonrecorded 1978-05-05interview, UKwav3:10 
JETHRO TULL - Ian Andersonrecorded 1987-0x-xxLondonwav28:39 
JETHRO TULL - Ian Andersonlive 2012-07-20Hessenwav93:51 
JETHRO TULL - Ian Andersonlive 2012-08-16Bruchsalwav106:29 
JETHRO TULL - Martin Barrelive 2004-02-21Londonwav45:18 
JETHRO TULL - Martin Barrelive 2004-02-27Brightonwav46:49 
JETHRO TULL documentary'The Jethro Tull Story' - 2010 fan restoration of 1979 BBC radio specialwav401:13 
JANIS JOPLINlive 1962-08-10San Franciscowav19:10 
JANIS JOPLINlive 1963-xx-xxSan Franciscowav18:46 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1966-03-27'A Flower In The Sun' Bootleg CD - Sante FeCD-R45:35 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-02-12'Light Is Faster Than Sound' Bootleg CDwav73:58 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Company+live 1967-02-18'Tribal Stomp' jam (members of Big Brother & The Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Oxford Circle) - San Franciscowav10:07 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-04-25 DVD+R  
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-05-27San Franciscowav56:30 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-07-28California Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA2CD-R83:00 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-07-28California Hall, San Francisco, CA, USAwav82:58 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-10-08San Josewav51:10 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-10-08San Josewav49:16 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-12-31San Franciscowav32:11 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-xx-xx earlyThe Matrix, San Francisco, CA, USAwav28:39 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-xx-xx lateThe Matrix, San Francisco, CA, USAwav34:34 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1967-xx-xxThe Matrix, San Francisco, CA, USAwav54:29 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Company'Live Fast Die Young' Bootleg LPwav31:53 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 'Live Fast Die Young' Bootleg CDwav44:32 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-01-12Los Angeleswav27:13 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-04-07'Wake At Generation' unreleased film - wake for Martin Luther King Jr., Generation, New York, NY, USADVD+R  
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-05-03Los Angeleswav26:12 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-05-04Los Angeleswav29:26 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-05-18Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA, USAwav38:59 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-06-16San Franciscowav29:58 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-06-23Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav28:00 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-06-23Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav27:50 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-08-23New Yorkwav25:32 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-11-01Philadelphiawav36:48 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-11-01Philadelphiawav36:32 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1968-11-11Ridge Arena, Braintree, MA, USAwav51:17 
JANIS JOPLINlive <= 1969-04-01?'Good Girls To Heaven, Bad Girls To Everywhere' Bootleg CDCD-R68:13 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-02-12New Yorkwav58:22 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-02-12New Yorkwav55:24 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-02-12Fillmore East, New York, NY, USAwav55:24 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-03-20Winterland, San Francisco, CA, USAwav46:12 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-03-21Winterland, San Francisco, CA, USAwav27:52 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-03-22Winterland, San Francisco, CA, USAwav51:49 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-04-01Amsterdamwav41:07 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-04-01'Summertime' Bootleg CD - Amsterdam, Nederlandwav45:20 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-04-01Amsterdamwav41:07 
JANIS JOPLIN & Grateful Deadlive 1969-06-07Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USAwav93:15 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-07-05Atlanta Pop Festival, Atlanta International Raceway, Byron, GA, USAwav46:44 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-08-17'Live At Woodstock' Bootleg CDwav57:30 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-08-30Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas Motor Speedway, Dallas, TX, USAwav73:22 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-10-19Houstonwav22:54 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-10-24Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS, USAwav36:37 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Bandlive 1969-10-24Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS, USAwav35:56AUD-VG-
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Band, Johnny Winter, Vanilla Fudgelive 1969-11-30West Palm Beachwav100:31 
JANIS JOPLIN & Kozmic Blues Band & Johnny Winterlive 1969-12-11 earlyBostonwav51:41 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1970-04-04San Franciscowav86:51 
JANIS JOPLIN & Full Tilt Boogielive 1970-07-06'Get It While You Can' Bootleg CD - Honolulu International Centre Arena, Honolulu, HI, USAwav58:34 
JANIS JOPLINrecorded 1962-xx-xx to 1970-07-1062xxxx-700710 compilation ('Rarer Pearls')wav38:04 
JANIS JOPLIN & Grateful Deadlive 1970-07-16Euphoria Ballroom, San Rafael, CA, USAwav33:42 
JANIS JOPLIN & Full Tilt Boogielive 1970-08-08Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, USAwav58:34 
JANIS JOPLIN & Full Tilt Boogielive 1970-08-08Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, USAwav58:27 
JANIS JOPLIN & Full Tilt Boogielive 1970-08-12'Wicked Woman' Bootleg LP - Harvard Stadium, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USAwav31:35AUD
JANIS JOPLIN1967-1970 TV & live compilation DVDDVD107:20 
JANIS JOPLINTV 1994-xx-xx'Janis Joplin in Frankfurt' 1969 documentary updated with 1994 interviewsDVD+R58:50 
JANIS JOPLINTV 1994-xx-xx'Janis Joplin in Frankfurt' 1969 documentary updated with 1994 interviewsDVD+R [NTSC]58:48 
JANIS JOPLIN documentaryTV 2000-xx-xx'Biography - Janis Joplin'DVD+R  
JANIS JOPLIN documentaryTV 1996-xx-xx'Legends', VH1DVD+R45:18 
JANIS JOPLIN documentaryTV 2007-11-07'Final 24' TVDVD+R  
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1970-06-29Salt Lake Citywav41:46 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1970-08-13San Franciscowav73:26 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1987-09-12San Franciscowav14:39 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1988-08-07Barriewav36:23 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 1998-10-25Wilkes-Barrewav124:47 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 2006-08-27 DVD+R  
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 2007-07-13Sacramentowav57:45 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 2009-09-08Sausalitowav54:21 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 2009-11-12Rubigenwav105:59 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Companylive 2010-10-30Rubigenwav109:14 
JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Company - Dinosaurslive 1987-09-12San Franciscowav18:55 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1975-08-22 & 1975-10-11'The Ripper' Bootleg CDwav74:16 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1977-06-21San Antoniowav49:12 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1977-07-16Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav37:32 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-02-02Newcastle upon Tynewav55:58 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-02-05The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav72:57 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-02-06Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, UKwav74:30 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-02-25St. Georges Hall, Bradford, England, UKwav69:48 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-03-10Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav20:00 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-03-11Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav47:22 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-03-25Crazy Horse Saloon, Killeen, TX, USAwav65:23 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-04-19Warnors Theatre, Fresno, CA, USAwav49:24 
JUDAS PRIESTTV 1978-07-2x?TV, JapanDVD+R2:57 
JUDAS PRIESTTV 1978-07-2x?'Now!' (?) TV, JapanDVD+R4:33 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-07-31Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japanwav40:12 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-08-03City Public Hall, Nagoya, Japanwav73:03 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-08-05OsakaDVD+R28:14 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-08-05Festival Hall, Osaka, Japanwav78:26 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-10-23Londonwav29:55 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-10-23Londonwav29:18 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-11-17Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav85:05 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1978-12-15Stage One, Buffalo, NY, USACD-R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-02-14Festival Hall, Osaka, Japanwav66:42 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-02-28Louie’s Rock City, Falls Church, VA, USACD-R58:59 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-03-15Houston Music Hall, Houston, TX, USACD-R31:17 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-03-30The Starwood, Los Angeles, CA, USACD-R37:29 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-05-06Sports Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USACD-R42:43 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-05-23Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKCD-R75:38 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-05-28Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav39:53 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-05-31Odeon, Birmingham, England, UKwav65:07 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-09-03New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, USAwav41:27 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-09-24MECCA Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USACD-R46:38 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-10-17Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA2CD-R83:29 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-10-17'Take On The World' Bootleg CD - Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USAwav76:23 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-11-04New Yorkwav81:54 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-11-04Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav77:52 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-11-04New Yorkwav4:06 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-11-12Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, NederlandCD-R21:17 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-12-09Pavillon de Paris, Paris, FranceCD-R45:32 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1979-12-15Théâtre de Verdure, Nice, Francewav43:55 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-03-09Colston Hall, Bristol, England, UKwav  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-03-10Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England, UKwav  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-03-11City Hall, Sheffield, England, UKwav60:17 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-03-26Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England, UKCD-R75:50 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-06-15San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USAwav45:47 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-06-17Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA, USAwav67:32 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-06-25Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO, USAwav68:26 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-07-05Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY, USAwav75:58 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-08-03Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse, NY, USAwav75:47 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-08-16Monsters Of Rock, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UKwav70:53 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1980-08-16Leicestershirewav57:39 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-0x-xx'Point Of Entry' album radio ad, Houston, TX, USAwav0:55 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-02-14Amsterdamwav25:14 
JUDAS PRIESTlive <= 1981-02-14'Unleashed In The West' Bootleg CDwav62:35 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-02-16Le Bataclan, Paris, Francewav51:55SBD
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-02-19Hemmerleinhalle, Neunkirchen am Brand, Westdeutschlandwav68:04 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-02-27Rhein-Main-Hallen, Wiesbaden, Westdeutschlandwav51:39 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-05-08'Breaking The Law' Bootleg CD - International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav71:07 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-05-23San Bernardinowav77:22 
JUDAS PRIEST & Iron Maidenlive ~ 1981-06-14radio ad for 810614 concert @ Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, USAwav1:01 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-06-14Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, USAwav84:43 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-11-21Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav64:34 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1981-11-21Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav40:59 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1982-08-26Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA, USAwav87:16 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1982-09-03El Pasowav84:35 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1982-09-21International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav82:53 
JUDAS PRIESTradio 1982-09-2x'Rockline' radiowav11:46 
JUDAS PRIESTlive <= 1983-06-08'The Last Vengeance' Bootleg CDwav74:53 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1983-12-18 DVD+R DL  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1983-12-18'ZDF Festival', Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, WestdeutschlandDVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-01-06'The Tube', Channel 4, Tyne Tees Television Studio, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UKDVD+R14:01 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-01-30Clermont-Ferrandwav86:34 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-01-30Clermont-Ferrandwav85:22 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-03-21Uniondalewav113:00 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-03-30Coliseum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R110:10 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-04-02Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav108:54 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-04-11Baltimorewav106:34 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-04-14Louisvillewav108:19 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-05-02'King Biscuit Flower Hour' Promo LP - New Mexico Fair, Albuquerque, NM, USAwav53:09 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-05-02Albuquerquewav52:44 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-05-02Albuquerquewav87:46 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-05-05Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav100:50 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-05-05Long Beachwav16:11 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-06-14Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, USAwav103:17AUD-B-
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-06-18New Yorkwav112:24 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-09-10'The Metallian In The East' Bootleg 2CDwav105:46 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1984-09-13'Fast & Furious' Bootleg 2CDwav108:22 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-05-02Albuquerquewav93:52 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-05-11'Turbo... Live!' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav99:19 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-05-16Sacramentowav104:40 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-05-22Kansas Citywav103:35 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-05-25'Rock You All Around The World' Bootleg 2LPwav79:43 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-07-23Montréal Forum, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-09-28Zwollewav97:22 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-10-24Stockholmwav107:17 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1986-12-08Osakawav106:25 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1988-05-07Stockholmwav92:54 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1988-05-10KB-Hallen, København, Danmarkwav103:03 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1988-05-25Milanowav100:43 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1988-08-07New Havenwav70:31 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1988-10-12San Diegowav106:43 
JUDAS PRIESTlive <= 1988-xx-xx?'Live USA' Bootleg 2CDwav90:28 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1990-09-13Los Angeleswav45:20 
JUDAS PRIEST & Bruce Dickinsonlive 1990-09-13'Los Angeles 1990' Bootleg CDwav73:31 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1990-10-19Colisée de Québec, Québec City, QC, Canadawav86:14 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1990-10-22Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, CanadaDVD+R94:15 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1990-12-05The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI, USADVD+R101:59 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1990-12-07Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav96:45 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1990-12-15Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC] AUD
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1991-01-23'Rock In Rio II', Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilDVD+R74:24 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1991-02-18Offenbachwav77:32 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1991-04-12Festival Hall, Osaka, JapanDVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1991-04-12Festival Hall, Osaka, Japanwav74:11 
JUDAS PRIESTlive <= 1991-07-12780731-910712 compilation DVDDVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1991-08-09East Rutherfordwav74:54 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1991-08-19Grandstand, Canadian National Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canadawav72:25 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 1998-10-17Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USAwav104:35AUD
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2001-09-01Arena Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDVD+R95:11 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2002-07-21'Metal Edge Rock Fest', Brookhaven Amphitheatre, Farmingville, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-06-10Sölvesborgwav78:41 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-06-10Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sölvesborg, Sverigewav65:30 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-07-16Ozzfest, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USAwav75:11 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-07-17Rock Fest 2004, Chippewa Valley Music Festival Grounds, Cadott, WI, USAwav95:37 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-07-29Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USAwav73:51 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-07-30Sleep Train Amphitheater, Marysville, CA, USAwav92:59 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-08-18Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, CanadaDVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-08-18Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canadawav99:30 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-08-19Cuyahoga Fallswav78:03 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2004-08-29Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USADVD+R97:29 
JUDAS PRIEST'Russian Fan Club CD - Live & Rare' Bootleg 2CD-Rwav156:24 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-02-23Valbyhallen, København, Danmarkwav112:37 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-02-26Globen Arena, Stockholm, SverigeDVD+R114:46 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-03-10Grugahalle, Essen, Deutschlandwav119:56 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-03-14Sporthalle CCB Böblingen, Böblingen, Deutschlandwav118:27 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-03-14Böblingenwav118:12 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-03-19National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UKDVD+R119:57 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-03-26Hall 4, SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav112:26 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-04-02Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch, NederlandDVD+R [PAL]54:12 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-04-02Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederlandwav116:01 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-05-08Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japanwav119:36 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-05-10Nagoya Shimin Kaikan, Nagoya, Japanwav118:57 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-06-15Giant Center, Hershey, PA, USAwav110:20 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-06-17Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, NY, USADVD+R109:28 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-09-13 DVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-10-07Paul E Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA, USAwav105:19 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-10-29ipayOne Center, San Diego, CA, USAwav107:52 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2005-10-30Long Beachwav110:26 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2006-03-31 DVD+R  
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2006-05-31'VH1 Rock Honors 2006'cDVD8:30 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2008-06-03Helsinkiwav96:38 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2008-08-06Camdenwav80:54 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2008-08-13Torontowav85:38 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2008-08-19Chicagowav85:28 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2008-09-28 to 2008-10-08'Full Metal Box' Bootleg 6CD - Japanwav303:59 
JUDAS PRIESTlive 2012-04-18Moscowwav140:09 
JUDAS PRIEST - Rob Halfordradio? 1983-12-xx? 1984-0x-xx?8312xx? 840xxx? UK? radio - Rob Halford interviewed by Mel Redding?wav7:22 
JUDAS PRIEST - Rob Halfordradio 1986-10-24'Rockbox', Stockholmwav9:22 
JUDAS PRIEST - Halfordlive 2000-08-16Darien Centerwav38:30 
JUDAS PRIEST tribute - Just As Priestlive 1994-10-09HelsingborgDVD10:33 
KEEP OF KALESSINlive 2005-12-03Le Transbordeur, Lyon, FranceCD-R29:52 
KING CRIMSONlive 1969-07-05Hyde Park, London, England, UKCD-R37:49B-
KING CRIMSONlive 1969-09-07Chesterfield2CD-R87:41SBD-VG+
KING CRIMSONlive 1969-10-17Croydonwav15:22 
KING CRIMSONlive 1969-12-15San FranciscoCD-R50:34SBD-EX-/EX
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-05-29'Sheffield City Hall '71' Bootleg 2CD - City Hall, Sheffield, England, UK2CD  
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-08-09Marquee Club, London, England, UKwav43:51 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-08-28Clactonwav24:25 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-09-04Londonwav36:23 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-10-09'Complete Wolverhampton' Bootleg 2CDwav88:11 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-10-15Bournemouth2CD-R83:27 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-10-16Brighton Dome, Brighton, England, UKwav70:35 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-11-11Torontowav55:14 
KING CRIMSONlive 1971-11-24Academy of Music, New York, NY, USAwav57:51VG/EX
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-02-17Detroitwav72:20 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-02-25'Miamibound' Bootleg CDwav72:40 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-03-02Asbury Parkwav25:22 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-03-19Santa Monicawav63:39 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-03-21San Franciscowav68:34 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-03-21'Frisco Spacer' Bootleg CD - Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USAwav62:11 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-03-27'Celebration Of The Lizard' Bootleg CD - Boston, MA, USACD  
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-03-31'Sliding Mystified' Bootleg CDwav53:09 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-10-13Frankfurt am Main2CD-R115:11SBD-VG+/EX-
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-11-10Hull Technical College, Hull, Yorkshire, England, UKCD-R46:56 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-12-13Londonwav80:02 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-12-15Portsmouthwav63:45 
KING CRIMSONlive 1972-12-15'Cosmic Muir' Bootleg CD - Guildhall, Portsmouth, England, UKwav63:32 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-03-16Glasgowwav65:08 
KING CRIMSONlive <= 1973-03-18'The Mince' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R125:49 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-03-22Leedswav74:05 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-03-24'Chaos In The Streets' Bootleg 2CD-R - Bournemouthwav80:36 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-04-02Sindelfingenwav58:02 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-04-05Reggio Emiliawav78:22 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-04-06Palazzo Dello Sport, Roma, Italiawav82:17 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-04-08Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerlandwav88:58VG
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-04-24'Oklahoma 1973' Bootleg CD - State Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City, OK, USAwav72:53 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-05-04BostonCD-R74:38A
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-05-06Waterburywav82:30 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-05-08'Disinfectant' Bootleg CDwav65:40 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-05-12St. Louiswav60:58 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-05-14ClevelandCD-R80:00FM-VG+/EX-
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-06-09 early'Day and Night' Bootleg 2CDwav115:47 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-06-12'Midnight Special' TVwav8:40 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-06-15San Diegowav67:08 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-06-21'West Palm Beach 1973' Bootleg CD - West Palm Beachwav59:54 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-06-23AtlantaCD-R60:04FM
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-06-25 DVD+R  
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-09-20Montréalwav72:11 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-09-22New Yorkwav75:37 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-09-23Bostonwav74:37 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-09-25Chapin Hall, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, USAwav65:52 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-10-06Arlingtonwav87:50 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-10-26'The Mince' Bootleg 2CDwav89:34 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-10-26'The Mince' Bootleg 2CDwav89:08 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-11-05Düsseldorfwav79:30 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-11-08Saarbrückenwav72:46 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-11-12'Time Machine' Bootleg 2CD - Palazzo Dello Sport, Turin, Italywav94:45 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-11-13'Mirrors' Bootleg CDwav54:12 
KING CRIMSONlive 1973-11-27Barcelonawav49:06 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-03-19Udinewav55:52 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-03-24Avignonwav95:47 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-04-12Philadelphiawav56:11 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-04-13'United Kingdom' Bootleg CD - Atlanta, GA, USACD  
KING CRIMSONlive <= 1974-04-19'The Rusted Chains Of Prison Moon' Bootleg CDwav50:20 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-04-23'Virgin Mary' Bootleg CD - Bostonwav63:57 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-05-01'Fracture' Bootleg CDwav66:05 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-05-04'The Virgin Mary' Bootleg 2CD - Hamiltonwav84:37 
KING CRIMSONlive <= 1974-06-04721110-740604 improvisations compilationwav78:56 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-06-06Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, USAwav48:48 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-06-19Los Angeleswav71:22 
KING CRIMSONlive <= 1974-06-19730406-740619 improvisations compilationwav77:08 
KING CRIMSONlive 1974-07-01New YorkCD-R74:05AUD-EX-
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-05-07Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester, England, UKwav66:47 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-05-08University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England, UKwav68:37 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-05-10Her Majesty's Theatre, London, England, UKwav61:15 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-05-13Captain Video, Paris, Francewav60:01 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-05-15The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Nederlandwav73:05 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-10-13Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav78:03 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-10-14Stadthalle, Köln, Westdeutschlandwav77:35 
KING CRIMSONlive <= 1981-10-14'Elephant Walk' Bootleg 2LP2CD-R88:44 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-10-16Offenbachwav41:32 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-10-29Bostonwav86:43 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-11-03Washington, DCwav83:20 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-11-07New Yorkwav84:22 
KING CRIMSONTV 1981-11-18'Fridays', ABC TV, Hollywood, CA, USAcDVD9:16 
KING CRIMSONsoundcheck 1981-11-20Tempewav9:02 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-11-23 earlyThe Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav96:22 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-11-23 lateThe Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav74:28 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-12-09Tokyowav93:46 
KING CRIMSONlive 1981-12-16'In Kaminari Gate' Bootleg 2CD - Asakusa Kokusai-Gekijo, Tokyo, Japanwav82:20AUD
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-02-22 earlyAnn Arborwav86:52 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-02-22 lateAnn Arborwav92:38 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-02-22 early & late?Ann Arborwav48:32 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-02-28Stonybrookwav64:32 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-08-02New Yorkwav100:24 
KING CRIMSONsoundcheck 1982-08-04Montréalwav21:05 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-08-13Berkeleywav82:21 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-09-08Groningenwav95:07 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-09-27 earlyParis, Francewav90:54 
KING CRIMSONlive 1982-09-27 lateParis, Francewav91:08 
KING CRIMSON'Studio Rehearsals' Bootleg 2CD2CD  
KING CRIMSONlive 1984-05-30Vancouverwav92:42 
KING CRIMSONlive 1984-06-06Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav99:07 
KING CRIMSONlive 1984-06-20First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav112:36 
KING CRIMSONlive 1984-06-26New Yorkwav104:17 
KING CRIMSONlive 1984-06-27New Yorkwav102:22 
KING CRIMSONlive 1984-07-11'Atmosphere' Bootleg CDCD  
KING CRIMSONTV 1984-xx-xx?'Rock Arena', ABC TV, AustraliacDVD16:14 
KING CRIMSONunreleased 'Thrak' album sessionswav10:39 
KING CRIMSONlive 1994-09-30Buenos Aireswav47:53 
KING CRIMSONlive 1995-05-02'Indie Vroom' Bootleg 2CD - Milan, Italywav134:04 
KING CRIMSONlive 1995-05-11Stuttgartwav105:17 
KING CRIMSONlive 1995-06-30Los Angeleswav96:08 
KING CRIMSONlive 1995-10-09Festival Hall, Osaka, Japanwav110:15 
KING CRIMSONlive 1995-11-11The Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA, USAwav99:11 
KING CRIMSONTV <= 1995-11-14950628 & 951114 compilation DVDDVD+R  
KING CRIMSONTV 1995-11-14'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', NBC TV, New York, NY, USAwav4:12 
KING CRIMSONlive 1996-06-13Westfalen Park, Dortmund, Deutschlandwav96:01AUD
KING CRIMSONlive 1996-08-18Saratoga Springs, USAwav48:21 
KING CRIMSONlive 1996-08-23Hershey, USAwav55:17 
KING CRIMSONlive 1996-08-25Columbiawav4:00 
KING CRIMSONlive 1996-08-26Philadelphiawav91:38 
KING CRIMSONlive 2000-10-19Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USAwav116:09 
KING CRIMSONlive 2000-10-20Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USAwav105:33 
KING CRIMSONlive 2000-10-21Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USAwav116:04 
KING CRIMSONlive <= 2000-11-20951021-001120 improvisations compilationwav76:18 
KING CRIMSONlive 2001-08-02Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USAwav45:25 
KING CRIMSONlive 2001-08-05Eugenewav55:39 
KING CRIMSONlive 2001-11-25St. Louiswav86:40 
KING CRIMSONlive 2001-12-08Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav88:53 
KING CRIMSONlive <= 2003-04-15950606-030415 improvisations compilationwav78:45 
KING CRIMSONlive 2003-04-17Tokyowav103:54 
KING CRIMSONlive 2003-06-06China Teatern, Stockholm, Sverigewav110:58 
KING CRIMSONlive 2003-06-12The State Central Concert Hall 'Rossia', Moscow, Russiawav132:18 
KING CRIMSONlive 2003-07-12North Sea Jazz Festival, Paul Acket Paviljoen, Den Haag, Nederlandwav58:10 
KING CRIMSONlive 2003-11-12Bostonwav98:05 
KING CRIMSONlive 2003-11-15Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USAwav73:59AUD
KING CRIMSONlive 2008-08-11Glensidewav112:40 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2002-09-17Crewewav93:38 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2002-09-30Londonwav105:50 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2002-11-05Tokyowav98:38 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2003-03-23Ferrarawav78:26 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2003-10-21Madridwav138:51 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2003-11-13Tokyowav123:00 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2004-04-27 earlyBB King's Blues Club, New York, NY, USAwav87:21 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2004-04-27 lateBB King's Blues Club, New York, NY, USAwav116:22 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2004-04-29Hollywoodwav121:26 
KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Bandlive 2004-04-30San Juan Capistranowav107:26 
KING CRIMSON - David Crosslive 2005-04-23Tokyowav90:38 
KING CRIMSON - Greg Lakelive 2012-04-17New Bedfordwav104:26 
KING CRIMSON - Greg Lakelive 2012-04-28Clearwaterwav123:44 
KING CRIMSON - Greg Lakelive 2012-05-09Milwaukeewav111:33 
KING CRIMSON - ProjeKct Twolive 1998-02-20Nashvillewav66:11 
KING CRIMSON - ProjeKct Threelive 2003-03-03Alexandriawav29:02 
KING CRIMSON - ProjeKct Sixlive 2006-02-18Studio Belewbeloidwav10:38 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKlive 1962-07-08Newport Jazz Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, RI, USAwav43:08 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKlive 1963-10-24Københavnwav56:56 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKlive 1966-12-21Radiohusets Studio, København, Danmarkwav26:55 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKlive 1966-12-21Københavnwav26:09 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKlive 1972-03-03unknown venue, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav103:18 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1972-10-31Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, USAwav76:13FM-B+
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1972-10-31Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, USAwav76:13FM-B+
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1973-11-15Club 7, Oslo, Norgewav79:58 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1973-12-31Village Vanguard, New York, NY, USAwav76:28 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1974-04-04New Yorkwav106:35 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1974-04-14Village Vanguard, New York, NY, USAwav94:57 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1975-01-03Village Vanguard, New York, NY, USAwav47:56 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKlive 1975-06-xxKeystone Korner, San Francisco, CA, USAwav22:21 
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & The Vibration Societylive 1975-07-17Blue Bird Jazzclub, Åhus, Sverigewav58:26 
KISS - Wicked Lesterrecorded 1971-11-xx to 1972-07-xx?7111xx-7207xx? studio recordingswav42:50 
KISS'The Wicked Lester & Kiss Demos' Bootleg CDCD  
KISSlive 1973-12-22Conventry, Queens, New York, NY, USADVD42:59 
KISSlive 1973-12-31Academy Of Music, New York, NY, USAwav33:11 
KISSlive 1973-12-31New Yorkwav33:09 
KISSlive 1973-12-31Academy Of Music, New York, NY, USACD-R31:14 
KISSlive 1974-02-17Long Beach, CA, USADVD+R17:53 
KISSlive 1974-03-25 lateThe Bayou, Washington, DC, USAwav40:47 
KISSlive 1974-03-25 lateThe Bayou, Washington, DC, USACD-R39:36 
KISSlive 1974-04-07The Michigan Palace, Detroit, MI, USAwav42:16 
KISSlive 1974-04-08Morris Civic Auditorium, South Bend, IN, USAwav47:26 
KISSlive 1974-04-12'Unauthorized Live Vol. 1' Bootleg CDwav43:43 
KISSlive 1974-04-18Lafayette's Music Room, Memphis, TN, USAwav42:40 
KISSlive 1974-05-31Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USACD-R32:15 
KISSlive 1974-06-02Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA, USACD-R31:12 
KISSlive 1974-07-16Independence Hall, Baton Rouge, LA, USAwav32:01AUD-A-
KISSlive 1974-10-21'Electric Magic' Bootleg CDwav64:15 
KISSlive 'Peter Gene Paul Ace' Bootleg 2CD2CD  
KISSlive 1975-01-31Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R61:24 
KISSlive 1975-01-31Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R61:11 
KISSlive 1975-04-19Gymnasium, Fremd High School, Palatine, IL, USAwav32:39 
KISSlive 1975-05-03Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USAwav35:51 
KISSlive 1975-05-11Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav45:51 
KISSlive 1975-05-31Long Beachwav84:52 
KISSlive 1975-05-31Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USA2CD-R83:50 
KISSlive 1975-05-31Long Beachwav78:04 
KISSlive 1975-06-13Tulsawav63:11 
KISSlive 1975-08-03Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav [24/96]59:24 
KISSlive 1975-08-03Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav63:35 
KISSlive 1975-08-23Hempsteadwav83:04 
KISSlive 1975-08-23Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY, USAwav82:03 
KISSlive 1975-08-23Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY, USAwav78:41 
KISSreleased <= 1975-10-xxpartially overdubbed live tracks - 'Alive!' versions and outtakes - Music Hall, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R20:44A
KISSlive 1975-11-15Rockford Armory, Rockford, IL, USAwav67:12 
KISSlive 1976-01-25Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USADVD+R55:12 
KISSlive 1976-01-26Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USACD-R54:29SBD-A
KISSlive <= 1976-02-27'Fried Alive!' Bootleg LPwav38:21 
KISSlive 1976-03-21Miamiwav76:21 
KISSlive 1976-03-21Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, USACD-R76:20 
KISSlive 1976-04-26Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, CanadaDVD+R14:23 
KISSlive 1976-05-16'Blitz London' Bootleg LP - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav42:16 
KISSlive 1976-05-22'Stoned In Paris' Bootleg LP - Paris, Francewav50:02 
KISSlive 1976-05-23RAI Congrescentrum, Amsterdam, NederlandCD-R73:06B-
KISSlive 1976-05-26Göteborgwav44:04 
KISSlive 1976-05-28Stockholmwav49:04 
KISSlive 1976-05-29Københavnwav70:29 
KISSlive 1976-05-30Lundwav70:49 
KISSTV 1976-05-xx?'So It Goes', Granada TV, Manchester, England, UKDVD+R7:19 
KISSTV 1976-07-16'Two Nights Of Destruction' Bootleg DVD+R DL - 'Szene '76 - 3 Musik' TV, WestdeutschlandDVD+R DL5:37 
KISSTV 1976-07-16'Szene '76 - 3 Musik' TV, WestdeutschlandDVD+R6:01 
KISSlive 1976-08-13'Two Nights Of Destruction' Bootleg DVD+R DL - The Summit, Houston, TX, USADVD+R DL31:19 
KISSlive 1976-08-20'Two Nights Of Destruction' Bootleg DVD+R DL - Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, USADVD+R DL73:14 
KISSlive 1976-08-20'Two Nights Of Destruction' Bootleg DVD+R DL - Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, USADVD+R DL7:27 
KISSlive 1976-09-03Richfieldwav67:16 
KISSlive 1976-09-03The Coliseum, Richfield, OH, USACD-R68:15B
KISSlive 1976-09-03The Coliseum, Richfield, OH, USAwav67:16 
KISSlive 1976-09-06'Rock And Roll All Nite' Bootleg CD - Varsity Stadium, Toronto, ON, CanadaCD60:19 
KISSrehearsal 1976-11-xx'Rock And Roll Over' tour rehearsalswav56:34SBD-A-/B+
KISSlive 1976-12-02Memphiswav76:13 
KISSlive 1976-12-04New Orleanswav41:24 
KISSrecorded <= 1976-xx-xx1974-1976 video compilationDVD+R82:39 
KISSrecorded 1976-xx-xx1976 video compilationDVD+R100:09 
KISSlive 1977-01-20Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, NB, USACD-R50:58 
KISSlive 1977-01-29Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USADVD+R57:41 
KISSlive 1977-02-18Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R71:14 
KISSlive 1977-02-26Freedom Hall Civic Center, Johnson City, TN, USACD-R69:45B-
KISSlive 1977-03-25Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, JapanCD-R62:00B+
KISSlive 1977-03-26'Kabuki Beasts - Kyoto 1977' Bootleg CDwav77:00 
KISSlive 1977-03-28'Crazy Killer Whales Alive!' Bootleg CDwav78:30 
KISSlive 1977-04-01Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, JapanCD-R65:42SBD-A
KISSlive 1977-04-02Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, JapanCD-R72:18 
KISSlive 1977-04-02'Vintage Kiss - Japan 1980' Bootleg LPwav47:30 
KISSlive 1977-04-02 early & late?Budokan Hall, Tokyo, JapanDVD44:14 
KISSlive 1977-04-04'The Lost 'Alive II' Album' Bootleg CD - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, JapanCD-R43:54AUD-A
KISSlive 1977-04-04'The Lost 'Alive II' Album' Bootleg CD - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav  
KISSlive 1977-07-12Montreal Forum Concert Bowl, Montréal, QC, CanadaCD-R67:17A-
KISSlive 1977-08-16Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USAwav72:24 
KISSlive 1977-08-17Selland Arena, Fresno, CA, USACD-R54:41 
KISSlive 1976-05-16 & 1977-08-25'Kiss Karton' Bootleg 3LP Box Setwav115:27 
KISSlive 1977-09-01The Summit, Houston, TX, USADVD+R88:56 
KISSlive 1977-09-02The Summit, Houston, TX, USADVD+R82:29 
KISSlive 1977-09-02The Summit, Houston, TX, USACD-R75:49 
KISSrecorded 1977-09-xx'The Lost 'Alive II' Album' Bootleg CDCD-R16:20AUD-A
KISSrecorded 1977-09-xx'The Lost 'Alive II' Album' Bootleg CDwav  
KISSlive 1977-12-14Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USACD-R75:06A-
KISSlive 1977-12-15Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USACD-R79:53B
KISSlive 1978-01-23Evansvillewav60:42 
KISSlive 1978-03-28Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav84:49 
KISSlive 1978-03-29Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav76:54AUD-G+/VG
KISSlive 1978-03-31'Fab Four From Hell' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyowav90:53 
KISSlive <= 1978-03-31'Rock And Roll Party 1978' Bootleg 2CDwav108:27 
KISSlive 1978-04-02Tokyowav92:39 
KISSlive 1978-05-19Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Valencia, CA, USAwav54:26 
KISSrecorded 1979-0x-xx'Dynasty' album sessionswav428:37STD-A-/B+
KISSrecorded 1979-02-22"I Was Made For Lovin' You" studio rehearsalswav45:03 
KISSrecorded <= 1979-02-22'Rarest Live And Studio' Bootleg 2CD2CD130:11 
KISSrehearsal 1979-06-14Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL, USAwav92:26 
KISSlive 1979-07-08Capital Centre, Mitchellville, MD, USADVD+R91:35 
KISSlive 1979-07-13Pontiacwav86:31 
KISSlive 1979-07-25Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USACD-R74:50B-
KISSlive 1979-07-31Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USAwav75:38AUD-VG++
KISSlive 1979-08-06'Kiss Of Thunder' Bootleg CDwav68:33 
KISSlive 1979-08-08Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, USAwav79:55AUD-B/B-
KISSlive 1979-09-07Philadelphiawav89:28 
KISSlive 1979-11-07Inglewoodwav83:56 
KISSlive 1979-11-21KJR 950 AM radio, Seattle, WA, USAwav22:25 
KISSlive 1979-11-21Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USAwav86:18 
KISSlive 1979-11-27Selland Arena, Fresno, CA, USAwav89:56AUD-EX
KISSTV 1979-xx-xx1979 USA TV compilationDVD+R85:33 
KISSlive 1980-07-25Palladium, New York, NY, USA2CD-R87:57A
KISSlive 1980-09-02Velodromo Vigorelli, Milano, Italiawav79:09AUD
KISSlive 1980-09-05Bingley Hall, Staffordshire County Showground, Stafford, England, UKwav87:10AUD-C+
KISSlive 1980-09-09Wembley Arena, London, England, UKwav77:43 
KISSlive 1980-09-09'Egos At Stake' Bootleg LPwav46:50 
KISSlive 1980-09-13Rebstockgelände, Frankfurt am Main, Westdeutschlandwav87:14AUD-C
KISSlive 1980-09-23Parc Des Expositions, Avignon, Francewav82:20 
KISSlive 1980-10-05Groenoordhallen, Leiden, Nederlandwav85:50AUD
KISSlive 1980-10-09Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm, Sverigewav80:53AUD-C+
KISSlive 1980-10-11Brøndby Hallen, Brøndby, København, Danmarkwav78:09C-
KISSlive 1980-11-22Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaDVD+R100:28 
KISSlive 1980-11-22'Costumed Crusaders' Bootleg 2CD2CD-R107:23 
KISSTV <= 1980-xx-xx76xxxx-80xxxx German TV compilation DVDDVD+R24:20 
KISSTV 198x-xx-xxAustralian TV compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISSTV 198x-xx-xxTV compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISS'Kissin' Time In San Francisco' Bootleg CDCD74:59 
KISS'Destelder' Bootleg CDCD72:12 
KISSlive 1982-01-14'Watching Us' Bootleg CDCD63:10 
KISS'The Elder'-era video compilationDVD+R  
KISSlive 1982-12-30Sioux Citywav112:40 
KISSlive 1982-12-31Rockfordwav100:08A-/B+
KISSlive 1982-12-31Rockfordwav97:34 
KISSlive 1983-01-01Hulman Civic-University Center, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN, USA2CD-R90:27AUD-C
KISSlive 1983-01-03Civic Center Coliseum, Charleston, WV, USAwav88:23 
KISSlive 1983-01-09University of Dayton Arena, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH, USAwav86:43AUD-B/B+
KISSlive 1983-01-13 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1983-01-14Torontowav94:12 
KISSlive 1983-01-15Civic Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canadawav88:07AUD-A-/B+
KISSlive 1983-01-30Nashvillewav92:51 
KISSradio ~ 1983-02-01Knoxville concert radio adwav1:02 
KISSlive 1983-02-01Knoxvillewav88:51 
KISSlive 1983-06-18 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1983-06-25São Paulowav86:06 
KISSrecorded "Not For The Innocent" demowav4:36 
KISSlive <= 1983-10-131983 live compilation DVDDVD+R136:58 
KISSlive 1983-10-19Clermont-Ferrandwav96:46 
KISSlive 1983-10-23Londonwav89:17 
KISSlive 1983-10-25Poolewav97:59 
KISSlive 1983-11-03Baselwav81:39 
KISSlive 1983-11-15Lausannewav107:33 
KISSlive 1983-11-20Malmöwav89:12 
KISSlive 1983-11-25Ouluwav107:55 
KISSlive 1984-01-22Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM, USA2CD-R89:23AUD-A
KISSlive 1984-01-27'World Tour 1984' Bootleg 3LP - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav100:05AUD-A-
KISSlive 1984-01-27'World Tour 1984' Bootleg CD - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav73:01AUD-B
KISSlive 1984-02-10Milwaukee, WI, USAwav89:31 
KISSlive 1984-02-16Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN, USAwav91:36AUD-A-
KISSlive 1984-02-17Wendler Arena, Saginaw Civic Center, Saginaw, MI, USAwav96:56AUD-C
KISSlive 1984-02-24The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USAwav94:25AUD-C+
KISSlive 1984-03-12Colisee de Québec, Québec City, QC, CanadaDVD+R86:14 
KISSlive 1984-10-05The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland, UKwav97:11AUD-B-
KISSlive 1984-10-06Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland, UKwav90:33AUD-B-
KISSlive 1984-10-12Bingley Hall, Staffordshire County Showground, Stafford, England, UKwav97:17AUD-B-/C
KISSlive 1984-10-19Hemmerleinhalle, Neunkirchen am Brand, Westdeutschlandwav87:29AUD-B-
KISSlive 1984-10-24Olympen, Lund, Sverigewav88:41AUD-C+
KISSlive 1984-10-26'They Only Come Out At Night' Bootleg 2CD (2CD-R?) - Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sverigewav96:55AUD
KISSlive 1984-10-27Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sverigewav87:29AUD-A-
KISSlive 1984-11-03Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgiëwav84:53AUD
KISSlive 1984-11-04Ijsselhallen, Zwolle, NederlandCD-R65:18AUD-A
KISSlive 1984-11-16Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY, USAwav95:11AUD-B+
KISSlive 1984-11-18Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, USAwav86:44AUD-C-
KISSlive 1984-11-27Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD, USAwav82:35 
KISSlive 1984-12-07'Hottest Band On Earth' Bootleg CD - Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN, USAwav72:34AUD-B+
KISSlive 1984-12-08Detroitwav72:44 
KISSlive 1984-12-29Saint Paulwav99:27 
KISSlive 1984-12-30'Barbarize' Bootleg 2LPwav78:53 
KISSlive 1985-01-13St. Petersburgwav92:36 
KISSlive 1985-01-29Dallaswav109:37 
KISSlive 1985-02-05El Pasowav74:33 
KISSlive 1985-02-17'Kissing In The Pink' Bootleg CD - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav73:59AUD-B
KISSlive 1985-02-22San Diegowav93:17 
KISSlive 1985-02-24Sacramentowav102:43 
KISSlive 1985-03-19Madisonwav96:49 
KISSlive 1985-03-28Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USAwav59:13 
KISSlive 1985-11-12ClevelandDVD101:00 
KISSlive 1985-12-14Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USADVD-R108:16 
KISSlive 1985-12-16Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R99:56 
KISSlive 1985-12-28Charlottewav73:22 
KISSlive 1986-01-03Johnson Citywav93:13 
KISSlive 1986-01-04Knoxvillewav106:00 
KISSlive 1986-01-12San Juanwav92:07 
KISSlive 1986-03-08Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, MA, USAwav79:58 
KISSlive 1986-03-16 DVD+R67:28 
KISSlive 1986-03-28 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1986-04-02Uticawav79:16 
KISSlive 1986-04-10Baltimorewav85:39 
KISSlive 1987-12-26Fort Waynewav51:07 
KISSlive 1987-12-27Indianapoliswav86:39 
KISSrecorded <= 1987-xx-xx?'The Demo Collection' Bootleg CDwav53:50 
KISSlive 1987-xx-xx?1987 compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISSlive 1988-01-12 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1988-01-17Detroitwav88:29 
KISSlive 1988-01-26Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]  
KISSlive 1988-02-12 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1988-04-22 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1988-04-22'Kamikaze Kissing' Bootleg 2LP - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav90:01 
KISSlive 1988-08-12'New York 1988' Bootleg CD - The Ritz, New York, NY, USACD77:35 
KISSlive 1988-09-15Köpenhamnwav91:00 
KISSlive 1988-09-16Frolundaborg, Göteborg, Sverigewav83:24 
KISSTV 1988-11-25'Geraldo'DVD+R59:52 
KISSKNAC ID's sessionwav17:06 
KISSrehearsal 1990-05-03Lubbockwav152:37AUD
KISSlive 1990-05-10Omahawav105:24 
KISSlive 1990-05-18Auburn Hillswav107:10 
KISSlive 1990-05-27Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Duluth, MN, USAwav100:51 
KISSlive 1990-05-30Peoriawav103:08 
KISSlive 1990-06-15Grandstand, Canadian National Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canadawav86:12AUD
KISSlive 1990-06-17Orange County Speedway, Middletown, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]101:36AUD-EX-
KISSlive 1990-06-28Uniondalewav110:57 
KISSlive 1990-06-29Mansfieldwav106:44 
KISSlive 1990-08-22Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX, USAwav117:54 
KISSlive 1990-10-19MontréalDVD43:57 
KISSrecorded 199x-xx-xx'Exposed II' Bootleg 3DVD+R3DVD+R262:12 
KISS<= 1991-xx-xx83xxxx-91xxxx compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISSlive 1992-04-23'Unholy Kisses' Bootleg CD - San Francisco, CA, USACD70:20 
KISSlive 1992-04-25 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1992-05-05Philadelphiawav93:14 
KISSlive 1979-07-0x to 1992-05-12'Secret Kisses II' Bootleg 2CDwav71:32 
KISSlive 1992-05-17 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1992-05-21 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1992-10-01Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA, USADVD-R122:20VG+
KISSlive 1992-10-09'Unchained & Unmasked' Bootleg 2CD - Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USAwav111:45AUD-B
KISSlive 1992-11-24SpringfieldDVD102:41 
KISSlive 1992-12-16ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA, USADVD-R97:21VG+
KISSlive 1992-12-18 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1993-09-11 DVD+R  
KISS<= 1994-xx-xx1993-1994? MTV compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISSTV 1994-02-15'Teenage Idols' TV & rawcDVD  
KISSlive <= 1994-03-03'Unplugged' Bootleg CDwav42:05 
KISSlive 1994-08-27 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1994-08-27'Sao Paulo From The Mixing Desk 1994' Bootleg CDCD52:32 
KISSlive 1994-08-27'Carnival' Bootleg CD - 'Philips Monsters Of Rock', São Paulo, Brazilwav51:35 
KISSsoundcheck 1994-09-01Centro Cultural Estacion Mapacho, Santiago de Chile, Chilewav18:11 
KISSlive 1994-09-01Centro Cultural Estacion Mapacho, Santiago de Chile, ChileDVD+R109:06 
KISSlive 1994-xx-xx'Rock City' Bootleg 2CD - Buenos Aires, Argentina2CD123:30 
KISS'Deadly Demos' Bootleg CDCD77:49 
KISSlive 1995-01-24Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, JapanDVD+R117:42 
KISSlive 1995-01-31Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, JapanDVD+R109:23 
KISSlive 1995-01-31Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav110:13 
KISSlive 1995-02-04Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth, WA, Australia2CD-R100:11A
KISSlive 1995-02-05'Unplugged: Worldwide Kiss Convention 1995/96' Bootleg CD - Adelaide, AustraliaCD74:16 
KISSlive 1995-02-06'Kiss My Ass Down Under '95' Bootleg 2CD - Adelaide, Australia2CD126:59 
KISSlive 1995-02-07'Unplugged' Bootleg 2CD - Melbourne, VIC, Australia2CD98:35 
KISSlive 1995-02-09National Tennis Centre, Flinders Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australia2CD-R115:22A
KISSlive 1995-02-10Worldwide Kiss Convention, Hilton Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaCD-R70:30A-
KISSlive 1995-02-12Ballroom, Hilton Sydney, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaCD-R73:01A-
KISSlive <= 1995-06-18'Welcome Home Pete!' Bootleg 2CD2CD114:09 
KISSlive 1995-07-02Worldwide Kiss Convention, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott, Irving, TX, USAwav135:57 
KISSlive 1995-07-09 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1995-07-16'Naked & Exposed - An Unplugged Session' Bootleg CD - Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN, USACD72:06 
KISSlive 1995-07-29Worldwide Kiss Convention, The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA, USADVD+R120:38 
KISSlive 1995-08-01Pittsburgh ExpoMart, Pittsburgh, PA, USADVD+R  
KISSlive 1995-08-01'Die-Hard' Bootleg CD - Monroeville Expo Market, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwav73:48 
KISSlive 1995-08-04'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', NBC TV, New York, NY, USAcDVD5:36 
KISSlive 1995-08-05S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]120:36 
KISSlive 1995-08-06S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]116:34 
KISSlive 1995-08-07S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios, New York, NY, USADVD+R [NTSC]120:33 
KISSlive 1995-08-09Sony Sound StudiosDVD+R  
KISSlive 1995-08-09Sony Sound Studios, New York, NY, USA2CD-R150:30A+
KISS'Rock Diamonds' Bootleg CDCD  
KISSlive 1996-06-15KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA, USADVD+R62:25 
KISSlive 1996-06-15KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA, USACD-R63:04A
KISSlive 1996-06-28Tiger Stadium, Detroit, MI, USADVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-07-06 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-07-12 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-07-17'From Outer Space' Bootleg 2CD - Dayton, OH, USA2CD  
KISSlive 1996-07-21'Rock Hard Again' Bootleg 2CD - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA2CD  
KISSlive 1996-07-22'Explodes' Bootleg 2CD - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA2CD-R122:05 
KISSlive 1996-07-25Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R115:15A
KISSlive 1996-07-25New Yorkwav [16/48]116:28 
KISSlive 1996-07-26Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R116:03A
KISSlive 1996-07-26Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav117:13 
KISSlive 1996-07-27Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R A
KISSlive 1996-07-28Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USADVD+R A
KISSlive 1996-08-02 DVD+R DL  
KISSlive 1996-08-17 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-08-17'God Of Monsters' Bootleg 2CD - Castle Donington, England, UK2CD  
KISSlive 1996-08-24Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USADVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-08-24Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav113:39 
KISSlive 1996-08-26ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA, USADVD-R119:24VG+
KISSlive 1996-08-27 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-09-041996 MTV Video Awards, Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY, USACD-R20:52A
KISSlive 1996-09-20 DVD+R116:23 
KISSlive 1996-09-22 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-10-01Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, USADVD+R  
KISSlive 1996-10-01Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, USA2CD-R111:35 
KISSlive 1996-10-09Philadelphiawav119:45 
KISSlive 1996-10-12'Reloaded Guns' Bootleg 2CD - Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY, USA2CD  
KISSlive 1996-10-17 DVD+R115:41 
KISSlive 1996-10-27 DVD+R60:31 
KISSlive 1996-10-29 DVD+R117:48 
KISSlive 1996-10-31Laguna Hillswav113:06 
KISSlive 1996-11-06Cajundome, Lafayette, LA, USADVD+R [NTSC]95:37AUD-6of10
KISSlive 1996-11-25London, England, UK2CD-R120:22SBD-VG
KISSlive 1996-12-06'Rock 'N Roll In Globe Arena' Bootleg 2CDwav128:33 
KISSlive 1996-12-07Scandinavium, Göteborg, SverigeDVD+R [PAL]  
KISSlive 1996-12-07Göteborgwav126:48 
KISSlive 1996-12-12Oberhausen Arena, Oberhausen, Deutschlandwav120:07AUD-VG
KISSlive 1996-12-31Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USADVD+R106:39 
KISS1996 'Viva' TV compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISSlive 1997-03-09Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, MexicoDVD+R90:31 
KISSlive 1997-03-12 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1997-03-14Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires, Argentinawav108:04AUD-B-
KISSlive 1997-04-05Civic Arena, Columbus, OH, USADVD+R109:26 
KISSlive 1997-04-12Toledowav120:32 
KISSlive 1997-04-13Civic Center, Peoria, IL, USADVD-R118:52 
KISSlive 1997-04-20 DVD+R121:47 
KISSlive 1997-05-18Rock am Ring 2005, Nürburgring, Nürnberg, DeutschlandDVD+R68:20 
KISSlive 1997-06-05 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1997-06-07 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1997-06-11 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1997-06-15 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1997-06-25 DVD+R  
KISS1996-1997 compilation 2DVD2DVD+R  
KISSrehearsal 1998-10-30dress rehearsals, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USADVD+R  
KISSlive 1998-10-31Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA2CD-R120:25 
KISSlive 1998-11-15 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1998-12-04 DVD+R119:57 
KISSrecorded 1998-xx-xx"Detroit Rock City" unreleased studio versionwav4:46 
KISSlive <= 1998-xx-xx1975-1998 live compilationwav73:14 
KISSlive 1999-02-28 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1999-03-03 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1999-03-07 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1999-03-12+ DVD+R  
KISSlive 1999-03-25'Wembley Circus 1999' Bootleg 2CD - Londonwav117:12 
KISSlive 1999-03-28 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1999-04-21Roberto Clemente Coliseum, San Juan, Puerto Rico2CD-R118:03 
KISSTV 1999-11-11 DVD+R  
KISSlive 1999-12-31+BC Place Concert Bowl, Vancouver, BC, Canada2DVD+R147:44 
KISSlive 2000-03-18Anaheimwav77:22 
KISSlive 1974-03-25 to 2000-03-18'Kiss Kollected Vol. 3' Bootleg CD-Rwav69:51 
KISSlive 2000-03-19 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2000-04-22Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC, USADVD+R [NTSC]125:17AUD
KISSlive 2000-04-28Nashvillewav125:29 
KISSlive 2000-04-29Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY, USA2CD-R125:39B+
KISSlive 2000-04-30Knoxvillewav129:11 
KISSlive 2000-05-20Noblesvillewav126:17 
KISSlive 2000-06-16Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USAwav79:34 
KISSlive 2000-06-23 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2000-06-27'The Last Kiss', Continental Airlines Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USADVD+R84:18 
KISSlive 2000-06-27'The Last Kiss', Continental Airlines Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, USADVD+R86:30 
KISSlive 2000-06-30 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2000-07-16Winnipeg2CD-R126:38AUD-G
KISSlive 2000-07-22 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2000-08-26Riverport Ampitheater, St. Louis, MO, USAwav127:28 
KISSlive 2000-10-06New Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, USAwav136:11AUD-VG-
KISSlive 2000-10-07North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC, USA2CD-R134:32A+
KISSlive <= 2000-xx-xx760710-00xxxx live compilationwav78:01 
KISSlive <= 2000-xx-xx1996-2000 live compilationwav151:51 
KISSlive 2001-03-09 DVD+R129:41 
KISSlive 2001-03-09Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japanwav133:50AUD-B+/A
KISSlive 2001-04-05 2DVD+R126:42 
KISSlive 2001-04-07Sydneywav137:15 
KISSlive 2001-04-13Carrara Stadium, Goldcoast, Australia2CD-R139:59 
KISSTV 2001-06-30 DVD+R  
KISS<= 2002-05-0380xxxx-020503 TV clip compilationDVD+R  
KISSTV 2002-xx-xx2002 TV compilationDVD+R119:07 
KISS2003-02-2x DVD+R41:03 
KISSlive 2003-03-11 cDVD5:04 
KISSlive 2003-03-12 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-03-12Tokyowav112:30 
KISSlive 2003-05-11 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-05-17 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-08-06Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY, USA2CD-R85:25A
KISSlive 2003-08-25 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-09-14 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-10-02Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX, USAwav83:25AUD-VG/EX
KISSlive 2003-10-25 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-11-16 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-11-26 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-12-10Thompson Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN, USADVD+R [NTSC]85:26 
KISSlive 2003-12-18Los Angeles, CA, USAwav82:36 
KISSlive 2003-12-20 2DVD+R  
KISSlive 2003-12-20Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA, USAwav87:39AUD-B
KISSTV <= 2003-xx-xxTV compilation DVDDVD+R  
KISSlive 2004-05-08Burswood Dome, Perth, WA, Australia2CD-R99:19B-
KISSlive 2004-05-13Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaDVD+R  
KISSlive 2004-05-13Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australia2CD-R107:22A-
KISSlive 2004-05-14Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australia2CD-R95:05 
KISSlive 2004-05-15MelbourneDVD+R  
KISSlive 2004-05-15The Palais, Melbourne, VIC, Australiawav108:53 
KISSlive 2004-05-27 DVD+R16:31 
KISSlive 2004-05-28 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2004-06-03Ishikawa Sangyo Tenjikan, Kanazawa, Japanwav113:03AUD-VG++
KISSlive 2004-06-10 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2004-06-19Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USAwav102:19 
KISSlive 2004-06-26Float Rite Park Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI, USAwav107:24 
KISSlive 2004-07-20PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USAwav107:29 
KISSTV 2004-07-24'When Kiss Ruled The World', VH1, USADVD+R42:33 
KISSlive 2004-07-27 DVD+R116:44 
KISSlive 2004-07-27ALLTEL Pavilion, Walnut Creek Park, Raleigh, NC, USAwav119:33 
KISSlive 2004-08-04 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2004-08-17Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico2CD-R114:53A-
KISS2004-08-1x 2DVD+R90:54 
KISS - one-offlive 2005-04-01''Rockin' The Corps', Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA, USACD-R48:31A
KISSlive 2005-09-10Hondafest, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, USADVD+R79:41 
KISSTV 2005-xx-xx50 KISS commercials DVDDVD+R  
KISSTV 2006-05-25 DVD+R  
KISSlive 2006-07-23'Udo Music Festival 2006', Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka, JapanDVD+R103:31TV
KISSlive 2007-07-20Sault Sainte Mariewav105:54 
KISSlive 2008-03-20Sydneywav109:12 
KISSlive 2008-05-18Terra Vibe Park, Malakasa, Athens, East Attica, Attica, GreeceDVD+R [PAL]117:34AUD-8of10
KISSlive 2008-05-27Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland2DVD+R [PAL]  
KISSlive 2009-04-05'Quilmes Rock', Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDVD+R [PAL]134:31PRO-9.5of10
KISSlive 2009-07-18Halifaxwav143:11 
KISSlive 2010-08-06Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ, USA2DVD+R  
KISSlive 2011-1013 to 2011-10-17Kiss Kruise - Miami to Nassau4DVD DL291:12 
KISSlive 2012-07-04LondonDVD82:15 
KISSlive 2012-08-10Phoenixwav77:43 
KISSlive 2012-09-12Cuyahoga Fallswav73:07 
KISSlive 2012-10-01MonterreyDVD102:14 
KISSlive 2012-11-17São PauloDVD100:47 
KISSlive 2013-06-06Sölvesborgwav109:13 
KISSlive 2013-07-31Saint Johnwav108:28 
KISSlive 2013-08-13Simpsonvillewav108:14 
KISSlive 2013-08-16Orlandowav108:48 
KISS - Eric Carrrecorded 1980-xx-xxEric Carr Kiss audition tapewav32:15STD-VG++
KISS - Peter Criss - Sounds Of Soulrecorded 1967-xx-xx1967 acetatewav7:10 
KISS - Peter Criss - The Vintagerecorded 1969-01-xx6901xx acetate - "What Is A Man"wav3:54 
KISS - Peter Criss - Balls Of Fire1986-06-30Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USACD-R46:19 
KISS - Peter Criss - Balls Of Fire1986-08-15The Palomino, Los Angeles, CA, USACD-R44:45 
KISS - Peter Criss - Crisslive 1995-07-08TorontoDVD+R  
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 1992-08-02 DVD+R  
KISS - Ace Frehleyrehearsal 1992-0x-xxunknownwav103:06 
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 1992-11-25Seaside Heightswav87:22 
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 1995-07-29The Coach House, San Diego, CA, USADVD+R104:29 
KISS - Ace FrehleyTV 'Celebrity Poker' & moreDVD+R  
KISS - Ace Frehleyrecorded 2005-xx-xx"2000 Man" demowav3:50FM
KISS - Ace Frehleyrecorded 2005-xx-xx"2000 Man" demowav3:50FM
KISS - Ace Frehleyradio 2007-10-05'Friday Night Rocks', WAXQ 104.3 FM, New Yorkwav60:21 
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 2007-10-31New Yorkwav65:00 
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 2008-02-22Atlantawav101:23 
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 2008-03-08The Rave, Milwaukee, WI, USA2CD-R100:25 
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 2008-07-13Rocklahoma II, Catch The Fever Festival Grounds, Pryor, OK, USADVD+R [NTSC]  
KISS - Ace Frehleylive 2009-12-04Malmöwav89:45 
KISS - Gene Simmonsrecorded 1975-06-21interviewed pre-show by "Craig" from 'Community' newspaper(?) - Gene's hotel room, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R27:53A
KISS - Gene Simmonsrecorded 1976-xx-xxdemos acetatewav17:30 
KISS - Gene Simmonsrecorded 197x-xx-xx"See You In Your Dreams" demowav2:06 
KISS - Gene Simmons & Virginrecorded 1979-0x-xx1979 demoswav7:42 
KISS - Gene Simmonsradio 1979-06-14BJ105, Orlandowav17:17 
KISS - Gene Simmonsrecorded <= 199x-xx-xx?1988-1990? demoswav14:32 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-02-18L'amour, Brooklyn, NY, USA2CD-R78:41A-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-02-19The Showcase, Long Island, NY, USACD-R79:27A-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-02-21Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD, USA2CD-R135:20A-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-02-23West Hartford Arena, West Hartford, CT, USA2CD-R77:27A-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-04Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USACD-R68:14A-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-06Rock & Roll Heaven, Toronto, ON, Canada2CD-R84:10A
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-08Be Bop Cafe, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA2CD-R83:35A-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-11The Ritz, New York, NY, USADVD+R77:35PRO?-EX-
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-11The Ritz, New York, NY, USADVD+R  
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-11'Starry-Eyed' Bootleg LP - The Ritz, New York, NY, USAwav58:44 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-12Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USADVD+R79:06PRO?-EX
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1989-03-12'Tonight You Belong To Me' Bootleg 2CD - Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA2CD-R78:32 
KISS - Paul StanleyTV 1999-05-20'Open Mike With Mike Bullard', CanadaDVD+R8:33 
KISS - Paul StanleyTV 1999-05-25'Rapid Fax Much', 'MuchMusic', CanadaDVD+R3:03 
KISS - Paul StanleyTV 1999-06-08'Pamela Wallin Live', 'CBC Newsworld', Canada2DVD+R42:23 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 1999-07-03'Phantom Of The Opera', Pantages Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada2DVD+R120:36 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive <= 1999-10-31?'You Can't Escape His Kiss' Bootleg CDwav78:01 
KISS - Paul Stanleyrecorded 1999-xx-xxPaul Stanley post-performance meet & greet outside stage door - CanadaDVD+R2:22 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2006-10-21 2DVD+R  
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2006-10-23 DVD+R  
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2006-10-24Orlando, FL, USAwav100:32 
KISS - Paul Stanleyradio 2006-10-25'Rockline' radio broadcastwav53:37 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2006-10-28New York, NY, USAwav104:08 
KISS - Paul Stanleyradio 2006-11-13'The Bone' FMwav3:43 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2006-11-13San Franciscowav111:09 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2006-11-13San Francisco, CA, USAwav104:09 
KISS - Paul Stanleyradio 2007-03-11'Allan Handelman Show'wav77:09 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2007-04-11 DVD+R112:43 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2007-04-14 DVD+R122:22 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2007-04-16Sydneywav114:11 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2007-04-21 DVD+R114:32 
KISS - Paul Stanleylive 2007-04-24 DVD+R126:28 
KISS tribute - Dressed To Killlive 1994-10-09HelsingborgDVD85:54 
KISS tribute - Hootie & The Blowfishlive 1996-07-31Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USAwav3:30 
KRABATHORlive 2000-07-15Silesia Open Air Festival, Opava, Czech RepublicDVD+R31:41 
KREATORTV 1986-01-11'Metal Battle'DVD45:25 
KREATORlive 1987-05-26The Stone, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R45:22 
KREATORlive 1987-11-06AtzmoosDVD59:04 
KREATORlive 1988-08-10Washington, DCDVD47:35 
KREATORlive 1991-06-30 DVD+R  
KREATORTV 1992-1x-xx?'Metal Express', FranceDVD+R4:40TV-A-
KREATORlive 1993-02-18 DVD+R  
KREATORlive 1993-10-29SofiaDVD37:42 
KREATORlive 1994-04-08Buenos AiresDVD58:22 
KREATORlive 1994-04-16+'MTV Furia Metal', São PauloDVD34:52 
KREATORlive 1996-04-17AtlantaDVD54:15 
KREATORlive 2004-12-09+KolnDVD44:23 
KREATORlive 2005-02-09Rolling Stone, Milano, Italia2DVD+R [PAL] AUD
KREATORlive 2005-05-29Chorzówwav52:33 
KREATORlive 2009-09-24Sydneywav78:31 
KREATORlive 2010-03-19Vancouver, BCwav86:55 
KREATORlive 2010-07-24KavarnaDVD DL89:15 
KREATORlive 2012-09-15Jolietwav80:55 
KREATORlive 2013-04-27Manchesterwav93:15 
KREATORlive 2013-07-05Roskildewav75:49 
KREATORlive 2013-08-31Torhoutwav76:32 
KROKUS1980-05-21BBC 'Friday Rock Show', London, England, UKwav13:20 
KROKUSlive 1980-05-26Nottinghamwav60:24 
KROKUSlive 1980-08-22Readingwav29:47 
KROKUS1977-1981 promotional videos compilation DVDDVD+R  
KROKUSlive 1982-04-19El Pasowav71:28 
KROKUSlive 1982-05-17My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, USAwav55:31FM-A-
KROKUSlive 1983-05-14AtlantaCD-R40:17SBD-EX
KROKUSlive 1983-05-14Atlantawav40:01 
KROKUSlive 1983-12-18 DVD+R DL  
KROKUSlive 1983-12-18'ZDF Festival', Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund, WestdeutschlandDVD+R18:16 
KROKUSlive 1983-12-19Pariswav54:53 
KROKUSlive 1983-xx-xx? DVD+R  
KROKUSlive 1984-12-10Detroitwav60:23 
KROKUSTV [see COMPILATION - 'Rock Palace' TV 83xxxx-84xxxx compilation DVD]DVD+R  
KROKUSlive 2006-07-07 DVD+R  
KROKUSlive 2007-02-22Dublinwav47:00 
KROKUSlive 2013-06-07Sölvesborgwav87:44 
L.A. GUNSlive 1988-11-14Tokyowav67:21 
L.A. GUNSlive 1988-xx-xxNew Yorkwav46:26 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1968-12-30Spokanewav56:21 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-05'Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!' Bootleg DVD-AminiDVD52:10 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-05'Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!' Bootleg CDwav52:14 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-10'For Your Love' Bootleg 2CD - San Franciscowav93:48 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-11'Psycho A GoGo!' Bootleg CDwav40:44 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-23'Boston After Dark' Bootleg CDwav46:06 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-26'Killing Floor' Bootleg 2CDwav92:21 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-02-14'We're Unknown' Bootleg 2CDwav89:09 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-03-16'Denmark Deluxe' Bootleg 2CDwav68:02 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-03-22Birminghamwav11:23 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-04-24'The Dancing Avocado - Supreme Edition' Bootleg 2CDwav117:56 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-04-24'Blues Anytime' Bootleg CDwav59:12 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-04-26San Franciscowav112:58 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-04-27San Franciscowav129:47 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-04-27San Franciscowav130:37 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-07-06'Live At The Newport Jazz Festival' Bootleg CDwav67:20 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-07-21'Complete Central Park 1969' Bootleg CDwav66:35 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-08-17Wallingfordwav8:41 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-08-17Wallingfordwav8:43 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-08-18 lateTorontowav75:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-08-18 early & late?The Rock Pile, Toronto, ON, Canada2CD-R82:47AUD-3of5
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-08-31'Texas International Pop Festival' Bootleg CDwav62:43 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-10-10Pariswav78:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-10-12'The Lyceum Ballroom U.K. 10-12-69' Bootleg CD - Londonwav62:06 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-11-02'Beast Of Toronto' Bootleg CDwav68:21 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-01-11 & 1969-11-05'Birth Of The Gods' Bootleg CDwav75:01 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-11-06'Winterland Party' Bootleg 2CDwav95:27 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-11-07San Franciscowav91:40 
LED ZEPPELINrecorded 1969-0x-xx'Led Zeppelin II' sessions fragmentswav4:10 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1969-12-06Châtenay-Malabrywav104:23 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-01-08'The Bristol Stomp' Bootleg 2CDwav89:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-03-07'Intimidator' Bootleg 3CD - Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerlandwav170:20 
LED ZEPPELINcompilation 1968-10-15 to 1970-03-21'Pb' Bootleg CDwav49:40 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-03-25'Denver 1970' Bootleg 2CDwav140:26 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-03-27'Everybody Feel Alright?' Bootleg 2CDwav145:44 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-04-07'American Accents' Bootleg 2CDwav94:05 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-04-17Memphiswav135:09 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-04-17'Memphis Tennessee 1970' Bootleg 2CDwav134:49 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-04-18'Desert Storm' Bootleg 2CDwav97:52 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-06-28Bathwav124:01 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-07-12'Checkpoint Charlie' Bootleg 2CDwav84:04 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-03-07 & 1970-07-19'Intimate (Almost Mysterious)' Bootleg 2CDwav126:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-08-21'The Lights Go Down' Bootleg 2CD - Tulsawav126:28 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-08-21Tulsawav125:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-08-21Tulsawav125:06 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-08-21'Bottle Up And Go!' Bootleg 2CDwav126:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-08-31Milwaukeewav54:25 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-03'Missing Sailor' Bootleg 2CDwav118:41 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-04'Live On Blueberry Hill' Bootleg 9CDwav602:04 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-04+'Live On Blueberry Hill Part 1' Bootleg CDwav60:56 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-04'Live At The Los Angeles Forum 9-4-70' Bootleg 2LPwav71:02 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-06'The Box Of Tricks' Bootleg CDwav74:51 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-09'Come Back To Boston' Bootleg 2CDwav113:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-09-19 early'Praying Silently For Jimi' Bootleg 2CDwav112:58 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-03-05Belfastwav103:58 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-03-06An Staidiam Náisiúnta, Dublin, Éire, UKwav107:56 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-04-01'Return To Paris Theatre' Bootleg 2CD - Paris Theatre, London, England, UK2CD-R106:30radio-5of5
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-07-05Milanowav23:45 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-07Montreuxwav100:45 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-21Inglewoodwav110:27 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-22'Freak Out' Bootleg 2CDwav141:26 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-21 & 1971-08-22'Walk Don't Run' Bootleg 4CDwav278:30 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-23'Hot August Night' Bootleg 2CDwav85:46 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-31'Florida Sunshine' Bootleg 2CDwav132:57 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-08-31 DVD+R  
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-06Bostonwav90:43 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-09'Inspired' Bootleg 2CDwav96:14 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-09Hamptonwav96:04 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-04 & 1971-09-09'High Heeled Sneakers' Bootleg 2CDwav143:17 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-11Rochesterwav54:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-23'First Attack Of The Rising Sun' Bootleg 4CDwav184:01 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-23'Timeless Rock' Bootleg 3CDwav148:32 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-24'Light & Shade' Bootleg 3CD - Budokan, Tokyo, Japanwav171:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-23 & 1971-09-27'Peace Of Mind' Bootleg 2CDwav131:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-28Osakawav142:18 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-28Osakawav164:16 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-29'Live In Japan 1971' Bootleg 2LPwav80:55 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-29'Live In Japan 1971' Bootleg 3CDwav197:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-29Osakawav169:57 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-09-29'A Cellarful Of Noise' Bootleg 3CDwav171:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-11-11Newcastle upon Tynewav96:55 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-11-16St. Matthew's Baths Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UKwav143:54 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-11-20'Electric Magic Show - The Definitive Edition' Bootleg 2CD - Londonwav141:49 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-11-20Londonwav143:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-11-24Manchesterwav112:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1971-12-02'Rock And Roll Magic' Bootleg 3CDwav142:31 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-19'Deep Downunder' Bootleg 2CD - Adelaidewav95:37 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-20Melbournewav99:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-20Melbournewav65:18 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-20'Count Me Out When It's Hot' Bootleg LP - Melbournewav50:39 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-25Aucklandwav82:43 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-27'The Rover's Return' Bootleg DVD-Awav130:01 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-29Brisbanewav139:40 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-07Montréalwav110:17 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-07Montréalwav39:20 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-09Charlottewav130:21 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-11'Baltimore 1972' Bootleg 3CDwav161:17 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-13Philadelphiawav89:06 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-14Uniondalewav152:55 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-15'Welcome Back' Bootleg 2CDwav122:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-18Seattlewav47:27 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-19'The Evergreen' Bootleg 3CDwav183:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-22'Swinging In San Bernardino' Bootleg 2CDwav139:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-25 & 1972-06-26'Burn Like A Candle' Bootleg 5CDwav207:51 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-25'Burn Like A Candle' Bootleg DVD-A - The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USAwav190:47 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-27Long Beachwav121:55 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-06-28Tucsonwav143:40 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-02'Far East Side Story' Bootleg 2CDwav133:08 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-02'Eastern Front' Bootleg 2CDwav115:38 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-03'No Use Gneco' Bootleg 3CDwav135:59 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-04'Moral Reader' Bootleg CDwav121:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-05Nagoyawav125:04 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-09'Live' Bootleg 2CDwav141:47 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-09'Let Me Get Back To 1972' Bootleg 3CDwav142:07 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-10-09Osakawav142:35 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-02-02 to 1972-10-10'The Campaign 1972' Bootleg 14CDwav849:13 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-12-04Glasgowwav120:20 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-12-08'The Rovers Return' Bootleg 3CDwav136:28 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-12-12Cardiffwav36:48 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-12-22Londonwav129:18 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1970-04-07 or 1970-04-08? & 1972-12-22'Riot House' Bootleg CDwav68:48 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-07'Oxford 1973' Bootleg 2CDwav93:41 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-14'Live In Liverpool '73' Bootleg 2CDwav124:40 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-18Bradfordwav128:47 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-14 to 1973-01-20'Elvis Presley Has Just Left The Building' Bootleg CDwav76:24 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-22Southhamptonwav152:28 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-28Edinburghwav47:34 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-01-30'Plant's Influenza' Bootleg 2CD - Guild Hall, Preston, England, UKwav125:10 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-14Nürnbergwav130:32 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-16'Led Poisoning' Bootleg CDwav59:59 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-16'The Matrix Leded' Bootleg 2CDwav130:29 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-17Münchenwav133:49 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-19Berlinwav123:57 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-21Hamburgwav135:02 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-21Musikhalle Hamburg, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav55:58 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-22'Cold Sweat' Bootleg 3CDwav145:13 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-24Offenburgwav120:34 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-26Lyonwav132:45 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-04-01Pariswav113:25 
LED ZEPPELINsoundcheck 1973-05-04?'Circa. 1975' Bootleg LPwav37:22 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-13Mobilewav [24/96]115:39 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-13Mobilewav115:40 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-14'The Witch Queen' Bootleg 6CDwav306:24 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-14'The Drag Queen' Bootleg 3CDwav149:23 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-14'The Longest Night' Bootleg 2CDwav138:59 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-18'Four For Texas' Bootleg 2CDwav99:33 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-19Fort Worthwav105:31 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-23University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USACD-R34:56SBD-5of5
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-25Denverwav26:37 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-28'Three Days Before' Bootleg 2CD - San Diegowav123:42 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-05-31Inglewoodwav155:35 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-06-02'A Celebration For Being Who You Are' Bootleg 3CDwav168:04 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-06-03Inglewoodwav173:15 
LED ZEPPELINsoundcheck 1973-07-06Chicagowav56:23 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-07Chicagowav156:05 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-07'In The Windy City II' Bootleg 3CDwav157:07 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-09'Complete Performance In Minnesota' Bootleg 3CDwav158:21 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-10Milwaukeewav118:30 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-12Detroitwav144:13 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1972-12-12 & 1973-07-12'Detroit Rock City' Bootleg 3CDwav175:29 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-15Buffalowav111:02 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-13 & 1973-07-17'Monsters Of Rock' Bootleg 3CDwav167:23 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-17Seattlewav114:18 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-18Vancouver, BC, Canadawav85:22 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-20Bostonwav115:23 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-23Baltimorewav186:09 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-24Pittsburghwav127:49 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-07-28New Yorkwav [?/48]164:33 
LED ZEPPELINrecorded 197x-xx-xx'Physically Present' Bootleg CDwav73:56 
LED ZEPPELIN'Physical Graffiti Alternative Trax' Bootleg CDwav32:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-01-20 & 1975-01-21Chicagowav125:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-01-29'A Quick Get Away' Bootleg 2CDwav136:59 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-01-31'Tune Up' Bootleg 2CDwav133:39 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-03'Heavy Metal Hullabaloo' Bootleg 3CD - New Yorkwav151:55 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-04Uniondalewav76:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-07New Yorkwav146:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-10Landoverwav176:50 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-12'Definitive Flying Circus' Bootleg 3CDwav178:27 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-12'Led Zeppelin's Flying Circus' Bootleg 3CDwav172:06 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-12'That's Alright New York' Bootleg 3CDwav170:51 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-13Uniondalewav189:51 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-13'Trampled Underwood' Bootleg 3CDwav176:38 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-13'The New Faces' Bootleg 3CDwav158:50 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-16'St. Louis Blues' Bootleg 3CDwav174:46SBD
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-02-28'Rampaging Cajun' Bootleg 3CDwav167:14SBD
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-04'Chasing The Dragon' Bootleg 3CDwav162:10 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-05'Days Confused' Bootleg 3CD - Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX, USA3CD-R182:42SBD-5of5
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-05'Babushka Lady' Bootleg 3CDwav178:36 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-11Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USAwav165:13 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-12Long Beachwav33:56 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-19'Snow Jobs' Bootleg 3CD [thir13en remaster]wav182:41 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-20'Snowblind' Bootleg 3CDwav186:38 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-17 & 1975-03-21'Blow-Jobs' Bootleg 7CDwav406:52 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-24Inglewoodwav182:35 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-25Inglewoodwav [24/96]183:01 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-03-27Inglewoodwav212:22 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-05-17'Join The Blimp' Bootleg 4CDwav193:33 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1973-03-24 & 1975-05-17'Custard Pie' Bootleg 2CDwav127:26 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-05-18Londonwav [16/48]200:15 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-05-23'Thunderstorm' Bootleg 4CDwav202:29 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1975-05-25Londonwav218:52 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-03Oklahoma Citywav186:55 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-19Cincinnatiwav96:07 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-20Cincinnatiwav99:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-23Atlantawav180:03 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-27'Destroyer' Bootleg 2CDwav137:17 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-27Clevelandwav165:25 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-28Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH, USAwav166:15 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-04-30Pontiacwav172:48 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-18'Dixie' Bootleg 3CDwav176:45 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-18'Out Of The Way' Bootleg 3CDwav168:14 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-21'The Dragon Snake' Bootleg 3CDwav184:39 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-22'Led Zeppelin's Complete Tarrant Concert' Bootleg 3CDwav174:09 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-22'Song Of The South' Bootleg CDwav60:36 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-25'Maryland Moonshine I' Bootleg 3CDwav176:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-26'Refreshing Mistakes' Bootleg 3CD-R - Capital Centre, Mitchellville, MD, USAwav192:30 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-28'The Powhatan Confederacy' Bootleg 3CD - Capital Centre, Mitchellville, MD, USAwav194:37 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-05-30'Maryland Moonshine IV' Bootleg 3CDwav179:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-03Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL, USAwav18:18 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-07'Magical Sound Boogie' Bootleg 3CD - New Yorkwav180:07 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-08'Second Night In The Garden' Bootleg 3CDwav189:24 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-10'Riot In Thunderstorm' Bootleg 3CDwav188:57 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-11New Yorkwav181:14 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-11New Yorkwav175:33 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-13New Yorkwav186:34 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-19San Diegowav161:15 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-19San Diegowav [24/96]161:40 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-21Inglewoodwav196:33 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-22'Second Night At The Forum' Bootleg 3CDwav208:32 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-23'Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band' Bootleg 3CD - Inglewoodwav195:24 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-23'For Badge Holders Only' Bootleg 3CDwav194:15 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-25Inglewoodwav [24/96]210:46 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-22 & 1977-06-25'One Day After Eddie' Bootleg 3CDwav198:38 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-27'Deep Striker' Bootleg 4CDwav222:32 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-14 to 1977-06-27'A Week For Badge Holders (L.A. 6 Days 1977)' Bootleg 19CDwav1184:16 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-25 & 1977-06-27'The Last LA Forum 2 Days' Bootleg 2CDwav145:05 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-06-11 & 1977-07-17'Coast To Coast' Bootleg CDwav78:04 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-07-17SeattleDVD DL209:32 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-07-17 2DVD+R  
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-07-20Tempewav89:05 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1977-07-23Oaklandwav169:13 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1979-07-23Københavnwav133:51 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1979-07-24'Copenhagen Warm-ups - The Second Night' Bootleg 3LPwav140:13 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1979-08-11'Return Of The Dinosaurs' Bootleg 2DVD - Hertfordshire2DVD160:01 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1979-08-11 DVD+R DL  
LED ZEPPELINlive 1968-09-20 to 1980-05-xx'Studio Sessions' Bootleg 11CDwav674:14 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-17Dortmundwav99:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-17'Dortmund 1980' Bootleg 2CDwav98:53 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-20Brusselswav119:11 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-23'Die Bremer Stadmusikanten' Bootleg 2CDwav106:50 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-20 & 1980-06-23'Chien Noir' Bootleg 4CDwav219:08 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-24Hannoverwav106:37 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-29Zürichwav118:31 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-24 & 1980-06-29'Gracias' Bootleg 4CDwav223:42 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-30Frankfurt am Mainwav127:36 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-06-27 & 1980-06-30'Sudden Attack!' Bootleg 2CDwav144:38 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-07-03'Mannheim' Bootleg 2CDwav115:30 
LED ZEPPELINlive 1980-07-07Berlinwav135:37 
LED ZEPPELIN'Film Noir' Bootleg 5DVD Set5DVD+R  
LED ZEPPELIN1988-05-14New Yorkwav33:12 
LED ZEPPELINradio 2007-11-13'The Making Of 'Mothership''wav29:27 
LED ZEPPELINrehearsal 2007-12-05Surreywav109:29 
LED ZEPPELINrehearsal 2007-12-05Surreywav100:37 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKDVD+R DL  
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKDVD+R  
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKDVD+R  
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav145:19 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav132:28 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav [16/?]130:50 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav130:45 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav130:35 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav130:21 
LED ZEPPELINlive 2007-12-10O2 Arena, London, England, UKwav128:55 
LED ZEPPELINcompilation 1985-07-13 to 2007-12-10'Reunions - Full Circle (1985-2007)' DVDDVD DL199:33 
LED ZEPPELINTV 2010-11-13'Dazed And Confused' documentary, Biography ChannelDVD46:15 
LED ZEPPELIN - Page & Plantlive 1995-03-11 to 1995-05-25'Break On Through' Bootleg 2CDwav142:45 
LED ZEPPELIN tribute - Lez Zeppelinlive 2008-07-25Steamboat Springswav106:52 
LED ZEPPELIN tribute - Zep Sessionlive 2008-11-22Csermák Antal Zeneiskola, Veszprem, Hungarywav283:06 
LIEGE LORDlive 1985-05-25L'amour, Brooklyn, NY, USADVD+R39:46 
DAVID LINDLEY & El Rayo-Xlive 1985-07-10Santa Cruzwav120:46 
LIVING DEATHlive 1985-05-12Dynamo, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NederlandDVD+R59:47 
LORD BELIALlive 1994-12-17Café Eloge, Vänersborg, Swedenwav44:00 
LORD BELIALlive 1996-03-23Pipeline, Sundsvall, Sweden wav19:03 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1973-12-03Bostonwav36:56 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1974-05-20Santa Monicawav49:14 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1974-12-05Musikhalle Hamburg, Hamburg, DeutschlandDVD-R25:53 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1974-12-09Pariswav59:05 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-02-02'Southern Breeze' Bootleg CD-R - Torontowav59:44 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-02-02Torontowav59:34 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-03-19Chattanooga Arena, Chattanooga, TN, USACD-R41:52 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-04-27Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USADVD-R74:24 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-10-22Frankfurt am Mainwav87:52 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-10-27Londonwav80:22 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1975-11-04Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, Wales, UKCD-R69:50PRO
LYNYRD SKYNYRDTV 1975-11-05'Old Grey Whistle Test', San Francisco, CA, USADVD-R38:47 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1976-03-07Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USADVD-R80:01 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1976-04-07Bostonwav88:34 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDrehearsal 1976-06-xxLeon Wilkeson's living roomCD-R12:39 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1976-08-27South Yarmouthwav64:00 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1977-01-14'The Magnificent Seven' Bootleg 2CD - Tokyowav79:29 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1977-06-11Philadelphiawav68:13 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1993-02-19Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, USADVD-R129:53 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1996-06-23Loreley '96 Open-Air-Festival, Freilichtbühne Loreley, Sankt Goarshausen, DeutschlandDVD-R97:54 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 1999-12-05San Diegowav70:28 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 2003-06-14Museumsplatz, Bonn, DeutschlandDVD-R26:27 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 2007-06-15Freedom Hall, Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY, USADVD-R87:26 
LYNYRD SKYNYRDlive 2013-08-13Lewistonwav [24/48]85:03 
MACABRElive 1998-12-22Chicago, IL, USADVD+R53:24 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN & Anvil Choruslive 1983-11-19San Francisco, CA, USAwav30:39 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN's Rising Forcerecorded 1983-xx-xx1983 demoswav89:12 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 1985-05-24'Yngwie 1985' Bootleg LPwav35:56 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN's Rising Forcelive 1985-11-09Knoxvillewav46:49 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN's Rising Forcelive 1985-11-15Nashvillewav46:48 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENrecorded 1986-xx-xx?'Trilogy' album demoswav23:09 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 1986-11-14'Highway Star' Bootleg 2CDwav117:07 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 1983-11-19 & 1987-01-11'Far Beyond The USA' Bootleg CDwav75:14 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 1994-05-23'Pyramid Of Cheops' Bootleg 2CDwav101:15 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENTV 1995-09-22'Yngwie Malmsteen Special' TV, Sapporo, JapanDVD38:02 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 1995-11-17'Magnum Opus From Stockholm '95' Bootleg CDwav54:15 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 1996-11-07'In The Dead Of Last Night' Bootleg 2CDwav121:30 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2000-11-25Denverwav51:27 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2000-12-02DetroitDVD+R47:47 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2001-04-08Clevelandwav77:59 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2001-07-07+Jung-dong Event Hall, Seoul, Korea2DVD+R  
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2001-07-07 DVD+R  
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2001-10-05São Paulowav154:34 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2005-06-26Desselwav59:54 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENrecorded 19xx-xx-xx'Facing The Animal' album demoswav86:14 
YNGWIE J MALMSTEENlive 2012-02-18Moscowwav108:52 
MARDUKlive 1994-05-04Luse Lottes Pub, Oslo, NorgeDVD+R28:12 
MARDUKlive 1995-02-10Annaberg-Buchholzwav59:52 
MARDUKlive 1998-10-21Fenix, Sittard, Limburg, NederlandDVD+R26:24 
MARDUKlive 2000-07-01Waldrock Festival, Bergum, NederlandCD-R42:20 
MARDUKlive 2005-09-02Centre Culturel d'Eloyes, Eloyes, FranceCD-R70:29 
MARDUKlive 2007-11-25GöteborgDVD68:14 
MARDUKlive 2010-05-03Nizhny NovgorodDVD45:03 
MATERIALlive 1983-07-13Montreuxwav39:05 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 1991-11-27Charlottesvillewav99:02 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 1994-10-08Bostonwav100:13 
DAVE MATTHEWSradio 2001-03-19'The Mountain',103.7 FM, Seattle, WA, USAwav53:22 
DAVE MATTHEWSlive 2001-10-21Mountain Viewwav46:02 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandvarious 1991-0x-xx to 2007-03-24910xxx-070324 'Best of' soundboard compilationwav878:30 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2007-08-18Noblesvillewav171:03 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandvarious 2007-03-23 to 2007-11-15070323-071115 'Best of 2007' compilation ['Little Things To Get You By']wav556:46 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2008-06-07St. Louiswav166:22 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2008-06-14Hartfordwav167:17 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2008-06-21Saratoga Springswav183:03 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2008-06-27Hersheywav184:47 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2008-06-28Bristowwav152:42 
DAVE MATTHEWS Bandlive 2008-07-02Raleighwav153:05 
MAYHEMrecorded 1986-xx-xx'Pure Fucking Armageddon' demo CassetteCD-R28:17 
MAYHEMrehearsal 1990-02-03Jessheim, NorgeDVD-R68:31 
MAYHEM'Dawn Of The Black Hearts' Bootleg CDwav76:24 
MAYHEM / THOU SHALT SUFFER / ZEMIAL split'The True Black' split Bootleg CDwav62:57 
MAYHEM'From The Darkest Past' Panama 13-track version Bootleg CDwav65:19 
MAYHEM'Last Breath (Last Recordings With Dead)' Bootleg CDwav46:32 
MAYHEM'Of Lord Satans Mysteries' Bootleg CDwav30:00 
MAYHEM'War And Sodomy' Bootleg CDwav39:39 
MAYHEM / MORBID split'A Tribute To The Black Emperors' split Bootleg CDwav37:43 
MAYHEMlive 2004-04-08Københavnwav53:17 
MAYHEMlive 2004-04-09Göteborgwav60:03 
MAYHEMlive 2007-11-14MoscowDVD70:10 
MAYHEMlive 2010-07-16Anykšciaiwav73:04 
MAYHEMlive 2010-09-16Tokyowav76:22 
MAYHEMlive 2010-12-17Eindhovenwav47:19 
MC5live 1970-07-18Chicagowav31:22 
MC5live 1971-09-12Hollywoodwav44:39 
MC5compilation <= 1972-03-04'Early Video Collection 1967-1972' Bootleg DVD-RDVD DL66:52 
MC5TV 1972-0x-xx'Beat-Club' TVDVD28:17 
MC5live 1972-11-17HelsinkiDVD69:10 
MC5TV 1973-01-13'POP 2'DVD17:34 
MC5 - DKT/MC5live 2004-06-20Atlantawav96:35 
MC5 - DKT/MC5live 2006-12-07Londonwav87:30 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1979-11-30Philadelphiawav38:05 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1979-12-01Asbury Parkwav68:39 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang War & Iggy Poplive 1979-12-27New Yorkwav45:45 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1979-12-28New Yorkwav66:31 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1980-04-11New Yorkwav78:27 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1980-04-24New Yorkwav62:49 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1980-05-15 earlyNew Yorkwav27:44 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Gang Warlive 1980-05-15 lateNew Yorkwav32:28 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer Bandlive 1981-01-16Mount Vernonwav63:49 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - The Nightwatchman & Friendslive 2008-05-01Chicagowav223:30 
MC5 - Wayne Kramer - Marianne Faithfulllive 2012-05-24Londonwav105:59 
MC5 - Fred Smith - Patti Smithlive 1991-04-06Ann Arborwav21:50 
MC5 - Fred Smith - Sonic's Rendezvous & Patti Smith Grouplive 1991-04-06Ann Arborwav65:55 
MC5 - Patti Smith & Rob Tynerlive 1976-12-12Detroitwav82:40 
MC5 - Rob Tyner Bandlive 1978-03-12Muskegonwav38:43 
MC5 - Rob Tyner Bandlive 1978-05-xxSaginawwav43:47 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Hollandrecorded 1968-10-28New York, NY, USAwav25:49 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Hollandrecorded 1969-05-xx?unknown studio, New York?, NY, USAwav25:49 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Tony Williams' Lifetimerecorded 1969-xx-xx'Emergency' album outtakes - Olmstead Sound Studio?, New York, NY, USAwav18:16 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Tony Williams' Lifetimelive 1969-xx-xxVillage Gate, New York, NY, USAwav18:37 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Tony Williams' Lifetimelive 1970-11-06Newcastle upon Tynewav79:23 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1971-11-04Jabberwocky Inn, Syracuse, NY, USACD-R76:14FM-A-
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1971-11-20Lusk Field House, State University of New York - Cortland, Cortland, NY, USACD-R74:35FM-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-01-26Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USAwav64:18 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-01-26Bostonwav63:44 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-03-02University of Maine?, Portland, ME, USAwav59:49SBD-B/B+
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-03-27Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav66:55 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-04-21'Wild Strings' Bootleg CD - Emerson Gymnasium, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USACD-R62:11SBD-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu OrchestraTV 1972-04-29Skytop, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USADVD-R [NTSC]58:46TV-7.5of10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-05-12Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USAwav73:09 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-05-15Hunter College, New York, NY, USAwav79:49 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-05-15Hunter College, New York, NY, USAwav74:42 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-05-21Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL, USAwav98:56 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-17 DVD-R38:32 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-17'Das Sonntags Konzert: Rock und Jazz '72', Kongresshalle, München, WestdeutschlandDVD+R38:31 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-17'Spirits Of Bird' Bootleg 2CD - 'Das Sonntags Konzert: Rock und Jazz '72', Kongresshalle, München, Westdeutschland2CD-R100:18AUD-A-
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-17'Das Sonntags Konzert: Rock und Jazz '72', Kongresshalle, München, Westdeutschlandwav76:02 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-17Münchenwav75:30 
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLINlive 1972-08-19Olympia Jazz Festival, München, Westdeutschlandwav29:53 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-23Jazz Festival de Châteauvallon, Amphithéâtre, Ollioules, Francewav50:48 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-23Jazz Festival de Châteauvallon, Amphithéâtre, Ollioules, FranceDVD+R82:49A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu OrchestraTV 1972-08-25'In Concert', BBC Studios, London, England, UKDVD+R [PAL]29:44TV-10of10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-08-25Londonwav41:41 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-11-09Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, USAwav125:38 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1972-11-11Seattle2CD-R AUD
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-01-26Torontowav108:44 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-01-26Convention Hall, Toronto, ON, Canadawav53:10 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-01-27Century Theatre, Buffalo, NY, USA2CD-R108:37SBD-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-03-16New Yorkwav116:40 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-03-30Brooklynwav14:57 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-04-03'Irish Streams' Bootleg CD - Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, USAwav55:43 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-05-04Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav86:05 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-05-04Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canadawav80:15 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-05-09Morris A. Mechanic Theatre, Baltimore, MD, USACD-R52:06SBD-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-05-12Detroitwav75:51 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-06-07Stuttgartwav128:02 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-06-07Stuttgartwav124:17 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-06-13Pariswav18:09 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-07-21Lenoxwav97:36 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-08-01Albuquerquewav84:04 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-08-10Saginaw, MI, USAwav79:14 
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-08-26Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY, USAwav79:59 
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-09-01International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav129:37 
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-09-01International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USAwav151:52 
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-09-04Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USACD-R45:58FM
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-09-05 earlyBerkeley Community Center, Berkeley, CA, USACD-R77:29SBD
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-09-05 lateBerkeley Community Center, Berkeley, CA, USACD-R59:46SBD
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos Santanalive 1973-09-05Berkeley, CA, USAwav60:54 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-09-19'Between Failure & Frustration' Bootleg 2CD - Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japanwav136:02 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-09-26Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima, Japanwav110:39 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-09-28'Live At Budokan' Bootleg 3CDwav147:40 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-10-28Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA2CD-R88:29 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-11-04Boulder, CO, USAwav71:18 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-11-04Boulder, CO, USAwav62:09 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu OrchestraTV 1973-11-07'Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert', Palace Theatre, New York, NY, USADVD+R [PAL]16:23TV-7of10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-11-24Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL, USAwav117:30 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive <= 1973-11-24'The Mourning Flame Of Eternal Five' Bootleg CDwav59:39 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-11-30Princetonwav73:51 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1973-xx-xx'University-Jam' Bootleg 2CD - University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA, USAwav91:55 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1974-05-06unknown, Detroit, MI, USA2CD-R118:10 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1974-06-24New Yorkwav91:39 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1974-07-07Montreux Jazz Festival, Congrès Montreux, Montreux, SwitzerlandDVD+R [NTSC]114:23A-
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1974-07-08Knebworth, England, UKwav61:36 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1974-07-29Antibeswav22:21 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1974-08-11Wichita, KS, USAwav101:35 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestra1975-02-07Stockholmwav86:33 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestra1975-02-12Pariswav18:22 
MAHAVISHNU JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Devadip Carlos SantanaTV 1975-03-08Jharna Kala Concert, Central Park, New York, NY, USAwav28:22 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1975-08-15'Jazz Bilzen', Bilzen, Belgiëwav49:15AUD-8 of 10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1975-08-16unknown, Ludwigsburg, Westdeutschlandwav45:16 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1975-08-17Theater Antique, Orange, Francewav12:26 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1975-08-29unknown, Wien, Österreichwav64:34 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnu Orchestralive 1975-10-16George V. Meehan Auditorium, Providence, RI, USAwav64:58 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1976-04-18Boston, MA, USAwav81:19 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1976-04-19Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav77:01 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1976-04-24Philadelphiawav47:27 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1976-05-02Tampa, FL, USAwav44:16 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - ShaktiTV 1976-07-17International Pori Jazz Festival, Kirjurinluoto Arena, Pori, FinlandDVD+R [NTSC]22:41TV-8.5of10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1976-07-25Le Castelletwav80:41 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1976-10-04Musikhalle, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav68:56 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1977-04-10Pariswav121:35 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shakti1977-05-12'BBC Rock Hour' radio programme, Londonwav70:50 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1977-10-16San Diegowav101:52 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1977-11-07University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav88:08 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shaktilive 1977-11-12 earlyWashington, DCwav74:36 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - ShaktiTV 1977-xx-xx'Shakti' TV documentary, FranceDVD+R [PAL]48:29TV-7of10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth Bandlive 1978-06-21 earlyBostonwav71:38 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth Bandlive 1978-06-21 lateBostonwav98:58 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth Bandlive 1978-07-19Montreux Casino, Montreux, SwitzerlandCD-R72:04 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth Bandlive 1978-07-28My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, USAwav90:32 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth Bandlive 1978-09-29Pariswav144:20 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth BandTV 1978-10-15TV, Pariswav30:43 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - ShaktiTV 1979-02-11'John McLaughlin, A Musical Journey', 'The South Bank Show', Episode 33, ITV1, London, England, UKDVD+R [NTSC]27:46TV-7of10
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Larry Coryell, Paco de Lucialive 1979-02-14Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UKDVD+R54:45AUD-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The One Truth Bandlive 1979-06-18Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav120:51 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & otherslive 1979-10-20Hamburgwav47:04 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & otherslive 1979-10-22Hamburgwav120:31 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & otherslive 1979-11-01Nicewav45:53 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & otherslive 1979-11-08Milanowav121:41 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Christian Escoudelive 1980-05-25Berkeley Jazz Festival, Greek Theatre, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USAwav66:20 
JOHN McLAUGHLINTV 1979-01-xx to 1980-07-207901xx-800720 TV compilationDVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1980-11-25Palau Municipal d'Esports de Montjuïc, Barcelona, España2CD-R89:15FM-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1981-04-09University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA2CD-R143:27SBD-A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1981-08-30Sankt Goarshausen2DVD155:35 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1981-08-30'A Special Guitar Summernight', 'Loreley Festival', Loreley Freilichtbühne, Sankt Goarshausen, Westdeutschland2CD-R152:10TV-A-
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Shakti & Larry Coryelllive 1982-04-03?Madras, Indiawav44:44 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The Translators1982-04-16Bostonwav98:22 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The Translators1982-07-20Salon de Provencewav94:54 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1983-06-16unknown, Roma, Italia2CD-R92:13AUD-A-
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1983-10-07New Yorkwav67:57 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1983-11-01Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada2CD-R128:26A
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1984-11-08Beverly Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav134:33 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1985-02-xx?Linzwav114:44 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1985-08-08San FranciscoDVD DL142:26 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1985-08-08San Franciscowav143:58 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1985-08-29Jazz-Fest, Willisau, Switzerlandwav55:23 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 'Tonight Show' BandTV 1985-11-19'The Tonight Show', NBC TV, USAcDVD3:58 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborg1986-06-22Tuebingenwav77:12 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1986-07-01Estival Jazz, Padiglione Arte Casa, Lugano, SwitzerlandDVD+R72:26 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1986-07-01Estival Jazz, Padiglione Arte Casa, Lugano, Switzerlandwav84:41 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1986-07-13 DVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1986-07-20 DVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1986-07-26 DVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Mahavishnulive 1986-09-26San Juan Capistranowav64:15 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1987-02-17Fabrik, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav87:26 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1987-02-19Fabrik2DVD104:22 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1987-04-21 DVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1987-08-10 earlyCambridgewav82:49 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1987-08-10 lateCambridgewav79:46 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & Jonas Hellborglive 1987-08-11Cambridgewav60:25 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-06-22Veronawav76:04 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-07-07Ravennawav42:14 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-07-24Antibeswav37:53 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-08-26Devonwav39:23 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-08-31Chathamwav109:42 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-09-01Torontowav83:19 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1988-09-03Detroitwav135:38 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1989-02-24Pisawav73:19 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1989-06-12New Orleanswav66:29 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Katia Labèque, Münchner Philharmonikerlive 1989-07-11'Münchner Klaviersommer', Philharmonie im Gasteig, München, WestdeutschlandDVD+R55:00A+
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1990-06-18Pärnuwav58:42 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN TrioTV 1990-07-21Festival de Jazz Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, FranceDVD+R52:46 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1991-05-26Brisbane, Australiawav97:21 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1991-07-02New Havenwav100:04 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1991-11-02Berlin Jazz Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, DeutschlandDVD+R116:16 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1992-04-24Minneapoliswav73:35 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1993-06-xxVancouverwav51:13 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1994-04-23Ann Arbor, MI, USAwav79:48AUD
JOHN McLAUGHLINlive 1994-04-08 lateThe Bottom Line, New York, NY, USAwav83:26 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spirits1994-11-13HamburgDVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1995-06-29Estival Jazz, Piazza Della Riforma, Lugano, SwitzerlandDVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1995-06-29Estival Jazz, Piazza Della Riforma, Lugano, Switzerlandwav62:52 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1995-07-10 DVD+R   
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1995-07-02'Jazz a Vienne' Festival, Vienne, FranceDVD+R [NTSC]48:20TV-B/B+
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1995-07-15'Festival de Jazz', Vitoria-Gasteiz, EspañaDVD+R [NTSC]57:34TV-B/B+
JOHN McLAUGHLINlive 1996-02-25Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA, USAwav100:20 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1996-02-28 earlyNew Yorkwav78:21 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - The Free Spiritslive 1996-02-28 lateNew Yorkwav94:38 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN Triolive 1996-04-13Epinay-sur-Seinewav83:12 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Joey DeFrancesco, Elvin Joneslive 1996-07-25Antibes Jazz Festival, Antibes, Francewav67:50 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1996-10-23Audi Jazz Festival, Cirque Royal, Brussels, BelgiëDVD+R42:13A+
JOHN McLAUGHLIN, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucialive 1996-11-12Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, CO, USA2CD-R118:09SBD-A+
JOHN McLAUGHLINcompilation 1977-04-xx? to 1997-12-xx7704xx?-9712xx Shakti & related compilation DVDDVD+R57:11 
JOHN McLAUGHLINlive 1998-03-09Kölnwav117:37 
JOHN McLAUGHLINlive 1998-07-19'LG jazzopen Stuttgart 98', Hegel-Saal, Liederhalle, Stuttgart, DeutschlandDVD+R64:12SBD-A+
JOHN McLAUGHLINlive 1999-02-27Royal Festival Hall, London, England, UKwav49:47 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shakti - Avataar IIlive 1999-06-19Haus der Kulturen der Welt (The House of World Cultures), Berlin, Deutschlandwav79:58 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 1999-07-03du Mauier Downtown Jazz Festival, Molson Place, Harbourfront Center, Toronto, ON, Canadawav111:50 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 1999-07-26unknown, San Sebastián, EspañaDVD+R51:49 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2000-10-15 DVD+R  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2000-11-05New York2DVD+R*  
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2000-11-05Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USAwav149:38 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2001-06-29Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA, USAwav133:57 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2001-07-06Duisburgwav110:00 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2001-07-13North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Nederlandwav30:59 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2003-09-25The Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USAwav117:17 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2003-10-10Cambridgewav61:18 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2003-11-15Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerlandwav87:00 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2004-07-02 DVD+R50:25 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2004-07-02Jazz A Vienne, Wien, Österreichwav50:26 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2004-07-1438th Montreux Jazz Festival, 'Blue Night', Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerlandwav78:16 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2004-07-19New Morning, Paris, Francewav100:37 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2006-03-23Voironwav110:40 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-07-28Crossroads Guitar Festival, Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL, USADVD+R28:40 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-07-28Bridgeviewwav28:23 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-09-19Boulderwav114:51 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-09-22San Franciscowav79:05 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-09-30Glensidewav66:52 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-10-02Montréalwav112:07 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-10-04Ottawawav106:36 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2007-10-05Torontowav107:31 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Five Peace Bandlive 2008-11-16Sala Santa Cecilia, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma, Italiawav137:47 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Remember Shaktilive 2009-10-23New YorkDVD+R31:34 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimensionlive 2010-05-14Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, Coutances, FranceDVD+R124:38 
DUKE McVINNIE1992-2004 anthologywav78:19 
MEGADETHlive 1984-04-15 DVD+R  
MEGAHERZlive 2002-04-23Mainzwav111:51 
MELVINSlive 1985-10-08 DVD+R28:34 
MELVINSlive 1985-10-27Wellington's, Winnipeg, MB, CanadaCD-R31:48A
MELVINSlive 1986-03-21United Community Theater Hall, Seattle, WA, USAwav46:30 
MELVINSlive 1986-11-20Central Tavern, Seattle, WA, USAwav52:39AUD
MELVINSlive 1987-04-23unknown, Washington, DC, USAwav18:48SBD
MELVINSlive 1989-07-22Central Tavern, Seattle, WA, USAwav31:05AUD
MELVINSlive 1989-07-24Hollywood Underground, Seattle, WA, USAwav31:24 
MELVINSlive 1990-04-23Butch's Den, Compton Union Building, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USAwav43:20 
MELVINSlive 1990-04-26Henry's Pub, Spokane, WA, USACD-R46:05B
MELVINSlive 1990-04-26Henry's Pub, Spokane, WA, USACD-R46:37AUD-A-
MELVINSlive 1990-05-17The Anthrax, Norwalk, CT, USACD-R30:41 
MELVINSlive 1990-05-22Space Arcade, Washington, DC, USACD-R44:16SBD-A
MELVINSlive 1990-06-01Storyville Jazz Hall, New Orleans, LA, USAwav52:17 
MELVINSlive 1990-09-22Seattlewav47:24 
MELVINSlive 1990-09-28Reseda Country Club, Reseda, CA, USAwav35:37SBD
MELVINSlive 1990-11-25Minneapolis, MN, USAwav43:58 
MELVINSlive 1991-02-09 DVD+R  
MELVINSlive 1991-02-17BBC Peel Sessionwav14:17 
MELVINSlive 1991-09-10Bluebird, Bloomington, IN, USAwav60:28 
MELVINSlive 1991-09-13Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL, USAwav52:08SBD
MELVINSlive 1992-08-01Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USAwav65:13SBD
MELVINSrecorded 1992-08-xx'Houdini' album demoswav13:39 
MELVINSlive 1992-09-05Zeche Carl, Essen, Deutschlandwav50:56AUD
MELVINSlive 1993-03-04 DVD+R46:04 
MELVINSlive 1993-10-01Greek Theatre, University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USAwav46:34 
MELVINSlive 1993-12-08 DVD+R39:58 
MELVINSlive 1993-12-18Denverwav26:45 
MELVINSradio 1993-12-20'Loveline', KROQ radio, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav102:21 
MELVINSlive 1994-02-22Palaghiaccio di Marino, Roma, ItaliaCD-R41:24A
MELVINSlive 1994-03-21Democrazy, Gent, Belgiëwav75:30SBD-A+
MELVINSlive 1994-07-29West Hollywoodwav64:11 
MELVINSlive 1994-11-06RKNCDY, Seattle, WA, USAwav50:43SBD
MELVINSlive 1994-11-11 DVD+R45:55 
MELVINSlive 1994-11-12Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA, USAwav75:12 
MELVINSlive 1994-12-09Fri-Son, Fribourg, Switzerlandwav78:41 
MELVINSlive 1995-07-01Dragonfly, Hollywood, CA, USAwav70:55 
MELVINSradio 1996-08-09'Bad Grrrl' radio programme, VPRO Studios, Hilversum, Nederlandwav15:41 
MELVINSlive 1996-10-28Los Angeles, CA, USAwav24:23 
MELVINSlive 1996-11-22Trossingenwav105:03 
MELVINSreleased 1996-xx-xx'Leech' Bootleg CDwav60:28 
MELVINSlive 1997-07-05Garage d'Or Records, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav30:45AUD
MELVINSlive 1997-07-22Troubador, Hollywood, CA, USACD-R55:39A
MELVINSlive 1997-07-22Troubador, Hollywood, CA, USACD-R51:59AUD-A
MELVINSlive 1997-07-30Numbers, Houston, TX, USAwav53:27AUD
MELVINSlive 1997-10-31Fri-Son, Freiburg, Switzerlandwav74:02AUD
MELVINSlive 1997-11-07Vaartkapoen, Brussels, BelgiëCD-R66:06SBD-A+
MELVINSlive 1998-07-18Somersetwav13:25 
MELVINSlive 1998-08-30State Events Center, San Jose, CA, USACD-R44:35SBD-A+
MELVINSlive 1999-06-18Sacramentowav79:58 
MELVINSlive 1999-07-03Roche Motel, Pocatello, ID, USAwav74:20AUD
MELVINSlive 1999-07-27WMPG studio, Portland, ME, USACD-R47:21A
MELVINSlive 1999-07-29 early & late?Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USACD-R73:59 
MELVINSlive 1999-08-29The Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA, USAwav85:52AUD
MELVINSlive 2000-04-01Glass House, Pomona, CA, USA2CD-R103:21 
MELVINSlive 2000-04-15Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USAwav111:53 
MELVINSlive 2000-04-26The Middle East, Boston, MA, USA2DVD+R [NTSC]116:06 
MELVINSsoundcheck 2000-05-04Orlandowav  
MELVINSlive 2000-05-04Orlandowav  
MELVINSlive 2000-05-09Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX, USA2CD-R113:46AUD-A
MELVINSlive 2000-09-18Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav92:06 
MELVINSlive 2000-09-19Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav92:54 
MELVINSlive 2000-11-10San Francisco, CA, USAwav72:29 
MELVINSlive 2001-03-13Szene Wien, Wien, ÖsterreichCD-R75:38SBD-A+
MELVINSlive 2001-03-16Backstage, München, Deutschlandwav97:28 
MELVINSlive 2001-03-20Hamburgwav96:30 
MELVINSlive 2001-03-27Le Boulenoire, Paris, France2CD-R95:42AUD-A
MELVINSlive 2001-04-21Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC, USAwav95:09 
MELVINSlive 2001-04-24Middle East Club, Cambridge, MA, USAwav86:34 
MELVINSlive 2001-04-26Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA2CD-R80:01AUD-A
MELVINSsoundcheck & live 2001-05-12 DVD+R95:29 
MELVINSlive 2001-05-14Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USAwav SBD-A
MELVINSlive 2001-10-15Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav54:42 
MELVINSlive 2001-10-16Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav58:26 
MELVINSlive 2002-04-09The Galaxy Concert Theatre, Santa Ana, CA, USACD-R71:24 
MELVINSlive 2002-05-23The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA, USAwav77:33AUD
MELVINSlive 2002-06-13Nashvillewav78:47 
MELVINSlive 2003-02-02Club Spy, San Jose, CA, USAwav73:53AUD
MELVINSlive 2003-02-09Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav57:13 
MELVINSlive 2003-07-06 DVD+R50:35 
MELVINSlive 2004-03-06Portlandwav75:00 
MELVINSlive 2004-03-07The Showbox, Seattle, WA, USAwav75:20 
MELVINSlive 2004-03-09Olympiawav88:33 
MELVINSlive 2004-03-12The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, USAwav73:09 
MELVINSlive 2004-03-13Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav74:50 
MELVINSlive 2004-07-25Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle, WA, USAwav72:10 
MELVINSlive 2005-01-01in-store, Seattlewav40:32 
MELVINSlive 2005-10-22Northampton2DVD+R  
MELVINSlive 2005-11-05Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA, USAwav36:30 
MELVINS - Fantomas & Melvins Big Bandlive 2006-04-21 DVD+R72:58 
MELVINSlive 2006-09-24The Reverb, Cedar Falls, IA, USAwav74:30SBD
MELVINSlive 2006-09-29Detroit, MI, USAwav62:35 
MELVINSlive 2006-10-06Buffalowav75:25 
MELVINSlive 2006-10-06Buffalowav68:28 
MELVINS & Big Businesslive 2006-10-11Northamptonwav22:13 
MELVINSlive 2006-10-11Northamptonwav58:52 
MELVINS & Big Businesslive 2006-10-12New Havenwav29:27 
MELVINSlive 2006-10-12New Havenwav65:55 
MELVINS & Big Businesslive 2006-10-21Millvalewav35:08 
MELVINSlive 2006-10-21Millvalewav67:22 
MELVINS & Big Businesslive 2006-10-26The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC, USAwav100:18 
MELVINSlive 2006-10-31Jacksonvillewav64:06 
MELVINS & Big Businesslive 2007-04-08 DVD+R  
MELVINS & Big Businesslive 2007-04-20Tilburgwav38:14 
MELVINSlive 2007-04-20Tilburgwav70:09 
MELVINSlive 2007-07-27Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav76:01 
MELVINSlive 2007-09-15Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA, USAwav56:16 
MELVINSlive 2007-10-12Knoxvillewav69:05 
MELVINSlive 2007-10-13Nashvillewav70:52 
MELVINSlive 2008-07-18San Franciscowav74:13 
MELVINSlive 2008-07-25 DVD-R  
MELVINSlive 2008-07-31Denverwav73:43 
MELVINSlive 2008-08-05Detroitwav74:10 
MELVINSlive 2008-09-19 DVD+R DL76:00 
MELVINSlive 2009-06-28Wienwav75:18 
MELVINSlive 2010-06-16Washington, DC, USAwav [24/96]71:37 
MELVINSlive 2010-06-29Denverwav101:28 
MELVINSlive 2013-07-26Hamtramckwav80:33 
MELVINS - Big Businesslive 2006-10-31Jacksonvillewav32:13 
MELVINS - Dale Crover & Joe Lallylive 2006-10-21Millvalewav36:27 
MELVINS - Dale Crover & The Men Of Pornlive 2006-10-21Millvalewav23:41 
MELVINS - Dale Crover & The Men Of Pornlive 2006-10-26Ashevillewav30:59 
MENTORSlive 1983-06-14Los Angeleswav43:33 
MENTORSlive 1985-xx-xxIndianapolisDVD57:16 
MENTORSTV 1985-xx-xxtwo TV news reports @ Wellington's, Winnipeg, MB, CanadaDVD-R2:59PRO-B+
MENTORSlive 1987-07-21Albany, NY, USADVD-R44:24C
MENTORSlive 1990-08-15Numbers, Houston, TX, USADVD-R40:33D
MENTORSlive 1991-xx-xxResedawav54:59 
MENTORSlive 1994-09-08Minneapoliswav74:01 
MENTORSlive 2008-10-11Clevelandwav55:15 
MENTORSlive 2010-04-19Hollywoodwav69:11 
MENTORSlive 2010-05-12Peoriawav45:04 
MERCYFUL FATE - The Bratsrehearsal 1981-01-18København, Danmarkwav23:49 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1981-09-06Taastrupwav42:48 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1981-10-31Herlevwav68:49 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1981-10-31unknown, Herlev, Danmarkwav65:56 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1981-xx-xx'Sabbath Of All Witches' Bootleg CD - Taastrup, København, Denmarkwav41:52 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1982-09-23Dynamo, Eindhoven, Nederlandwav78:43 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1982-09-25The Cottage, Ulicoten, NederlandCD-R60:25 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1983-02-22Willem II, Den Bosch, NederlandCD-R58:01 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1983-04-09Dynamo, Eindhoven, NederlandDVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1983-04-09Dynamo, Eindhoven, Nederlandwav92:22AUD-G/G+
MERCYFUL FATElive 1983-06-25'Crush The Cross' Bootleg CD - Aardshok Festival, Den Bosch, Nederlandwav59:53 
MERCYFUL FATErecorded 1983-xx-xx?'Melissa' album radio? adwav1:00 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-01-19Dynamo, Eindhoven, Nederlandwav89:48 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-01-20Anna's Hoeve, Hilversum, Nederlandwav43:38 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-01-20'Werewolves In Hilversum' Bootleg CD - Anna's Hoeve, Hilversum, Nederlandwav25:38 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-01-20Anna's Hoeve, Hilversum, NederlandCD-R24:54A
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-01-22Elkerlyck, Luttenberg, Nederlandwav68:00 
MERCYFUL FATEsoundcheck 1984-01-22Elkerlyck, Luttenberg, Nederlandwav8:26 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-02-20 DVD+R73:34 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-02-20Milanowav68:00 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-03-03St. Albanswav29:18 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-06-10Poperingewav47:08 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-06-10'Heavy Sound Festival', Sportsfields, Poperinge, Belgiëwav45:17 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-10-20Portlandwav72:52 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-10-25Reseda Country Club, Reseda, CA, USAwav54:25AUD
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-10-26San Franciscowav63:00 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-10-31Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USAwav45:44 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-11-07Le Spectrum, Montréal, QC, Canadawav75:38 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-11-09New Yorkwav87:03 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-12-08Philadelphiawav45:09 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-12-12Ontario Theater, Washington, DC, USAwav41:18 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-12-16Providencewav68:21 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1984-12-29'Christmas Metal Meeting', Sporthalle, Bad Rappenau, Westdeutschlandwav59:45 
MERCYFUL FATElive <= 1984-xx-xx?'House Of Satan' Bootleg CDwav73:42 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1985-04-11?Saga Cinema, København, Danmarkwav90:42 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-05-28 DVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-05-28 cDVD  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-05-30Dynamo Open Air, Airbase Welschap, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NederlandDVD+R74:17 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-05-30'Nuns Have No Fun' Bootleg CD - Dynamo Open Air, Airbase Welschap, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Nederlandwav79:27 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-09-08Saratoga Winners, Cohoes, NY, USAwav103:05 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-09-09Avalon Ballroom, Boston, MA, USAwav84:09 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-10-07The Omni, Oakland, CA, USADVD+R77:26 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-10-13City Limits, Dallas, TX, USAwav76:08AUD-B-/C+
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-10-21The Edge, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USADVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1993-10-27Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach, VA, USAwav70:58AUD-B-/C+
MERCYFUL FATElive 1995-01-18Axis, Boston, MA, USAwav93:46 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1995-01-26Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, USAwav73:09 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1995-01-26Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, USAwav72:57 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1995-01-28Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, USAwav84:56 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1995-02-18The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, USAwav73:24 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1996-08-11Amagerparken, København, DanmarkDVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATETV 1996-08-15'Metalla Special', German TVDVD+R44:40 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1996-08-22Aeronata, Curitiba, Brasilwav58:13SBD-9 (of 10)
MERCYFUL FATE & King Diamondlive 1996-08-24 DVD+R60:37 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1996-10-31Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT, USAwav82:19 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1997-03-12Halford, Berlin, DeutschlandDVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1997-03-12Berlin, Deutschlandwav21:18 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1998-01-18 DVD+R67:17 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1998-07-25Ground Zero, Minneapolis, MN, USAwav88:53AUD
MERCYFUL FATElive 1998-08-05The Edge, Palo Alto, CA, USAwav94:06AUD-A-
MERCYFUL FATElive 1998-08-22Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USADVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1998-08-22Harpo's, Detroit, MI, USADVD+R73:59 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-06-05Gods of Metal Festival, Arena Estiva del Filaforum di Assago, Milano, ItaliaDVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-06-05Gods of Metal Festival, Arena Estiva del Filaforum di Assago, Milano, Italiawav40:47 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-07-03Bergumwav52:53 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-07-08Eurockeenne Festival, Belfort, FranceDVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-08-06Wacken Open Air Festival, Black Stage, Wacken, Deutschlandwav54:19 
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-08-15 DVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-09-10Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USADVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATElive 1999-10-10City Limits, Waterbury, CT, USAwav83:38 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1986-04-20'Kleine Aardschokdag', Het Karregat, Eindhoven, NederlandDVD+R80:49AUD-EX-
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1986-07-25Kitchenerwav42:48 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1986-07-26Blondie's, Detroit, MI, USAwav38:50AUD-G+
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1986-08-11The Stone, San Francisco, CA, USADVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1986-08-15Fender's Grand Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, USAwav45:33 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1988-08-28 DVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1986-08-28unknown, Washington, DC, USAwav64:00 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1987-02-13Göteborgwav36:41 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1987-07-09West Ballroom, Hartford, CT, USAwav71:55 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1987-07-xxQuébec Citywav64:30 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1987-11-19Göteborgwav82:56 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1987-11-23Wervikwav61:12 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1988-09-29 DVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1988-10-29Detroit, MI, USAwav86:29 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1989-11-02'Twilight Symphony' Bootleg 2CDwav105:21 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1989-11-08Chicago, IL, USAwav93:15 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 1997-03-12Berlin, Deutschlandwav19:12 
MERCYFUL FATE - King DiamondTV 1997-08-xx'MTV Chile' TVcDVD [NTSC] TV
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 2001-03-13 DVD+R  
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 2005-04-24Worcester Palladium, Worcester, MA, USACD-R76:51 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 2012-06-15Clissonwav81:37 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 2013-05-25ÖrebroDVD DL81:29 
MERCYFUL FATE - King Diamondlive 2013-08-06Tilburgwav84:18 
METAL CHURCHlive 1984-05-12Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USADVD+R [NTSC]42:40AUD-7.5of10
METAL CHURCHlive 1984-05-12Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USACD-R42:24 
METAL CHURCHlive 1984-06-29Norway Center, Seattle, WA, USAwav36:38C
METAL CHURCHlive 1984-06-30Rock Palace, Portland, OR, USAwav42:59D
METAL CHURCHlive 1984-10-02Portland, USAwav35:20 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-04-20Ruthies Inn, Berkeley, CA, USACD-R51:33 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-08-06Vancouverwav27:18 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-08-17Montréalwav42:22 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-11-20Muldoon's, Mounds View, MN, USAwav66:41 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-11-20Muldoon's, Mounds View, MN, USAwav62:10 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-11-28L'amour, Brooklyn, NY, USACD-R20:18 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-12-01Showboat, Essex, MD, USACD-R55:21 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-12-30San Franciscowav57:12 
METAL CHURCHlive 1985-12-31Civic Center, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R32:02 
METAL CHURCHradio 1986-11-1xradio ad for 861119 Westland concertCD-R1:00 
METAL CHURCHlive 1986-11-19The Token Lounge, Westland, MI, USACD-R77:24 
METAL CHURCHlive 1986-11-22Minneapoliswav82:45 
METAL CHURCHlive 1986-11-29Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, USACD-R43:35 
METAL CHURCHlive 1987-01-27?Hamburgwav45:43 
METAL CHURCHlive 1987-02-15Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UKwav24:31 
METAL CHURCHlive 1987-07-11Arcadia Theater, Dallas, TX, USAwav36:32FM
METAL CHURCHlive 1989-04-14The Cubby Bear, Chicago, ILwav34:14 
METAL CHURCHlive 1989-07-28Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USADVD-R25:24 
METAL CHURCHlive 1991-06-02Dossenheimwav80:56 
METAL CHURCHlive 1991-08-09East Rutherfordwav33:22 
METAL CHURCHlive 1992-06-28Hebronwav46:53 
METAL CHURCHlive 1993-12-03Columbuswav83:42 
METAL CHURCHlive 1994-11-07Bordeauxwav84:32 
METAL CHURCHlive 2004-05-14Olympiawav70:59 
METAL CHURCHlive 2005-02-19'Weight Of The World Tour 2005' Bootleg CD - Sporthalle, Boblingen, Germanywav64:52 
METAL CHURCHlive 2005-06-04Waldrock Festival, Burgum, Nederlandwav53:04 
METAL CHURCHlive 2005-07-22Jaxx Nightclub, West Springfield, VA, USAwav37:31 
METAL CHURCHlive 2006-06-09Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden Stage, Norje, Sverigewav81:24AUD
METAL CHURCHlive 2013-01-30'70000 Tons Of Metal', Majesty Of The Seaswav45:38 
METALLICAlive 1982-08-04Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USAwav11:24 
METALLICAlive 1983-03-05'Cliff's 1st Show' Bootleg CD - The Stone, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R71:19 
METALLICAlive 1983-03-19 DVD+R  
METALLICAlive <= 1992-02-xx'Sucking My Love' Bootleg CDCD-R60:03 
METALLICAlive 1993-06-05'Tearing Your Insides Out' Bootleg 2CD - Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England, UK2CD-R141:07 
METALLICAlive 1993-11-05'Covering 'Em' Bootleg CDCD-R72:32 
METALLICAlive 1994-05-30'Earthquake Hits Buffalo' Bootleg 2CD - Darien Lake Amphitheatre, Buffalo, NY, USAwav123:57 
METALLICAlive <= 1994-07-03'Pile Of Shit' Bootleg 2CDwav137:39 
METALLICAlive 1994-08-13'...And Justice For Woodstock' Bootleg CD - 'Woodstock II', Saugerties, NY, USAwav78:19 
METALLICAlive 1995-08-23'Prepare For Battle' Bootleg 2CD - Astoria 2, London, England, UKwav143:32 
METALLICAlive <= 1995-08-26'Escape From The Studio '95' Bootleg CDwav73:50 
PAT METHENY Triolive 1974-06-xxBostonwav67:42 
PAT METHENY Triolive 1974-06-xxBostonwav69:12 
PAT METHENY Triolive 1974-06-xxSomervillewav57:30 
PAT METHENY Triolive 1974-06-xxSomervillewav58:48 
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1974-07-28'Jazzfestival Balver Höhle', Balver Höhle, Balve, WestdeutschlandCD-R23:40FM-A-
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1974-12-06unknown, Heidelberg, Westdeutschland2CD-R132:24FM-A+
PAT METHENYlive <= 19xx-xx-xxcompilation DVDDVD+R46:16SBD-A-
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1975-05-04Evanstonwav62:27 
PAT METHENY, Bob Moses, Jaco Pastoriuslive 1975-07-04Bostonwav21:27 
PAT METHENY, Bob Moses, Jaco Pastoriuslive 1975-07-04Bostonwav20:24 
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1975-09-21Golden Fox Restaurant, Albany, NY, USACD-R18:05AUD-A-
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1975-12-07Wienwav84:50 
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1975-12-xxAschaffenburg, WestdeutschlandCD-R27:11FM-A
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quintetlive 1976-03-04Olympia, WA, USAwav58:00 
PAT METHENY, Bob Moses, Jaco Pastoriuslive 1976-06-16Bostonwav41:54 
PAT METHENY Quartetlive 1976-09-21The Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, USACD-R70:00FM-A-
PAT METHENY Quartetlive 1976-09-21The Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, USAwav68:00FM
PAT METHENYlive 1976-10-2xBerklee Performance Center, Boston, MA, USAwav22:53 
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quartetlive 1976-10-xxNew Orleans, LA, USAwav100:29 
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quartetlive 1976-11-13'ECM Festival of Music', Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USACD-R72:45FM-A
PAT METHENY - Gary Burton Quartetlive 1976-12-30Tivoli, Utrecht, NederlandCD-R52:09FM-A+
PAT METHENY & Gary Burtonlive 1976-12-xxNDR Funkhaus, Hamburg, WestdeutschlandCD-R55:13FM-A
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1977-06-xxDetroitwav78:57 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1977-08-03Portlandwav89:11 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1977-08-03unknown, Portland, ME, USA2CD-R82:00SBD-A-
PAT METHENYlive 1977-08-31San FranciscoCD-R71:14FM
PAT METHENYlive 1977-09-04SeattleCD-R58:58FM
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1977-09-24 early & lateRoberts Theatre, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, USAwav111:36 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1977-10-07 earlyBostonwav46:42 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-03-13Burgerzentrum Neue Vahr, Bremen, Westdeutschlandwav113:42 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-05-28 earlyMadisonCD-R45:43SBD
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-05-28 lateMadisonCD-R56:56SBD
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-05-28 early & lateBunky's, Madison, WI, USA2CD-R115:13AUD-A
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-05-28 early & lateMadisonwav114:45 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-08-28Telluridewav73:24 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-11-01West Berlinwav55:52 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1978-11-12Jamaica PlainCD-R70:16SBD
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1979-02-21Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA2CD-R93:28FM-A
PAT METHENYlive 1979-06-xx'Unity Village' Bootleg CD - USACD-R53:32AUD-A
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1979-07-12Bushnell Park, HartfordCD-R74:07FM-A
PAT METHENY - Joni Mitchelllive 1979-09-03Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, USA2CD-R110:19AUD-B+
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1979-11-17Hofstra Playhouse, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, USAwav111:24 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1979-11-18Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA2CD-R100:29AUD-A-
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1979-11-21The Bottom Line, New York, NY, USAwav108:47 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-03-08Westminster College, Fulton, MO, USA2CD-R123:03AUD-A
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-04-21Sapporo Shimin Kaikan, Sapporo, Japan2CD-R128:11AUD-A-
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-04-xxunknown, Boston, MA, USAwav108:43 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-06-10Anfiteatro della Quercia del Tasso, Passeggiata del Gianicolo, Roma, Italiawav92:08 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-06-21Nürnbergwav84:15 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-07-08Hamburgwav141:09 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-07-08'NDR Jazz Workshop', Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg, Westdeutschland2DVD+R143:23A+
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1980-07-08'NDR Jazz Workshop', Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg, Westdeutschlandwav136:02 
PAT METHENYlive <= 1980-07-08760921-800708 compilationwav232:03 
PAT METHENY, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Dewey Redmanlive 1980-12-16McCabe's Guitar Workshop, Santa Monica, CA, USAwav101:29 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1981-03-27Houston, TX, USA2CD-R148:11SBD-A+
PAT METHENY Grouprecorded 1981-04-03Jesse Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USAwav101:26 
PAT METHENY Grouprecorded 1981-04-11James W. Miller Auditorium, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, USAwav146:07 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1981-04-16Bailey Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USAwav142:37 
PAT METHENY Grouplive <= 1981-06-26810301-810626 live compilationwav154:16 
PAT METHENY, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Hollandlive 1981-07-19The Joyous Lake, Woodstock, NY, USAwav32:46 
PAT METHENY "80/81" Bandlive 1981-08-23Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Sverige2CD-R117:52FM-A
PAT METHENY "80/81" Bandlive 1981-08-23Stockholmwav93:05 
PAT METHENYlive 1981-08-29Hamburgwav107:04 
PAT METHENY "80/81" Bandlive 1981-08-30Willisauwav69:33 
PAT METHENY "80/81" Bandlive 1981-09-03Mannheimwav147:20 
PAT METHENY - Creative Music Studiolive 1981-09-19Woodstock Jazz Festival, Woodstock, NY, USADVD+R59:31 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1981-11-09Seattlewav113:15SBD
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1981-12-01 DVD+R  
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1981-12-18Shimin Kaikan, Sapporo, Japanwav129:29AUD-A-
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-03Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Théâtre St-Denis, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R [PAL] TV
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-03Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Théâtre St-Denis, Montréal, QC, CanadaDVD+R59:41 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-14'Meadow Brook Music Festival', Meadow Brook Amphitheater, Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI, USA2CD-R121:59SBD-A+
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-21Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO, USAwav129:38SBD
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-22 earlyNorman, USAwav114:35 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-22 lateNorman, USAwav113:39 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-07-29Kansas Citywav131:12 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-10-28 lateAgora Ballroom, Dallas, TX, USAwav133:59 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1982-11-24Palladium, New York, NY, USAwav146:01 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1981-03-01 to 1982-11-24810301-821124 compilation - ''The PMG Companion Volume II: 1981–1982 - 'The Travels Companion''wav151:54 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1983-03-11Wienwav46:05 
PAT METHENY - Sonny Rollins Special Quartetlive 1983-07-31Open Theater East, Yomiuri Land, Tokyo, JapanCD-R54:56AUD-A
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1983-10-30 lateWalthamwav118:03 
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1983-11-12TokyoCD-R59:52FM
PAT METHENY Triolive 1984-04-24 earlyParadise Theatre, Boston, MA, USAwav103:14AUD-A/A+
PAT METHENY Triolive 1984-04-25 earlyBoston, MA, USAwav96:56 
PAT METHENY Triolive 1984-05-11 earlyNew York, NY, USAwav93:07 
PAT METHENYlive 1984-06-16Bing Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USAwav120:02AUD-B+
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1984-10-20Fort Collins, CO, USA2CD-R80:48AUD-A-
PAT METHENY Grouplive 1984-11-19Scottish Rites Cathedral, St. Louis, MO, USAwav132:07